Ed Elixir review

ED Elixir Review – A Program By Michael Manning. Help Or Hype?

To begin my ED Elixir review, I have a question. How many men out there have erectile dysfunction? According to a recent survey, around 52% of men experience this condition. Quite a shocking number, so you can see that it’s more common than you think. I can assure you that you are not alone in this. 

Erectile dysfunction can be considered an embarrassment, and therefore men often resist to tell doctors about it. Therefore, more and more online programs are published every day, claim to help men cure the symptoms holistically at home using natural methods. As a result, many people purchase and think of them as a saving grace. If you trust the wrong product, it will turn out to be a disaster, though. Today, as requested from a reader, I’m going to provide you the most unbiased review about one of those programs: ED Elixir. 

What is ED Elixir?

Ed Elixir review

ED Elixir Review – A Program By Michael Manning 

So the first thing I checked out is the official website of ED Elixir. Accordingly, ED Elixir is a full system that is designed specially to treat Erectile Dysfunction. This product provides advice with step-by-step guidelines on diets, proper methods of treatment, and requirements that overall helps you achieve a firm erection. 

ED Elixir claims to be 100% natural and side-effect free. That’s the reason why it can gain a certain amount of attention.  

Ed Elixir Review: How does it claim to work?


Ed Elixir review


According to the creator of ED Elixir, to beat the condition, you need to have oral and aphrodisiac testosterone. It is crucial to assess these since they heavily affect your sexual performance. How do you do that? “By having a good lifestyle, your body will produce more testosterone”, he said. This was proven by modern scientists to be true. 

Thus, helping you to change your lifestyle is what the program aims for. No matter what method you try, as long as you don’t change your lifestyle, you will never get rid of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it points out in the description that ED Elixir shall give you an insight into what changes to make in your life so you can beat it once and for all. 

However, as a critic, one thing I know is we can’t trust the product description completely. So I went on and gathered more information about the ED Elixir.

Some pieces of information about Michael Manning, the producer of ED Elixir: 

The next thing I want to mention in my ED Elixir review is the author, Michael Manning. According to his story, he was a marine for the United States and got himself a job as a car dealership after military discharge. He had almost anything that any man should have, an amazing wife, two angels, and a fantastic sex life.  It was not until he reached 40’s; his sexual motivation started fading. His condition got worse by age and free diets, his wife was dissatisfied because of his weak penis. He started looking for a cure with medicines, but what he received was a heart stroke, a nightmare that he would remember until he passed away and a huge disappointment. 

Mike found the solution in Egypt, where he met Dr.Mustafa. The doctor handed him a prescription for his problem. This is the solution he searched all the time because, as he drank it, then felt more and more sexual desire than he can ever tell. After a very long time, Mike finally was able to satisfy his wife. Later on, he realized that the powder he grabbed was a mixture of 5 herbs and minerals that are widely available. As soon as he found the correct recipe, he launched ED Elixir intending to help men who have weak erections and suffer from ED. 

This is the story of Michael Manning on the official website. However, if you want to find any further information outside, you will waste your time. I’m not sure if his real name was changed, or the author of ED Elixir does not want to publish his information. Still, it makes the program becomes suspicious. One minus point! However, the quality of the program is the most important thing, so I continue to check it out. 

What does ED Elixir include?

To my disappointment, there wasn’t much information about actual users on the internet. As I searched for ED Elixir review, many popped up, but 99% of them are the same. They praise the program to the skies. Therefore, I decided that the only way I could know the truth about ED Elixir was to purchase it and see for myself. 

ED Elixir has a simple design, much like many digital products. It was not eye-catching but easy to follow. Below I will show you the table of contents: 

As you can see, the program consists of 12 main chapters and a bonus with details about erectile dysfunction definition, how it affects millions, and a full instructional recipe of how to eradicate it for good. According to Michael Manning himself, the recipe to make the drink of gods include five herbs and some minerals, which are 100% no chemical and can help you reverse your ED problems. Most importantly, these compounds are easy to find in any local store. 

Ed Elixir review


To give you a good observation, in this ED Elixir Review, I will show you 13 chapters with summaries of contents of each part:

  • Chapter 1: 30 Million and Growing:

In the beginning, the author illustrates some vital information, such as the definition of Erectile Dysfunction, with natural approaches. Next, he sends an alarm for anyone who suffers from penile failure and keeps it untreated. Besides, he briefs what you earn after the program.

  • Chapter 2: ED Through The Ages: 

This chapter explains a brief history of  ED from the very first century to modern society. Researches throughout history are given in this part, which makes the author conclude that ED is a symptom of a more devastating disease. 

