alive after the fall review

Alive After The Fall Review – Is The World Coming To An End?

I have always been obsessed with the Bible because it hides a lot of mysteries behind the words. It is concurrently  the reason that urged me to write this review of the Alive After The Fall. 

Maybe you have heard of many prophecies that appeared in the Bible coming true. That is also the way Alive After The Fall narrates their story. The Bible has made a wide range of predictions that so many of them have amazingly turned into reality. 

Among the blessed oracles, some American Christians have noticed one with a terrible message. The future Babylon in the Bible,  also known as the America in reality, is going through an imminent fall or even a dead end. 

Well, I am not a Christian, but the prediction is not totally nonsense, given the current situation of America and the world. The presence of EMP/HEMP weapons has made the possibility of a destructive war occurrence higher than ever. For that reason, the preparation will never be redundant. And Alive After Fall can be among things you need for the preparation. 

Let’s dive into the analysis of this product with today!

What Is The Alive After The Fall?

alive after the fall review

Alive After The Fall is an electronic guide book written by Alexander Cain. It prepares you for the worst situations that can happen to the country. For example, if, unfortunately, the war occurred, you would know what to do amid the chaos. Especially, as the world evolves, many war weapons are created, namely the Electromagnetic weapon. This kind of weapon can totally turn the world into a dark, quiet, and dead place with its power. So better be safe than sorry. 

alive after the fall review

Alive After The Fall provides its readers with a wide range of survival methods. It contained what to do in an attack, whether it is a nuclear or a chemical attack when the systems break down, or everything is lost. This program gives you a step-by-step guide to survive, particularly in an electromagnetic pulse emergency. 

Alive After The Fall Review – Who is the author?

alive after the fall review

Alexander Cain, a professor of Theology in a famous Arkansas university, is the father of this program. He earned a doctor’s degree in Theology and Ancient history.  Alexander has spent over 19 years on studying ancient scriptures and being a survivalist. 

He has been digging into the events in the Bible for a long time. In the process of analyzing, he realized the coincidence between those events and what happens in the real world. And America is on the verge of extinction, according to the Bible.  That is when he decided on a survival guide. 

Alexander Cain has a channel on Youtube with 621 subscribers. There is only one video introducing the bond between the Bible and real-life, his idea, and finally the Alive After The Fall as a savior. The single video attracts over 23 thousand viewers and a lot of concerns from the customers. 

Personally, I think he is a reliable author as he has a good educational background. Plus, he does expose himself to the public as the creator of Alive After The Fall. But that may not be enough to claim the trustworthiness of the product. 

What can you get from Alive After The Fall?

Alive After The Fall provides you with detailed and step-by-step instructions to stay safe in emergencies. 

It contains heaps of tips based on the survival approach of the ancestors centuries ago when light, gas, or running water were still not of existence. The primary purpose of this program is to equip you guys with a system of tested and survival skills. You do not have to be proficient in handling it. On the contrary, those skills are handy even if you are not a prepper or a survivalist. It is also okay if you do not have enough time to learn or prepare anything beforehand. Or that you have not stockpiled essential things for the disaster would also not be a big deal.

For instance, you will know exactly how to cook food without using any power, and the hidden tricks to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling. 

You will also get the list of MUST-HAVE medicine to keep away the common diseases within the catastrophe. Or even you will learn how to build the electronics needed for the disaster, etc. Many other amazing tricks are waiting in the package. 

Things are presented clearly and comprehensively in Alive After The Fall. It can be a potential strategy to keep you and your family safe through the sudden fall.

What is included in Alive After The Fall?

It is a comprehensive program coming with a package of survival eBooks. They aim at teaching you how to prepare and thrive through any type of possible disaster or catastrophe. I have here a sneak peek of the Alive After The Fall main manual and the others to give you a better understanding of it:

Alive After The Fall (the main manual)

alive after the fall review

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The main manual comprises 5 main parts. 

#1: HEMP threat

The first one HEMP, is an introduction about the definition of HEMP, its effects, and the potential risks of this weapon. This basically just the opening of the book to give you a brief notion of EMP.

#2: How to prepare yourself

Stepping into the second part is when you know how to prepare yourself for the upcoming event. This part shows you ways to protect the electronic devices, set up the homemade protection and preserve your building as well. 

#3: Planning and preparing

The third part and also the longest part of the whole book gives you an in-depth and extremely detailed guide about what to plan and prepare for the event. 

From the basics, the DIY shelf to hide food or a shelter for the family to the tips for food and medicines, all are covered. 

You will have a plan and method to stockpile food and keep them away from being spoiled. You will not have to worry about your family being thirsty since now you know how to make a filter. No fridge doesn’t cause any inconvenience because now you know how to preserve your food. 

