the pe bible review

The PE Bible Review: Is It Legit? Can Increase Your Penis Size Naturally? 

Hello guys, Linkingo is back with today’s The PE Bible Review! We have recently received many questions about this program, which promises to permanently boost penis size by a few inches in length and girth. It is true that regardless of age or nationality, all men desire to achieve it.. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before! The online market is full of male enhancement regimes that claim to work like magic, yet many of them only yield little to no result at all. Not to mention the horrifying side-effects those enhancements can bring, such as hearing loss, vision loss, or erections that don’t go away on their own

Aside from pills, there is another well-known tool: The stretching device. These include vacuum pumps, penoscrotal rings, and penile extenders. For a short period of time, many men chose this method since it didn’t involve any chemicals, therefore, posed fewer side effects. However, according to the Urology Care Foundation, almost none of them works. What’s more, these devices were too uncomfortable to be used daily. So far, no penis enhancement method is proven to be safe and effective, despite a ton of them being advertised on the internet. 

Among all those products, The PE Bible stands out for claiming to be a natural, permanent method to make the cock grow. You can now forget painful stretches and chemical male enhancement products as the PE Bible can increase penis size by at least 2 – 4 inches, without any risk.. Is it too good to be true, though? Let’s reveal the truth with Linkingo!

So What Is The PE Bible? 

the pe bible review

The Penis Enlargement Bible PDF

My first impression about this program was, wow, what a name! Despite the inviting title, The PE Bible does not contain any kind of magic or holy method that can transform your penis after one night. It is introduced as a comprehensive, scientifically-based training manual that shows you daily exercises and diet changes to promote the regrowth of male sexual organs’ cells. Not only do these cells boost the size of the penis, but they also maintain an erection longer as they allow it to hold more blood. Since the whole method only involves exercises and diet, the author claims it is 100% safe and poses no side effects. 

The whole idea of The PE Bible sounded so simple, to the point that I found it fishy. Though it would be safe, can you increase your size only by doing some movements and consuming nutrients? If so, why are so many men struggling to make their members grow only one inch? I was skeptical and curious at the same time. 

The PE Bible Review – About The Creator. 

So I went on with my research. “Who is the mastermind behind this program anyway, and how could he sound so confident?”, the question kept clinging to me. That night, I blew up the internet, trying to find everything I could about The PE Bible’s author. 

According to the product’s page, this program belongs to John Collins. Ever since John reached puberty, he had always been ashamed of his size. As a teenager, he tried out every lotion, device, stretch, pill, and prescription he could get his hands on, but all of his efforts ended up in vain. Even if John saw the results, they were only temporary, much to his disappointment. Desperate, he set himself up to do his own research on the actual, safest way to increase the penis’ size. After spending more than a decade studying, he became famous as a male health expert. 

Honestly, his story managed to convince me. It is not strange to see people become experts in some fields, thanks to their real experience. However, as I searched for John Collins on the internet, there was no proof to show that he was a male health specialist. Even stranger, from social media to websites, John was nowhere to be found. It is understandable for online authors to hide their real identities, especially when their works are about sensitive topics. As such, John Collins might as well be a pseudonym. Still, it also means that I could not confirm whether he was really an expert or not. That, to me, is a disadvantage to The PE Bible. 

I was about to give up on the product. The PE Bible didn’t gain much trust from me at the beginning. Then, with the lack of information regarding the author, I found it to be very unreliable. After re-reading the emails from Linkingo’s inbox, though, I made up my mind: I would give this program one more chance. Some readers did rely on us, and it would be unfair for them if I concluded without seeing The PE Bible myself. 

The PE Bible Review – How Does It Work?

The next day, I went on with my research. As usual, I wanted to see the real product. Yet, since I was still skeptical about The PE Bible, there was an extra step to be done: Checking the scientific evidence behind it. 

It didn’t take long for me to find out how the method in this program works. To my surprise, the author explained it clearly in the promotion video. According to John Collins, during puberty, a male body goes through a process called growth spurt. This process is triggered by the rise in the sex hormone testosterone. Not only does it enable a rapid increase in height, but it also helps sexual organs, particularly the penis, to develop. The thing is, you can activate the same biochemical reaction anytime you want, as long as you boost the level of testosterone in your body. From there, you can promote another penis growth spurt. 

the pe bible review

Here comes the question: How do you raise the level of testosterone in your body? John cites research from 2013, saying that it is possible to naturally and safely increase this hormone by consuming certain ingredients. Still, there is no study regarding how you should eat them to get the best result. The author of The PE Bible uses his 12 years of experience to create a comprehensive plan to boost testosterone, which consists of two steps: 

  1. Natural methods, ingredients, and diet plan that promote the sex hormone and enable your biological reaction. 
  2. Gentle exercises to accelerate the penis enlargement. 

