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The Lost Ways Review 2020 – Ancient Survival Skills From Our Forefathers?

As technology advanced and our lives improved, humans gradually forgot the old skills once had in the past. They became more and more dependent on electricity and modern technology. Unfortunately, this also means that they are losing necessary survival skills, and won’t hold themselves well in a crisis. “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis is the book that claims to help us regain those lost skills that were once prevalent hundreds of years ago.

You might be thinking, “why would I need to learn about old living ways from centuries ago?” And this might be true. Nowadays, you can easily buy food, have clean water, and have a house to live as long as you have enough money. And most things can be done with a tap on your smartphone. However, what if a sudden disaster, like the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, came and money or smartphones became useless? What if you needed to know how to preserve food or build your own house all of a sudden?

Having always been concerned about that, Claude Davis created “The Lost Ways” to give us knowledge of how humans survived in the past without the aid of technology. I’m sure you might be asking, “well, maybe I do need survival skills. But is this book legitimate, and should I buy it?” The Lost Ways Review today will give a full perspective of the book and answer those questions.

What Is “The Lost Ways”?

The Lost Ways is a 350-page survival book that comes in both digital and physical format. It contains ancient survival techniques that our ancestors had followed to ensure their lives.

In this book, you will discover the lost remedies used by our ancestors for centuries, like plants that grow in your backyard or around your house. You will also learn how to defend yourself, preserve water for months, hunt animals, etc.

With the motto “never take anything for granted”, this book claims to prepare you for the worst scenario. You might not need these skills right now, but the book wants you to know them so you’ll always be prepared for anything.

the lost ways review

The Lost Ways PDF

It has an exciting design that makes it look like a book from at least a century ago. It further illustrates the point that it tells us about ancient lost skills that might someday be good for us, even in this time and era.

The Lost Ways Review – Benefits:

The Lost Ways program gives us a glimpse of the vast survival knowledge from our ancestors. Due to this, it will be useful for you in these ways:

  • Help you get prepared: Even if you have a good life now, there is no telling when a disaster comes suddenly. The book will make sure that you know what to do in a crisis beforehand.
  • Give you exciting knowledge: While this might be a survival book, many of the skills it contains can be useful in daily life. If you like to buy canned food to preserve in the house, the book teaches you how to know which one will expire first without needing to look at each one’s expiration date. Or that plant you see every day on the street can be a useful painkiller. These skills are perfectly applicable in daily lives.
  • Show ways to defend yourself: In a crisis, looters might take advantage of the vulnerable state most people are in and assault others to get what they want. The book will teach you how to defend yourself and fight back, even against a large number of people.
  • Give you the power to protect your family and friends: As mentioned above, if a crisis suddenly happened, you would be armed with useful knowledge. As the only one that knows what to do, you can help your family and friends survive along with you and teach them the things you learned.

The Lost Ways Review – Author:

This book’s author is Claude Davis, a prepper who is fascinated by the old ways. He believes that the teaching of our ancestors will prepare us for anything life throws at us. And he practices what he preaches: he has personally built a log cabin and lives there with his wife and children. He cooks outside in an open flame, makes his own clothes, preserves homemade canned food, and many more.

Claude Davis is also the creator of a website where he writes articles about survival skills and useful daily knowledge. And aside from this book, he has published another one called “The Lost Book of Remedies” with a lot of positive ratings. You can be assured that The Lost Ways was written by a real person who knows what he’s doing.

the lost ways review

The Lost Ways Review – What Is Inside The Book?


With 350 pages, this book has a ton of skills and advice. They can be categorized into three main groups:

  • Getting ready and staying prepared: The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by a sudden disaster. The Lost Ways program makes sure to cover the details of what to do in floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, to even things like a nuclear war. With these skills, you will be aware of how to prepare for such things and feel more secure with your lives.
  • Taking proactive measures: Being prepared is necessary, but not enough. You also need to be proactive and take care of things before they even happen. As such, when a disaster occurs, your losses and the time to deal with the troubles will be minimized.
  • Self-preservation skills: This is the central part of the book. It will teach you the methods to survive the aftermath of a disaster. You will learn the different uses of herbs, and how to make superfoods that never go bad, how to build a traditional backyard smokehouse, etc. You can pretty much live in the forest with these skills.

