How can I fix my marriage

How Can I Fix My Marriage When The Passion Is Gone: An Unbelievable Guide


Adoration is the core of every relationship. Thus, “How can I fix my marriage when the passion is gone?” sounds rather ridiculous. What if I tell you there are some workable tips? Read on and discover the secrets!

In fact, when couples claim that they are “no longer in love”, most likely it is not the case. If you find yourself being in this situation, it will take a while for you to believe what I say. Nevertheless, experienced relationship experts have discovered the same pattern of many couples who were on the verge of divorce. Instead of not loving each other anymore, more like they are trapped in the situation. It is the situation has changed, not the spouse. All the stress and arguments completely blocked intimacy, passion, and closeness.

Unfortunately, this misunderstanding often leads to many negative results. Many people choose to divorce just because they couldn’t find a way to heat up the relationship. Some don’t bother to change at all. If you want to regain the passion and make your spouse love you for the rest of his or her life, then how to achieve that? Pay close attention to the part below!


If you two have been silent for long, it’s time to stop

A couple that never fights, never argues with each other, and never yell at each other. Do you think it is ideal for a relationship? Don’t be surprised if they announce their divorce later.


How can I fix my marriage


In fact, it is the case of many married couples that I’ve met. Even though they didn’t argue, something unpleasant was still running between them. They might look like they were fine with everything, but deep inside, the dissatisfaction kept growing. That way, they got further and further away from each other, until one day they realized that the distance was too far and it was time for them to leave.

Communication is not the ultimate key, but it is a very important factor. If you don’t talk to your partner about the things that don’t make you feel alright, you two will grow apart without you knowing it.

Accept that there might be times you do things wrong

Sure, it is hard to admit your fault. People never want to accept that they are wrong, even when the situation is clear and there are undeniable proofs. Nevertheless, you need to be an adult in order to stay in a marriage. Grow up and face it when you do something wrong.

If you are a prideful person, it might not be comfortable for you at first. But slowly, you will be able to see positive changes in your marriage. “You were right” is something everyone loves to hear, and your spouse is no exception. Once your partner feels like he or she has been acknowledged, he/she will want to spend time with you more. So don’t be hesitate and give it a try.

Break the familiar pattern

There will be a time when two partners find themselves no more than roommates. Even after getting married, we are still two different individuals with different interest and schedule. Nevertheless, living almost like strangers in your home together seems like a dangerous sign.

Therefore, our advice is to break this casual, boring routine. Change the bedroom’s types of furniture is also an option. Of course, the ultimate priority is to spend more time with each other. Surprise your spouse with breakfast, a love letter, a present or a flower. Go out with each other on special occasion, or simply be out for a walk at night. With such simple actions, slowly you will be able to strengthen the bond with your spouse.

While it might sound weird, be nice to each other

Take a close look at your relationship. Maybe you are too familiar with the fact that your partner is around, which leads to the absence of kind acts.

Again, what you need to do now is doing something maybe you have never done before. Help your wife with household chores or get your husband’s car washed. Bragging about your partner with family members and friends will also have a good effect. Even if he or she seems to be embarrassed, your partner will remember it and appreciate the fact that you value him or her.

Physically contact with your partner more often


How can I fix my marriage


By saying this, I don’t mean to say it is all about sex. Skinship is more likely to trigger your brain and help you regain the loving feelings you once had when you two just love each other, according to science. Therefore, cuddle on the sofa while watching TV, hold each other’s hand, hug each other more often, kiss like you two did at the first time dating would bring miraculous effect.

It will feel a little awkward doing all of this, especially when you and your husband haven’t got any intimacy for a long time. Nevertheless, if you create enough connection, you two will fall in love with each other over and over again.

Now, do you still think “How can I fix my marriage even when the loving feelings have disappeared?” is a ridiculous question? With some effort and attention, it is totally possible to regain the passion in your marriage. Follow our advice and don’t hesitate to make use of these miraculous tips, you might achieve a happy, filled – with – love marital life that last forever.

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