Gum Disease Gone Review

Gum Disease Gone Review: The Best Solution For Strong Teeth Or Just Rip-Off? 

Welcome to Linkingo’s Gum Disease Gone review! If you are a regular follower, you probably notice that we have never talked about periodontitis or gum disease. However, after receiving an email from several readers, we immediately decided that this post was necessary. 

Most people assumed that gum disease is often the result of poor oral health habits or smoking tobacco. Yet, researchers have shown that even if you take good care of your teeth, you are still at risk. Other conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy can also lead to periodontitis. In the worst case, it is also caused by genetic factors, making the disease unavoidable. As you can see, no one is safe, no matter how much you try to keep your gum clean and healthy. 

So how does periodontitis affect your daily life? There are three stand-out symptoms: Bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth (which ultimately leads to the loss of teeth). Altogether, they are very frustrating. You will no longer enjoy the foods you love, bear the embarrassment caused by the smell from your mouth, and suffer from endless pain. That’s how it ruins your happiness and confidence. 

Is there any way to save you from this, though? Is it possible to treat gum disease permanently and get rid of all the nightmares it brings? According to dentists, it is impossible to cure periodontitis. All they can do is soothe the symptoms and prevent your teeth from falling off. Yet, Gum Disease Gone claims to reverse this disease for good. This bold statement immediately helps this new program gain much attention on the internet. Today, let’s say if it is true or just a false advertisement! 

So What Exactly Is The Gum Disease Gone Program? 

Just as its name suggests, Gum Disease Gone is an online program that shows you everything you need to treat periodontitis. It turned out “curing gum disease permanently” is not the only thing this program offers. It promises to help you get rid of the condition naturally, without consuming any chemical or toxin. With this description, users can expect the program to be nothing like what they hear from dentists. 

Gum Disease Gone Review

Gum Disease Gone PDF

After going through the product page, I have to admit that this is an effective advertisement. Many must be tempted to try out the Gum Disease Gone because being 100% natural means users won’t have to take any side-effects. However, another group is skeptical about this promise. “Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?”, one of our readers asked. To answer this question, we have to dig deeper into the program. 

Gum Disease Gone Review – About The Creator. 

The next thing we checked out was the people behind Gum Disease Gone. You might be happy to know that the publisher of this program is Blue Heron Health News. This famous community of naturopaths has published many health and fitness guides; all received positive comments from readers for being practical and actionable. Before releasing  Gum Disease Gone, they have materials covering a wide range of medical issues, including blood pressure, neuropathy, hemochromatosis, prostate, arthritis, and so on. 

Julissa Clay, a Canadian naturopath and long-term contributor of The Blue Heron Health News, is the mastermind behind Gum Disease Gone. Julissa doesn’t reveal much about herself on the internet. Usually, this is a huge disadvantage, because people will suspect the quality of her products. Yet this lady manages to prove otherwise: Her works are the proof for her authority. On Goodreads, Julissa Clay received a high rating of 4.3 out of 5. 

From a reader’s point of view, I think Julissa has a unique writing style. She always tries to provide as much information as possible, because as she mentioned, “people need to know the essence of a disease before curing it”. It doesn’t make Julissa’s programs too technical or complicated because she tries her best to coherently explain all the medical terms. Therefore, anyone can read and acquire valuable knowledge to heal from their illnesses. 

With that being said, we now have a reason to put our expectations to the Gum Disease Gone program.  

Gum Disease Gone Review – The Science Behind This Product. 

To be honest, I didn’t like how Blue Heron Health News presents the product website at first. It is very plain and not eye-catching at all with a wall of texts. Still, as I skimmed through the page, I began to understand the intention: They want to explain the scientific evidence of the program as detailed as possible. 

To demonstrate how Gum Disease Gone works, Julissa Clay mentions plenty of good bacteria in your mouth. These small friends protect your gum from being infected because many actions can lead to the build-up of plaque, including eating, kissing, and even breathing in. 

However, sometimes, good bacterias cannot work properly. It is when your immune system is weakened. In that case, your tiny “protectors” are not strong enough to kill the bad bacteria when they first arrive in your mouth. That’s the underlying reason that causes you to get gum disease, while others don’t. In fact, scientists have long proven the link between your immune system and periodontitis

So how does the Gum Disease Gone tackle the condition for you? According to Julissa, since gum disease is both an external and internal issue, you need to approach it from two different directions. First, it is necessary to address the bacterial imbalance in your mouth that is causing tooth decay and gum disease. The right home remedies and tooth care strategies help you with this. Second, you need to support the immune system to strengthen the good bacteria in your mouth. Most conventional treatments overlook this step, which is why you cannot get rid of periodontitis permanently. 

