exercises for erectile dysfunction

Best Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction With Fast Results

Erectile Dysfunction has become a huge concern in man’s life. It can be a reason for frustrations. Therefore, it will continue to ruin your life if there is no treatment. However, this disease is curable, so that I will introduce you to 6 most basic exercises for Erectile Dysfunction which are simple enough for most men to solve man’s problems.

Sex plays a vital role in the life of every man. However, the failure of reaching orgasm leads to a decrease in sexual pleasure as well as happiness. Nevertheless, there are treatments for impotence with great effectiveness. Previously, I posted 10 foods for erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, Healthy diets themselves are not sufficient to forestall the disease. Hence I add some crucial exercises for those who have penile dysfunction.

6 Best Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction


This exercise is one of the simplest pelvic training. As erectile failure reduces your senses of making love, it is understandable that you need to tackle the right position. Pelvic areas contain muscles that are essential for intimacy so that pelvic workouts like Kegels are undoubtedly one of the top trains to curtail Erectile Dysfunction and improve your sexual experiences.

exercises for erectile dysfunction


 At this workout, it is necessary to locate your muscles used to hinder urination. Once you identify them correctly, you can start tightening these muscles for around 10 seconds then release it. Don’t try to hold urination when you’re using the toilet or it will cause infections.

Knee fallouts

Pilate training is known to increase physical health generally for trainers. It improves sex desire and improves your penile concern effectively. This knee falls out is a common practice in Pilates, with great benefits for your ED. 

You can start by lying down on the surface with bent knees, and arms are by the sides. After this, squeeze your pelvis, breathing out, and lower one leg on the floor. You have to keep your pelvic muscle stable for the best outcome. Then inhale, and retrieve the previous position. Once you’ve done it, continue with the other knee and repeat this process around 5 times. 

“Superman” exercise

You can find a bit absurd when you find out that performing this technique requires you to act like a flying superman. However, this training is one of the best contributors that strengthening your muscles which directly aims to the erection. 

At first, kneel and place both hands on the floor. Then slowly raise one arm and the opposite leg to the same high as your body. For maximum effectiveness, try to hold this position 10 to 15 seconds before release. Do it again with the other side with the same amount of time. 

The Stomach Vaccum

This exercise is popularly known for bodybuilders with aims to narrow your waistline. However, it is also beneficial for people who have Erectile Dysfunction as it affects directly to your abdominal muscles, the above spot of genitals. You can perform this exercise by both standing or sitting, even while lying down. 

To execute this training, start by slowly exhaling every ounce of air in your lungs with two hands on your hips. As you breathe out, push your belly inward as much as possible and hold for a minute. If this is your first time, half a minute is a good start. Remember to rest for 10 seconds and do several more reps.

Pelvic Curl Is Also One Of The Best Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction

This is another common exercise in Pilates that tackles abdominal and pelvic spots. This technique is used as an exercise for Erectile Dysfunction but mostly for back injuries. In my opinion, this is a simple exercise to curtail Erectile Dysfunction.

Simply lie down with feet bent knee and feet flat on the floor. Keep a small space between your back and the surface instead of a flat back position. Take the breath in, as we exhale draw your abdominals down and raise your pelvis while pushing your back from the floor. In this position, your body is held by your shoulders. Again take the breath in and tighten your pelvic muscle, and slowly move your chest and stomach down toward the mat. This exercise requires about 10 repetitions. 


To perform this workout, you have to work with your lateral muscles. The aim is to maintain a difficult position as we stabilize the hips to train. Therefore your lateral muscles are likely to enhance its strength which helps your Erectile Dysfunction.

This technique requires a side-lying position with your head straight up to your spine. Bend your knee forward with an angle of about 90 degrees. Keep your waist not relax on the surface and create a small space between your belly and the surface for the effectiveness. After stabilizing your position, open up the top leg and close like a clamshell. As your knee opens, you can feel your gluteal muscles moving and keep your body not to rotate backward. After 8 to 10 times you can change the side and repeat the same progress. 

For an additional workout, you can lift your leg with an open knee for harder training only when you want to test yourself. 

Other general exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

Weight lifting

It is approved that lifting heavy weight boost testosterone significantly but rather than do with multiple reps, you can train with the heavyweights with a low number of times. Focus on heavy workouts such as squats, deadlifts, etc. 

You need to do full-body practice weekly for the most efficiencies, In this way, you can see your testosterone risen and eventually your sexual problem is solved. 

Between reps, you can use long pauses to recover your muscles. Studies showed how taking long breaks affect your testosterone level, with the result is that taking 2-3 minutes break is better for building testosterone. 

Aerobics Exercises

Performing aerobic exercises help the individual to overcome Erectile Dysfunction, proved by a survey and published by the American Journal of Cardiology.

Erectile Dysfunction results from diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Practicing aerobics regularly affects positively to your health, demising diseases, which partly help with erectile function. 


Scientists, as well as trainers, have proved the effectiveness of these workouts, with improvements in male potency. Researches indicated that half of the men who had partly or completely Erectile Dysfunction regain their intimate relationships through proper and gradual workouts. One important thing to remember is not to rush, otherwise, nothing will be accomplished. I think these exercises are valuable so that share these with your families and friends when you see this post. Thank you for reading and leave your comments. 

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