cat spraying no more review

Cat Spraying No More Review: Does It Work To Stop Cat From Peeing?

Before we get to the central part of my Cat Spraying No More Review, you shall have to agree with me on this: 

Almost everyone loves cats. At least, when you are here with me, you definitely do. Cats are very amazing pets. Their cuteness can bring joy to those around them, and gosh, how good it feels to hug a cat when the weather is getting cold! 

However, they also can drive you crazy with all the peeing and spraying, especially younger, untrained cats. That was the case with my friend, Sofia. 

We have been friends for more than ten years, just enough for me to know how passionate she is with this adorable creature! Whenever we met, she would go on and on about how charming others’ cats were and how much she wanted to adopt one. Unfortunately, Sofia’s mother was allergic to furry felines. She could not take any animal home, but that just made her love for cats grow stronger. 

Therefore, right after moving out, my friend immediately adopted a cat. “You gotta go shopping with me, I want to prepare everything for my new baby!”, she said over the phone, and I could imagine her jumping for joy. For the next few days, Sofia was excited like a child. She named the kitten Bernie. In most of her free time, she would either play with him or skim through pet websites, trying to find tips and guides to raise cats. My friend never took care of a pet before, but she was trying her best. 

It was happy seeing Sofia like that. Unfortunately, the happiness did not last long. 

Sofia indeed prepared a lot of things. She bought different kinds of toys, so her lovely pet did not get bored. She read articles about how to socialize the pet. Still, she forgot a crucial thing: Cat’s pee. 

It took Sofia just a few days to realize that living with a cat was not a dream. Every afternoon, my friend got home from work, totally worn out, and was greeted by a stinking smell. Aside from paying for cat food and toys, it also took her a lot to pay for professional cleaners. Within two weeks, my friend had to throw away a carpet, a couch, and even bedding, all due to her cat’s fee. 

For someone who never owned an animal, it was a nightmare. I could totally understand if Sofia just gave away her pet. Still, she did not want to. For a very long time, she had been eager to own a cat. My friend did not want to give up, so she tried to find a solution instead of giving up halfway. 

At first, Sofia thought of hiring an animal trainer, but she soon learned that the price for a session was extravagant! After many days of searching, my friend discovered a program called Cat Spraying No More, which claimed to provide an ultimate guide on how to stop a cat from spraying.

Desperate to get help, Sofia purchased the program to see what it offered. I write this review based on my own opinion, as well as my friend’s actual experience. 

What Is “Cat Spraying No More”?

cat spraying no more review

Cat Spraying No More PDF

According to the official website, Cat Spraying No More is an online system help cats’ owners dealing with the problem effectively. At first, the description does not sound so outstanding, since many other programs offer the same thing as well. Sofia was interested in Cat Spraying No More because it aimed explicitly at putting an end to the pet’s habit of peeing everywhere, as well as teaching it to pee at the right place. Training cats is a broad topic, but the program targeted directly at one big problem, so she hoped that it would be more detailed and precise to put an end to this spraying nightmare once and for all. 

The program comes in digital form. Many people prefer reading paper books, which might make this a disadvantage. However, Sofia and I both agree that this format is very convenient. Nowadays, everyone has a smart device with them. With a laptop, a tablet, or even a phone, you can read Cat Spraying No More anywhere, without having to carry a heavy book. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – About The Creator.

Sarah Richards is said to be the author of Cat Spraying No More. She introduced herself as a veterinary technician for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Since her job was prepping pets for surgery and post-operative recovery, she had worked with a countless number of sick, malnourished, and mistreated animals.

However, it was not until an incident did she adopt a cat for herself. In 2011, one of her colleagues brought her a tabby cat who has been found with six other cats in an empty house. The previous owner abandoned them after being fired. Fortunately, all of the cats were alive and well after the treatment. Sarah adopted the smallest, weakest one, and soon became frustrated with his toilet habits just like my friend. She spent many months talking to vets and professional trainers before discovering weird but incredibly useful tricks that encouraged her pet to pee in the litter box, which she utilized and put into the Cat Spraying No More program. 

It was interesting to know that even a veterinary technician also had a problem with cats’ spraying. I mean, from Sarah’s story, it seems like something only cats’ owners understand! We also found it very relatable, as it was just precisely the same case with Sofie. 

