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Eat The Fat Off Review – Is It A Scam? Read To Find Out The Truth!

Obesity has always been a concern for the American people. Over the years, numerous diet programs have been created to ease people’s worries. They have various approaches that all aim for reducing fat and improving health. Eat The Fat Off, which we will be analyzing in our Eat The Fat Off Review today, is also one such program.

This program claims to help lose fat by increasing pancreatic lipase, aka Lipase-P, in our body. According to the author, it is because Lipase-P “eats fats for fuel”. The hormone’s only job is to gobble your fat up and then break it down for your body to use as energy. If you follow the program correctly, it promises that you will lose a lot of weight and become much healthier.

However, despite its promises, Eat The Fat Off has received some backlash from readers. They said that it was a scam and did not do the things it promised. We will find out whether that was true or not in this review.

What Is “Eat The Fat Off”?

Eat The Fat Off is a diet program made by John Rowley. It is a 51-page digital program that claims to help you lose weight effectively with a simple premise.

eat the fat off review

Eat The Fat Off PDF

This program is based on the idea of increasing pancreatic lipase, which the author calls “Lipase-P”. According to him, pancreatic lipase is a useful fat-burning enzyme. He said that if you increase your pancreatic lipase level, you will become thinner because it will continuously burn fat for you. The program instructs you to do this by providing a step-by-step diet with “Lipase-P” increasing foods and other foods beneficial for your health. However, whether this product has any scientific evidence shall be seen in the rest of the review.

Eat The Fat Off Review – Benefits:

These are some benefits that Eat The Fat Off promises:

  • Increase your weight loss.
  • Curing stomach problems such as bloating, gas, and fullness.
  • Slow your cells’ aging process.
  • Preventing heart disease and diabetes.
  • Smoothing and de-aging your skin.

The program claims that all of these benefits will become possible by increasing pancreatic lipase. They all sound very intriguing, indeed. Let’s keep analyzing the product to see if it really brings the results it claims. 

Eat The Fat Off Review – About The Author:

According to the official website, the author of Eat The Fat Off is John Rowley. He introduced himself as having appeared on many major media outlets, such as Fox News and BBC. John Rowley got the idea to create this program from the story of Stamatis Moraitis. This man went to the Ikaria island in Greece and found its secret of longevity. According to research, Ikarian people have an extraordinary amount of “Lipase-P”, which is why they are thin and healthy. John Rowley then took those research and teamed up with some American experts to create Eat The Fat Off.

eat the fat off review

John Rowley’s photos on the official website.

When I looked him up online, I found two interviews on YouTube.

They showed the same man in those photos. John Rowley was a real person who seems to be a fitness expert. However, I did not see Eat The Fat Off being mentioned anywhere on his website. This is weird because if Eat The Fat Off really was his program, he should have talked about it and made it known to others.

That is not all. I found another product by John Rowley, called Old School Body Hacks. This product has some similar feedback photos with Eat The Fat Off. It makes me believe that the person behind Eat The Fat Off was attempting to use John Rowley’s name to sell their products.

Eat The Fat Off Review – The Science Behind The Program:

To explain the scientific evidence behind his program, the author said that pancreatic lipase, which he calls “Lipase-P”, is nature’s miracle fat-burner. It is because “Lipase-P” is the pancreas’ most robust fat-metabolizing enzyme. It eats fat for fuel, whether that is the belly, thigh, or arm fat. Therefore, increasing “Lipase-P” will help you lose weight and become healthier. The author also quoted that Dr. Dimitrios Stamou has researched this enzyme before. According to him, “Lipase-P” is the key to burning fat and can even be manipulated into working three times harder. It is also why Ikarian people are healthy and stay so thin because their diet produces a lot of this enzyme.

However, after doing my research, I have found many flaws in this program’s approach. I will debunk each of them below:

1/ What pancreatic lipase do:

First of all, no one refers to pancreatic lipase as “Lipase-P”. It is called “pancreatic lipase”, nothing else. Second, no study suggests pancreatic lipase can burn fat, as the author said. This study shows that pancreatic lipase’s primary function is degrading dietary triglycerides. Practically, that is the only thing lipase is supposed to do: to break down triglycerides into fatty acid and glycerol so your body can absorb them better. A healthy lipase level can help prevent celiac disease and cystic fibrosis, but it does not relate to fat-burning. 

And increasing lipase will not help you lose weight. Even though more research is needed, increasing your lipase levels could increase fat absorption, contributing to weight gain. Another consequence of high lipase levels is the acute pancreatitis condition. In this condition, the pancreas becomes swollen over a short time. While most acute pancreatitis people usually feel better within a week, some can develop severe complications if their conditions are particularly extreme.

