Ironbound review

Ironbound Review: A Strategy For The Management Of Hemochromatosis By Shelly Manning.

For many people, hemochromatosis (also known as HCT) is a nightmare that lasts for a lifetime. Understanding that, Linkingo decided to write an Ironbound review, a newly released health book by Shelly Manning. 

If you are one of the sufferers, you probably understand the torture it brings more than anyone else. As excess iron is stored in your orgasm, those with hemochromatosis have to live with the frequent risks of liver disease, heart attack, and diabetes. Just one of these can take away their lives anytime, but they are dealing with all.  However, that’s not the worst thing about this disorder. The cause of hemochromatosis is a mutation in a gene that controls the amount of iron your body absorbs from the foods you consume. It is passed from parents to children, so there is no way to protect themselves from it. 

In short, a person is born with this condition. Since there is still no permanent cure, the patient is fated to have never-ending hospital trips, survive unpleasant, painful treatments that are good-for-nothing. Even living with the risks of having deadly diseases until they finally take away his life. 

Everything takes a sudden turn when a recently published online program claims to be the best way to cure hemochromatosis for good and free the patients of their miserable fate. That was quite a shock because there is no medical treatment that can cure the disorder holistically so far.

That raises a question: Can an online program really create a miracle, or is it just a waste of your time? Let’s find out the truth with us in today’s Ironbound review! 

What Is The Ironbound Program? 

The official website introduces Ironbound (also called Ironbound A Strategy For The Management Of Hemochromatosis) as a complete guide on how to handle the excessive amount of iron in your body. From there, it helps you cure hemochromatosis naturally and permanently. 

Ironbound review

Ironbound A Strategy For The Management Of Hemochromatosis PDF

“Healing hemochromatosis for good” indeed sounds very exciting. Technically, the program promised something even modern medicines are unable to do. However, it is not the only reason this product gains so much attention. Many were skeptical about Ironbound since it claimed to feature only natural methods. As common treatments for the disorder (blood removal or chelation) all leave severe side effects such as joint pain, dizziness, nausea, and weakened immune system, Ironbound was bold enough to offer a risk-free solution. Even I myself was curious to see what kind of method it contained. “How can the author of this program be so confident?” I wonder. 

That being said, I went on to verify the authenticity of Ironbound. The next thing I did, of course, was checking out the creator of Ironbound. 

Ironbound Review – Get To Know The Creator. 

The mastermind behind Ironbound is Shelly Manning. If you know who she is, you will see that her statement of natural cure for hemochromatosis was not overly confident. Shelly Manning is a practitioner with more than three decades of studying naturopathy. 

Practically, when people cannot find much information about an author, they will usually suspect the quality of the eBook. However, Shelly Manning proves otherwise. She did not like to reveal her personal information on the internet.  Even her name is likely just a pseudonym. However, her works are the most significant proof of her authenticity. Manning is the frequent contributor to The Blue Heron Health News – the famous publisher of many health and fitness guides. She received a lot of compliments from readers worldwide for her practical and useful works. She has so far received a rating of 3.99/5 on Goodreads, with the most famous work Gout Solution having a 4.12 average rating. 

As someone who checked up on most of her programs, I concluded that Shelly Manning had a unique writing style. She tries to provide her readers with as much information as possible, because as she said, “you have to understand the essence of your disorder if you want to get rid of it”. Still, Manning works hard to explain all the terms most understandably so everyone, even those without medical knowledge, can use her programs.

While the science behind each work is mentioned in great detail, she also adds real-life examples and even tells her own stories to empathize with her readers. You can say that Manning really put a part of herself in her eBooks. Hence, reading them feels just like the author is sitting in front of you, motivates you, and guides you through your healing progress. 

That’s why when I saw Shelly Manning’s name, I felt quite assured. However, as she published that many programs in the past few years, can Ironbound keep up with her readers’ expectations?  We still have a lot more to see. 

Ironbound Review – The Science Behind This Program. 

Scientists have long proven that having HCT meant you have to inherit the “HCT gene” from your family members. That makes the disorder an inevitable sentence. Many believe that they are born with it, and for that reason, they have to live with it. There is no way out. 

However, after spending years researching hemochromatosis, Shelly Manning concludes that there is a way for those born with HCT genes to prevent or stop their genes from creating the HCT condition. It is called epigenetic – the phenotype changes that do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence.

Creating these changes, according to Manning, is incredibly easy. It is your lifestyle factors that determine whether a particular gene switches on to create a specific illness or not. That way, we can directly affect a gene’s dangerous behaviors to stop causing harm to our body. 

Even though the right formula for how to change your lifestyle has not yet been confirmed anywhere, I’ve found recent research indicating that the theory about epigenetic is correct. In fact, it is totally possible to change your genes’ activities through your lifestyle, and most importantly, your diet. 

