The Hardwood Tonic System Review

The Hardwood Tonic System Review: Is It Really A Solution To ED?

Let’s begin our The Hardwood Tonic System review with the nightmare of every man in this world, which is erectile dysfunction.

As you already know, this is the condition when patients occasionally fail to get or keep an erection. While almost anyone has heard about the symptoms, the pain that ED can bring is only known to those who are dealing with it. Though not a life-threatening matter, impotence causes a man to feel disappointed or upset about himself, which dramatically ruins his self-confidence in the long run. What’s worse, the condition also leads many couples to divorce and tears their families apart. 

“Throughout 13 years, my marriage had always been great with wholesome sex but ever since the last few years, things started taking a turn for the worse. I wouldn’t get as hard as I used to. The problem was not my wife. At the age of 37, Kathy was still so smoking hot and full of passion. However, I failed her time after time. When she first realized that I couldn’t get an erection at all, she tried every method to help me out. Recently, Kathy didn’t even bother. She simply stopped asking for sex. After much disappointment, her patience ran out, simple as that. Do you know how humiliating not being able to satisfy your own wife is? Do you know how painful it is to see your marriage falling apart, yet you can’t do anything?” a user Taylor H. wrote to us. 

“Sometimes, I even thought about disappearing”, he ended the email with such bitter words. “ED is plunging me into the dark depths of self-doubt, hopelessness, and grief…” 

Taylor’s story broke our hearts. However, it is more heartbreaking to know that he is not the only one who has erectile dysfunction. Statistics have shown that the condition affects over 18 million men in the U.S, with 51.3% of them over 40 years old. Hence, if you are not facing ED, you are not completely safe! It can come to you any time in the future due to various reasons such as stress, tiredness, anxiety, drinking too much alcohol, or even aging. The worst part is ED is known to be incurable. You can improve it with prescription medications, implants, and surgery, but the result only lasts up to two years. 

Moreover, all of these treatments might leave severe side-effects. As a result, ED is often considered a life sentence. Once you are diagnosed with it, that’s the end of your sex life.

That’s the reason why when a recent online program claimed to help men cure erectile dysfunction for good, Linkingo team immediately found it intriguing. Is the Hardwood Tonic program able to create a miracle even modern medication can’t do? We took it as our mission to find out the truth, so brace yourself and discover with us! 

What Is The Hardwood Tonic System?

Truth be told, when we first heard about the name “Hardwood Tonic”, some of us thought this product might be a supplement. As we searched for it on the internet, we found some customers who shared the same thought. However, it was a misunderstanding. The Hardwood Tonic system is, in fact, an online program that contains homemade tonic mixes to cure erectile dysfunction and repair your body naturally. 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review

The Hardwood Tonic System PDF

A few reasons help Hardwood Tonic gain a large amount of attention right after it is published. Firstly, as mentioned above, it claims to cure ED holistically, which none of the medical treatments can do yet. Secondly, all the methods in the program are natural. All you have to do is make the tonic mixes using herbs and plants that are widely available. Users will not have to take any medicine nor supplement. It also does not involve any surgery. Therefore, those who worry about the side-effects of conventional methods might be tempted to give the program a try.

Lastly, the author promises that Hardwood Tonic can cure any erectile dysfunction. He does not merely provide the tonic ingredients, but he first breaks down different types of ED, and from there helps users find out which of the elements that work best to cure. This way, the root cause is approached precisely, and anyone can find out the solution for themselves. 

However, with years spent to evaluate products, we found these descriptions a bit too … promising. Could there be such a miraculous online program available? How can some drink recipes help ED patients get rid of the condition once and for all? Since we still had many questions, we decided to take a look at the author of Hardwood Tonic. 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – About The Creator. 

According to the product’s website, the Hardwood Tonic System is the brainchild of Jon Remington. Surprisingly, he is not a doctor, researcher, nor a naturopath. Instead, Jon is just a 60-year-old retired office worker and former ED sufferer. The inability to get an erection almost caused him to lose his wife. In a desperate attempt to save the marriage, he discovered the secret to tackle all the factors that lead to ED and restore the libido. 

Many people might find Jon Remington’s story related. Since he had been in the shoes, he understood precisely how painful it was to suffer from the condition. However, the fact that Jon was not an expert worried us. He did not mention where he obtained the “secret ingredients” to cure ED on the website, therefore, we cannot help but question the reliability of the program. Of course, it is understandable if he prefers to keep it a secret, but we still take it as a disadvantage. 

