the shingle solution review

The Shingle Solution Review: Quickest Way To Help You Heal Shingles?

Welcome to Linkingo’s The Shingle Solution review! According to a survey from the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), there are around one million shingles cases every year in the U.S. Among 3 Americans, there will be one person with the shingles virus. It can be activated at any time of your life for many reasons, such as aging, trauma, or stress. As you can see, no one is safe from this disease. 

It might shock you to know that until now, there is no cure for shingles. People often think that it is not a big deal, since it is not a life-threatening condition. However, only those who live with shingles know how devastating it is. Many patients send emails to Linkingo, saying that the pain caused by shingles distracts them from their daily activities, such as working, studying, and even resting. “I couldn’t even sleep more than 3 hours a night. The skin rash was so painful it keeps waking me up”, username Marilyn K. wrote. Some people even develop other symptoms like fever, fatigue, and sensitivity to light. 

All of those are enough to completely ruin someone’s life, but that’s just the physical aspect. Shingles patients are not only dealing with the pain, but they also struggle to hide their skin rash from the eyes of folks. 

The question here is if there is no cure, does that mean they will have to suffer forever like that? Is shingles a life-sentence? Do you have to live with pain and embarrassment for the rest of my life? The Shingle Solution claims to bring powerful home remedies for shingles and free you from all the misery completely, but let’s see if it really does or not. 

Firstly, What’s The Shingle Solution?

the shingle solution review

The Shingle Solution PDF

Since it is the latest work of The Blue Heron Health News, there is not much information about the program available. The Shingle Solution is a 166-page online program that helps you heal shingles disease within 21 days by changing your diet and lifestyle. 

To me, this is quite an innovative idea. Perhaps all of us know that a healthy lifestyle will benefit your body, but how many actually can use it to cure a disease like shingles? Although the concept is new, I find it interesting. You only have to adjust your menu and make some small changes to daily life, which does not hurt at all to try. This is not like taking medical treatments which will leave side-effects on your body even if they do not work. The method seems 100% natural and users don’t have to take any risk. 

That being said, The Shingle Solution had initially gained my approval. However, I still wanted to make sure that it worked before recommending to my dear readers. Therefore, I decided to take a look at the author of this program.

The Shingle Solution Review – About The Author. 

Honestly, when I saw Julissa Clay as the creator of The Shingle Solution, I immediately felt a sense of relief. If you have a habit of reading health and fitness articles, you might as well find this name familiar. Julissa Clay is a natural health researcher and a frequent contributor to The Blue Heron Health News – a famous publisher of many medical programs. Clay often expresses her concern regarding potential risks conventional drugs contain. That’s the reason why she dedicates her whole life to studying naturopathy. She wants everyone to heal themselves without having to take any side-effects. 

Even though Julissa Clay does not reveal much about herself on the internet, her works prove her reliability. On Goodreads, Clay received an overall rating of 4.28/5. All of her previous work, like The Fatty Liver Solution or Cure IBS Naturally, etc. were complimented by readers for being comprehensive, practical, and useful: 

The Shingle Solution Review – Scientific Evidence Behind This Program. 

Despite Julissa Clay and The Blue Heron Health News’ reputation, we are not sure if they can keep up the excellent work with The Shingle Solution. As mentioned above, this program is newly released. There is hardly any review of it on the internet. I decided that the only way to see if this program works is by purchasing it myself. 

There was not much to mention about the program’s appearance. As expected of a medical publisher, all of The Blue Heron Health News’ works are plainly and academically presented. They are not eye-catching, of course, but if you prefer simplicity, you will find the program very straightforward and easy to follow. 

Right at the beginning of The Shingle Solution, Julissa Clay states the scientific backup of the program. According to her, the shingles virus works by keeping the body in a state of low-grade inflammation while they hijack our cells and good bacteria. If you look at the disease this way, shingles can be considered a continuous state of inflammation and chronic immune suppression, especially in the nerve endings, blood, and skin. 

From here, she points out the potential risk of shingles. Being a kind of chronic inflammation, it constantly wires our immune system and gives rise to a leaky gut. It is a condition in which the stomach is breeched with micro-punctures, immune tolerance is low, the immune system is over-stressed, and the gut microbiome is in a state of ill health. These factors are crucial components of our frontline immune defenses and can cause severe effects if not treated properly. 