However, when we searched for Sarah Richards on the internet, we couldn’t find any information about her. She appeared nowhere outside of the Cat Spraying No More website. It was a bit disappointing, though, since we had no way to confirm whether she really worked for SPCA or whether her story was entirely right. Still, since Sarah did not claim to be a vet but a veterinary technician, it was understandable if she would like to protect her privacy. There are more ways to prove the quality of her program, so it is not necessary to trace down personal information regarding the author if she does not wish to share it. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – How Does The Program Work? 

A thing I don’t like about Cat Spraying No More is that the author does not explain in detail how it works on the official sale page. Usually, when you visit an official website of a pet training program, you will get a brief description of the scientific evidence behind it. On the Cat Spraying No More website, Sarah Richards only tells her story, mentions a “special technique” that she happened to learn, and encourages customers to purchase the program to see what kind of technique it is. 

Well, she manages to trigger the curiosity of Sofia, and perhaps many other readers. Personally, though, I don’t think this is a wise way to promote the program. Some users, including me, would prefer to understand the science behind Cat Spraying No More before using it. I would like to know what I’m going to do and why I should be doing this. If Sarah Richards could give a better explanation on the page, she would be able to gain trust from customers and prove the quality of Cat Spraying No More right away. 

On the bright side, Sarah Richards does explain how the program works inside the eBook. According to her, most people do not care about discovering the root cause of inappropriate peeing habits. They thought they could merely tackle the problem by yelling at their pets and perhaps punishing them over and over again. However, there are plenty of psychological reasons for spraying, and you cannot get rid of the habit if you do not work with them. It can be emotions, diseases, traumatic experiences, territorial instincts, asserting dominance, and many more. Cat Spraying No More helps you categorize your cat’s trouble and show you the exact way to deal with it. 

After reading this part of the eBook, Sofia and I did a bit of research. Soon, we found out that animal psychologists have proven this idea for a long time. It is indeed true that inappropriate peeing is not merely a habit, but rather a severe problem comes from the pet’s instinct. It explains why it doesn’t matter how much you yell at your cat, and he can never fix this. You will have to use your feline’s preference and instinct to direct it toward urinating in the appropriate place, and that’s what Cat Spraying No More shall show you. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – What Will You Find Inside? 

There is nothing so striking about the design of Cat Spraying No More. The program is presented clearly and professionally. Though it does not possess a fancy look, it makes the eBook easy to follow, which is the most important thing for an online product. 

Below, let’s take a look at the table of contents: 

cat spraying no more review

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The program consists of eleven chapters. To provide you with a more comprehensive look at Cat Spraying No More, I will give a brief description of each chapter. 

Chapter 1.

This chapter introduces you to some basic yet very crucial concepts about your beloved pet’s preferences and senses. What’s more important, it also mentions some mistakes you might be doing that leads to inappropriate spraying. 

Chapter 2. 

The second chapter breaks down the psychological causes of your cat’s spraying habit. Here, you will discover a long list of potential reasons for inappropriate peeing, such as emotions, medical conditions, traumatic experiences, territorial instincts, asserting dominance, and many more. 

Since the list was too long, Sofia was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find out which one was the problem with her cat. Fortunately, at the end of chapter 2, the author gave small tips and tricks for you to know the exact cause of your cat’s spraying. With that, you shall know how to stop his bad habit once and for all. 

Chapter 3. 

This part focuses on your litter box. Not so many people know that how you optimize this can affect your cat’s experience (even Sofia admitted that she had never heard about it!). With the help of chapter 3, she learned how to clean, arrange, and locate your cat’s litter box. 

Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 of Cat Spraying No More shows users how to use their pets’ feline preferences and instinct to guide them to urinate in the litter box slowly. It contains comprehensive instructions on how to make inappropriate places repulsing to your cat. 

As Sofia reached this part and followed the guide, she began to see positive changes. Though her cat Bernie still sprayed outside sometimes, he started to rush to the litter box more and more. It was a significant turning point for her after many days of difficulty! 

Chapter 5.

Did you know that animals are also stressed? Practically, cats can, and stress is a huge reason that leads to inappropriate spraying. You will learn about the cause of stress in cats, how it is related to inappropriate urination, and the best way to deal with this issue. 

Chapter 6.

