alpha home workout system review

Alpha Home Workout System Review: An Expert’s Honest Opinion.

Welcome to Linkingo’s Alpha Home Workout System review! You may wonder why we choose this product today, as we know that getting a muscular physique is the dream of all men out there. Achieving a solid build is like the first step to become an ideal Alpha man. Unfortunately, many are still struggling with that. 

What do you think is the best way to train your body? A lot of people will choose to go to the gym. However, unless you have plenty of time to spend, you will not see many changes in a short time. Understanding that, many online programs are released, claiming to help busy men transform their figure at home. With plenty of guides and nutrition recommendations on the internet, though, users can easily be overwhelmed with what to choose. 

Worry not, because Linkingo is here to help you! Today, we will take a look at the Alpha Home Workout system. It claims to provide all the information you need to achieve your ideal body. Is this trustworthy or just some winged advertisement? Let’s find out right now!

So What Exactly Is The Alpha Home Workout System? 

alpha home workout system review

According to the product’s description, The Alpha Home Workout System provides you with a series of exercises that you should follow 20 – 30 minutes a day to stay in shape. Aside from that, it also shares nutrition and supplementation techniques to naturally boost muscle growth. You might not find these tips anywhere as they are exclusively discovered by the experts of Alpha Nation – a website that has soared in the gym business since 2014. 

There is no surprise that this program gains so much attention. As mentioned above, most people want to keep themselves in shape yet do not have enough time to spend at the gym. Moreover, a tight schedule is one reason that it is hard for them to follow any diet. This program is created specifically for those like this. It focuses on burning fat and building muscles in the fastest, most effortless way possible. At first sight, it seems like an ideal choice for many guys in the modern days. 

Still, it requires a deeper dive to see if Alpha Home Workout System really works as it claims. 

Alpha Home Workout System Review – About The Creator. 

Todd Lamb is the person behind this program. He introduced himself as a retired SWAT team leader and a tactical fitness consultant. After leaving the military, Todd realized that his passion was to help men transform their shapes and their life. That’s why he created Alpha Nation, which he aims to be a community for all those struggling with their physique.

As Todd mentioned, he did not want to ramble about himself because he values humility more than anything else. Perhaps it’s why he does not reveal himself much on the internet. Still, his community has been growing for over six years. Todd also managed to get over 20,000 followers on Alpha Nation Facebook page and 2.31K followers on Youtube. Most importantly, Todd does not hesitate to show himself on the workout videos posted on the channel. It proves that he is a real expert. 

As I went deeper into Todd Lamb’s background, I found another shocking truth: When the Alpha Home Workout System was first released, it was under investigation. Polices suspected that he might be selling secrets of the fitness regime of the elite force team. Though this was quite a scandal, it helps us confirm that this program’s creator was indeed a former SWAT team leader and that all the knowledge in Alpha Home Workout System is authentic.

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The Scientific Evidence Behind The Alpha Home Workout System. 

One more plus point is that the creator explains how it works precisely in the promotional video. According to Todd Lamb, the whole program surrounds a technique that he has spent many years discovering and completing. It is called the “Alpha Shape Effect”. 

Your muscle cells contain sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This fluid is the energy resource surrounding the myofibrils in your muscles. The more Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy your muscles have, the bigger they will look. Moreover, as you increase this fluid amount, your muscles can last longer with a minimum need of training in a briefer period. Researchers have shown that “boosting sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the most efficient way to build shapes”. 

Therefore, Alpha Home Workout System is designed specifically to increase the level of fluid in your muscle cells. It has “three missions target focused muscle”, as mentioned in the video: 

  • Alpha Mission. 

The first mission is to set the foundation for your perfect body figure. It aims to boost your stamina and work capacity. The goal is for you to witness a leaner and more vascular form of your body. 

  • Bravo Mission. 

Then, the program works to shape denser muscles and reveal more of your six-packs. The target of this second phase is to create a defined mass. From there, it develops refined changes in your body. 

  • Charlie Mission.

Finally, in the last phase, Alpha Home Workout System provides you with nutrition knowledge to help you achieve your desired physique. Even though it does not require you to follow a strict diet, consuming the right ingredients will help you shorten the time to get your dream body. 

We can see that Todd Lamb knows exactly what he is doing. He does not hesitate to reveal all the science behind the program, which are trustworthy sources to back up his points. From there, Todd explains step-by-step how the Alpha Home Workout System is going to work. He is not only fully confident about his brainchild but also wants to make users feel comfortable using the product by letting them know what they should expect. 

Alpha Home Workout System Review – Inside The Program. 

