neuropathy no more review

Neuropathy No More Review: Is It A New Hope For Neuropathy Patients?

I write this Neuropathy No More review, as I know having this diagnosis might be really devastating. 

Perhaps you already know, but neuropathy is the medical term for nerve damage or dysfunction. Its symptoms include numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and pain in the affected area. The disease only takes a short time to ruin the patient’s daily life, as they can’t complete most of their actions due to the pain and anesthesia. Even worse, it has been one of the most frequent causes of fatal accidents, such as falling to death. 

So why do I know about this? My late grandmother spent the last few months of her life living with neuropathy. Never could I forget how she laid on the bed all day, suffering from the jangling of her nerves. Never could I forget how she was tortured by pins, needles, numbness, and endless pain. Yet it was not the worst thing: The disease even led to blood pressure problems, digestion issues, and leg amputation. Altogether they took away my grandmother, the person I love and respect the most in my whole life. 

That’s why a few days ago when I came across an email asking me to check out the Neuropathy No More, I was stunned. Neuropathy has many types; some of them can be curable, but the others can’t. Therefore, claiming to reverse them all is very bold of the program. As someone who has checked out countless online products, my instinct told me not to care about this seemingly-empty promise. However, I had a feeling that perhaps my grandmother would want me to take a look. It is either a ray of hope or a scam for those suffering, just like how she did. Either way, I had to let my readers know the truth. 

So What Is Neuropathy No More? 

neuropathy no more review

Neuropathy No More PDF

Since Neuropathy No More is the newest work from The Blue Heron Health News, I found it pretty challenging to find some information. It is an 83-page online program that lays out a full strategy for neuropathy sufferers to heal from the disease. Even though 83 pages seem to be relatively short, it focuses mostly on dealing with complicated conditions. Neuropathy No More is intriguing as it claims to treat neuropathy naturally, without involving any medication or supplement. 

In fact, scientists are still working on a natural method to cure neuropathy. Some organic treatments are proven to have specific effects in reversing the disease. Yet, no one has announced a full plan. There arise some questions: Do experts acknowledge the method in Neuropathy No More? Are they trustable enough?

To answer them, let’s see who is the creator of this program.

Neuropathy No More Review – Let’s Get To Know The Creator.

It turned out the mastermind behind Neuropathy No More was Jodi Knapp. Although she does not reveal herself much on the internet, Jodi is famous in the community of naturopaths. She has been a health researcher for more than ten years and owns a clinic in her hometown Melbourne. This program is not her first work as a writer. Jodi has released several eBooks about treating diseases with natural methods, such as Beat Diabetes or The Hypothyroidism Solution

Like her previous works, all her programs contain a wide range of information yet they are written in a friendly, straightforward way. 

This result is exciting. Since Jodi Knapp is a real expert, she surely knows what she is doing. It is safe to say she won’t release a fraud program to ruin her reputation in the naturopathy community. Still, curing all types of neuropathy is a thing not even the best doctor can promise. How is she going to do it, then? Now I’m really curious! 

Neuropathy No More Review – The Science Behind This Program. 

To explain how the program works, Judi Knapp first declares that neuropathy does not occur by itself. It is almost always the result of other health problems. Practically, experts agree that health conditions that often lead to neuropathy include autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and arthritis. 

That’s why if we want to cure neuropathy, we have to trace it back to the cause of these health conditions: The gut. There are a hundred kinds of gut bacteria. Each of them has their role. Overall, these small friends minimize inflammation, manage our weight, stabilize our cholesterol level, balance our mood. You see, they perform dozens of tasks to keep us healthy and productive. 

Unfortunately, no one has ever thought about protecting these bacteria. Little did we know how delicate they are: Your microscopic-savers require just the right nutrition and the right conditions to live and work effectively. But our western lifestyle is not kind to them. We don’t give them enough nutrients they need. That’s why the bacteria struggle to work and die off faster than they should. 