Therefore, Shelly Manning’s program, Ironbound, will contain two steps of treating Hemochromatosis:

First, you shall know how to adjust your diet to stop your genes from creating the HCT condition. It includes how to eat correctly, what to eat and avoid, and the right amount of each food and nutrient you should consume to control your genes’ behavior. 

Secondly, you have to clear up the excess amount of iron in your body and reverse the damage it creates to your organs. 

The fact that Shelly Manning goes into great detail about the scientific backup of Ironbound, as well as how the program works step by step makes it easier for me to confirm its trustworthiness. She uses a carefully researched theory as the foundation for her brainchild, making us know how much work she put on the program. It also shows Manning’s confidence in Ironbound, as she is willing to let everyone know how it works before purchasing. 

Ironbound Review – What Will You Find Inside? 

There is not much to talk about the appearance of Ironbound. As usual, all programs from The Blue Heron Health News aim to be friendly for everyone, including the middle-aged and the elders. Therefore, the creator team keeps the design at a minimum. While it makes the program not so eye-captivating, it also helps readers to follow the guide easier. Just by looking at the table of contents, I already got an overview of Ironbound and what I should expect from it: 

As you can already see, Ironbound is divided into 5 chapters. Here, I will give you a quick look at each part to better understand the program. 

Chapter One: Understanding Hemochromatosis. 

The very first chapter analyzes Hemochromatosis disorder from a conventional medicine perspective. Shelly Manning explains the diagnosis, people at the highest risk to get this disorder, and regular treatments. 

Chapter one may be useful for medical students or those who are learning about Hemochromatosis. If you have been suffering from it for a long time, you probably see some pieces of information in this chapter. For me, I was impressed by the way Manning goes into detail about the pros and cons of each treatment and their possible risk in the short and long run. That’s very interesting since there are many things doctors usually would not tell you. 

Chapter Two: Insights From Genetic – HCT, Immunity, And Physical Performance. 

As mentioned above, the main reason for Hemochromatosis is your genetic concept. You will realize that having problematic genes does not necessarily mean you are sentenced to live with disorders and illnesses. There is more flexibility to manage genetic mechanisms than you think. 

I found most exciting about chapter two that it mentions how having Hemochromatosis can significantly benefit you. In some ways, it can increase your resistance to diseases and physical performance. Many Hemochromatosis sufferers, I think, will be pleasantly surprised to find out that if they check out this chapter, they will find the right tools to leverage these advantages to their benefits. In fact, scientists have shown that Hemochromatosis patients might have certain significant advantages in their life

The first half of this chapter might be a bit too technical. However, I still suggest you be patient and read it until the end. At the end of the second chapter, Shelly Manning mentions positive activities that can easily enhance the benefits of absorbing iron, such as changing your lifestyle, sleeping properly, doing exercise, and reducing stress. All of these tend to act on epigenetic mechanisms that reduce iron damage and enhance innate advantages to having high iron in your body. 

Chapter Three: Breaking The Chain With Natural Therapeutics. 

The third chapter focuses primarily on superstar supplements, antioxidants, compounds, herbs, and other tools that you can take in concentrated forms to break free from iron’s harmful effects. Here is where the sledgehammers fall on your iron chains to help set you free. The list contains only potent tools that are safe, natural, and powerful. You don’t have to worry about side-effects as all you have to add to your diet are only herbs and fruits. 

Chapter Four: Diet & The Microbiome For HCT.

While chapter two sets up a foundation, chapter three tells you what to consume, then chapter four shall tell you how you should consume them. The author states that dietary strategies are only useful if you have a firm understanding of your microbiome – the collective community of little microbial friends that call your gut “home”. The microbiome is the primary gateway to leveraging your epigenetic controls over iron metabolism. Moreover, it also helps you gain control over your iron absorption, the leading cause of Hemochromatosis. It all comes down to a little molecule called butyrate and many helpers to maintain your iron level. 

The diet Shelly Manning introduces considers epigenetic principles presented in chapter two and incorporates the knowledge of potent compounds from chapter three. 

Chapter Five: Bringing It All Together To Health From HCT.

In chapter five of the book, Manning takes all the information from chapter one to chapter four and put it all together into a practical protocol to guide users effectively through the process of treating hemochromatosis permanently, eliminating symptoms, and maintaining good-around health in the future. You will find a comprehensive plan and practical instruction to have a clear idea of what you can do with the theory from chapters one through four. 

The author does not try to stuff readers with a load of information. Shelly Manning states that the factor that affects your iron level the most is your diet, and from there, she focuses mainly on related problems such as microbiome and adjustments to your menu. Of course, she includes small advice on keeping a healthy sleeping basis and exercising correctly. However, all of these were to support the primary method of Ironbound. By digging deep into one matter, Manning aims to solve the problem holistically, without overwhelming her readers. 

Ironbound review

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Ironbound Review – What Benefits Ironbound Program Can Bring?