So how do you truly heal yourself from shingles? Julissa Clay mentions the five steps of healing that The Shingle Solution will follow: 

  1. Stop the virus from binding and replicating, halting it in its track. 
  2. Destroy and eliminate or detoxify virally corrupted cells.
  3. Switch genes back into a healthy configuration. Otherwise, the virus will indefinitely “reprint” itself genetically every time the cell is copied. 
  4. Regenerate any damaged areas of the body through boosting mitochondrial function. 
  5. Maintain a robust immune system that includes a thriving, diverse gut microbiome swarming with friendly bacteria alongside their potentially beneficial viruses. 

Since the whole progress involves detoxifying and restoring damaged cells, and gut health, changing your diet is the primary thing users will work with. The rest is about exercises to relieve stress and head to a better lifestyle. 

Firstly, I have to say that explaining the science behind the eBook at the beginning is a HUGE plus point. Users can reinforce their faith as they know what they are doing to heal and why they are doing this. Ultimately, understanding scientific evidence shall encourage them to start working on their condition. 

Without a doubt, Julissa Clay must have researched thoroughly before publishing her program. Studies show that shingles are, in fact, chronic inflammation inside the body. Conventional medicines can only stop it from spreading for a while instead of treating it for good because they only focus on the external symptoms on the skin, not the internal factors. In the long run, this is very dangerous because chronic shingles can damage your gut and weaken the immune system, making way for other diseases to invade your body. Clay chooses to explain this medical knowledge in a friendly, understandable way so everyone can understand the risk of shingles and raise their awareness about this disease. 

The Shingle Solution Review – Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

When you go through the table of contents, you might find the wealth of information in The Shingle Solution a bit overwhelming. Understanding that, the author divides the eBook into small four sections.

the shingle solution review

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1. Where To Begin?

This part is like an encyclopedia about shingles. In the first part of the program, you will know what shingle is, how it affects you, what test you can use to get a diagnosis, how it benefits you, and a brief description of how the program aims to tackle shingle. 

If you have been suffering from shingle for a long time, you might have familiarized yourself with some information in part one. I would still suggest you read it because the author reveals something about the disease that most doctors won’t tell you, such as the root cause of shingles inside the body and how it affects other organs. However, if you prefer to act first, you jump to the next ones and come back to part 1 later. It is never too late to acquire this knowledge. 

2. How Our Machinery Works To Produce Either Health Or Disease? 

Part 2 of The Shingle Solution explains precisely how your body works to stave off a viral infection, particularly regarding those found in the herpes family. In the same respect, this section covers how the virus alters our ability to fight it off, and all the dietary and lifestyle factors that lend it extra power over our biology – factors that we mostly have control over. 

This part sets the foundation for all the methods, tips, and tricks you will find in the program. In case you are like me who couldn’t stand doing something without knowing the reasons behind it, you should not skip this chapter. 

3. Calling In Nature’s Cavalry. 

The third part encompasses all the tools you have at your disposal to heal yourself and rid your nervous system of shingles once and for all. These include a list of things you should and should not consume, a diet high in lysine, vitamins, and minerals. You shall also learn about the herbal botanicals and unique therapeutics interventions designed to tackle shingles and repair the body afterward. 

4. The Part Where You Win. 

the shingle solution review

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This part is the most essential of the program. If the third part sets up the principles, then everything is done for you in the fourth part. Julissa Clay first provides you a 7-day plan to cool down the symptoms of shingles quickly. Then, she lays out a comprehensive plan for you to get rid of shingles within 21 days. 

Trust me when I say that you don’t even have to think about how to build  a diet plan because you will receive a comprehensive daily schedule for 21 days straight. It guides you with what to eat every day, when to eat, even how long you should take the exercise. All you have to do is follow and see the changes. 

As I went through every part of The Shingle Solution, I was truly impressed. Although the appearance might make you think that the eBook is academic and very hard to read, in reality, it is not. Julissa Clay breaks everything into small details as if she was there to guide you through your healing journey. It is her way of saying that you are not dealing with the disease alone. 

What Will You Get By Using This Program?