As such, these tiny guys cannot perform their vital tasks in our gut. That’s why we slowly become ill, and our illnesses make way for neuropathy to rise. You might find it surprising to know that scientists have proven all of these points to be true. It is also the reason neuropathy can be so hard to cure. It is linked to many other problems, and conventional medicines only deal with the symptoms, not the root cause. 

In the Neuropathy No More program, Jodi Knapp deals with the underlying cause of neuropathy by listing out the specific foods you need to consume to maintain a healthy gut. She also gives alternatives for a couple of items that you should eat less to speed up your recovery. What’s more, users shall receive a list of combinations and the exact quantity of food they need to eat. According to her, you don’t even need to go on a strict diet. All you have to do is focus on eating what’s right for your gut bacteria. Slowly, you will see the improvement. 

Neuropathy No More Review: What Will You Find Inside?

As I opened the Neuropathy No More program, I was a little disappointed with how it was presented. Almost all products from The Blue Heron Health News begin with a brief introduction of each chapter, but this one doesn’t. The introduction makes it much easier for users to know what they should focus on first. Therefore, I don’t think it is a good idea to exclude it. 

Jodi Knapp splits her eBook into four main parts. In this Neuropathy No More review, let me walk you through each section: 

Part 1: Nervous System 101.

According to the author, when you understand how your body works, you can give it what it needs. Therefore, in the very first section, Jodi Knapp gives you an overview of how your nerve system works and its functions. 

Part one will walk you through the structure of the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the somatic and autonomic ones. It also explains how nerves communicate with each other and how pain happens. Most importantly, at the end of this part, users learn about the difference between acute and chronic pain. It is one of the things to tell whether you have been diagnosed with neuropathy or not. 

Part 2: How And Why Does Neuropathy Develop? 

Now let’s get to the important part: Why does neuropathy develop in the first place? How does it happen to you?

The first thing users will do in chapter 2 is knowing all the different types of neuropathy. Next, the author lists out all the symptoms. What I find astonishing is that Jodi Knapp divides them into different groups corresponding to the types. That way, users can quickly know which kind of neuropathy they got. 

Users will then learn about neuropathy causes, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiency, autoimmune neuropathy, and many more. For each one, she will suggest different ways to deal with it. Lastly, in the second chapter, Jodi Knapp discusses conventional treatments for the disease and points out the pros and cons.

Part 3: Healing Your Nerves. 

Jodi splits this section into five parts, each of which tackles neuropathy from a different angle: 

  1. Since diabetes is the most prevalent risk factor in neuropathy, users will first look at dietary changes. It is to balance blood sugar, achieve a healthy weight, and lower cholesterol levels. 
  2. The program then discusses the critical nutrients for nerve health and the best food sources for each. 
  3. As inflammation is also a factor in neuropathy, Neuropathy No More will review the best anti-inflammatory nutrients and where users can find them. 
  4. Movement is vital for health and nerves too. Hence users will look at how to harness the power of movement. That way, they can manage their symptoms and slow the progression of neuropathy. 
  5. Last but not least, the program reveals ground-breaking science confirming the link between how you think and how your body responds. It also introduces simple exercises to boost your health from the brain down.

If you want to start acting right now, I suggest you jump straight to this part. While the first two chapters contain mainly theory, part 3 sets the foundation of the actions you have to take. Therefore, you can read the third chapter first and come back to the previous two later. 

Part 4: Daily Habits To Support Your Nerves. 

Part 4 proves that Neuropathy No More is a complete no-brainer for everyone. Now that you know all how diet and lifestyle can prevent, slow, and reverse naturopathy, it’s time to put them into action. Here, you will find a daily lifestyle to support your nerve health.

I have to say that the Neuropathy No More program has a very smart layout. Jodi Knapp takes you from the big picture to the small details, so anyone can find the best way to cure themselves particularly. Even though the program is not long, it is easy to follow and straightforward. I’m sure everyone, regardless of their medical knowledge, can make use of this product. 

neuropathy no more review

neuropathy no more review

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Benefits Of Using Neuropathy No More.