Therefore, we can see that the program’s approach to increasing “Lipase-P” is very incorrect. The body indeed needs lipase to function correctly, but only a limited, healthy amount of it. Next, I will discuss the author’s research to support his program and why it cannot help this program’s credibility.

2/ The research by Dr. Stamou, and a few others, are unrelated to the program:

Dr. Dimitrios Stamou is indeed a real person, with hundreds of research on different subjects. However, he has not released any study that focuses explicitly on pancreatic lipase. And his quote about how pancreatic lipase can be manipulated into working three times harder is a misquote. The citation came from this study, which, while mentioning enzyme manipulation into working harder, talked about enzymes as a whole rather than on pancreatic lipase. And the study analyzed isolated fungal lipase, not the actual lipase in our body. As a result, it does not support the program’s approach at all.

The study by Dr. Stamou is not the only one that cannot support the program’s credibility. The author has cited other research, but some of them are quite fishy. For instance, he cited a study by Dr. Richard G. Fessler, which said pancreatic lipase might treat the autoimmune disorder. But as of the time of this writing, the link to the study is broken. And a quick Google search told me that while Dr. Richard G. Fessler is a real person. He has also never published research about pancreatic lipase

Another cited study does not talk about pancreatic lipase at all, but lingual lipase instead. The cited article linked back to Dr. Dimitrios Stamou’s discovery above, which I already debunked. While studies from PubMed and Journal of Biological Chemistry, are indeed about pancreatic lipase’s function, they do not say a thing about how it can burn fat. Livestrong and Healthline also talk about digestive enzymes and pancreatic supplements, and again, do not mention fat-burning benefits.

3/ Ikarian people do not have any diets that increase pancreatic lipase:

The author used the story about Stamatis Moraitis to support his program. He said that Moraitis lived longer than expected thanks to receiving a pancreatic lipase boost with the Ikarian diet. I did a quick search and found that Moraitis’ story is indeed true. However, relating this to pancreatic lipase is a stretch. It feels as though the author was trying hard to connect two completely unrelated things.

Ikarian people have a diet that consists of various foods. Some of them include olive oil, Ikarian goat milk and cheese, antioxidants, vegetables, berries, garlic, fish, etc. It is indeed a healthy diet, but none of these foods increase pancreatic lipase. To clarify, olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevent strokes and heart disease, etc. Ikarian goat milk and cheese are antioxidant-rich and high in tryptophan. Antioxidants protect your cells against free radicals, which helps you live longer. Berries are high in fiber, improve blood sugar and insulin, provide many nutrients, and such. However, no study proves that these foods can increase pancreatic lipase to help you burn fat.

To sum up, the program’s approach is baseless. Increasing lipase does not burn fat and even risks acute pancreatitis. The studies cited to support the program are misused and offer unrelated information. The Ikarian diet that the program uses has nothing to do with pancreatic lipase.

However, even though the approach is wrong, this program’s primary goal is still helping you lose weight. Therefore, I will go through its contents to see if it can offer anything useful or entirely meaningless.

Eat The Fat Off Review – What Is Inside The Program?

eat the fat off review

Eat The Fat Off Table Of Contents

Eat The Fat Off program has four main parts, including the introduction. I will be analyzing each of them below.

1/ The Introduction:

The author talked about energetic foods, endothermic foods, enzymatic foods, and how to enjoy a meal in the introduction.

Energetic foods are foods that will give you an energy boost. Some of these foods contain bananas, brown rice, fatty fish, coffee, apples, and the likes. The program recommends those foods and some others. Eating these can give you nutrients and help you maintain focus.

Next are “endo-thermic” foods. Once again, I see that the author is using the wrong term as with “Lipase-P”. Endothermic means “a chemical reaction in which heat is absorbed”. This term is more chemistry-related and is not associated with foods and diets. I believe what the author meant here are foods that have a thermic effect, which boosts metabolism. Some of them are chili peppers, protein-rich foods, tea, cocoa, and others

The third is enzymatic foods, which enhance your digestive system. These foods include pineapple, papaya, mango, avocado, and others. Eating them helps your body digest food quickly.

Finally, the program offers some tips to enjoy our meal to the fullest.

The information is quite useful, as they provide diets that benefit your body. But I fail to see any relation between them and the increase of “Lipase-P”. The enzymatic foods might help with that, but they increase lipase as a whole and do not focus mainly on pancreatic lipase. It is quite strange because the author advertised “Lipase-P” excessively on the official website.

2/ Part 1: Minding Your Mind

This part is not much to talk about. It tells you a lesson the author learned from the neighborhood, why you might want to lose weight, how he’s going to help with that, and how to react if your weight loss attempt fails. You are just going to receive some advice about weight loss in general. 