So with all the confirmations above, I decided to purchase the program to complete my Alpha Home Workout system review. Needless to say, I was happy with how fast I got access to it. Since it was a digital program, you don’t have to wait for Alpha Home Workout system to deliver, nor do you have to pay any shipping fee. In my opinion, this is a huge advantage, because training your body is not something that should be delayed, even for just a few days. Your enthusiasm might die down any time if you don’t start immediately. 

However, the way Todd Lamb and his team present the Alpha Home Workout system are not very pleasing. As you went to the product page, you might be overwhelmed with plenty of files. I think that the creator should include a guideline because, at first glance, it was very confusing to figure out where to start reading. 

Here, I will break down all the things you can easily find inside the Alpha Home Workout System. 

  • An Introduction To The “Target Focused Muscle”.

In this part, the creator gives you a brief explanation of the critical method this program surrounds. As you go through it, you will also understand how it helps you get ripped muscles quickly. However, since Todd Lamb has mentioned this very comprehensively on the product website, you can skip this part if you have watched the promotional video. 

  • A Seven-Day Workout Schedule.

This is a seven-day work program that you should follow consistently to achieve and maintain your alpha male figure. It contains exercises like the snatch, double military press, double row, double front rack squat, etc. Some exercises might sound familiar to you, and some don’t because they are used exclusively for the military. However, what activities you take are not as important as how much and when you take them. Worry not, because this schedule will plan everything for you and tell you exactly why you need to follow it.

  • A Set Of Video Coaching. 

As mentioned above, some of the exercises might be strange to users. Therefore, there is also a set of video coaching with step-by-step guides. Todd himself will be the one who guides you through all the exercises. All you have to do is follow him to workout safely and effectively.

  • Why You Should Not Deny Foods That You Love?

In this part, the author breaks down all the mistakes men often make in the weight loss process. He explains why a strict diet is never the ultimate solution and what foods and drinks we should consume to get ourselves in shape effectively. Todd Lamb also reveals the tips you can use to enjoy your favorite foods while controlling the number of calories you consume each day.

  • Macronutrient Program.

If the last part sets up the foundation for your diet, this part will serve as a nutrition plan. You will know precisely how to have proper meals during your workout program. 

  • Shifting & Mindset Methods. 

This is the most surprising part of the Alpha Home Workout System because the creator did not mention it on the product website. According to Todd Lamb, “transforming your body alone is not enough to become an alpha male”. He insisted that you should also refresh your mindset as an alpha male’s core quality is confidence. The sixth part will help you program your mind so you can think like an alpha male and feel the same way. 

With the above summary, I hope it would be easier for you to use the Alpha Home Workout System. In fact, the program is very complete: Not only does it work with your physique and your diet, but it also helps with the way you think. I like the fact that Todd Lamb cares about how his users are feeling about themselves. Self-reliance is indeed the core thing an attractive man needs, no matter how he looks like. 

alpha home workout system review

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Alpha Home Workout System Review – Benefits It Claims To Bring. 

The Alpha Home Workout System promises to:

  • Provide you the fastest, easiest way to achieve the body figure of your dream. 
  • Help you improve your health and general and boost your immune system. 
  • Repair your muscles. You will see them not only become bigger but also stronger. 
  • Increase your testosterone quickly and naturally. As testosterone level is linked directly to the sex drive, you can also improve your sex life. 
  • As you achieve the rock-hard body of an alpha male, you will become a woman magnet. 
  • The program also helps you change your mindset into that of an alpha male.

Alpha Home Workout System Review – Who Is This Program For?

Todd Lamb creates the Alpha Home Workout System specifically for:

  • Any man who is trying to achieve a perfect body shape. 
  • Those who want to build muscles and change their shape but don’t have enough time to go to the gym. 
  • Those who want to achieve the appearance and mindset of a confident, attractive man. 

And Who Should Not Use It?

Please note that Alpha Home Workout System is only for men, as it mentions boosting the testosterone level. 

In fact, there is no age restriction to this program. Men of all ages will find it helpful. However, it does not do all the work for you. Just like a coach, the Alpha Home Workout only gives you a plan. If you don’t think you can follow the program consistently, it would be a waste to purchase. 

Alpha Home Workout System Review – Pros And Cons. 

