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Slim Over 55 Review – Can We Trust Aline Pilani?

Welcome to Our post today is a review of Slim Over 55. 

As women become older and get past their 55th birthday, they have to face menopause. Menopause is when your menstrual cycle ends, and the average age in the US is 51. It is the body’s natural process but can cause some annoying side effects. One of them is weight gain, which can be a disaster for women of this age. 

I knew about this program because of my aunt. A few months ago, her menopause started, and she struggled with it. She became more hot-tempered and had sleep problems because of her menopause. But her weight gain was what bothered her the most. She told me that she already felt insecure about her looks due to her age, and the excess belly fat even made her feel worse. I wanted to help my aunt, so I spent a lot of time researching and looking for a suitable program for her. That was when I came across Slim Over 55.

The program got me intrigued by its premise. It claimed to be specifically tailored to women over 55 who have gone through menopause and need to get their hormones back in balance. According to Slim Over 55, you can still lose weight at this age, as long as you follow its diets and workout regimes. However, I was also skeptical because this sounded too good. Can Slim Over 55 help women of this age lose weight effectively? Let’s find out with us it in the Slim Over 55 Review today.

What Is “Slim Over 55”?

Slim Over 55 is a digital weight loss program, aims precisely at women over 55. It claims to be the best weight loss solution specifically designed for people that have gone through menopause and need to balance their hormones. A unique thing about this program is that it also includes DVDs that show you in detail about the workouts aside from the central manual.

slim over 55 review

Slim Over 55 PDF

Slim Over 55 aims to do this by focusing on two things: performing light workouts and improving hormonal balance. It promises that if you follow it correctly, you will reach your ideal weight fast and easily. You will also feel younger and more energetic.

Slim Over 55 Review – How Does It Work?

This program focuses on improving hormonal balance and light workouts. It is because as women approach their menopause stage, it can cause their hormones to become unstable. The hormonal changes of menopause might cause more abdominal fat. And as you age, you will lose more muscle cells, allowing unburned calories to become fat quickly

As a result, Slim Over 55 will provide you with foods that contribute to hormone balance and metabolism, along with a detailed and light workout program suitable for women above 55 years old. It claims that this meal plan will keep hormones in balance and kickstart your weight loss. Similarly, it also says that its workout manual will help women of this age gain a leaner, healthier body.

There has been numerous research that provides scientific evidence for this program’s approach. A study from NCBI proved that hormonal imbalance could indeed result in weight gain. It can cause ghrelin, cortisol, leptin, and weight gain-related hormones, to rise to an unhealthy level. However, you can regulate these hormones by adjusting your diet and exercising regularly. As for aging, it is also possible to lose weight after 50 years old by doing various things, including light exercise. I think light workouts are suitable for my aunt and older women in general.

At this point, I was almost convinced of Slim Over 55’s credibility. It has reliable scientific backup and the right approach for older women like my aunt. Yet, I decided to analyze it further to make sure that it would be the best solution for her.

Slim Over 55 Review – Benefits:

This program aims to deal with weight gain in women over 55 years old by diets and exercises. It can be useful to you in these ways:

  • Help you lose weight with a diet tailored to your body: Women over 55 years old often struggle with weight loss because they do not know which diet plan works. Slim Over 55 will offer them a good diet consisting of foods that effectively manage their body’s weight-related hormones. With the hormones balanced to a healthy level, your body will lose the fat gained from hormonal imbalance. Besides, Slim Over 55 provides a suitable workout program that is light enough but can still burn fat. They should not take more than 35 minutes to do and are comfortable enough. The program promises good results if you follow its workout plans for 30 days.
  • Help reduce menopause symptoms: Along with weight gain, menopause also causes other symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeping difficulty, decreased bone density, etc. However, you can reduce them with diets that include healthy fats and certain vegetables, and Slim Over 55 is one such diet. Its meal plans will relieve you of hot flashes, make you sleep better, and feel better in general.
  • Vastly improve general health: Another great point of this program is that it can boost your health. For people in general and women over 50 in particular, the diet recommendations can help manage blood sugar, increase metabolism, reduce heart disease risks, and so much more. You also have a chance to work out and boost body strength with this program. 

Slim Over 55 Review – About The Author:

The author of this program is Aline Pilani. According to the official website, she is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author, and weight-loss expert. She has 10 years of experience and has helped more than 20,000 women achieve their ideal weight. My Personal Trainer Magazine has awarded her a trainer of the year award.

slim over 55 review

Aline Pilani’s on the My Personal Trainer Magazine’s cover.

It was not difficult for me to find Aline on search engines. She has her official Facebook page and a Twitter account where she promotes her products and shares weight-related information. She also published some YouTube video tutorials on doing exercises to keep fit.