3/ Part 2: Monitoring Your Mouth

In this part, we get to the main details of this program. Some of the notable entries are superior fats, activating thinning enzymes, and the foods you should eat. 

The “superior fats” part means the difference between healthy and unhealthy fat. This section tells you which fat to avoid and which to increase in your diet. The healthy fats you should focus on are unsaturated fat in general.

For the “activating thinning enzymes” section, the author advises making enzymes more active in your body. Once again, I must point out that the correct term is “digestive enzymes”. “Thinning enzymes” do not exist because there is no study proving that enzymes could affect our weight in particular. Their only primary function is supporting our digestion. Research showed that inhibiting certain enzymes resulted in better weight loss than activating them. Therefore, I wonder how the author could think of ways to activate the thinning enzymes and make them burn fat for us.

The final significant sections, “foods to eat” and “healthy snacks”, tell you the foods you should be eating. However, it only seems to list foods, rather than a proper diet telling you what to eat and when. The author noted that this is a comprehensive step-by-step program, so I wonder why this section is not as detailed as it should be. 

Other sections, like “no free ride”, “eat the weight off”, “how to eat at restaurants”, and “old school still works,” do not seem important, to put it lightly. They are not useless advice but utterly unrelated to the program’s central premise of increasing pancreatic lipase.

4/ Part 3: Maximizing Your Muscles

This part surprises me a bit, mainly because the official website did not mention building your muscles. Part 3 lists the types of exercises, workout schedules, and good habits to follow. One particularly eye-catching section is “Incredible Results In Only 7 minutes”. It gives you workouts that you only need to do for 7 minutes, and your weight will decrease considerably. However, it is quite misleading. These 7 minutes exercises are not for the body as a whole, but each body area. That will be 35 minutes of exercising in total.

To sum up, while the information Eat The Fat Off provides is not bad (its energetic and enzymatic diets are alright), it has very little to do with the initial premise. Even though the author talked a lot about increasing “Lipase-P”, none of the sections mention it. All the program has are unrelated diets and generic exercises recommendations. And as I mentioned above, Eat The Fat Off does not even have scientific evidence.

Eat The Fat Off Review – Price:

The price of Eat The Fat Off is $19. Compared to other diet programs, it is quite cheap, and it includes all the bonuses. However, considering that the program has no scientific basis and only tells us generic diets, exercises, and generic advice, it does not deserve that price.

In case you still want to try the program, you can purchase it HERE. The vendor offers 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you you find that it does not work for you, you can get your full refund.

Eat The Fat Off Review – Customer Feedback:

The only positive feedback I could find for Eat The Fat Off is on the official website. In other communities, it gathers more negative feedback. 

1/ Feedback from the official website:

Back at the beginning of the review, I have mentioned the Old School Body Hacks program, also by John Rowley. Eat The Fat Off reuses some of the feedback photos and even what the customers said:

eat the fat off review

Kristi Frank’s review – on the Eat The Fat Off site.

eat the fat off review

And Kristi Frank in Old School Body Hacks feedback.

Kristi Frank is a real-life actress. However, I could not find any information that suggested she has used these programs. Moreover, the author recycled her feedback for both programs, making the official feedback even less credible. 

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review

Jill Grainer in the feedback of Eat The Fat Off and Old School Body Hacks.

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review

And Mitch Mayer (Meyer?) in the feedback of Eat The Fat Off and Old School Body Hacks.

I don’t know why the author reused testimonials from a previous program. However, it makes us concerned about the credibility of all programs by the author. 

On other sites, people had criticisms about it.

2/ Feedback on other websites:

On Amazon, Eat The Fat Off received a lot of negative feedback. A few people said it was suitable for new dieters and understandable, while others claimed it did not work. Many criticized the program for its many grammatical errors and small letters. They also criticized it for being just a keto diet with some additions and not providing anything new. In particular, one customer said that the book focused more on the psychology of dieting, which most people already know, rather than giving an actual diet. Another said that the program sometimes contradicted itself and was a waste of time and money.

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review

eat the fat off review

With such negative reviews and fake positive ones, you should think carefully if you are about to buy the Eat The Fat Off program. 

Eat The Fat Off Review – Conclusion:

It comes to the end of my Eat The Fat Off  Review. It is not a trustable program and does not have any scientific evidence. The advertising uses unrelated research to mislead people into believing that it is legitimate. And the program itself differs so much from the advertising. There is no information about increasing pancreatic lipase, and it is a keto diet with some generic exercises added. Not to mention that most customers are unhappy with it and consider it a waste of money.

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Thank you for reading my Eat The Fat Off Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time.



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