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My Survival Farm Review – Is It Legit? Must Check Before Buying

In a crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, most of us would want to plant our own foods to make sure that our food supplies are always available. However, it is not easy to plant a garden, and you have to put in a lot of work. A reader has found a program called My Survival Farm, which promises to show us an easier way to plant our food without much work, and asked Linkingo whether it is legit. Therefore, we will be doing a My Survival Farm Review today. 

Traditionally, planting a garden or any plant means that you need to take care of it continually. For example, water it, give it fertilizer, make sure it is getting enough sunlight, and such. Just one plant might not seem like too much effort, but when you need to plant a large variety to create a food supply, it will be significantly more challenging and tiring. However, My Survival Farm program claims that it can give you a way to create a self-providing garden. According to the program, you do not need to take care of this garden at all, but it will still provide lots of fresh foods years after years. 

While this seems like a good program, it sounds a bit too good to be true. To see whether this program can do what it promises or not, we will analyze it further in this review.

What Is “My Survival Farm”?

my survival farm review

My Survival Farm PDF

My Survival Farm is a digital program that claims to have a better planting method than traditional agriculture. It is “permaculture”, which can help create a self-sufficient garden to produce up to 8 times more than conventional gardens

The program also says that the permaculture method is easy to apply. You only need to follow three steps to set up a garden with this, regardless of planting experience, location, or climate. Once you finish setting it up, the garden will start taking care of itself. It will then become a steady food supply that can be safely hidden from hungry neighbors and looters. My Survival Farm also promises that you can plant this “garden” everywhere, even if all you have is an apartment and a balcony.

My Survival Farm Review – How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, the program works by utilizing the permaculture method. Permaculture is a practical method of developing an ecologically productive system anyone can use anywhere. Its main aims are cooperating with nature and being resourceful and self-reliant. The permaculture method can be used anywhere, from city apartments and suburban areas to countryside areas and waste grounds.

Compared to traditional agriculture, permaculture has a few more benefits. In particular, permaculture can produce a broader range of products, while agriculture’s capacity is limited. Agriculture requires mostly human labor, while permaculture lets the plants take care of themselves. Aside from those, a permaculture garden is also responsible for its own waste (meaning that it does not damage the environment) and maximizes natural resources, such as water, sun, wind, dead leaves, etc. 

my survival farm review

(A comparison between traditional agriculture (left) and permaculture (right). Source: Permaculturevisions)

I researched this method and found that it is quite effective. Studies showed that permaculture makes the soil more nutritious rather than causing soil erosion. It can also produce more per hectare than traditional agriculture. Therefore, I believe that this program’s approach is legitimate. 

My Survival Farm Review – Benefits:

My Survival Farm program offers a way to make gardening easier and produce a stable food supply. Therefore, it can be useful in these ways:

  • Provide you with lots of foods for either a crisis or everyday life: When an emergency suddenly happens, it is unlikely that all of us have already stockpiled foods. Due to difficulties in starting a farm or a garden, many people do not want to take care of it daily. However, My Survival Farm will teach a simple and almost effortless way to start a self-sufficient garden. This garden will provide a stable food supply for everyday life and help you get by during a crisis.
  • Require little care but still provide food endlessly: As mentioned above, the program’s permaculture method will create a garden that takes care of itself. Aside from a few preparations initially, there is not much if anything else you need to do to maintain it. Yet, the program promises that the garden will still produce food years after years. It is because many of the plants are perennial, and others can reseed themselves. During a crisis, you will have so many things to worry about, so a self-sufficient garden like this is very convenient.
  • Produce clean, organic foods and reduce soil erosion: The traditional gardening method requires plowing the soil and usage of fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides. After a long time, it will cause soil erosion (meaning that the soil cannot produce nutrients anymore). Besides, fungicides and pesticides may cause potential damage to the environment and the foods you eat. However, this program’s method lets the plants take care of themselves without requiring other chemicals. As a result, your soil will not become damaged, and your foods will be as clean and organic as they could be.

My Survival Farm Review – Author:

According to the official website, the co-authors of this program are Jeanie Beales, Elizabeth “Liz” W., and Dan F. Sullivan. Jeanie Beales has been gardening for 20 years and has written many articles on a website called SurvivalSullivan. Elizabeth W. also has plenty of experience with 30 years of gardening and ten years of being a permaculturist. Dan F. Sullivan, the last person, introduces himself as the owner and editor-in-chief at SurvivalSullivan and has written many articles for various prepper-related websites. With their experience, the authors assure us that we can trust them.

