Is My Marriage Worth Saving

Is My Marriage Worth Saving? Check If You Have These 7 Signs


Your marriage is in crisis. If you find yourself asking “Is my marriage worth saving?”, you are, in fact, being wise. It’s something that should be made clear before you decide to move on with your marital life and find a solution to mend it or just simply get out.

Many people have asked us the question “Is my marriage worth saving?”. We think the fact that you were able to meet your other half among seven billion people and decided to seal your life together, we think, is one of the most miraculous and precious things in this world. Unfortunately, most people will choose divorce as an easy way out because working out a solution to solve all the issues requires a lot of effort. So, if you are thinking about getting out of it, hold on for a second! There are factors and signs you have to think about before calling it quits.

Yes, there are marriages that can’t be saved. We too are aware of this fact. However, you need to examine the situation thoroughly. Every marriage has its up and down, this is inevitable and applied for all couples. Below are 7 critical signs that prove your marriage is totally worth – saving. Don’t miss out a single word, you certainly don’t want to regret the whole life for letting go of someone you love right?

You miss your spouse despite his or her behaviors

If you find yourself missing your partner, it is undoubtedly a sign that you should definitely save your marriage.

Especially when you two are separated, missing him or her is a positive sign. It shows that you still love your spouse in spite of what he/she has done. Now, all you have to do is making a move. Simply call your other half and say that you wanna go out for dinner. He or she is probably thinking about you too.

You still prefer your partner…

… even though there are better people around. There might be guys or ladies that are interested in you, but strangely, you don’t feel the same way. All you think about is your spouse. You just can’t imagine a life with someone else. If so, the answer to the question “Is my marriage worth saving?” is undoubted “yes”.


Is My Marriage Worth Saving


Truth be told, no one is perfect. If you are able to stand the bad side of your partner, then so is he/she. That’s a sign you two should stay with each other.

You two are influenced by outsiders

You have no problem with your spouse. But then there are people around you who just won’t leave your marriage alone.

Don’t allow external reasons to have a bad influence on your marriage. After all, this is the one whom you have chosen to be with for the rest of your life. Now is the time for you to find out who has been affecting your marriage in a negative way and block the influence from this person. You can seek help from people you trust when your marriage is in a crisis, but make sure to receive objective pieces of advice only.

You feel that your spouse is thoughtful toward you

If your partner is still thoughtful toward you, to answer the question “Is my marriage worth saving?”, we’d say yes. In other words, if your partner still let you know that he or she cares, you really should reconsider the divorce.

They might be really small acts, such as asking you whether your parents are both okay whenever you come to visit them, remind you to take an umbrella when it is raining despite the fight yesterday…etc. Anyone would love to be cared, and I’m sure you are no exception. Provided that your spouse is really caring toward you, I would say that your marriage is worth saving. Think about it for a moment and you might even find small things that you’ve never noticed.

You two are still there when each other need

Is your spouse the type who always put you and your kid on top priority and willing to spend time with you both? If the answer is yes, then he or she is reliable.


Is My Marriage Worth Saving


You two might have argued, separated. Maybe you feel that you and your spouse are truly tired of each other. Nevertheless, if just a “hey it is really urgent, please come here” text makes your partner shows up immediately, then good. Your marriage is worth saving. Sometimes, separation plays a positive role in a marriage. It makes two people realize that they are better being with each other.

You find more positivities

If you are still uncertain, get yourself a paper and a pen. Now, start listing out all the strengths and weaknesses of your partner. You can also write down all the good and bad things when you two stay together.

Keep in mind, every single one of us has flaws. If you find more positive traits about your spouse more than negative traits, I truly think that you need to think twice. Also, see if the weaknesses can be tolerated or not. It is all your choice when it comes to deciding.

You still doubt about deciding to divorce

If you find yourself still up at 2 am, struggling with the question “Is my marriage worth saving?”, then there should still be good things that need careful consideration. Remember that once you two divorce, there is hardly any chance to come back. Provided that you are still in doubt, it just means that you still have some reasons to fix the situation. Again, you don’t want to regret later. Give your marriage a chance and try to work out a way to solve the problems. You might as well need help from marriage counseling.

We think “Is my marriage worth saving?” is a question that should be considered carefully. Things may seem to be falling apart for now, but don’t forget that at other points of your marriage, there were times when you truly felt that you were loved and cared. If you still see these signs we mentioned above, chance are the connection between you and your spouse are still there. With a bit of effort, and if you know the right way, you will soon be able to see it again. You can find out many useful tips within our guide on how to save a marriage here.

If you truly feel that it is worth saving your marriage but you still don’t know how to begin, you can check out this story to see how 82,560 couples saved their marriage successfully.

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