flirty things to say to a guy

34 Flirty Things To Say To A Guy Through Text That Will Make His Heart Race!


Are you having a problem trying to find some flirty things to say to a guy through text? Well, if you think that texting is not an effective way to steal someone’s heart, then you are dead wrong! Here in this article we are gonna show you some powerful lines that will take your relationship to the next level!

You wanna find some flirty things to say to a guy while texting, but you don’t want to make it sound dirty just yet? Good news for you, it is easier to flirt through messages because he wouldn’t be able to see through your expression. Nevertheless, it might be difficult to express your emotions using just words. Still, sending coquettish messages would turn out to be fun if you know the trick. Making a move to find out whether he feels the same way is always better than waiting and dreaming. After all, since the chance is right there if you accept the risk, so why you don’t give it a try?

Just relax, it does not require you to pour your heart out all of a sudden, instead, it is best to send out your feelings in a smart, unforgettable way. Just like building a house, developing relationships should be done steadily. Below are some examples to respond to the question “how to flirt with a guy over text examples” that might help you to strike up the conversation and plan your way to his heart. Use them at the right time and who knows, maybe he will fall hard for you!

flirty things to say to a guy


At the beginning of the conversation

Considering the fact that most people enjoy talking about themselves, it is recommended that you get the conversation started by asking a question. It will give a big help in finding mutual topics, but you should avoid questions that can be replied with just yes or no so that you can keep things flowing easier. While texting the man of your dream, choose the right time and send one of these lines:

#1: How’d you get so good at ______?

#2: Why are you so cute?

#3: How can someone like you still be single?

#4: What is your imagination of an ideal date?

#5:  What kind of food do you think is the most suitable for a date?

#6: What would you call a perfect kiss?

#7: What would you prefer, cuddle or make out? Or maybe both?

#8: How do you think it would be if we go out sometimes?

Nevertheless, remember that although asking a lot of questions sends you off to a great start, but they aren’t meant to be overused (you don’t want the conversation to turn into an interview!). Use them at the right time, show interest in what he says and take the chance to learn more about him is crucial.

Give compliments

Another trick is that people love hearing good things about themselves, especially when it is a guy since they don’t get complimented that often. It is one of the ideal flirty things to say to a guy, and you can also do that through text! Appreciate the little things he does, let him know that you enjoy his company and that you notice some nice things about him, there is a high chance that he will think of you and your compliment for a long time. Below are some of our suggestions, don’t hesitate to give them a try:

#9: Hey, the shirt you wear today suits you perfectly!

#10:  I just love your eyes. It feels as if I could get lost in them.

#11: Your words just make my day, seriously.

#12: I know I can always come to you for good advice.

#13: Even when I’m in a bad mood, you always know how to make me smile.

#14: Thank you for being so patient with me. I feel much safer when I’m with you.

#15: I bet everyone will have to agree that you are awesome at what you do.

#16: I like that you are so ambitious and determined.

#17: You are amazing just by being yourself.

#18: I think you will be such a great guy to hang out with.

#19: This jacket would look hot on you. (picture)

People usually assume that it would turn out to be awkward if you praise a guy’s look, but in fact, it can make him feels good about himself. Most men spend a lot of time trying to make themselves appear better in front of the ladies, so don’t be reluctant to give compliments and he will truly appreciate it.

You might want to get more specific and point out the physical traits that you like about him, for example, his eyes or his shoulders. Moreover, guys need emotional reassurance just as much as girls do, so don’t forget to boost his self-confidence by showing that you acknowledge his manly behavior.

Number 19 is a cute and subtle way to tell him that you are attracted to him. He would be happy to find out that you think about him, and by saying “hot” instead of “good”, you have stated that you like him sexually, which would save you from being friend-zoned.


flirty things to say to a guy

Still, as mentioned above, men get applause infrequently that almost anything positive about them will make their day, as long as they know it is honest. Just show him that you like him as who he is and slowly, his heart will just melt.


Asking him out

Of course, a simple “wanna go out for coffee?” is easy. However, it is texting, so you can go a bit over the limit! Try sending him a sweet line to make his heart melt.

#20: There is something between us that makes me want to spend more time with you.

#21: Just taking a bath, gonna head out later.

#22: You should be here right now.

#23: I keep on thinking about someone recently, yeah, maybe it is you.

#24: It might be fun if we can hang out with each other, so let’s try.

#25: I really like getting to know you more. Will you go out with me?

#26: If I wanna take you out for a date, where would you like to go?

#27: I’ve been wanting to see you the whole day. Wanna grab some coffee after work?

#28: Just the thought about the next time we meet brights up my day.

#29: I got so much fun doing this with you. We should do it together more often, like every day, what would you say?

#30: I think I can’t stand not being by your side anymore.

You might notice that #21 is a bit more special. True, it is not an invitation, but secretly you are “inviting” him to think of you in a sexy way without going overboard. This is a perfect line to trigger his mind, yet still sounds harmless and light-hearted.

Above are some flirty things to say to a guy through text. You can try these suggestions to be frisky yet straightforward at the same time. Still, the most important thing is letting him know that you genuinely mean what you say. Don’t miss out on the chance of making your crush smile with some of our suggestions. Just pluck up your courage and make a move, the outcome might be better than you can imagine!

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flirty things to say to a guy



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