To gather this much skills and knowledge, the author spent five years gathering information from different sources:

  • From the North Americans: the way they build the subterranean roundhouse that can serve as a storm shelter, a perfectly camouflaged hideout, or a bunker. It can easily shelter three to four families. The subterranean roundhouse also makes an impressive root cellar where you can keep all your food and water reserves year-round.
  • From Ruff Simons, an Old West history expert and former deputy: the techniques and methods used by the wise sheriffs from the frontiers to defend a village despite being outnumbered and outgunned by gangs of robbers and bandits. It can help you protect your house against looters when you are surrounded.
  • From Patrick Shelly: who has been earning a living in the woods for years on end. How to make foolproof traps and how to trap different animals in winter. If you ever need to hunt for wild animals, this will be a great tip.
  • From Shannon Azares: the way sailors from the XVII century preserved water in their ships for months or even years on end. It can be wonderful when you need to reserve water in a drought or flood.
  • From Mike Searson, a Firearm and Old West history expert: What to do when there is no more ammo to be had? How did people who wandered the West manage to hunt eight deer with six bullets? And how come their supply of ammo never ran out? This section will answer those questions and reveal their secrets to you. Those secrets will be in great use when you need to defend yourself with a limited supply of ammo.
  • From Susan Morrow, an ex-science teacher and chemist: The way to master “The Art of Poultice”. She says, “If you explore the ingredients from which our forefathers made poultices, you’ll be surprised by the similarities with modern medicines.”
  • Ways to make another superfood that American troops used in the Revolutionary War, which even George Washington ate on several occasions. This food never goes bad. It isn’t honey or vinegar, but real food. You can make this food in just 10 minutes with the ingredients in your house.

As you can see, that is a lot of knowledge. The author has tried his best to fit most of the things that he believed would be vital for survival. After reading this book, you will be equipped with the skills to take care of yourself and others in a disaster.

Furthermore, you can thoroughly understand and apply these ancient survival skills to your life. I personally think that this is very interesting. When we studied History at school, we might learn of important events throughout the years. Still, we never knew how our forefathers lived and dealt with hardship.

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The Lost Ways Review – Pros And Cons


  • Easy to understand: Despite having so much information of all kinds, the author nevertheless clearly explains them.
  • For everyone: The tips in this book are suitable for everyone. In a crisis, it’s best to have most if not all people understand what they should do to ensure survival, whether they are children, adults, or the elderly. Therefore, this book makes sure that anyone can follow the tips in it and practice them.
  • The ingredients are affordable and available: The Lost Ways program focuses on the uses for the ingredients that are already around you. It’s for sure that you can find them easily, or at least buy them with ease.
  • Practical: These skills are usable and practical because our forefathers had used them in the past.
  • Available in physical and digital: The official website offers a choice to purchase both the digital and physical versions of this book. You will have both versions that you can switch alternatively, depending on the situation. For instance, you can keep the digital copy in your mobile device for portability. Still, you have the physical copy for when your eyes get tired after staring at your PC’s or phone’s screens.


  • No shipping outside of the US: The physical copies are only available for people living in the US. If you live in another country but still want a physical copy, it’s unfortunate. However, you can try sending an email to to see if they can help with shipping the physical version to your address. Or, you can simply print it out on your own.
  • No audio or video format: This book is only available in text. It might not be suitable for you if you’re looking forward to a more illustrative survival course.

Who Will Need The Lost Ways?

In general, anyone who wants to prepare for a crisis will find this book useful. With the vast information it brings, you will feel more secure knowing that something is backing you up for anything that might happen.

Because it is useful for everyone to read, whether you’re a child, an adult, or an elder, you can still learn from the book.

The Lost Ways would also benefit those who seek tips that they can also use in everyday life. The reason is that while this is undoubtedly a survival book, that’s not only the purpose the book targets to. Plenty of tips included will improve your life. For example, are you worried that someone might assault you when you’re walking home alone at night? Or even rob and harass you? The tips to defend yourself against gangs of robbers from Ruff Simons in the book will be perfect for that.

Who Will Not Need It?

If you don’t feel like your life can be in danger anytime, The Lost Ways will not be of need. Many of us live content, happy lives, and might feel that it will never change because of any sudden crisis. Therefore, they might not find a book with the survival skills necessary.

