the psoriasis strategy review

The Psoriasis Strategy Review: Can You Get Rid Of Psoriasis In Just 4 Weeks?

Welcome to Linkingo’s latest The Psoriasis Strategy review! As you are here right now, perhaps it’s been a long time since you have suffered from unbearable psoriasis misery. Although this skin condition is not fatal, many patients said that it actually kills them slowly. It must be hell living with dry, flaky, inflamed, itchy skin. Even worse when they can feel the glare of many people across the streets. One of Linkingo’s readers, an 18 years old girl, said: “It felt like I’m trapped in a nightmare without a way out when I knew that there was no cure for psoriasis. Sometimes, it even made me angry. Why do I have to live with pain and embarrassment for the rest of my life?”

With that, of course, when The Psoriasis Strategy was released, it became the center of attention when the creator promised that it could treat the condition permanently. Of course, the more people lookout for this program, the more questions arise. How can an online guide achieve something even the best doctors cannot? Is it trustworthy or just a false advertisement? We will discover the truth right now! 

What Exactly Is The Psoriasis Strategy? 

the psoriasis strategy review

The Psoriasis Strategy PDF

As the name states, The Psoriasis Strategy is an online four-week program aiming to help users eliminate psoriasis for good. The best thing about this guide is it does not involve any pill, supplement, or medical treatment. Instead, The Psoriasis Strategy contains only simple adjustments you can make with your diet, lifestyle, and sleeping basis. Even though these changes are minimal, they deal directly with the root causes of the condition (which is often overlooked by modern treatments). That’s the reason why the author of this guide is confident that The Psoriasis Strategy can tackle psoriasis permanently without leaving any side effects. 

We will dig deeper into each part of this guide in a moment, but here is a sneak peek at all areas this regime covers: 

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle:





  • Man-made products:

Household poisons.

Sounds pretty captivating, isn’t it? Still, since The Psoriasis Strategy seemed to cover a broad range of topics, Linkingo was curious about the creator of this guide. Can we really trust this person?

The Psoriasis Strategy Review – About The Author.

It turned out that the person behind The Psoriasis Strategy is not a strange face. Julissa Clay, a well-known naturopath and health researcher, is the creator of the program. Aside from this guide, Julissa is also the mastermind behind numerous health programs and articles, such as The Fatty Liver Solution, The Shingles Solution, Nail Fungus No More, Gum Disease Gone, etc. All of them received positive feedback and high ratings from users for being safe and effective. 

While searching for Julissa Clay, we found out an interesting fact that she used to suffer from psoriasis since 15. The condition was not only painful, but it was also embarrassing. She tried all conventional medicines and was totally desperate to find a cure, but none worked. Still, Julissa did not give up. She wanted to find out the ultimate way to treat psoriasis, thus, became a health researcher. This program contains all the knowledge and scientifically proven techniques she has discovered in many years. She decided to publish The Psoriasis Strategy because she does not want anyone to suffer like she used to. 

The Psoriasis Strategy Review – How Does The Program Work?

If you have been desperately searching for a way to cure psoriasis, you probably heard this from your doctor at least once: It is not just a skin condition. Instead, it is a sign that our immune system is malfunctioning. To be more precise, psoriasis occurs when the immune system goes wrong and our fighter cells – the T-cells – attack healthy skin by mistake. Still, most dermatologists will not break down the root cause. 

So why is your immune system malfunctioning? According to Julissa Clay, environmental factors play the most significant role. It is what you eat, drink, inhale, put on your skin and chemicals in your surrounding that havoc with your immune system. These factors directly lead to the dysfunction of your immune system, creating the inflammation that you see as psoriasis. 

Most people assume that psoriasis is unavoidable since it is determined by genetic factors. However, Julissa points out that many people have the psoriasis gene yet don’t have to live with the condition. Genes alone don’t lead to the condition if it is not triggered by the environmental factors above. 

Hence, if you want to avoid psoriasis or get rid of it completely, you have to tackle the environmental causes. What you eat and drink, what you think and feel, what you put in your surroundings, etc., you have to adjust all of them to free yourself from the condition. That’s what this program will help you with.

Inside The Real Psoriasis Strategy.

Right after making the purchase, you will receive the program via your email in PDF form. This is one thing I really like about this product: You can start working on your condition right away, without having to wait days for shipment. Besides, people outside the USA also don’t have to pay any shipping fee, which can be expensive. 

The program is a mix of theory and practical strategies. The theory gives you an in-depth understanding of psoriasis and what causes it. Practical strategies then help you take action to heal it from the inside out. Julissa Clay splits the book into three parts:

Part 1: Psoriasis – More Than Just A Skin Condition. 

Part one is all theory. Users will go more than skin deep to discover the truth behind psoriasis, what it is, and how it affects your body. They will take a look at numerous factors involved in this disorder and how the environment, diet, lifestyle, or even mindset play a role in it. Julissa Clay looks at the gut connection and why it is important to deal with it if you want to tackle psoriasis once and for all. 

Part 2: Diet & Lifestyle Habits That Impacts On Psoriasis. 

Part two is a mix of theory and practice. You shall discover which foods and products can trigger the inflammation that underpins psoriasis. After that, the author shall show you how to replace them with healthy, healing alternatives that help your body return to balance. You will also learn which aspects of modern living you can change to reinforce your immune system, from gentle exercises to set up a routine to support your immune system. 

Just as expected from someone who suffered from the condition, Julissa Clay is very understanding. She knows that sometimes you will need a quick fix, so you will know the tricks to soothe those flare-ups as fast as possible at the end of part two.