This information showed me that Aline Pilani is a real person and has genuine experience. It was one of the factors that convinced me to buy this Slim Over 55 program. Besides, I wanted to make sure it will work best for my aunt. 

Slim Over 55 Review – What Is Inside The Program?

Slim Over 55 is an incredibly detailed program. You might feel a bit overwhelmed by how much information it contains. Thankfully, the author divides it into smaller sections to make it easier to read.

The program has three main parts. The first part is the information about the weight-related hormones that it aims to balance out. The second part has a vital diet plan and best weight loss food recommendations. Finally, the third part is the light workout program, explained clearly through video instructions. Since the program is so detailed, talking about all of it will take a while. Instead, I will tell you about some main sections. They will give you a good picture of what the program has and what you can expect from it.

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1/ The hormone leptin:

This section covers one of the hormones that become unbalanced due to menopause, which is leptin. Leptin is produced by your fat cells and regulates your appetite. Its primary function is regulating energy. Leptin will tell the brain to stop eating when you have enough fat stored. 

The problem with this hormone is that its level is quite tricky. Low leptin levels tell the brain that you need to eat even when your body might already store plenty of fats. It leads to weight gain. On the other hand, having too much leptin makes you develop leptin resistance

Luckily, according to the program, you can regulate leptin levels by following a particular diet plan. It will tell you exactly what to eat to keep your leptin at a balanced level and increase leptin sensitivity.

2/ Vegetables:

slim over 55 review

A section will give you a list of vegetables that will support you very much during your weight loss journey. The author will tell you in detail how and when you should eat them.

We all know that vegetables are rich in fiber, which supports digestion and improves our health in general. People who eat fiber frequently seem to have a lesser chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and some other conditions. You will be surprised by the benefits the vegetables can help you get a slim body. So, don’t skip out this section.

3/ Saturated Fat:

Another section of the program talks about saturated fats, healthy fats, and coconut oil. 

Saturated fats are common in the American diet. Sources of saturated fats include red meat, whole milk, dairy foods, coconut oil, etc. For many years, saturated fats had been considered unhealthy, and people believed it could cause heart disease. However, recent studies showed that they do not relate to heart diseases and even can be a part of a healthy diet. It is the sources of saturated fats that matters. This section will tell you what saturated fats sources are healthy and good for weight loss.

4/ The 4 Herbs That Double Fat Loss In Women Over 55:

One of the most notable things about this program is these herbs. According to the author, they can provide immense benefits to the body and encourage weight loss. These herbs are chlorella, cinnamon, cocoa, and goji berries. 

Most of us may already know cinnamon and cocoa. Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels and lower the effect of high-fat meals. Cocoa can reduce hunger, increase feelings of fullness, and aid weight loss in many ways. They are both easy-to-find and affordable ingredients that you could buy anywhere.

On the other hand, chlorella and goji berries may sound a bit unfamiliar. It is understandable because they are not a standard part of the American diet. However, they are very nutritious plants that contribute significantly to weight loss.

Chlorella is a freshwater alga, naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Its benefits include boosting antibody counts, enhancing weight loss, preventing cancer and other diseases.

slim over 55 review


As for goji berries, it is a type of fruit native to Asia. Aside from protecting your eyes and promoting healthy skin, it can also increase insulin sensitivity and boost good HDL cholesterol.

slim over 55 review

Goji berries

All of these sound very intriguing, indeed. And the program’s diet will tell you how to utilize these herbs to get the best weight loss results and health benefits.

5/ The Workout Program:

The second most crucial component of Slim Over 55 is its light workout program. It includes 6 exercises in total, with 5 beginner exercises and an advanced 6th one. The suggested workout schedule is 3 days for the upper body and 2 days for the lower body. 

An example of the moves you will be doing in this program is the Bulgarian split squat. Here is how it looks like:

slim over 55 review

(Source: Livingly)

This exercise strengthens the leg muscles, including the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. And for your legs, they will have to work in overdrive to maintain balance, which improves legs strength. Another unique thing is that the Bulgarian split squat does not put pressure on the lower back. Therefore, it is suitable for older women with back pain.

It is just one of the workout program’s various moves. There are plenty of other exercises in the program, most of which require little strength and are suitable for older women. They are also easy to do. My aunt, who has been using this program for a month, said that she did not have much difficulty doing them. It helps that there are video instructions to make following the exercises more easily.