When I searched for more information about them online, I could not find any about Elizabeth W. I did, however, manage to find Jeanie Beales’ writings on SurvivalSullivan. She seemed to have genuine knowledge about survival subjects indeed. As for Dan F. Sullivan, aside from his articles on SurvivalSullivan, I also found his Twitter account and another book he wrote on Amazon called “How To Prep Under The Radar”, which has some positive ratings. Even though he did not seem very popular, he nevertheless seemed to have lots of experience about survival and thoroughly researched his books. As a result, I believe these authors are trustable.

My Survival Farm Review – What Is Inside The Program?

The program goes deep into details about permaculture and how you can easily set up a garden with it. There are three core steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Preparing the soil:

You do this by digging and mulching on your soil with dead leaves, branches, scraps, chicken droppings, etc. When you plant seeds on this soil, they will have those natural fertilizers as nutrition.

Step 2: Collect rainwater:

You need to dig a few shallow ditches so rainwater can flow into those and bring water to your seeds naturally. Thanks to the ditches, you will not need to water your garden every day.

Step 3: Plant the seeds:

To do this, you need to know which plants grow well together (aka “companion planting”). Some of the ideal combos are carrots and beans, cucumbers and peas, potatoes and corn, etc. This step ensures that you maximize the number of plants you can plant on the same bed, and have various foods and vegetables.

Knowing these core steps will help you much with your permaculture garden. My Survival Farm program also contains a vast amount of instructions and information for your garden to assist you even better. These are a glimpse of what you can find inside:

  • How to plan, design, and put the survival garden into action. In case you do not know where to start despite having understood the core steps, the program will walk you step-by-step. 
  • How to prepare nutritious soil for your plant. It is the essential thing that you must do before doing anything else. Once the soil is bursting with nutrients, you only need to plant the seeds in and let them thrive in it.
  • Detailed instructions about how to plant over 125 plants for your garden. Not only that, but the author will give you advice on choosing the right ones for your climate, depending on where you live.
  • How to know which plants go well together. The authors will list possible plant combinations that will help each other grow, and the disastrous combination you should never put together.
  • A list of perennial plants that grow food all-year-round. You do not have to re-plant these plants every year. All you need to do is harvest them.
  • How to take care of pests without using pesticides. Many plants can naturally repel “bad” insects, which the program will show you.
  • A list of plants that can be natural fertilizers. They use their long roots to collect minerals from deep down the soil, and their leaves will decompose to become fertilizers for your other plants when they die.
  • How to grow stevia, a popular alternative sweetener. Stevia is a lot sweeter than regular sugar, but contains almost no calories and helps keep your blood sugar in check. In a crisis or a lockdown, stevia can be useful for you when you cannot go out often to exercise. It keeps your food sweet and tasty but does not give you extra weight to deal with.
  • How to make permaculture work in small spaces, such as the balcony in your small apartment. The authors will share with you some great tips for inner gardening. This way, even if you do not have a backyard or front yard for a garden, you will still have food in a crisis, or just everyday life in general.

And there is still a lot more to discover in the program. The authors have tried their best to pack in everything they know about this subject. By the time you finish reading, you will see a lot more about creating and maintaining a self-sufficient garden. 

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My Survival Farm Review – Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to understand: The program is carefully laid out, and the authors made an effort to explain in a digestible manner. There are also pictures and illustrations for better understanding.
  • Anyone can do it: The permaculture approach aims for a self-sufficient garden that does not need much human labor. Therefore, whether you are an adult, a child, or an elderly, you can easily set up your own garden with this program’s instructions.
  • It can be set up everywhere: You do not need an ample space or a yard to follow My Survival Farm. Even an apartment’s balcony would be enough because the program has specific instructions for small spaces.
  • Require little effort: Aside from the preparations at the beginning (the core three steps), there is very little else you need to do for your garden.
  • Practical for everyday life: Although the program mainly aims to produce foods for a crisis, you can use it for everyday life. Having a garden on your own will save a lot of money for grocery shopping. Not to mention, you will have clean and fresh vegetables and fruits always available, without worrying about pesticides.
  • 100% refund guarantee: In case you end up not satisfied with the program, the authors offer a 60-day refund guarantee.


  • No physical format: The main program and its bonuses are all in digital format. You may need to print it out yourself if you prefer to read a book.
  • Higher risks of pests and bad weather: The lack of pesticides and human labor might increase the risks of pests. Even though no pesticides help produce cleaner and more organic foods, the pests lurking in your vegetables and fruits can be quite annoying. Also, the weather is not always ideal for your plants. The program does try to give tips on dealing with different weather, but it cannot cover everything.

