Needy Behaviors Guys Often Make

8 Needy Behaviors Guys Often Make That Will Drive EVERY Girls Away!


Today, let us reveal the reason behind this very common case. Don’t miss a single word in this article, ‘cuz we are gonna point out the needy behaviors that guys often make at the beginning of a relationship!

This is gonna be shocking, but you have to know the truth: You don’t have to act like a boyfriend in order to get the woman you desire to bed. In fact, this method will just backfire completely.

Still in doubt? Well, it might be hard to accept since according to a survey, over 80% of men choose “boyfriend behaviors” as a way to approach the girl they want. Nevertheless, from most women’s point of view, these behaviors will come across as needy and desperate. They will kill her attraction toward you in a blink of an eye.

In this article, Linkingo will list out 8 needy behaviors most guys can easily make. They are often the crucial reason a guy can’t get the girl you desire, so if you are one of those who are struggling with the question above, check out and see if you have ever done these things…


1. Actively search for commonalities and compatibility

Provided that you have known this girl for like a few months or a year, it is, of course, important to find mutual interests. However, if you just meet the girl and would like to attract her, you probably don’t want to rush it. Why?

The reason is simple. Women usually get attracted to men with their own opinions, beliefs, hobbies, and interests. By showing her what makes you the person you are, you shall trigger her curiosity, thus force the girl to think about you 100x more. So you want to take a girl into bed? Be original at first, save the commonalities for later!


2. Try to show her good things about you…

Needy Behaviors Guys Often Make… such as having a good job with high wage, or having been to different places around the world. This is one of the 8 needy behaviors guys often make. When a girl looks at it, you will seem to be extremely desperate.

Instead of telling her about you, it is better to let her learn about your good traits, slowly, one by one. Again, curiosity is the best way to keep you in her mind. Keep her wondering, and let her be surprised with what she discovers about you. That way, she will be hungry to know more.


3. Play along when she bad-mouths other guys, and try to act like you are the opposite of them

There’s no better way to show your insecurity. It speaks volumes about how you scare you wouldn’t be good enough for her. You think you are showing understanding, but in reality, you are just talking about your lack of confidence.


4. Worship her too much to take action

You might think that you don’t want to force her. You might think that you don’t want to hurt her feelings. What if I say that being rough is necessary?

Let’s be honest and say that most women don’t want to take the initiative when it comes to sex. They are waiting for you to take action. If you don’t let her know how much you want her, chances are you will never be able to get her into bed.


5. Being overly generous

This is the 5th thing in 8 needy behaviors guys often make. Your girl wouldn’t want to sleep with you just because you get her everything she asks and doesn’t ask for. She will end up stay away from you, or worse, consider you as her living wallet.


6. Attempt to be her “Prince Charming”

By “Prince Charming”, I mean you are willing to listen to all of her problems, and showing your devotion to solve anything for her.

Needless to say, you will eventually come off as needy and desperate.

Again, she will eventually take you for granted, and come to you only when she needs your help. 


7. Let her win all the time so that you two can get along

It doesn’t matter how strong that girl tries to act in her daily life. Women tend to be attracted to men that overpower them, and by letting her win, by making a lot of compromises, you are handing her the power. This is the fatal mistake that will lead you all the way to the friend-zone.


8. Give all your attention to her

Needy Behaviors Guys Often MakeJust like men, women don’t value things that come so easily. If you act like your world is spinning only around her, her attraction toward you will eventually fade away.

What’s the best thing to do? Let her know that you have more than one option. Show her you have a lot of things to do even when she is not around. Focus on your own hobbies and interest. You will become much more appealing when she has to try to grab your attention.



Above are the 8 needy behaviors guys often make that lead to their failure when trying to get a girl into bed. These certainly are not bad things. If you have known her for a period of time and wish to keep her with you, then they are what you ought to do.

However, these behaviors won’t trigger the attraction in a girl. They will most likely land you in the friend-zone, which is something no guy in this world would like to end up. To sleep with a girl you just meet is another story. You will have to use another way of approach.

Some good news you might want to hear: Even if you have displayed some needy behaviors we have mentioned above, you still can get her into bed.

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