I have to compliment Julissa Clay on this. The way she clearly explains how the program works shows respect toward her customers, and confidence in her brainchild. Anyone will feel much safer purchasing Gum Disease Gone after reading this. 

Gum Disease Gone Review – Inside This Program.

With all the information above, it might be safe to trust the Gum Disease Gone. Still, the best way to verify the quality of a program is to try it out myself. That’s why I went ahead and purchased a copy. I would like to bring a completed perspective of this product to our readers. 

Gum Disease Gone Review

Gum Disease Gone Download Page

Gum Disease Gone contains 91 pages, divided into 8 parts. Let me walk you through each: 

Part 1: A Closer Look At Periodontitis. 

As I mentioned above, Julissa Clay always wants her readers to understand the condition before working on it. That’s why the first part of Gum Disease Gone serves as an encyclopedia about periodontitis. You will learn what the disease really is, what causes gum disease, signs and symptoms of periodontitis in each stage, how it affects your health in general, and the treatments dentists will usually offer. 

Those who have had gum disease for a long time might have familiarized themselves with some knowledge in this part. Still, it contains some valuable knowledge that you could not find anywhere else. Julissa Clay mentions the role of genes in treating periodontitis and even breaks down the pros and cons of each conventional cure. They are the reasons you should not skip part one. 

Part 2: Bacteria – Friends Or Enemies?

The second part of this program is where things get a bit technical. Here, the author reveals how bacteria work in your body, practically your mouth. Then, she explains how saliva acts as a natural shield to protect your gum from periodontitis’ risk factors. At the end of part two, Julissa points out the actions you do in your daily life that ruin the mouth’s bacterial balance. 

Part 3: Your Immune System. 

This part discusses the role of your immune system in fighting off gum disease. Users are learning about innate VS. adaptive immune systems, as well as chronic inflammations that weaken them both. It will shock you to know that your diet is the culprit behind the downfall of your body’s defense.

If you are looking for a solution that you can apply immediately, I suggest you skip the first three parts and jump straight to part four. Still, it is useful to come back later once you have dealt with your periodontitis. The knowledge the first three parts provide is very useful in preventing gum disease, so you can stop it from coming back again and protect your loved ones. 

Part 4: How To Prevent & Heal Gum Disease From The Outside?

Part four and five are the core of Gum Disease Gone. You begin your healing routine by treating the cause of periodontitis from the outside. Julissa Clay shall provide you with a list of essential oils with proven antibacterial effects. All of them are famous home remedies that you can easily find anywhere, such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, or curcumin. Still, which one to use is not as important as how to use it. You will learn the exact way to use essential oils for oral care. At the end of part four, Julissa introduces her users to the gold standards of oral care. This includes choosing the right toothbrush, the right toothpaste, and the correct brushing techniques. 

Part 5: How To Prevent & Heal Gum Disease From The Inside? 

The fifth part of Gum Disease Gone focuses on boosting your immune system. It gives you a list of foods that create inflammation in your body. Avoiding them does not only help you heal from periodontitis but also improves your health in general. Then, the program provides you all the foods you should include in your meals. It breaks down into five categories: Antioxidant foods, best sources of proteins, best sources of complex carbs, best gut-friendly foods, and other nutrients for healthy teeth and gums.  

Now, I can confidently tell you that Julissa Clay doesn’t lie about her program that it is 100% safe and natural. All the healing methods she features only surround herbs, plants, essential oils, and changing your diet. It does not involve any medicine or supplement. Therefore, users can be sure that they won’t leave any harmful side-effects on their bodies. 

Part 6: Cheat Sheet – Mouth Care Tips. 

In the sixth chapter, the author helps you set up an oral care routine. You also learn many useful tips to protect your teeth and gum here, including how to tongue-scrape, how to oil pull, floss, and brush. 

Part 7: Cheat Sheet – Top 10 Gum-Friendly Foods And How To Use Them.

Here, you will learn about ten ingredients that are chosen across each nutrient category. They will support your gum health, your immune system, and your microbiome. 

Part 8: Immune-Boosting, Gum-Friendly Recipes. 

I’m sure many of you will find this part intriguing! The eighth part of Gum Disease Gone provides you recipes of foods that are not only delicious but also can boost your gum health and your immune system. Personally, I feel like I have found the best way to enjoy Pad Thai, almond cookies, and even berry ice cream! 

As you can see, Gum Disease Gone does everything for you. It helps you understand the condition, helps you figure out the best way to tackle it, and provides a comprehensive plan. For me, it is well-organized and very logical, making reading the program a pleasant experience. 

Gum Disease Gone Review

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What Benefits Gum Disease Gone Promises To Deliver?  