As users combine these two, they will activate the growth spurt, release nutrient-rich blood, and enable the flow of oxygen to your penis. That’s how it works to boost the penis’ size.

Wow, now this is the real deal! Seeing how the author clarifies the science behind The PE Bible, I began to see some potential. One must be so confident in his brainchild to explain how it works in the promotion video openly. Moreover, John only cited research from authorized sources, showing how much effort he put into this product. Until this point, I felt like the author dedicated his life to creating something that would work. 

The PE Bible Review – Inside The Program. 

This program consists of eight chapters. In my The PE Bible review, I cannot reveal all the contents due to copyrights, but I will try my best to watch my readers through each part. Below you will get a brief description from the beginning to the end.

the pe bible review

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1. Table Of Importance. 

You can consider the first chapter, a road map to The PE Bible. In this part, the author explains again how the method works. He also gives some recommendations as to how you can use the program to its fullest. 

2. Gain & Maintain A Hard, Sensitive Penis. 

In this chapter, the author explains the basics of a penis, such as its hardness and length. It also breaks down the factors that influence your erection. hen, users will learn how to maintain a hard, sensitive penis within weeks. 

3. Start Penis Growth. 

John Collins slowly reveals the list of foods and nutrients that can significantly boost your testosterone and improve your size. You will also begin to apply techniques and small tricks to grow your penis day by day.

4. End Premature Ejaculation. 

This chapter addresses one of the most common problems for men, which is premature ejaculation. You will learn all the tips and tricks that can help you stop it immediately and control the condition in the long run. 

5. Increase Your Ejaculation Volume.

Chapter four contains all the ways to boost the ejaculation volume. You will discover the exercises you can do using your hands to make blood flow to your penis easier. 

the pe bible review

6. Chinese Herbs.

Although not known to the public, scientists have proven that traditional Chinese medical therapy has been an effective method to boost sexual drive and prevent erectile dysfunction. Here, you will learn how to apply this knowledge to your benefit. John Collins explains the advantages of Chinese herbs and the things you need to be cautious with, and show you how to use them. 

7. Western Supplements.

Of course, Western supplements can also help your penis grow, but only if you use them the right way. In the seventh chapter, you shall learn about some of the supplements you can use to accelerate the increase in your member’s size. 

8. Table Of References. 

For me, I think the core of the program is the second chapter. It makes the program a literal no-brainer for you as it lists out all of the nutrients you should consume for your penis growth and which foods contain them. Chapter four is explicitly created for premature ejaculation, so if you don’t have to deal with this problem, you can skip it. Of course, it is not an obligation to use Chinese herbs and Western supplements to support your member, but you can apply them for the best results.

The author chooses a straightforward writing style for The PE Bible. It might not be comfortable for some, but personally, it is interesting. Not so many people can be blunt about such a sensitive topic. Using a classic approach, he jumped straight to explaining how the penis and erection work. Then, he laid down the core of The PE Bible right in chapter two and provided extra tips for users to get their desired size in the next ones. The program’s clear structure indicates that John Collins knows what he is saying, and he cares more about helping readers achieve results than sugar-coating his words.  

What You Will Get From Using?

  • Depending on each user’s body, their penises will grow by 3.5 – 4 inches after at least two months of applying the method. 
  • If you have problems with premature ejaculation, the program helps you eliminate them and gain total control over your ejaculation. 
  • You shall now be able to maintain an erection as long as you want to. 
  • With that, you can please any lady, making them scream with lust. 
  • As you achieve the perfect manhood, you can now enjoy brand new confidence. 

The PE Bible Review – Who Should Use This Program? 

Anyone from 18 to 60 years old can make use of The PE Bible. Of course, it is most useful for those in the 20s because of the body’s flexibility. 

The program is most suitable for:

  • Those who want to find a natural way to boost the size of their penises. 
  • Those who are concerned about the side-effects of penis enlargement pills and surgeries. 
  • Anyone who wants to please their partners. 
  • Men who are insecure with their size. 
  • Single men who want to attract ladies with their manhood. 