  • Help you get rid of hemochromatosis. According to Shelly Manning, starting the second week of using the program, your symptoms will begin to reduce. After approximately 30 days, the disorder will go away for good. 
  • Since you are free from the condition, you no longer have to suffer from the lack of energy, sudden dizziness, or nausea. 
  • As a result, every day, you will wake up with brand new strength. Your work efficiency will go up. 
  • It saves you from possible risks hemochromatosis poses, including heart disease, liver and kidney malfunction, tumor growth, chronic inflammation, and many more. 
  • It also saves you a considerable amount of money, as you no longer have to pay for expensive treatments and doctors’ visits. 

Ironbound Review – Who Is It For?

The program is created specifically for: 

  • Those who are suffering from hemochromatosis. As this is a genetic disorder, there is no age limit since the whole program mostly involves changing your diet. No matter how old you are, you can still make good use of it. 
  • Those who have tried many treatments before, but none worked. 
  • Anyone prefers a natural method and does not want conventional treatments’ side effects. 
  • Those who do not have any symptoms but are posing a high risk of having hemochromatosis should use the program to prevent the disorder. 
  • Medical students or those who want to learn more about hemochromatosis, the relationship between genes, and gut health. 

And Who Should Not Use It?

  • As mentioned above, there is no restriction on who can use Ironbound. However, the idea of treating hemochromatosis by changing diet can be new to some people. If you do not trust natural remedies, you may not want to try Ironbound. 
  • Please note that Ironbound, though not involving any medical treatment, is not an easy way out. You have to be patient to yield the best result. If you are not willing to go on a diet or adjust your lifestyle, it would be a waste to purchase the Ironbound program.

Ironbound Review – Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Program.

Below are the things I would like to compliment Shelly Manning’ Ironbound: 

  • Very understandable and straightforward. From the design to the medical concepts, Manning shows that she wants everyone to understand and make use of Ironbound effectively. Even those without any medical knowledge can make use of the program. 
  • The author focuses only on the main points. Users will not have to worry about being overloaded with much information. Manning only discusses how to change your diet to cure Hemochromatosis and cure it effectively.
  • The program has firm scientific evidence. 
  • A trustable author. Shelly Manning is famous among those who care about health and fitness for practical and carefully researched guides. 
  • It is a no brainer. The author does not only provide the principles, but she also gives you a comprehensive diet and exercise plan. All you have to do is follow. 

However, it still has some disadvantages: 

  • If you prefer to read the physical version, you can only get it after purchasing the digital one and will have to pay an extra fee of $9.39.
  • There is no bonus to come with the main program. 
  • Results will not come in a short time. It will take your time and effort to get rid of the condition. 

Ironbound Review – Where To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable?

So far, you can only purchase Ironbound from its official website at $49. There is a physical version, but you will have to pay an extra of $9.38 as a printing fee. However, the digital version makes the program much more convenient. You don’t have to carry a heavy book with you. When you are at work, sitting in a park, or on a business trip, you can still have the guide by your side as long as you have a device there. 

Perhaps you already know, but treatments for hemochromatosis include therapeutic phlebotomy and iron chelation. Therapeutic phlebotomy is the process of removing extra blood cells, and it might cost between $200 to $400 each time, depending on where you live. For patients with more severe symptoms, iron chelation will be applied, which costs between $400 to $1400 each time. Both of these treatments share one similarity. They will never be able to cure hemochromatosis permanently. Treatments will continue for the rest of your life, and you will need frequent blood tests to keep track of your iron level. 

If you look at it this way, the price of Ironbound is no longer a problem. For me, I even think of it as a bargain. Through years of suffering from hemochromatosis, has anyone ever told you that you can get rid of it? No one, perhaps. It sounds like a miracle that would never happen since even modern medical treatments fail to do it. However, that miracle is now within your reach. You have the chance to free yourself from the disorder permanently, without having to bear any side-effect. The cost of this magic is less than a pair of shoes! I bet you cannot find this deal anywhere else, so decide carefully. 

A Full Money Back Guarantee

Shelly Manning also offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means that you will have 60 days to try the program. If you are not happy with the program for any reasons, you will get your full money back with no questions asked. So, you have nothing to lose in this deal

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Ironbound Review – Our Final Verdict. 

Again, The Blue Heron Health News does not fail to meet readers’ expectations. For me, Ironbound is one of the best guides on how to cure Hemochromatosis available on the online market. It is comprehensive, easy to follow, and from one of the most reputable health writers. 

For much less than the cost of a doctor’s visit, you can deal with the root cause of Hemochromatosis by yourself. You can finally get well again and enjoy your life at its fullest without having to worry about the iron level. It might be a lifetime investment. You also save yourself from life-threatening conditions that can happen anytime in the future. Well, I bet that any wise man should know what to do already.

Ironbound review

Ironbound review

Thank you very much for your time reading our Ironbound review. If you have any comments or would like to share with us your experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! See you in our next posts.


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