The program promises to:

  • Provide you all the knowledge about periodontitis. 
  • Help you get rid of the disease permanently within three weeks. 
  • Improve your oral health and immune system in general. 
  • Introduce you to a healthy diet that doesn’t only benefit your gum but also your gut health and your body shape. 
  • Allow you to freely enjoy all the foods you love without suffering from tooth pain.
  • Eliminate the smell of your breath, save you from all the embarrassment and give back your confidence.

Gum Disease Gone Review – Who Is This Product For? 

Julissa Clay created the Gum Disease Gone specifically for: 

  • Anyone who is suffering from this disease. 
  • Those who are worried about the side-effects of conventional periodontitis treatments. 
  • Those who do not show any sign of gum disease yet but would like to protect their dental health. 
  • Doctors or medical students who want to learn more about periodontitis. 

Gum Disease Gone Review – Who Should Not Use It? 

There is no restriction to who can use Gum Disease Gone. However, the program only lays out a plan for you. You are the one who will take action. If you are not willing to apply the methods it provides, such as changing your way of washing your teeth or diet, it would be a waste to purchase Gum Disease Gone. 

Also, the term “naturopathy” might not be familiar to some people. I suggest you do some research about it before trying the program. If you expect an immediate result just like taking medicines, the program is not for you as well.

Gum Disease Gone Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here are the things I really like about Gum Disease Gone:

  • A real expert created it. Julissa Clay has been famous in the naturopath community for her previous works. Moreover, the program is published by a well-known health community, The Blue Heron Health News. 
  • It has a solid scientific backup. Julissa Clay does not hesitate to explain how the program works and cite all the sources she used to research. 
  • The program is comprehensive. It not only explains how to health from periodontitis but also provides knowledge about the disease in general. 
  • It is a no-brainer, considering that you get a complete plan to take care of your oral health and a diet plan. 
  • Most importantly, it is 100% natural. The program only surrounds home remedies and diet. Therefore, it is absolutely safe for users’ health. 

However, it still has some cons: 

  • If you prefer to get the physical version, you will have to pay an extra fee. 
  • It does not show results immediately. You will have to follow the Gum Disease Gone at least three weeks before you can witness the changes.

Gum Disease Gone Review – Is It Affordable? 

So far, you can only purchase Gum Disease Gone from the official website for $49. If you prefer a traditional way of reading, you can get the physical version with an extra $9.38 as a printing fee. Still, I think the digital version is much more comfortable. Instead of carrying a heavy book around, you can read the program whenever you want. As long as you have a device, the guide can be with you, no matter if you are on the bus, on a business trip, or sitting at the park. 

What’s more, the digital version makes it possible for you to act immediately. As you are reading this, your jaw bone is probably wearing away. The harmful bacteria is eating out your gum and soon your teeth. We all know that once you are diagnosed with gum disease, losing teeth is just a matter of time. Drugs such as Peridex, PerioChip, or PerioGard can temporarily control the plaque but do not get rid of it forever. What’s more, they also come with side-effects like tooth staining, throat irritation, and changes in the taste of foods. Suffering from all of those just to get short-term comfort doesn’t worth it to me. 

When your teeth start to fall off at the final stage of gum disease, a dental implant is required. . In general, the average price of a single implant is around $1500 – $2000.Periodontitis patients usually need several as the disease affects multiple teeth. The question is, are you going to protect your teeth forever with the cost of a shirt, or are you planning to pay million dollars and suffer from all the pain? I leave that for you to answer, and I know any wise person will make the right choice. 

Money-Back Guarantee

If you still hesitate, then let me remind you that you have the 60-day money-back guarantee as to your backup. It means if you are not happy with how much your gum recovers after two months, you can request to have all of your money back. You will get refund as fast as your order, without any question asked. See, you lose nothing in this deal!  

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Our Final Words – Worth A Try Or Not? 

The Blue Heron Health News has never failed to meet its readers’ expectations. After carefully considering, I conclude that Gum Disease Gone is one of the most comprehensive periodontitis treatment guides out there. It is created by a true expert with firm scientific evidence and is 100% safe for your health. Most importantly, you don’t have to take any risk as you purchase the program! 

There wouldn’t be a better chance for you to save yourself from all the troubles gum disease can bring to your daily life. Imagine, just a few weeks later, you don’t have to suffer from teeth pain anymore. It will put an end to the bad smell of your breath and allow you to enjoy all the foods you love again. All of that is just one click away, so what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and act quickly! 

Gum Disease Gone Review

Gum Disease Gone Review

It comes to the end of our Gum Disease Gone review. Your opinion helps us improve Linkingo’s future posts, so if you would like to share your experience, please leave a comment below and let us know! 

We look forward to seeing you in our next articles.


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