The Shingle Solution will help: 

  • Provide an instant way to cool down the symptoms of shingles. 
  • Help you get rid of the disease once and for all within 21 days. 
  • Repair and detoxify your gut. From there, you will see your digestion works a lot better. 
  • Improve your immune system and protect your body from other diseases. 
  • Save you from long-term shingles risks, such as postherpetic neuralgia, vision loss, and skin infection. 
  • Since your mental health is linked to your gut health, you will know the exact way to relieve stress.
  • Lead you to a healthy, energetic, and stress-free lifestyle. 

The Shingle Solution Review – Who Is It For? 

Julissa Clay creates The Shingle Solution specifically for:

  • Anyone who is fighting against shingles. 
  • People who have tried many methods to cure the disease so far but haven’t found anything effective. 
  • Those who don’t want to suffer from conventional medicines’ side-effects. 
  • Those who want to improve gut health and release stress. 
  • Anyone looking for natural shingles treatment and willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Since the central concept of The Shingle Solution (treating chronic disease by changing diet and lifestyle) is new to many people, I suggest you do a bit of research about naturopathy before trying the method. If you are skeptical about naturopathy and not willing to switch from medical treatments, the program is not suitable for you. 

Moreover, the eBook involves making changes to your diet and lifestyle. Therefore, if you are not persistent and unwilling to change, it would be a waste to purchase The Shingle Solution. 

The Shingle Solution Review – Advantages & Disadvantages. 

In this The Shingle Solution review, let’s conclude the things I like the most about the program: 

  • Reputable author: Julissa Clay has published many health programs and gained herself many loyal readers. All the positive reviews on the internet prove that she is a trustable author with firm knowledge about naturopathy.
  • The Shingle Solution has robust scientific evidence as to its backup. Users will understand what they are doing, why they are doing this, and how the method benefits their health. 
  • Although it covers a wide range of medical knowledge, the writing style is clear and friendly. Therefore, anyone can make use of the program, even if they have a medical background or not. 
  • The plan is laid out in great detail. You don’t have to do anything, just sit back, follow the eBook, and enjoy the result. 
  • You don’t have to take any risk. There is no medical treatment or medicine involved in the whole progress. All you have to do is make changes to your lifestyle. There is absolutely no side-effect.

However, it still has some small flaws: 

  • The design is straight and not so eye-catching. 
  • You have to be very patient to achieve the best result. As mentioned above, it will take at least 21 days for you to eliminate shingles. 
  • There is no bonus to come with the main program. 

 How To Buy The Shingle Solution?

All of The Blue Heron Health News’ programs are not available anywhere other than its website. There, you can get immediate access to The Shingle Solution at $49. 

How is this price when compared to other medical treatments? When you visit doctors, they typically recommend several antiviral medicines, like acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir. The prices range from $26.99 to $40 per prescription, but they cannot cure the disease permanently. The medicines only work to shorten the length and calm the pain. Even doctors can’t tell when the condition will come back to haunt you, not to mention the average cost to visit them is approximately $69 without insurance

So how do you think you can treat shingles naturally and holistically? How is it to have someone guide you through the healing process, stay by your side, and tell everything you need to do to regain your healthy, energetic life? The Shingle Solution will serve as your lifetime assistant. When you think of it that way, the price of $49 sounds like the best deal. 

Again, one disadvantage of this program is it does not have any bonus to come with the main product. Still, after checking The Shingle Solution, I think the creator has the confidence to do that. The program covers an extensive range of information, and its comprehensiveness makes it unnecessary to include any bonus. 

More importantly, if the program does not work for you or any reason you are not happy with it, you can get all your money back within 60 days. It means that you can try the program in 60 days with 100% risk-free.

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The Shingle Solution Review – Our Final Verdict. 

The Shingle Solution is not flawless. However, you can easily see that the things it can bring to your life outcast the cons it might have. Is it worth paying your commitment in 21 days in exchange for a happy, healthy life? Spend a moment to think about many years of joy and wellness ahead. Is it worth acting now? The question is yours to answer, and I think you are smart enough to know what is best for you. There is no better chance to relieve you or your loved one from shingles. Still, the longer you leave it, the more it can cause severe effects within your body. Don’t wait until it is too late to cure!

the shingle solution review

the shingle solution review

Thank you so much for your time reading my review of the shingle solution. If you find it useful, please like and share it. If you have experienced the program, we would love to hear from you. Until next time!


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