  • Chapter 3: Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

This is a small part but significant enough to indicate what happens inside our body that causes Erectile Dysfunction. 

  • Chapter 4: Identifying The Problem & Seeking Answer:

After having a quick illumination of ED, Michael points out some common roots that are responsible for causing ED. He agrees that both physical and psychological problems are harmful to your erection. Then he also shows some common diseases which partly contribute to harming your sexual health. 

  • Chapter 5: How Erections Happen:

As easy as the title, this part mostly studies on how a person stimulates reproductive organs to perform an erection. With careful scientific research, the author describes steps that boost your penis up and make it rock hard.

  • Chapter 6: Why ED Drugs Are Not The Answer:

In my opinion, this is the most crucial part of why you should not consume any medicine to cure ED. Studies showed drugs like Viagra only have temporary benefits; on the other hand, its detrimental effects on your body start from a headache to penile amputation. Just with that information, the author has sent a piece of advice never to take any ED drugs or medicines.

  • Chapter 7: Optimizing Your Body To Conquer ED:

This chapter provides the connection between your overall health and your sexual health. It describes in detail how poor diets affect your ED problems, but a strict diet is not a perfect solution either. However, the author firmly suggests people should pay attention to what you ingest for your health, which influences your penile health as well. In particular, he points out some highly toxic food and bad habits that you have to get rid of to protect your little boy.

  • Chapter 8: The Sex God Mindset:

This chapter covers information about how your mental limitation affects your sexual mood. According to the author, the psychological aspect is a key to open sexual desire, and only when you have a mindset of a Sex God, you can hope to become him.

  • Chapter 9: Boosting Your Testosterone Naturally:

We all know how testosterone decides your erections, so it is essential to enhance your T-levels, especially in a natural way. Besides, this part also gives you an insight into testosterone killers, some practical exercises, and diets boosting your amount of testosterone. 

  • Chapter 10: Drugs That Caused ED:

After full information such as foods, drinks, exercises, and so on, dangerous drugs are the main feature of this chapter. Any chemical has side effects, and somehow they attack your body and your health in different ways.

  • Chapter 11: The ED Elixir

Ed Elixir review

This program cannot complete without this part. This chapter is where the author revealed the secret recipe and nutritious compounds. Every single ingredient is 100% natural, and with the correct formula, you can brew yourself to eradicate the penile problems. There will be a chain reaction inside your body, which strengthens your erection, therefore cut off ED. Besides, there are other compounds you can add to make it easier to drink or boost the effectiveness of the brew. Before battling, make sure to drink this brew 30-60 minutes in advance to maximize your potency. This protocol needs to be exact because more or less dosage is not as beneficial. Together they make a chain reaction that improves your sexual performances harder and longer. 


  • Chapter 12: Putting together your ED- Reversing Game Plan:

This chapter reveals a new concept of Alkaline State. It means you have a high level of oxygen in your blood. This leads to higher energy, lower chance of having diseases. The author also gives you easy ways to follow to bring your body to the Alkaline state.

  • Bonus Chapter: Sexual Secrets Of The Ancient Rulers:

This part explains how ancient people overcame ED problems with a new conception of Jing Chi, meaning sexual energy. This came from Traditional Chinese Medicine and appeared 3500 years ago. This chapter also tells the story of The Great Khan, a dominant king with thousands of children. The author, after studies, reveals secrets of how he stayed healthy and impregnated so many women like that. 

In this ED Elixir review, I have to tell the truth: I didn’t have a good impression of the program at first. The introduction is way too long as it took several pages to tell the personal story of Michael Manning, which he already mentioned on the official website. Nevertheless, as I skipped it and processed to read the first few chapters, I found ED Elixir quite impressive in its way. Though discussing a medical topic, it was written in a friendly, approachable tone. The author breaks down the root of ED and explains the scientific factors behind the suggested methods in the simplest way possible, so anyone can read and understand where the program is leading you. 

Using my medical knowledge, as well as doing research while reading, I realize that ED Elixir is strongly backed up by actual science. It doesn’t matter who the author is; he really knows what he was writing. As it is based on fact, I believe that the program works and helps you cure erectile dysfunction.

Besides, the techniques in ED Elixir are indeed natural, so it doesn’t hurt at all to try them out.

What will ED Elixir help you?

Ed Elixir reviewSo after seeing the program, here are some benefits you can get after using ED Elixir:

  • This product not only helps with a weak erection but also decreases your chance of vascular inflammation.
  • Your erections will be longer and harder during intimacies. 
  • Your reproductive organs will be healthier and ejaculate better.
  • You will witness your libido improve after time.
  • It helps to restore your youthful power and vitality
  • If it truly works, then you can enjoy your sexual life more than ever, regardless of your age.


