erectile master review

The Erectile Master Review: Expose The Truth Behind This Guide!

Let’s admit it: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is every man’s nightmare. According to studies, around 42% of males over 40 years old are diagnosed with various forms of this condition. Yes, you are not reading it wrong; there are many forms. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you think your health is; you still can fall victim to ED. That’s the reason why Linkingo finds it necessary to write this The Erectile Master review. 

The condition’s negative influence on your health is apparent. However, ED is dangerous for another reason: It contributes to relationship problems. Studies show that sexual impotence has emerged as a leading cause of divorce. Estimates 20 – 30% of marriages are breaking due to sexual dissatisfaction. That makes ED a horror for any man in middle age. 

Despite the devastation, many still find it hard to consult physicians about ED. Understanding that, there are plenty of online programs that claim to help them cure sexual dysfunction at home without requiring any drug or medical treatment. Erectile Master by The Blue Heron Health News is one of them. Today, let’s see with Linkingo whether the program is a real help or just a waste of time! 

The Erectile Master Review – A Brief Introduction. 

So as mentioned, The Erectile Master (also called The Erection Master) by Christian Goodman is an 8-part program designed to help men tackle sexual impotence and restore their erections. According to the product website, it deals with all the causes of ED, both physically and mentally. 

erectile master review

The Erectile Master PDF

There are two good things about The Erectile Master: Firstly, it is simple and can be done completely at home. If you are embarrassed about sharing your condition with a doctor, the program shall help you get rid of ED all by yourself. Secondly, it is 100% safe and natural. It only suggests you do simple exercises. There are no drugs, supplements, or medical treatments involved. Hence, users will not have to worry about harmful side effects. For those reasons, even though this program has been published for a while, Linkingo’s mailbox still received many questions about this program. It seems like the creator has got the attention he needs.

Still, we cannot trust the product’s description completely, right? Whether or not The Erectile Master is effective as it claims, we will check out with our own eyes. 

About The People Behind This Program. 

The first step is to check out the people behind The Erectile Master. With this product, though, we didn’t need to spend much time. Its publisher, The Blue Heron Health News, is way too famous in the health and fitness field. They have released many articles and guides, and all are highly valued for being well researched and practical. Their materials cover a wide range of medical issues, such as blood pressure, the prostate protocol, the stop snorning &sleep apnea, and many more. 

Erectile Master is the brainchild of Christian Goodman. Being born and raised in Iceland, Christian soon realized his passion for naturopathy. Since a young age, he has been studying natural treatments for different health problems. In 2008, Christian gathered together a group of health researchers who shared the same enthusiasm and founded The Blue Heron Health News. Until now, he and his colleagues have been working hard to provide various safe remedies for different kinds of illnesses. 

Christian Goodman doesn’t like to reveal himself on the internet. Instead, he lets his works speak for himself. So far, Christian has received an average rating of 4.19 out of 5 on Goodreads. Most users appreciate the amount of knowledge he put into his programs and that they pose absolutely no risk.

erectile master review 

Hence, we can see that The Erectile Master is created by an authorized expert who is qualified to write about this field. 

The Erectile Master Review – What Does It Promise? 

Below are the benefits The Erectile Master can bring to its users: 

  • The program can tackle the root cause of erectile dysfunction and free users from the symptoms within at least 20 days. 
  • You can finally restore your youthful erections like when you are in your 20s and enjoy the pleasure of sex again. 
  • As you are free from ED, you shall be able to satisfy any woman. 
  • It restores your manhood and your confidence. 
  • Exercises in the program not only help deal with sexual impotence but also improve your shape and overall health. 
  • Some movements are designed to help you free your mind, relax, and get a good night’s sleep. 

erectile master review

The Erectile Master Review – The Way It Works. 

Before explaining how the program works, Christian Goodman breaks down how an erection works

  • Small arteries pump blood straight to your penis. At the same time, though, blood also leaks out of it through veins. 
  • Your penis gets hard when more blood flows into it than out of it. 

Though it sounds simple, anything that goes wrong during this process can lead to impotence. According to Christian, the lack of blood flow into the penis results from tension in small muscles. This tension prevents blood from flowing into the genital area. All the erectile dysfunction medicines work to boost blood flow into the area and lower the drain out. However, it is just a short-term solution. To tackle ED completely, you have to get rid of the tension. That’s exactly what exercises in The Erectile Master will teach you.

The author explains how the program works clearly and in great detail. To me, this boosts the value of The Erectile Master. After all, users cannot trust a program that does not tell them what they are going to do. Christian Goodman also points out the link between stress and the muscle tension that leads to ED. That’s a thing I find noticeable because so far, none of the ED treatment programs have ever addressed that. 

Inside The Erectile Master Program. 

If you have purchased The Blue Heron Health News’ products before, you would know that their design has never been a strong point. The Erectile Master is no exception. The program is very plain and simple, yet I’m pleased with this outlook. It allows users to grab main points without any trouble quickly. 

The program consists of eight parts: 

  • Part 1: PC Muscle Exercises. 

The PC muscles are your internal pelvic muscles. Since they are active during an erection, strengthening them is the most important if you want to tackle ED. 

  • Part 2: The Hip Release Exercises. 

These exercises will get rid of tension in the pelvic and hip areas. Perhaps you are not aware of pressure in this part of your body, but it is still there, blocking blood flow to the genital area. 

  • Part 3: The Five Exercises From The Himalayas. 

The Lamas first discovered the exercises in part 3 in the Himalayas. They work to increase the blood flow to the genital area and boost the energy flow throughout your body. What’s more, they deal with secondary causes for ED, such as high blood pressure and being overweight.