Below are the things I love about the Alpha Home Workout: 

  • A real expert created the program. Other sources confirmed that Todd Lamb is indeed a former SWAT team leader. Therefore, the knowledge inside Alpha Home Workout is unique and exclusive. 
  • The program has firm scientific evidence as backup. 
  • It covers a wide range of knowledge. Not only does Alpha Home Workout work with your exercises, but it also provides nutrition tips and ways to boost your confidence. 
  • The program does not require much time from you. You only need to spend 20 – 30 minutes per day doing exercises. 
  • Alpha Home Workout doesn’t only contain reading material but also videos. You can follow the videos while doing exercises so you won’t do them wrongly.
  • The Alpha Home Workout does not require any equipment. 
  • It helps you save a lot of money and effort as you can work out at your own home.

However, it still has some cons: 

  • Since the program contains too many things, it might initially confuse users to know where to begin. You should read my summary above to have a better understanding of the Alpha Home Workout.
  • It only gives you a plan. If you are not willing to work, you won’t see any result. 

Alpha Home Workout System Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

The regular price of Alpha Home Workout System is $97. It is an average cost compared to other workout guides on the market, but I believe this one is far more detailed. Not many programs will create a comprehensive daily plan for users to follow. What’s more, Alpha Home Workout does not only address exercises, but it also deals with nutrition and mindset, making the product much more complete than other programs of the same price.

Furthermore, the price of $97 is such a bargain compared to going to the gym. Nowadays, paying for a gym membership can take more weight off your wallet than it does for your body. The average gym membership costs around $40 – $50 per month, making the cost ~ $600 per year. Aside from that, you cannot go to the gym every day. No matter if you visit it seven times a week or one time a month, the cost stays the same. If you count the amount of money you waste, it can be a small fortune. 

Still, for today, you are not paying $97. Instead, you will be getting a much better price. For a limited period, Todd Lamb offers the Alpha Home Workout Program for just $37!

Imagine this: With less than $40, you can create your gym at home. The program serves as your personal coach as it provides you a comprehensive training plan and gives advice on your diet. There is no need to go anywhere, as it is possible to keep yourself in shape at home in your comfy. 

Remember, an alpha body, good health, and an irresistible attraction to women are priceless. Now, though, they are being placed in front of you at the price of $37. There will never be a chance like this anymore in your lifetime, I assure you. 

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There is another reason for you not to miss the Alpha Home Workout program. Users will receive two free bonuses as a thank you gift from the developer team during a limited period. 

  • 7-Day Testosterone Solution. 

In this eBook, users will learn the secret blueprint to boost their manhood. This includes the common veggies that naturally increase your testosterone level, nutritional strategies that can optimize your hormone to accelerate your body transformation, and so on. 

The creator revealed that since he had used these tips for the army, they should not be spread widely. That’s why this bonus is only available for a short time. Once it’s gone, you will never have a chance to obtain these secrets again. 

  • Develop A Warrior’s Mind. 

Todd Lamb really wants to dive deep into developing an alpha male mind, but he could not talk about it as much in the main program. That’s the reason why he added the second bonus. In this guide, you will learn the best attitude to become the best version of yourself, gain confidence, and stand up for what you believe. This is the kind of mindset that will make you look attractive to everyone, no matter your age, race, or your physical appearance. 

  • Free 14-Day Access To The Exclusive Alpha Nation Online Coaching Community. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for every man out there. We all know that the cost for personal workout coaching is relatively high: On average, it might cost up to $30 for a 30-minute session, $70 for a one-hour session, and $100 for a 90-minute session. However, with this bonus, you have a chance to be coached by Todd Lamb, an authentic expert, for free! What’s more, in the community, you also get to meet other men who share the same concerns as you. It might be a significant motivation on your workout journey. 

These gifts make the Alpha Home Workout become a bargain with such a price. Now, I can confidently say that you get much more than what you pay. Still, they won’t be available to claim for long. The only way is to check out the official website right now and see if the offer is still there or not. If you see them, you are one of the few luckiest men out there, so hurry up! 

If this is still not enough for you to decide, then let me remind you one last thing: You have the 60-day money-back guarantee as a backup. It means if you are not happy with the outcome, you can request to have all of your payments refunded within two months. See, there is absolutely no risk! Any smart man would not let this chance slip away.

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Our Conclusion – Worth Trying Or Not?

After going through the Alpha Home Workout System, Linkingo decides that this is one of the most detailed workout guides available. It covers the exercises you need to take; it also helps you plan your daily workout schedule or diet and even sets up an alpha male mindset for you. Most importantly, the creator of the program is an authentic tactical expert. 

Given the above, I think you should take this chance and reshape your body right now. You can start transforming your physique and enjoy a life of an alpha male after just a few seconds. 

alpha home workout system review

alpha home workout system review

It comes to the end of our Alpha Home Workout System review. Your opinion helps us improve our future articles. Therefore, if you want to share your experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know!

We look forward to seeing you in the next post.


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