Here are the benefits the program promises to deliver:

  • It provides you a permanent cure for neuropathy. 
  • From there, Neuropathy No More protects you from any complications the disease can cause in the future, such as blood pressure issues, obesity, or heart problems.
  • Since neuropathy is linked to many other diseases, preventing and reversing neuropathy will improve your health in general. 
  • As you no longer have to bear the pain and numbness, you can now enjoy all the physical activities as when you were younger. 
  • The diet in Neuropathy No More provides nutrients for your good gut bacteria to work. Therefore, it also strengthens your digestion. 
  • Working efficiency is also improved. 
  • One of the symptoms of neuropathy is sexual dysfunction. After getting rid of it, you can enjoy sex like you used to. 

Neuropathy No More Review – Who Is This Program For? 

The author states that Neuropathy No More can address and deal with all types of the disease. It works with the root cause of neuropathy, which all four types share. 

Since the program is all about diet and lifestyle, anyone can use it regardless of age and gender. You can also apply the method and medicine prescription, as it doesn’t involve any chemicals or supplements. 

Neuropathy No More Review – Who Should Not Use It?

There is no restriction for users of Neuropathy No More. If anything, you should do some research about naturopathy before purchasing the program. The result can’t be seen overnight, so if you expect a miracle that can eliminate neuropathy immediately, the program is not right for you.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Program. 

Here are the things I really like about Neuropathy No More:

  • The trusted author, Jody Knapp, has more than 10 years of experience in the field. Her previous work is also widely acknowledged for being practical and useful. Therefore you have a huge reason to trust the Neuropathy No More program. 
  • The program has firm scientific evidence. The author states clearly how it functions on the official website. She only cites research from authorized sources. 
  • Neuropathy No More does not try to overload its readers with theories. The program is of reasonable length and very straight to the point. 
  • It has a smart layout that goes from the big picture to the small details. You can keep track of what you are learning easily, step-by-step. 
  • Completely natural. It only involves adding some foods and nutrients to your diet. You don’t have to worry about any side-effect. 
  • Patients with any kind of neuropathy can use it to treat their condition. 

However, the program is not flawless: 

  • Neuropathy No More doesn’t have the “How To Use” section, which is often included in other programs of the same publisher. 
  • The design is quite simple and not eye-catching. 
  • Since the program uses naturopathy, it requires you to be patient and commit to seeing the result. 

Neuropathy No More Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

Like all other programs from The Blue Heron Health News, you can only purchase Neuropathy No More on the official website. The one-time price is $49. 

Any smart person would grab this program immediately for three reasons: Firstly, the end-game of neuropathy is an absolute disaster. There is a long list of catastrophes, including blood pressure problems, digestion problems, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. Just one of them is enough to kill somebody, but if you leave neuropathy untreated for so long, you will have to deal with it all. I still remember how painful my grandmother’s last few days were, and I believe no one deserves to suffer from that. 

Secondly, conventional neuropathy treatment can cause a fortune. Over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever can cost up to $500, while another method, epidural steroid injection, costs $1000 – $5000 per year. Not to mention some types of neuropathy can’t be curable permanently using any method. All the money you spend only eases the pain to some certain extent. Meanwhile, $49 is all it takes for you to avoid all of the horrible consequences waiting ahead. With less than a pair of shoes, you are freeing yourself from neuropathy. You will wake up feeling better than ever and live a life full of health and happiness. 

Last but not least, you have the 60-day money-back guarantee as to your back up. Within 60 days, if you are not happy with your result, you can ask for a refund. All of your money will be transferred back to you in an instant. Moreover, you still get to keep the product. Does it make you feel confident now? You have no risk at all in this deal!

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Neuropathy No More Review – Our Final Verdict. 

So should you get the product? Of course, you should. This might be the one-in-a-life-time chance for those who are suffering from neuropathy. The program is comprehensive and user-friendly. It can help reverse any symptoms of neuropathy and give back the blissful life you once had. 

Here comes the end of our Neuropathy No More review. Since the program is new, the publisher needs your feedback to keep improving. If you have any comments regarding this product, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to be the first to receive all the news from us by subscribing to our Facebook. 

We look forward to seeing you in the next post!

neuropathy no more reviewneuropathy no more review


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