Furthermore, as we tried to search for Jon Remington on the internet, we could not find him anywhere other than the Hardwood Tonic’s official website. Hence, it was impossible to confirm whether his story was true, or he was a real person. 

That being said, we almost gave up on our The Hardwood Tonic System review. After carefully considering, though, the Linkingo team decided that the lack of information regarding the author was not enough to indicate the quality of the program. There were still many ways to check if the Hardwood Tonic system was trustworthy or just another scam. We decided to give it another chance and went on with our inspection. 

The Science Behind The Hardwood Tonic System. 

Of course, examining the scientific evidence of the program is one of the ways. The creator of Hardwood Tonic shows his confidence in his brainchild by stating it very clearly on the landing page. At last, we found something worth-complimenting about this product. 

Jon Remington started with some basic knowledge. Accordingly, when a man gets aroused, his brain will send the signals to pump blood down the pipes and into the penis. All the progress only happens in a few seconds. To do this, the body has to relax the tiny muscle, which is referred to as the “smooth muscle”, located just above the penis and plays the role of the blood vessels. Just one step goes wrong, and you will not be able to get an erection, or it shall be gone after only a few minutes. 

As a result, when the “smooth muscle” valve is malfunctioning, you will never stay hard. What can cause this malfunction, though? It is all down to oxidative stress, a condition that attacks the androgens hormone inside the smooth muscle, making it unable to get hold of the blood inside your penis. However, the root cause of oxidative stress is the build-up of toxins in one area. Most of the time, it inflames your muscle tissue. 

Jon Remington declared oxidative stress is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction. It means unless you fix this matter, you will never get hard again, no matter what you do. The Hardwood Tonix system focuses on using herbs and plants to detoxify the body. From there, users can get rid of the toxins inside and free themselves from oxidative stress.

We had spent a few days to verify this piece of information and found out that Jon’s statement was true. Oxidative stress has been acknowledged by doctors and scientists recently. While the lack of testosterone or problems with blood circulation has been considered the cause of ED for a long time, they started to believe that the culprit was, in fact, oxidative stress. Recent research confirmed that 86% of men suffering from ED had to bear with oxidative stress at the same time. Therefore, to cure the symptom, we shall first have to get rid of this phenomenon. 

This research restored our faith in the Hardwood Tonic system. The author proved that even though he was not a health expert, he carefully researched and dedicated to finding out the cure for erectile dysfunction.

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – What Will You Find Inside? 

The program contains eight main parts. The core of Hardwood Tonic is ten tonic recipes that help you to get rid of erectile dysfunction. You will learn how to make the drinks that you can consume every day to detoxify your liver and free yourself from oxidative stress, thus curing ED in a short period of time. However, this program can give you much more than that. Let’s take a detailed look at what you can expect.

The Hardwood Tonic System Review

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1. Introduction.

Before applying a method to cure a symptom or disease, you first have to know what you have to deal with. Understanding that, the author starts the Hardwood Tonic system with a very comprehensive introduction. Firstly, he helps you set the right expectation, so you know what you shall expect from the program. Secondly, Jon shared all of the medical knowledge about erectile dysfunction: The causes of ED and low libido, the consequences, and the conventional treatments available. You shall also find a comprehensive analysis of each treating method, such as its advantages and possible risks. Lastly, in chapter 1, Jon introduced you to the “Hardwood drinks”, and a little “how-to” guide to making the best out of erection and testosterone boosting drinks. 

2. Supplements That Boost Testosterone And Male Libido. 

In this chapter, you will learn about each ingredient you can use to create the powerful “hardwood” drinks. The author states that not only can you add them to the drink recipes, but your meals, too. He explains how each of them can improve the libido and mentions how long you should take them to yield the best result. After guiding you through all the aspects, Jon Remington provides his readers with a list of herbs, plants, and other ingredients. According to him, they all work best to detoxify the body and tackle erectile dysfunction thoroughly. 