My Survival Farm Review – Who Should Use This Program?

In general, anyone who is interested in setting up a garden can benefit from this program. Many people want to grow their own clean, organic foods but have not been able to due to the traditional hassle with taking care of a garden. However, My Survival Farm offers the permaculture approach that lets the plants take care of themselves. Due to this, you will have the garden of your dream without the trouble of maintaining it. It also makes the program a good fit for busy people who nevertheless want a garden.

If you are paranoid about a crisis, you definitely should give this program a try. The permaculture garden not only does not require human care but can produce foods for years. Planting a garden with this program’s help will cover your nutrition needs no matter how long the crisis lasts.

And even if you are not worried about any potential crisis, this program can still be of use. It does not just aim to help us in an emergency, but its goal is to provide a stable food supply in general. When you already have foods growing from a garden that needs no money and effort to maintain, you can save money for other things you need.

Who Should Not Use It?

Some people are not into the idea of gardening, no matter how easy it is. This program would, therefore, not be a good fit for them.

Also, as mentioned above, there are more risks of pests in your garden because the program discourages pesticides. It makes your foods cleaner, but some people are scared of pests (aka “entomophobia”). If so, you might need to consider another program.

My Survival Farm Review – Customer Feedback:

I have not found much feedback for My Survival Farm. It is probably because the author is not very popular, despite his experience. However, I nevertheless managed to find some positive feedback. The general report is that the program was easy to understand, worked well for them, and their food supplies have greatly improved as a result. These customers enjoyed how they have benefited from it.

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

(Source: Regionvavid)

I have not encountered any negative feedback yet. While this may mean that the program is good enough not to have complaints, a few negative feedback could make this review more objective. If you have personally used this program or know someone that did, please leave a comment below!

My Survival Farm Review – Price & Bonus & Refund Policy

You can buy My Survival Farm on the official website. It is currently on sale at $39. I consider this a reasonable price because this program contains so much information. And that $39 price includes all of the bonuses as well. There are six bonuses in total:

1/ Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist: 

my survival farm review

It is a condensed version of the main program. It serves as an overview to give you the key ideas and help you see what you will do. With this, you can avoid the mistakes that may result in your garden, not producing anything.

2/ 10 Example Diagrams of Permaculture Gardens:

my survival farm review

These are 10 example designs that you can use as a base for your garden design. Although the main program also has lots of scenarios, these help you save time.

3/ SHTF Water:

my survival farm review

Your permaculture garden may not need much water, but you do. This bonus covers necessary information about water for survival purposes: storing, finding water sources, filtering, purification, and such.

4/ Canning Authority & 5/ Veggie Profits:

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

These two bonuses aim for the same purpose: help you deal with the excess produce from the garden. Because the plants just keep growing and yielding food, you might not be able to eat them all. “Canning Authority” will teach you to can everything correctly and to avoid spoiling the cans. Meanwhile, “Veggie Profits” show you how to sell the extra produce and make money for other things.

6/ Family Survival Blueprints:

my survival farm review

It is probably the most special and the best bonus of the bunch. Why? You may wonder? Because “Family Survival Blueprints” is a full survival course that Dan Sullivan also wrote, and is currently being sold for $37. There are valuable advice and information about what you and your family should do in a crisis in this bonus. Yet, instead of buying it at $37, you have it for free, along with My Survival Farm.

All of the bonuses combined make the program’s price much more affordable now. And if you are not assured yet, the authors offer a 100% refund guarantee. Within 60 days of purchasing, if you dislike it for any reason, you can send an email to You will have your full money back shortly.

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My Survival Farm Review – Conclusion

This is the end of this My Survival Farm review. It is indeed a good survival program. It provides a useful but nearly effortless way to plant a self-sufficient garden and store foods for a potential crisis. For those who want to prepare for any dire situation that may lie ahead, the program will be handy. And even if you never actually have to face a crisis, it still helps provide food for your everyday life. 

You may make your purchase on the official website. If you buy it right now, you will get the program, and all bonuses, especially the Family Survival Blueprints, should have cost an additional $37, but for just a one-time payment at $39. And even if you do not find it useful, you can always contact the authors within 60 days to request a refund.

my survival farm review

my survival farm review

Thank you for reading my My Survival Farm Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, please leave a comment below. Until next time!



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