Best Ways To Save A Marriage

6 Best Ways To Save A Marriage From Experts: Don’t Lose Hope!


Trying to save a marriage from falling apart is never an easy progress. Maybe you can already address the problem but have no idea how to deal with it. Even worse, you might not even know where to start. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your marriage is unsalvageable. After having collected advice from experienced experts, Linkingo shall provide you the list of 6 best ways to save a marriage that you can make use of in any situation.

The term “best ways to save a marriage” might be vague and extremely hard to indicate. With many guides you could find on the internet, it gets even easier for you to get lost and don’t know what to do.

We can’t tell exactly whether your marriage can be saved, but there is one thing we know: If your marriage is in trouble yet you don’t make any move, then the outcome is guaranteed. Instead of waiting for your partner, you can be the first one to create a change. If so, there is a much better chance that your marriage will be rescued. To help you, Linkingo would like to list out 6 best ways to save a marriage. These methods were provided by marriage counselors after dealing with numerous couples, so we are sure that you will be able to make use of them for yourself.

The more you hesitate, the harder it is for you to mend your marriage. Let’s start right now


1. Stop blaming

When you start blaming your spouse, all you see about him or her and about the whole relationship is negative. Furthermore, blaming prevents you from doing anything that can improve the marriage. Things will just get worse and worse.

The fact is that it is much easier to point to your other half saying it is his/her fault. Much easier than trying to deal with the cause of all the problems. Nevertheless, it only satisfies you for a while. For the long run, blaming will just drag the relationship down and down. Keep in mind that this act will not help your marriage get better in any way.


2. Instead, focus on your own action

In other words, take responsibility.

It is not the same as blaming yourself. Instead of saying “it is all my fault” and leave it at that, keep in mind that you can do something. In order for the whole relationship to change, one person needs to start making a change.

You can make a list of all the issues or all the things that you feel “not right” in your marriage. Then, instead of asking whose fault this is, ask yourself: “Is there anything I can do to fix it?”, “how do I want this to change?”, “what is my concern?”, …

Blaming your spouse leads to nowhere, and so does trying to change him/her. We are different from each other, thus it would be unfair if you try to make your partner follow your standard. But when you create the change, your other half will realize that he/she might as well do things differently to achieve the things he/she wants. This is where the progress begins.


3.  Don’t make assumptions so fast

One of the reasons for marital problems is different perceptions. Maybe it is just your way of thinking that makes his or her behavior sounds malicious. For example, if your spouse is ignoring you, maybe it is just because he has a bad day at work.

Therefore, don’t always assume that they are trying to attack you. Be understanding instead of showing your anger. Or maybe, you can try telling your partner in a gentle way that there is no way you can guess what he or she is thinking and there is no point in shutting each other out like that.


4. Stop taking your partner for granted

It’s time for you to start paying attention to the little things. Say “thank you” with a smile for a cup of tea. Plan a date for a special occasion. If your partner does anything nice, tell him or her how much it means to you. Do you value this relationship? Let your spouse know it!


5.Increase the positive energy


Best Ways To Save A Marriage


One way is to surround yourself with people who are in healthy relationships. Some of the negative patterns might have come from friends around you. Our advice is to join a community where happiness in marriage is valued.

Also, increase the positive energy between you and your spouse. It might be tiring after work, but now that you are home. So smile more and laugh more. You can as well create some fun things for you two to do together. Focus on the traits that you love about your partner instead of the negative ones. Praise him or her more instead of giving criticisms.

After all, your emotion has the power of changing the whole atmosphere. Be optimistic and the outcome will surprise you.


6. Seek advice from experts

True relationship experts with a large amount of experience can be a big help. If they successfully helped others, then you can be helped too. Don’t assume that your situation is different to the point that no one can help you. They have dealt with countless cases, and the truth is although the situations might vary, the dynamics remain the same.

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Furthermore, it is easy for both of you to walk the same old path that leads to crises. An expert with a completely new perspective should be able to see the way out better. Preferentially, you might check this out to get advice from a relationship expert in the most convenient way.

This list on best ways to save a marriage will surely help you improve your relationship. It is always better to look forward and find ways that can help you achieve happiness instead of assuming that it is the end of everything. If you do it right, your commitment will help you get your relationship back on track.



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