3. How To Eat To Improve Erection? 

As I read through chapter 3, I would like to compliment the way Jon Remington approached the problem. Instead of over-praising his method, like most online programs usually do, he declared that drinking the hardwood tonics alone won’t create much change. His recipes only act as support. To tackle the program permanently, users also have to make a brand new eating habit. “If you drink the tonics while still consuming toxins each meal, it is totally pointless”, Jon wrote. Chapter 3 helps users adopt a healthy diet. He makes a list of foods to avoid to maintain a high libido and pure libido-boosting foods. To finalize the chapter, users will see a small test to determine which diet is most suitable for them. 

4. High Testosterone Exercises.

Aside from diet, exercises also play an essential role in restoring testosterone and boosting libido. Here in chapter 4, users will familiarize themselves with the small tips and tricks for high testosterone. The most important part about this chapter is the 45-minute workout program for high T and fat burning. Not only will you be able to get back your sexual desire, but you shall get yourself a perfect body, no matter how old you are. 

5. Penile Exercises For Boosting Erection. 

Massaging your penis can also improve your erection. This chapter introduces you to the 3-minute flaccid massage you should do every day to get full control of your libido.  

6. Ejaculation Edging To Increase Libido.

Many men have the habit of watching porn. Jon Remington shall point out why porn is not the answer and the right way to optimize ejaculation for libido. 

7. Reduce Stress For Increasing Libido. 

Did you know that your mental state also plays a vital role in promoting sexual desire? Scientists have proven that stress can lead to low libido. Therefore, chapter 7 of the Hardwood Tonic System shows you the tips and techniques to improve your sleep quality, as well as the ways to reduce stress and enhance erections. 

8. Stimulants And Drugs With Libido. 

Within chapter 8, you shall learn about the medication that can lead to erectile dysfunction and the stimulants that cause ED. 

As we finished reading the program, we concluded in our The Hardwood Tonic System review that it covered many more topics than it seemed. Not only would users learn about the drink recipes, but they would also get the diet tips and lifestyle changes to improve their sexual quality. It is a double-edged sword: Those who are interested in learning in great detail about ED might find the program extremely useful. However, users who are looking for a quick fix might not be patient enough to read such a large amount of information. 

We suggest you go through the first and second chapters to grab the drink ingredients and recipes first. For the next few chapters, you can take it slowly. However, please keep in mind that you need to combine all the tips together to get the best result. It requires you to consume the drinks, change your diet, and adjust your lifestyle simultaneously. Therefore, you should not skip any parts. 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – Benefits It Claims To Bring. 

The program promises to: 

  • Help you experience the biggest, hardest, the most well-rejuvenated erection you have never seen before. 
  • Get rid of all the shame and embarrassment within you. You will never have to worry about satisfying your woman again. With the Hardwood Tonic System, you will live with the alpha male dominant feeling because no woman can say no to your manliness. 
  • It will strengthen the bond between you and your woman, help you drive her crazy as you are now able to give her the most intense orgasm. 
  • As a result, the program restores your confidence and promote your self-worth. 
  • It boosts your strength and stamina as a whole. 
  • You shall be able to save a lot of money as you don’t have to spend on medicines or even surgeries that will not be effective for long. 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – Who Is The Program For? 

The program is specifically for:

  • Any man who is dealing with erectile dysfunction. 
  • Those who have tried many methods to cure ED, but so far, none of them works. 
  • Those who don’t want to deal with the side-effects of conventional treatments. 
  • If you are not diagnosed with ED but want to prevent it in the future, the program is perfect for you as it provides much knowledge about the causes of ED. 
  • You can also use the program to boost your sexual performance and improve your health in general. 

And Who Is It Not For?

  • Please bear in mind that erectile dysfunction can sometimes be the symptom of serious diseases, such as BPH. In case you notice ED along with urge incontinence for a long time, you should consult your doctor immediately instead of using the program.
  • The program requires your commitment and patience. If you cannot change your diet or do regular exercises, it would be a waste to purchase the Hardwood Tonic System. 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – Pros & Cons. 

Here are the things we would like to compliment the Hardwood Tonic System: 

  • The program has a very firm scientific backup. It indicates that the author has researched thoroughly before publishing his brainchild. 
  • It covers a wide range of knowledge. While the name indicates that the program only mentions the drinks you can make to treat erectile dysfunction, in fact, it shows you many other tips and advice about diet, stress-relieving, and lifestyle. You will learn about how to cure the root cause of erectile dysfunction. 
  • It also provides readers with technical knowledge about ED and low libido, which is very useful if you want to learn more about the symptom. 
  • Most importantly, the author does not fabricate his method. He states clearly that to get the best result, you should follow all the advice in the Hardwood Tonic and be patient. There is no easy way out. With that, he helps his readers to prepare themselves and set the right expectation. 