As you purchase the program, you will receive 3 additional packages:

  • Her Ultimate Fantasy Lover:

Ed Elixir review

This pack claims to be what you need to do to become an Ultimate Fantasy Lover. Even one of many secrets hidden inside this book is enough to make your woman get sexually addicted to you. 

  • Dirty Talk Secrets:

Ed Elixir review

It instructs you the best choice of words to open her dirtiest secrets. Talking dirty is a quick and effective way to trigger a woman with sexual feelings. With useful tips, you can master the art of dirty talks. 

  • Sexual Stamina Secrets:

Ed Elixir review

The final addition will teach you how to last longer on the battlefield. You will know when to ejaculate in perfect time, provides the ultimate pleasure.


About The Price & Purchasing Policy:

In this Ed Elixir review, I recommend that you can purchase from the official website. There, you can see that the regular price is $67 for the main program ED Elixir alone.  The value of each additional package is nearly $100, which means the total cost can rise to $300. 

However, as a discount period is going on, you can get the full package, including all bonuses, with a price of $37. It, to me, is a reasonable price, considering how much information the main program contains and the number of bonuses you get. It is nothing compared to the enormous amount of money you have to pay to visit a doctor, buy expensive medicines, do painful surgeries and so on. It is an affordable price for anyone. Not to mention, you can use some of the natural tips to improve your sex drive and lifestyle in general for a lifetime.

Moreover, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means if your ED symptom doesn’t go away within 60 days, you can request to have your full money back. So, it doesn’t hurt to try at all.

Who should use Ed Elixir? 

  • ED Elixir is for any man who is having erectile dysfunction and genital problems in general. As based on naturopathy, it doesn’t have any restrictions. 
  • It is especially for those who want to cure their erectile dysfunction situation, but don’t want to use medicines with any side-effect.
  • The program is also suitable for those who want to fix the sexual issues such as early ejaculation, or you want a more extended intimacy, I also suggest this program
  • Even when you don’t have any symptoms, this program is also useful for increasing sex drive for men. 

Who should not use ED Elixir?

  • However, if you are more into medical methods and want to see the effect a few minutes after using,  this program is not for you.  
  • Also, you should consider purchasing if you are not certain that you will follow the given plan in ED Elixir. Treating every condition, especially in a natural way, requires your effort and persistence.

Pros and cons of using ED Elixir:

To summarize this ED Elixir review, let’s have a look at 2 sides of the program. 


  • The protocol is simple and adaptive to any customer.
  • You can easily find the ingredients at a low price.
  • Everything is natural, so there will be no effects like medicines.
  • Everything was backed up by scientific proofs.
  • There is no negative feedback from users. 
  • It might save your relationships by curing one of the most hardened diseases.
  • As a result, it brings back your masculine image.
  • After the first usage, you will witness the effect within 48 hours, so it has quick responses.
  • It has permanent results as the richness in the ingredients will stay with you as long as you consume the product.
  • The best offer is $37, so it is quite cheap in terms of price. And you will get a number of bonuses. 
  • In case you do not feel any improvement, there will be a money-return guarantee. 


  • Lack of actual testimonials. However, this is explainable as ED Elixir was just released early in 2020. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is considered sensitive, so it is hard for us to find real feedback from those who got rid of it. 
  • Vague information about the author. Michael Manning might not be an actual character; therefore, the real creator of ED Elixir is still unknown. 
  • Simple design, but compared to the reasonable price, it is acceptable. 
  • If you want to purchase this product, the only method is to have it online with digital paying methods. This makes it difficult for someone who has no computer experience. On the other hand, some people who got used to traditional handbooks might find this digital product seems less familiar. 

Conclusion and Thoughts:

At first, I was quite skeptical about its effects. However, at the end of this ED Elixir review, despite the lack of information about the person behind the product, I’d still say that ED Elixir is a good option for treating erectile dysfunction naturally. Though it takes you more time than medicines, the effect of it remains sustainable, and you won’t have to rely on meds for the rest of your life.  All the methods mentioned in the program are natural, risk-free, and strongly backed up by science. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you want to find a solution and improve your lifestyle in general. 

The program is coming at the best price right now, so I’d take this chance and grab a copy if I was you. Moreover, you have the 60-day money-back guarantee as to your shield. What do you have to lose? Nothing. You can try it for free.

Ed Elixir review

So it comes to an end of the ED Elixir Review. Thank you for reading this review, please let me know what’s your thought and share this with any man out there waiting for a cure of Erectile Dysfunction. 

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