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About Dr. Lee Baucom – Breakup And Divorce Stopper


Lee Baucom is known as an expert in relationship and marriage therapy. He has helped many couples and was able to prevent countless marriages from getting shattered. In this article, Linkingo shall provide you complete information about his life and career, as well as his works.


Lee Baucom is an author, popular speaker, marriage & relationship coach, and the first thriveologist.

Being trained specifically in marriage and family therapy, Dr. Lee Baucom is a marriage therapy with more than 22 years of experience. He has earned two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in this field. Furthermore, he also received training in Community Building, as well as in Personal and Life Coaching. Aside from that, he also provided consultations for businesses and organizations.

Having coached countless individuals, couples, families, and organizations and was able to mend many relationships, he has a different perspective on the causes of couples’ crises and how to deal with them. His own rich experience allows him to come up with original yet practical ideas on saving a relationship or a marriage.


Lee Baucom


It was Lee Baucom’s goal from the beginning to make relationships work. He believes that most of them can be saved and healed. However, instead of trying to find a workable way that actually can redeem the relationship, people just choose the “easy way out”. He commits to finding a solution that not only solves the issue for the time being but also changes the whole relationship, making it become healthy and two people can be happy.  

Dr. Lee Baucom is also successful in his own marriage life. He has been married for more than 22 years and is now happy with his wife and two children. Seeing them as an inspiration for his own works for those who are trying to find delight, he really treasures his family so much.

In his free time, Dr. Baucom often spends time with his family. He also enjoys trail running, scuba diving and mountain biking. Another hobby of him is flyfishing. Moreover, he is a devoted reader who is willing to learn about various subjects.




Lee Baucom’s works are written in a friendly, conversational way. It feels as if he is inviting them to a fresh life and relationship. Moreover, he encourages the readers to throw away all the burden to live a fulfilled life. You can check out some of his marriage products to have a deeper look:

Recovering From The Affair:

Lee Baucom

This book mentions one of the most frequently encountered issues in marriages, which is infidelity. Many people don’t know that they still can recover the marriage after an affair, which leads to a needless divorce. That’s the reason why Baucom wrote this book as a roadmap to deal with both physical and mental infidelity. You will learn how to find out the reason for an affair, to solve the issues and to move forward.

This book is available on Amazon

–> Click HERE To Download Recovering From The Affair

How to save your marriage in 3 simple steps:


Lee Baucom

Another marriage product from Lee Baucom that you shouldn’t miss out. Saving your marriage is not as complicated as you think, or maybe as your marriage counselor leads you to believe. In fact, you can do it in just 3 simple steps. You will learn the way to create a bond with your spouse, how to stop your limiting beliefs and change your perspective. Furthermore, this book is not about saving a marriage alone. It will also help you transform your current messy marriage life into something wonderful.

How To Save Your Marriage In 3 Simple Steps is also available on Amazon.

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Marriage Fail Point: Why Your Marriage Is Failing And How To Turn It Around

Lee Baucom

A fact that we all know: Marriage can never be perfect. There will always be issues, problems, and struggles. It all comes down to whether couples are able to find a way out of those problems or not. Unfortunately, according to surveys, about half of them couldn’t, or rather they didn’t try hard enough. 

Marriage Fail Point is Lee Baucom’s newest eBook. Just as the name has indicated, this eBook discusses the “fail point” of any marriage. You shall discover the causes and the appropriate ways to deal with this stage of the marriage so that things won’t be ruined into pieces as most couples do. Even more than that, it will show you how to transform your marriage into something so precious that both you and your partner would treasure for the rest of your life. 

This Book is available on Amazon

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Save The Marriage System:

Lee Baucom


Being the most comprehensive work about the relationship by Lee Baucom, the Save The Marriage System is the delicate sum-up of all his experience through more than 22 years of being a veteran of marriage therapy, and therefore the most completed. This program is valuable for being logical, easy to understand and to put in practice. The ideas in Save The Marriage System, they are totally original yet practical that you wouldn’t be able to find in any other marriage product.

Listen To Him Talking About This Ebook Here

It shall teach you how to mend the relationship between you and your spouse, to avoid divorce and rebuild it into a marriage of your dream. The program contains the frequently encountered mistakes that people often make when there is an issue, the ways to deal with them and the secrets to a happy, healthy marriage life.

–> For our full review on Save The Marriage System, please check out this article.

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An interesting fact is despite being a marriage therapy, Lee Baucom not only writes books about just that area. There are some of his self-help guides that are totally worth checking out, namely: The Forgive Process; Thrive Principles – 15 Strategies For Building Your Thriving LifeThe Immutable Laws Of Living,

Doesn’t stop with his success, Lee Baucom still continues to help people to discover the meaning of marriage life and provides the strategies for couples to moving forward. If you happened to find a seemingly interesting product of him but was still hesitant, we hope this article can be a useful source for your reference. 



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