However, there are still some flaws: 

  • The author did not reveal much information about himself on the internet. While it is understandable that he would like to protect his privacy, it’s hard to confirm the quality of the product. 
  • There is too much information in the Hardwood Tonic system. Some readers might find it a bit overwhelming. 

How To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable? 

Since many of our readers have asked us, we would like to confirm that the program is only available for purchase on its official website. If you see it being anywhere other than its landing page, please be careful with your payment. 

The price of the Hardwood Tonic system is $37. It is a relatively low price in comparison to other online programs. However, it becomes even better when you compare it to other ED treatments. Doctors will often give you prescriptions of ED drugs, with some notable names being Avanafil, Sildenafil, or Vardenafil. Depending on the meds you have to take, the price might range from $60 – $200 per table, which is double the price of the program. Not to mention the fact that medicines’ effects can only last for a few weeks. The cost can go up much higher, up to $5000, if you want to take the penile implants. 

When you consider all of this, the Hardwood Tonic system offers you such a good price. You have a chance to completely get rid of ED, restore your libido, being able to enjoy sex like when you were in your 20s – all of these incredible things come at less than $40! That’s how much you have to pay to get back your youth and energy, so would you go for it? I’d say this chance is once in a lifetime! 

The Hardwood Tonic System Review

The Hardwood Tonic System Review – Bonuses. 

To make the deal a total no-brainer for you, Jon Remington adds three special bonuses that you will get for free if you purchase the Hardwood Tonic system. 

1. The Quick-Start Accelerator Plan. 

If you are too busy and find the amount of information in the main program a bit overwhelming, the first bonus is there for you. Jon had the entire Hardwood Tonic system condensed into a quick start action guide. You can grab all the core ideas of the program in less than a few minutes using this mini version. 

It is a very convenient and innovative bonus, I admit. However, if you wish to understand everything about ED, you should still read the main program information. The first bonus should only be considered when you are extremely busy and need a quick fix. 

2. Hard Erection Mineral And Vitamin Guide. 

In the second bonus, you will get all the techniques to combine vitamins and minerals to stiffen your erection and boost your libido. All of the methods provided here are scientific-proven, inexpensive, and easy to put into practice. You will be surprised by how simple they are, and even more shocked as you notice the spike of libido afterward! 

3. 7-Minute Testosterone Enhancer. 

Again, this bonus is ideal for men who are always busy with work. Would it be amazing to burn belly fat and firm up your muscles in just 7 minutes a day? Would you like to enhance your energy and become the man every woman desires? If the answer is yes, don’t miss out on this bonus! It is your ticket to an attractive body, a younger look, and a fulfilled life! 

Each of these bonuses would cost at least $65 separately, but now they are coming to you for free! However, Jon does not plan to keep this special deal for long. You’d better act fast if you want to be one of those who obtain these valuable guides. 

90-Days Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other products that offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, the Hardwood Tonic System customers will have a money-back guarantee of up to 90 days. We can see that the creator is very confident with what he offers to his customers. That’s why he gives a very long guarantee time. If you are not happy with how fast your sexual desire improves, you can always ask for a refund while still keeping the product! You will get your full money back without any questions. Therefore, you lose nothing in this deal.

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The Hardwood Tonic System Review – Our Final Verdict! 

At first, we were skeptical about the Hardwood Tonic System due to the lack of information regarding the author. However, its firm scientific backup and a large amount of knowledge covered have cleared our doubts. Though there are still some flaws, the Hardwood Tonic System is one of the most comprehensive programs to cure erectile dysfunction. 

Imagine being able to get rid of erectile dysfunction once and for all, at such a low price, without any hidden risk. Imagine being able to experience incredible sexual activities, just like when you are in your 20s. All of these are no longer a dream anymore with the help of the Hardwood Tonic System. If you have read this article until the very end, we think you are smart enough to make the right choice. Hurry up and grab a copy of the program along with all the bonuses before it is too late!

 The Hardwood Tonic System Review

The Hardwood Tonic System Review


Thank you for your time reading my review on The Hardwood Tonic System. See you soon in our next posts.

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