  • Part 4: Walking.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is the lack of oxygen-filled blood in your penis. As you walk, you shall load your body with fresh oxygen. That’s why these exercises are essential for you. 

  • Part 5: Breathing Exercises. 

Just like walking, breathing in the right way will fill your body with fresh oxygen. What’s more, it helps you to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, which are mental causes of ED. 

  • Part 6: Psychological Exercises. 

There are many underlying psychological causes for erectile dysfunction. In particular, if negativity, worries, stress, overwhelming anger, and other tough expressions get hold of us, something’s got to give. Exercises such as positive talking or realizing your joy work to lighten your burden. 

  • Part 7: Relaxation Exercises. 

Relaxation exercises aim to help you sleep better, relieve stress, and boost your overall stamina. 

  • Part 8: Awareness Exercises. 

This exercise will help you realize your stages from arousal to ejaculation. As you know your body and your pleasure stages, you can increase arousal. Therefore, it is possible to get harder, more powerful erections. 

As mentioned above, Erectile Master covers both physical and emotional causes of erectile dysfunction. Men will have a little bit of both, as a physical problem can easily lead to a long-term emotional cause and vice versa. From what I see, parts 1 to 5 focus more on the physical causes of erectile dysfunction, while parts 6 and 7 deal with emotional reasons. Part 8 is a bit more special, as it addresses both physical and emotional factors. This is a very logical way of structuring the program.  

Another thing I appreciate is that the exercises are not too time-consuming. Each of them only takes a few minutes, and according to the author, you can only choose one or two exercises in each part to do every day if you don’t have much time. Hence, no matter how busy you are, you can still use The Erectile Master to get rid of the condition. 

erectile master review

erectile master review

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The Erectile Master Review – Who Is This Guide For? 

In my opinion, The Erectile Master is most suitable for: 

  • Men who are with ED. 
  • People want to find safe and natural treatments for ED without having to bear conventional medicines’ side effects.
  • Since exercises in The Erectile Master program do not require much time, they are suitable for busy men who have a tight schedule each day yet still want to deal with their sexual impotence.
  • If you don’t have ED yet still want to improve your erections and prevent the condition in the future, Erectile Master is for you as well. 

And Who Should Not Use It? 

The Erectile Master Review – Pros & Cons. 

Below are the advantages of the Erectile Master program: 

  • Erectile Master is created by a real expert and published by a trusted organization. 
  • The program is 100% natural and does not pose any health risk. 
  • It helps you cure ED all by yourself, at the comfort of your home. You can save a lot of money. 
  • The exercises are not time-consuming, so you can always take time. 
  • Erectile Master consists of only practical, applicable materials. You won’t be overwhelmed by technical knowledge. 
  • It is logically structured and easy to follow. 
  • The program deals with both mental and physical causes of ED. 

Still, it does have some disadvantages: 

  • Erectile Master is available in digital form. If you want to obtain the physical version, you need to pay an extra printing fee of $4.85. You will have the book shipped to your door. 
  • As a natural method, the program needs at least 20 days for users to see the effect. 

The Erectile Master Customer Reviews & Feedback. 

On Goodreads, The Erectile Master received a rating of 4.14 out of 5:

erectile master review

Customers complimented it for being straightforward and comprehensive. What’s more important is the permanent result it delivers: 

erectile master review

If you have experienced the program, please share your comments with us down below. Your contributive feedback will help us bring the most objective reviews to all readers.

The Erectile Master Review : Where Can You Get The Program? 

So far, Erectile Master is only available for purchase on its official website

The price of the entire program is very reasonable, which is another thing I like about The Blue Heron Health News. After a few clicks, you will get the complete Erectile Master and all of its valuable advice for only $49. Your access lasts a lifetime – there is absolutely no extra fee or renewal cost. Moreover, if there is any update, you will also receive it for free

For most people, the only way to deal with ED is by taking prescription medications like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. Not only do they come with harmful effects like nausea, dizziness, back pain, loss of hearing, and memory problems, but they are also costly. These drugs cost around $100 – $500 per pack, and most insurance does not cover them. They are only able to help around ⅓ of the patients. To make the problem worse, the medicines’ effects are not permanent. You will have to keep taking them for the rest of your life. 

Now, though, you don’t have to worry about the money spent. You don’t have to worry about the long-term side effects of conventional treatments. With just $49, you are getting a guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a vibrant sex life again. This price is even lower than a pair of shoes. Imagine being able to rock hard inside any woman, making her satisfied and surprised, just like when you are in your 20s. It is something you cannot buy with money, the power of rejuvenation… but it is right in your palm right now! 

If you still hesitate, let me remind you that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means if you are not happy with the result, you can send an email to The Blue Heron Health News and ask for a full refund. Your request shall be processed immediately, without any question asked. 

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The fact that Erectile Master comes from one of the most trustable health publishers already makes it worth a try. The program is practical, comprehensive, and effective. Moreover, it comes at such a reasonable price. Overall, Erectile Master is a bargain for all ED sufferers that you would regret not purchasing. 

So, what are you still waiting for? There is nothing to lose because everything is a 100% money-back guarantee. Take action right now, grab your copy of Erectile Master as of today and regain the happy love life that you and your partner deserve! 

It comes to the end of our Erectile Master review. Your feedback helps us complete our future posts, so if you want to share your opinion, please leave a comment below! 

We look forward to seeing you in our next reviews.

erectile master review

erectile master review

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