The Lost Ways Review – Customers Feedback:

When I looked up feedback from other community sites, I was pleasantly surprised by how many positive comments this book got. Most of the comments said that this book is very understandable and informative, and the illustrations are clear. Many also expressed their contentment with the natural remedies and helpful recipes that the book provides. Most agreed that this book really works.

the lost ways review

the lost ways review

the lost ways review

the lost ways review

the lost ways review

the lost ways review

However, there is a few negative feedback, as well. Some reported that the physical package was not properly sealed, and the invoice wasn’t inside. Another said that the things used in this book are not available to most people in a dire situation.

the lost ways review

While I still believe that this book is worth purchasing, you should carefully consider these negative feedback. If you have personally bought the program or know someone that did, please let us know in the comments below! Both positive and negative feedback you may have will help this review on The Lost Ways become more objective.

The Lost Ways Review – Price & Bonus & Refund Policy:

You can buy this book from the official website. As of the time writing this review on The Lost Ways, the author offers three choices according to your preferences:

  • Digital copy only: It costs you $37. Once you pay for the book, you will receive the digital version shortly after your payment is confirmed.
  • Physical copy only: It costs you $37 and an additional shipping and handling fee of $8.99, which makes it $45.99 in total. It should take 7 to 14 days before you receive your package.
  • Both physical & digital copies: This is my favorite choice. Why? Because it also costs only $45.99 like the physical copy, but you will have both versions. It will make it so much more convenient for you to read whenever and wherever you want.

the lost ways review

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And this book comes with 3 exclusive bonus books that cost $29 each:

  • The first bonus: “What Every Survivalist Should Grow In His Backyard”. This bonus shows you the most healthy and substantial plants that you should start growing to have a food source. Even in the worst possible conditions, including drought, flooding, or light deprivation, these plants are still very reliable. This book also explains the way to grow, harvest, and store them. With these plants blooming in your backyard, you will never have to worry about running out of food.

the lost ways review

  • The second bonus: “How to outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way”.

It gives you a 30-day day-by-day guide of what to do after an EMP. If an EMP had struck in the late 1800s, nobody would’ve noticed it, and they still survived, lived, and prospered without it. But now things are different. In this book, you’ll learn the 10 things that you should do on day one, what to make on day 2, what you need to turn to on day 3, and so on until day 30, when you’ll be absolutely 100% self-sufficient, protected, and able to help others if you want to.

the lost ways review

  • The third bonus: “A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System”. As the name indicates, it teaches you how to build your very own can rotator. This can rotation system can hold a minimum of 700 cans of various sizes. You won’t need to study 50 cans for expiration dates, and you’ll never have to throw away cans again because they’ve spoiled. The one in this book only costs $95 to build, quite cheap, compared to a $420 one bought in other places. Once you have the plans and the step-by-step guide with pictures, all it takes is just one day of work or even less.

the lost ways review

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Unfortunately, unlike the main book, these bonus books lack a physical copy and only come in digital form. However, that’s still a value of $87 that you’re getting once you purchase.

And this book also comes with a 60-day refund policy. Even if you end up not liking it, you can always send an email to the author to get a refund. If you also purchased a physical copy, you could return to the author’s address (will be elaborated in the Contacts section). You won’t have to worry about losing your money or risking anything.

The Lost Ways Review – Contact Information:

The official support email is You can send your questions to this email anytime and receive answers accordingly.

In case you purchased a physical copy and now want to refund it, you might return it to this address: Capital Printing, PO Box 17548, Austin, TX 78760.

Some FAQs you might want to check out to see if you have the same questions.

the lost ways review

And you can even submit your questions quickly through the Contact section on the official website. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a “Contact” page. Click on it and it will show you a form you can fill in to send your questions.

The Lost Ways Review – Conclusion:

It comes to the end of my The Lost Ways Review. My final verdict is that this is a genuinely good survival book. Written by an expert prepper who is living a self-sufficient life. The book provides useful information. It is immensely beneficial for those who want to prepare for the danger that may lie ahead.

And even if you never actually have to face any crisis, the book still has helpful tips for everyday life. How to defend yourself, make tasty bark-bread, and build a can rotator to keep track of the food cans you might have … These would all be very effective and applicable to anyone’s life.

You may make your purchase on the official website. Remember that you can have both the digital and physical copies for just $45.99, and have three bonus books that should have cost $37 for free. And the 60-day refund policy is always there to back you up if you end up unsatisfied with the book.

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Thank you for reading my The Lost Ways Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time!


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