This chapter is specifically for those who own multiple cats. The hardest thing is, of course, tracking down the culprit of spraying. If you don’t do this, you will never be able to solve the problem. 

Chapter 7.

As mentioned in chapter 2, there can be many reasons behind your cat’s spraying habit. Sometimes you can’t solve it with behavioral tweaks alone, but you also need help from medical; intervention. Sarah Richards will provide all of her knowledge as a Veterinary Technician, so you shall know when your cat needs medications and how to apply them right. 

Chapter 8.

In the eighth chapter of Cat Spraying No More, the author discusses real-life examples of how she deals with the habits of her cats, as well as case studies from cat owners. 

Chapter 9. 

Changing your cat’s habit can be long-term progress. Still, there are tips and tricks you can use to stop your cat from peeing all over the place. This chapter will reveal all of those small techniques. 

Chapter 10. 

Natural herbal remedies can be a great help in stopping your cat’s peeing habit. In chapter 10 of Cat Spraying No More, you will learn about various recipes of CatNip, Coleus Canina, Rue, Lavender, Rosemary, and many more. 

Chapter 11. 

The very last section summarizes all the things you learn from the program. 

One thing both Sofia and I agree on is Cat Spraying No More does not overwhelm its readers with much information. Each chapter is relatively short but straight to the point, focusing entirely on the main purpose. Therefore, the program is very understandable, easy to follow, and effective in tackling the cat’s spraying habit. Still, we would suggest you read chapter 9 first if you want an immediate solution since the whole progress of changing your cat’s routine shall take approximately 14 – 30 days. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – Benefits Of Using The Program.

The program promises to:

  • Stop your cat from peeing and spraying outside the litter box permanently

cat spraying no more review

  • Help you train your cat without having to threaten him or punish him. The tips and tricks are to tackle the habit while making your cat feel that it is more comfortable spraying in the litter box. Throughout the process, your pet will become happy and contented. 
  • As a result, it strengthens the bond between you and your pet. 
  • Help you save a considerable amount of money. You don’t have to hire a professional cat trainer. You don’t have to purchase cleaning supplies nor use a cleaning service. This program will save you a hundred dollars per year. 
  • Wipe away your stress. How stressful is it to come back home after work and see the mess your cat made? You don’t have to face it anymore! Now, you can leave the cat at home without any worry. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – Who Should Use The Program?

  • The program is dedicated to any cat owner out there. 
  • It is precisely for those who have never owned a cat before and have zero experience about how to handle a cat. 
  • Even if you have been a pet owner for a while, Cat Spraying No More will still be useful for you. As a veterinary technician, Sarah Richards shares many exciting pieces of information about animal psychology, which anyone can use to train their pets. 
  • Cat Spraying No More works for young, untrained cats, emotionally traumatized ones, and even ones with medical issues. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – Who Is It Not For?

  • Helping your cat get rid of a habit is not easy. It might be a long road that requires dedication and effort. If you don’t have much time to spend with your pet, you’d better hire a pet trainer instead of using the program. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – Advantages & Disadvantages. 

After finishing the program, here are the things my friend and I really like about Cat Spraying No More: 

  • The program is simple, minimally presented. Therefore, it is easy for us to follow and highlight what’s most important. 
  • It has firm scientific evidence to support the method. 
  • Cat Spraying No More does not try to convey much information. It focuses on only one thing: Tackle your pet’s spraying habit. Hence, every chapter works to solve the root cause of the program. You won’t find yourself heading the wrong way, and in the end, your pet shall get rid of his bad habit permanently. 
  • The author understands that it might take a while for your cat to stop the habit immediately. Therefore, she also provides quick tips to keep your house clean along the way. 
  • It addresses many reasons that lead to spraying, including habitual, psychological, and even medical ones.
  • You don’t have to have any experience to put the methods in Cat Spraying No More to practice.

If there is any disadvantage to the program, then they would be: 

  • The program is only available in digital form. If you prefer a traditional way of reading, you can print it out for a better experience. 
  •  You have to be patient and willing to spend time with your cat to achieve the best result. 

Cat Spraying No More Review – What Do Customers Say? 

