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3 Best Marriage Counseling Books You Can’t Miss Out



When your marriage is in trouble, you might feel the urge to find the solution as fast as possible. Nevertheless, it definitely is not an easy job. You will eventually find yourself getting lost in countless articles, programs, and marriage counseling books all over the internet.

According to research, nearly one million couples divorce each year in America. While this number is truly shocking, I’m interested in one question: How many of those marriages could have been rescued? No one can provide the exact number, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, experienced relationship experts state that most marriage can be saved. As long as there is no physical abuse, as long as you are committed and willing to work out a solution.

Unfortunately, seeking a way to change your marital life is difficult. Many were unable to do anything and just decided to choose the “easy way out”, while the others kept on repeating the same useless methods that didn’t help. Understanding the situation, Linkingo wants to make it easier for you by presenting 3 best marriage counseling books that we highly recommend. We have carefully considered and selected the books based on the authors, practicability and customers’ feedbacks, so they are guaranteed to be effective. Check this out and I’m sure that you will be able to find the one that can change your relationship!

1. Save The Marriage System – Lee Baucom

marriage counseling books

One of the first best marriage counseling books that we want to recommend is the Save The Marriage System by Dr. Lee Baucom – a veteran of marriage therapy with 22 years of experience.

According to him, yes, communication is important. However, unlike what other marriage counselors might say, it is not the key to a successful relationship. The secret is simple: Marriage is about becoming a WE. This attitude should be applied in every aspect of life, including sex, finance, and emotion. In order to achieve that, you will have to go beyond the communication channel and reach the point where you can understand your spouse’s perspective. That’s what Save The Marriage System will show you. Each chapter is related to a daily problem that you might have to face with your spouse, making the program realistic and practical.

Listen To Him Talking About This Ebook Here

The program works for both men and women, and it is specifically effective for those who want to save the relationship even ALONE. Save The Marriage System is ideal for one person to read and make a plan of what to do. In spite of the name, it doesn’t necessarily be used only by married couples. We have found that anyone in a long-term relationship could find this program useful. Therefore, provided that your partner has given up and you don’t know what to do, Save The Marriage System is perfect as your guide.

You can check out this review to find more about Save The Marriage program.

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2. Mend The Marriage – Brad Browning

marriage counseling books


The second book in this list of best marriage counseling books that we would like to recommend is Mend The Marriage. As it was written by Brad Browning who has earned a Bachelor of Art (Psychology), the program mainly focuses on actual psychological aspect. You will be able to find a detailed list of all the possible causes that can lead to divorce, the reasons behind them and practical methods to solve the problems. Brad Browning is an expert in relationship and marriage field with over a decade of experience. Thus, even if you think your situation is unique, chances are you still can find yourself in this program.

Furthermore, lie in this program are the tips and tricks that actually trigger the brain and help you attract your partner again. Men and women are of course different. That’s the reason why the system is divided into two different parts, one for men and one for women. Personally, I think this is a big advantage. Both sexes will be able to find help and understand their partners better.

Just like Save The Marriage System, Mend The Marriage system is designed for a person to be able to save the marriage. It focuses solely on the role of one party alone, declaring that if one person starts the change, then it can greatly affect the other. If you are looking for techniques that not only help mend your marriage but also retrieve the attraction between two people, you will definitely find this useful.  

You can check out the detailed Review HERE to find out more about Mend The Marriage program

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3. Save My Marriage Today – Amy Waterman &  Andrew Rusbatch

marriage counseling books


The third one in this list of best marriage counseling books is Save My Marriage Today. As you probably have noticed, this eBook was created by two authors: Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch. Both of them are professional writers, specializing in dating and relationship. Therefore, you will be provided with a wider point of view. You can see from both a man’s and a woman’s perspective.

Save My Marriage Today is a guide for couples to solve their marriage issues without having to visit a marriage counselor. It provides various examples and ways to deal with them. The highlighted part of the program is the “exercises” after each chapter, making it friendly and practical. Neither of the authors is qualified to be a professional marriage therapist. Thus, they also mention when you should visit one.

Please take into account that Save My Marriage Today is designed for couples to work together. Personally, I think this program is suitable for the first stage of a crisis. It is totally possible for the issues to be solved at this point. Nevertheless, you need to do it the right way. Otherwise, it will turn out to be something much more terrible. That’s when Save My Marriage Today proves it worth.

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As we have examined many marriage counseling books, we highly recommend these three programs. If your relationship is in trouble, you might want to try the one that applied to your situation. Don’t give up on your marriage even when you think it is hopeless. With a bit of commitment, with the right support, you can save your marriage.




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