And Who Should Not?

Please note that you should NOT purchase The PE Bible if: 

  • You expect that you don’t have to do any work, just like taking pills. Even though the creator makes it as easy as possible, users still have to work by themselves to get the best result. 
  • You don’t have time for the exercises. They are very simple and only take you a few minutes a day. If you don’t do them, you won’t get the biggest size possible. 

The PE Bible Review – Advantages & Disadvantages. 

Below are the things I like about The PE Bible: 

  • The author only cites research from trustable sources and does not make any false claim. That shows his effort in creating a method that works.
  • It is safe and natural. You do not have to consume any chemicals. All you are going to do is to add some ingredients to your meals and do simple exercises. Therefore, the program is risk-free. 
  • The program works for men of any age. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your 20s or 60s; the Penis Enlargement Remedy will work.
  • John Collins explains every term most simply, so anyone can grab the central idea and apply the method right away.

However, the program still has some small cons:

  • The creator does not reveal any of his personal information on the internet. 
  • Since it is a natural method, you need to wait sometime before seeing the long-term result.

Where Can You Purchase? 

You can purchase The PE Bible on the official website. Initially, the price was $97. After seeing how fast the copies are sold, though, John Collins and his team made an insane decision: You are getting a 51% OFF for a very limited period. It means you can get instant access to the full program for only $47. 

Of course, you don’t have to decide immediately. Think about this fact for a second… Men out there are willing to pay billions and billions of dollars for enlargement pills that will leave severe side-effects on their bodies. They pay fortunes for stretching devices that yield no result at all and even willing to risk their life to do gruesome surgeries just to make their members grow by at least one inch. 

As you read until this point, you can consider yourself luckier than 99% of them. The secret blueprint for transforming your manhood into a powerful one, something that makes all the ladies go crazy and all the men become jealous, is right in front of you. It might perhaps be the most meaningful amount of money you could spend in exchange for brand new confidence and wonderful sex life. 

Perhaps you might be too amazed, or rather too afraid of how incredible your life can change after using this program. You might refuse to grab this chance. Still, are you sure you want to keep dreaming about having manhood that can make every woman want to sleep with you? Do you want to keep searching in vain on the internet, looking for a miracle that can transform your penis? It’s your choice to make. 

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The PE Bible Review – Bonuses. 

To further highlight that you are the luckiest one, John has prepared some special gifts for those who purchase during the particular discount period: 

Bonus 1: The Larger Than Life Penis Exercise Guide.

With words and pictures, this bonus will show you in great detail how to perform the exercises in the main program. Remember, you will only achieve massive growth if you do the exercises right. This bonus will make sure you never get the wrong way. 

Previously, users who wanted to own this guide had to make a separate payment of $25. Only during this time you will get it for free. 

Bonus 2: “What Not To Do” Better Sex Guide. 

Without master skills, even giant manhood would be useless. This guide is a must-have for men with little to no experience in bed. If you don’t want to be the “bad lay with a big dick”, this guide will help you avoid all the silly mistakes. 

The “What Not To Do” Better Sex Guide was sold out for months, and only a limited number are re-released. The original price of this bonus was $34, but it will come for free in The PE Bible pack. 

Altogether, they are worth $169. If you act now you will get all at the best price possible of $47. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

the pe bible review

All of them are not enough for you to make the decision? There is still more. You have the 60-day money-back guarantee as to your back up. It means if you are not happy with how much your penis grows within two months, you can request to have a full refund! 

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The PE Bible Review – Worth Trying Or Not? 

To end the PE Bible review, if you have the patience, the will to change your sex life, and are ready to act, I strongly recommend the program. It is right to place your trust in John Collins and his brainchild, as he only features scientific method – something that WORKS. John doesn’t need fancy words to attract readers, and The PE Bible can already do magic. 

So what’s your choice? Grab a copy right now and experience the manliness you’ve never felt before! Don’t forget to leave a comment below to share with us your opinion. We look forward to seeing you in the next post.

the pe bible review

the pe bible review


My Advice To You

Just in case you still hesitate, we don’t want you to leave empty-handed. Click Here to  get the FREE enlargement exercise guide! This free eBook is a sneak peek at the main product, so you can take a look and see if The PE Bible is suitable for you or not before making a purchase.


the pe bible review


the pe bible review


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