On Goodreads, the program received a high rating of 4.19 out of 5:

cat spraying no more review

Many users complimented Cat Spraying No More for being systematic, which helps anyone follow the instruction at ease, even when they have never owned a pet before: 

cat spraying no more review

Accordingly, most of them purchased the program for the same reason as my friend Sofia faced, and the outcome was satisfying:

cat spraying no more review

On the other hand, some customers gave Cat Spraying No More low ratings, but they didn’t mention why: 

cat spraying no more review

Strangely, I could not find any negative review about Cat Spraying No More on the internet. It might indicate the quality and effectiveness of the program. However, if you see any critic or would like to share your experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know! 

Please note that you should not mistake Cat Spraying No More with another program of the same name (No More Cat Spraying) on Amazon. Some readers emailed us about this, and I would like to declare that these two products are not related to each other.

Where To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable? 

The price of Cat Spraying No More is $37. Compared to other online programs, this is not a high price. However, let’s see it from another perspective. To tackle cats’ bad peeing habit, many people choose to hire professional pet trainers. It is not that my friend Sofia didn’t consider this option. However, after doing a bit of research, we found out that group pet training often costs $30 to $50 per class on average. To completely get rid of the habit and train your cat to pee at the right place, you will often need a package of 6 classes, which makes the price go up to $200 – $600.

This price is considered high for many people. Moreover, you shall have to send your cat to a pet training school, which is rather inconvenient. The fee goes up much higher in case you want to hire a pet trainer in your own home. 

Compared to that, Cat Spraying No More offers a much cheaper and comfortable option. Even if you have no experience in handling a pet, you can learn to become your own cat’s trainer. Everything can be processed at home, and of course, without having to pay a lot of money. Not only will your cat get rid of the spraying habit and become obedient, but the bond between you and your cat shall be much stronger, which is something you can’t get if you hire a professional trainer. Trust me when I say that you will get much more than the amount you spend. Just $37 for a well-trained, completely obedient cat! Does it make the deal any better?

If you are not happy with how fast your pet tackles his spraying habit, you can always request to have a full refund. Sarah Richards offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so, within two months, you can contact ClickBank’s customer service team, and you will get a full refund. No question asked! What’s more, you can still keep the program if you want to use it later. Sarah really tries to give her readers the best customer service. Its can only come from a creator who is dedicated and confident with her brainchild.

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Cat Spraying No More Review – Bonuses! 

To make the deal even better, Sarah Richards includes three bonuses for free when you purchase Cat Spraying No More: 

Bonus #1: Cat Training Bible.

The author of Cat Spraying No More does not want to include much information in the main program, as she does not want her readers to be overwhelmed. However, if you managed to tackle your cat’s spraying habit and want to master other cat training techniques, this bonus shall help you. Not only does it provide tips and advice on training your cat, but it also includes the reasons behind his every behavior. 

Bonus #2: 101 Recipes For A Healthy Cat.

Taking care of such a cute pet is like raising a baby – you might want to give it the most fashionable collar, the best toys, and of course, the tastiest foods. Understanding that this valuable bonus shows you how to prepare delicious meals for your little friend. 

Bonus #3: The Cat Care Blueprint. 

This bonus shall help save you a lot of money. Sometimes, it is not necessary to take your cat to vets. There are problems you can solve at home that will make your cat healthy and happy. The third bonus will point out those problems you can quickly deal with, so you know what to do and won’t freak out over the smallest sign. 

So, Is The Program Worth Trying?

To wrap up, Linkingo strongly recommends you to give Cat Spraying No More a try. It is clear, comprehensive, and very handy. Although the program does have some disadvantages, the benefits it brings easily outweigh the cons. At a low price, you get a well-behaved, loving cat you’ve always dreamed about. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Please remember that you don’t have to take any risk of trying the product. With the 60-day money-back policy, you can get all of your money back if things are not what you expect. The chance to fix your cat’s habit and make him grow fonder of you is in your hand now, don’t hesitate anymore! This deal is worth every single penny.

cat spraying no more review
cat spraying no more review

My Advice To You:

If you are not ready to purchase the Cat Spraying No More yet, I have a gift for you. It is an ebook called “Cat Behavior Problems & How To Solve Them”.

cat spraying no more review

The guide will help you understand the mind, behavior of your cat. Most importantly, you will get useful tips to break your cat’s bad habits quickly. You can download the book HERE.

Lastly, thank you very much for your time reading my Cat Spraying No More review. See you in our next posts.


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