Part 3: 4 Weeks To Heal Psoriasis. 

Finally, in part 3, you will find a 4-week step-by-step plan to heal your psoriasis. It includes customizable recipes to make eating well a breeze, morning and evening routines to uplift your mindset (one of the pillars of physical health). To make this process even easier, you will find the list of the best antioxidant-rich, gut-friendly, inflammation-busting foods at the end of the book. I highly recommend you print them out and use them on your journey to a healthier, psoriasis-free life. 

Of course, the author would recommend you to read the whole program without skipping any part. According to Julissa, you cannot fully heal yourself from any disorder if you don’t understand the root causes of it. Hence, both theory and strategy are important. However, if you want to act right away, you can start reading the book and working on your condition from part two. The first part can be read slowly along your healing journey, whenever you have time.

the psoriasis strategy review

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The Psoriasis Strategy Review – Benefits It Promises. 

The author promises that if you follow the program closely, you can: 

  • Completely heal from psoriasis after four weeks. 
  • Prevent the condition from reoccurring in the future. 
  • Get back your bright and clear skin, maintain an attractive appearance overall.
  • Boost your confidence as you are now relieved from the skin condition.
  • Get rid of the irritation from itching and inflammation. 
  • Improve your body and immune system.
  • Get good quality sleep. The guide breaks down the importance of sleep on your skin and how to get quality sleep of 8 hours every night.
  • Achieve better mental health as it is a part of healing from psoriasis. 

the psoriasis strategy review

The Psoriasis Strategy Review – Who Is This Program For?

The program is most suitable for:

  • Anyone who suffers from psoriasis, the pain and embarrassment it brings.
  • The program works even for those who are diagnosed with psoriasis by genetic factors.
  • Those have tried many methods to get rid of the disorder, yet so far, none worked. 
  • Anyone who wants to get rid of psoriasis but does not want to suffer from conventional medicines’ side-effects
  • Those who don’t have any symptoms but would like to improve their immune system and prevent the condition from occurring in the future. 
  • Since The Psoriasis Strategy provides the theory about this condition in great detail, it is also suitable for medical students or anyone who wants to learn more about psoriasis.

And Who Should Not Use It?

  • The Psoriasis Strategy is based on naturopathy, which might be a new concept for many people. If you have never heard about this term, I suggest you research a bit before purchasing. It would be a waste to get the program without trusting the method. 
  • Since the program requires you to make changes to your daily life, you should not purchase it if you do not want to change your diet, do light exercises, and adjust your environment.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of This Product.

Below are the things I find intriguing about The Psoriasis Strategy:

  • It is created by a true expert with many successful works. 
  • Since Julissa Clay has suffered from psoriasis, she understands well how to live with the condition and how to cure it permanently. 
  • It is logically presented and combines both theory and strategy, which helps you understand your condition while healing. You can use the in-depth knowledge obtained from the program to help people around you as well. 
  • Since all you have to do is changing your diet, sleeping basis, and lifestyle, there are absolutely no harmful side effects. Unlike conventional methods with a chance to harm your body in the long run, The Psoriasis Strategy will not only help you cure the condition but also improve your overall health. 
  • All of the changes are very small and simple. 
  • The program comes in digital form, so you don’t have to wait or pay any shipping fee. 

However, it still has some minor flaws:

  • You can’t witness the effect immediately. It takes at least four weeks before you can get rid of psoriasis.
  • Part one of the program can be a bit too technical for those without a medical background. 

The Psoriasis Strategy Customer Reviews & Feedback.

The program received a rating of 4.31 out of 5 on Goodreads. Most people commented that the changes were effortless to make yet super effective in helping them tackle the condition: 

the psoriasis strategy review

the psoriasis strategy review

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So far, there hasn’t been any negative feedback from users. We will update The Psoriasis Strategy review if there is any. In case you would like to share your experience with this program, please leave a comment below!

Price & Purchase Policy.

So far, you can only get a copy of The Psoriasis Strategy from the official website. The one-time price for this program is $49. There will not be any extra fee. Once you make payment, you can keep the program forever and receive any updates in the future. 

Psoriasis, just like any chronic disease, can cost you a fortune over time. The average charge for a 15-minute doctor’s visit can go up to $104, and you cannot heal from the condition after one visit. To make it even worse, a tube of topical psoriasis medications might cost between $500 and $600. Overall, this disorder can cost you up to $15000 per year, yet you can never get rid of it completely. 

Meanwhile, for less than the cost of a doctor’s visit, you get a chance to heal from the condition permanently, without any risk. With the price of just $49, you shall be able to restore your beautiful, clear skin. Such a priceless chance is being placed right in your palm. Would you grab it? 

Above all, you do not risk anything. The author offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not happy with the program for any reason within 60 days from your purchase date, you can send an email to get your full money back without any questions asked.

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Our Conclusion – Is It Worth Your Money? 

As Linkingo carefully checked the program and tried the real deal, we can conclude that The Psoriasis Strategy is one of the safest and most effective ways to heal from this condition. It is created by an expert with firm scientific evidence. Most importantly, it poses no side effects to your body. Along with the 60-day money-back guarantee, this is a risk-free offer.

So, with this once-in-a-lifetime chance, would it be the right time for you to get back your flawless skin? I believe it is! Hurry up, grab a copy of The Psoriasis Strategy right now and start your healing journey. The result will amaze you! 

the psoriasis strategy review

the psoriasis strategy review

It bring me to the end of the psoriasis strategy review. Your feedback helps Linkingo improve our next posts. If you want to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know.

We look forward to seeing you in our next articles!


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