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Slim Over 55 Review – Pros And Cons:


  • Easy to understand: There is a lot of unfamiliar information about diet and nutrition. Nevertheless, the author explains them clearly.
  • A detailed diet and nutrition plan. It is one of the program’s strong points. A lot of weight loss programs out there only tell you what to eat, but they do not give you clear instructions on when to eat and how much exactly you should eat. Slim Over 55, on the other hand, provides a detailed step-by-step diet. 
  • No restrictive diet: The diet does not believe in restricting you and forbidding you from eating certain things. There are various kinds of foods that you can eat. And it has a cheat day for each week. On this day, you can eat delicious but still healthy fat loss desserts that the diet recommends. 
  • Practical and easy workouts. The exercises in Slim Over 55 are light, and older women can do them with little difficulty. The author even includes video instructions to make it more comprehensive.
  • Suitable for women of all ages: Although it mainly aims for women over 55 years old, women of other ages can still use the program.
  • A 60-day refund guarantee: In case you do not enjoy this program after buying, there is a 60-day refund guarantee.


  • Digital format only: Slim Over 55 is only available in digital format. For older women who are not very tech-savvy, it might be challenging. However, it may be easier for them to use the program on phones or other devices. In my aunt’s case, she struggled at first but can now read the program on her cellphone easily after I taught her.
  • Not very suitable for men: This program’s approach targets the hormonal imbalance that results from menopause. It makes Slim Over 55 unsuitable for men. If you are men, you might need to look for other programs that either target men or both genders.
  • The videos’ quality is not very good: The videos had fuzzy pictures and broken voices. Despite that, they are still watchable and quite decent. Besides, for a price of $7, I found this acceptable. It might be a turnoff for some people, though
  • Your results may vary: The author has tried to make the program work for as many people as possible. However, there is still a chance it may not work for you as effectively as others.

Slim Over 55 Review – Who Needs This Program?

In general, Slim Over 55 will be suitable for any woman struggling with weight gain from menopause. It deals with the hormonal imbalance that causes you to gain fat and provides a diet that boosts weight loss factors in your body. Besides, the foods recommended in the diet also have other benefits aside from weight control. Using this program can relieve you of menopause, enhance weight loss, and improve general health.

On the other hand, even if you are not dealing with menopause right now, you can still use the program if you just want to lose weight in general. You will learn to eat more healthily with a detailed step-by-step diet.

And if you are interested in working out but have been hesitating due to a lack of energy, this program will be useful as well. Its light exercises are suitable for anyone who cannot do heavy workouts. Not to mention that this workout program also contributes to your weight loss progress.

Who Doesn’t Need It?

If you do not currently need to lose weight, you might not need this program. And if you are a man looking for weight loss solutions, it will not suit you either because women are its main target. You may need to look for another program that aims at men or both genders.

Slim Over 55 Review – Customer Feedback:

Aside from the feedback from the official website, I managed to find feedback on other sites, too. Most customers had a favorable review. They said that the exercises were great, and the diet plan was informative and useful. The program worked for them, and they were delighted with the results. Despite the less than stellar video quality, they seemed to be alright with it.

slim over 55 review

slim over 55 review

slim over 55 review

slim over 55 review

(Source: Amazon, YouTube)

On the other hand, it has also received negative feedback. Some customers heavily criticized the workout program, although they acknowledged that it was great for the most part. A few others said that Slim Over 55 was not worth the money.

slim over 55 review

slim over 55 review

(Source: Amazon)

However, there is a lot more positive feedback, so I believed that this program still worked for most people. My aunt has used this program for a month now, and it worked well for her. Therefore, it may also work for you.

Slim Over 55 Review – Price & Refund Policy:

The price for this program is unbelievable. If you purchase it through the official website, you only have to pay $7, $40 off from its original price of $47. That price includes the entire workout program, the diet plan, and the videos. I have never seen a weight loss program this cheap before. You are going to get some incredibly valuable information just for $7. However, the author said that it would not be $7 for long. After a while, she might change it back to the original $47 price. If you are interested in this program, you should buy it right now to secure this incredible price.

slim over 55 review

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And even if you are not satisfied, you can contact customer support to request a refund within 60 days of purchasing. They will process your request quickly and return your money.

Slim Over 55 Review – Conclusion: 

It comes to the end of my Slim Over 55 Review. It is a good weight loss program. Its approach has scientific evidence, and the diet plan has worked for many people. The workout program has lots of useful exercises and is very easy to do. And the price is so reasonable. Slim Over 55 will be perfect for women over 55, or women in general, who want to lose the weight gained from menopause.

At the time of this review, my aunt has been using this program for a month. From what she told me and what I observed, the program has helped immensely with her weight loss process. She lost 3 pounds in the first week and has lost 10 pounds in total. Her health also improves significantly. It makes me happy that I seem to have made the right choice for her. Hopefully, this program can also help you or your friends/family members.

You can make your purchase on the official website. I recommend that you buy it quickly to secure the discounted $7 price. In case the program does not work for you, you can contact customer support to request a refund.

slim over 55 review

slim over 55 review

Thank you for reading my Slim Over 55 Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time.




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