Additionally, you will find the essential medicine to help you and your family stay healthy throughout the disaster in the First Aid. Alexander has given you everything you need. 

And fire – every life needs fire. The very first human life arises from fire. Fire is used to cook food, boil water, keep you warm, illuminate, etc. With fire, you are safe. 

#4: Alternatives for power, communication, and transport.

Following the 3rd section, we have the 4th one Alternatives for Power, Communication, and Transportation. It is very likely the grid will go out in the catastrophe. Then every electronic appliance in the house is useless. A substitute power source is really necessary. And Alive After the Fall will help you with that. At the same time, the communication and transport system would definitely be stagnant. Don’t be panicked because Alive After The Fall got the solutions. 

#5: What to remember

The last words in this manual are about what you should pay much attention to and what to remember to safeguard the life of you and your family. The end of the book is no less important than the other parts. Try not to skip it!

Alive After The Fall Review – Pros & Cons?

First, let’s look at the advantages of the program:

  • Detailed and comprehensive

As you can see in the previous part, this program covers everything you need to survive in a disaster. It grants you almost all the information you need from where to hide, what to eat and drink, what medicine to take and how to keep hygiene. It is truly like an encyclopedia about survival. 

  • Easy to implement 

This program promises that you can understand and implement it with ease even when you are not an experienced survivalist. The guide is broken down into smaller steps. Correspondingly, you will find it much simpler to follow. Additionally, the materials Cain recommends are not rare and hard to find at all. Implementing a survival program would never be easier.

  • Educated author

As a customer, it is more comfortable to know the author of the product you are considering has taken good education. Alexander Cain is a university professor, and it took him over 16 months to develop the program. That means he has genuinely invested his time and effort into the product. It is also the thing contributing to the reliability of the work. 

However, we cannot say that Alive After The Fall is flawless. In my personal opinion, the program still has the below shortcomings:

  • Only available online

Ironically, a survival program is in electronic format. If the fall really happened, there would be no electricity or internet connection at all. Then how can you get access to the book?

My recommendation is that you guys should always have a print out of this book around. Do that, and you will never have to worry about sudden blackouts. 

  • Religion-based

Despite the great passion for religions in general and Christianity in particular, I have to say that being based on religion is a weakness of this product. While many Christian will find the author’s argument very convincing, the heathens will feel the opposite. But it is okay for me as long as the methods proposed in this book are science-based. And they really are. So maybe this demerit is acceptable. 

Alive After The Fall Review – Who is it for?

  • People who want to prepare for bad situations should take it
  • Those who are looking for  an effective way to go through a crisis can also have one
  • The experienced preppers/survivalists can as well benefit from this program. 
  • Or if you are a passionate reader, I highly recommend this informative book for you. 

And Who Is It Not For?

Obviously, an electronic book cannot harm you. That means everyone can use it. But if you are still skeptical about it, take your time to consider. Your money, your choice!

Alive After The Fall Review – What do the customers say?

Alive After The Fall has received a lot of compliments from the readers so far. It has many 5-star ratings on Goodreads. The majority of the customers say it is a read-worthy book. They appreciate the usefulness and the directness of the book. 

alive after the fall review

In another reader community, the amount of positive feedback seems to have no sign of a decline. They give good comments on the sense of the book. Many say that it could be a motivation for people if the war really took place. 

alive after the fall review

When it comes to negative feedback, some claim that the Bible is not really reliable. Specifically, many events in the Bible did not come true as they were supposed to. Add to that; several customers reckon the story Alexander Cain told was just a sales strategy. 

alive after the fall review

That complaint may be real. However, I do not think it is an unacceptable problem. Firstly, those comment givers probably have not read the book before they give those feedback. Secondly, the thing I really care about is the quality of the book. What I can get from the book is what matters. Sale strategies are necessary for every product, and I have no stigma towards them. So, as long as the program works effectively, I still give it a thumbs up. 

>>> More Customers ‘s Feedback On The Alive After The Fall <<<

Alive After The Fall Review – Is it affordable?

Initially, Alive After The Fall would cost you $97. But the guide is now available for only $37, which is a more economical option. 

When you get “Alive After The Fall” you will also get access to the member’s area where you can check out the products, download, and print them.

And to make sure everybody is completely happy with their purchases,  the producer offers a 60-day trial. Anyone who is not satisfied can get a refund within 2 months of using the program. You don’t need to be afraid of a money loss, guys. 

Alive After The Fall Review – Do you have bonuses?

Buying the main manual of Alive After The Fall means you will also get two more bonuses: 

“Survival Mindset: Keeping Calm and Assertive After the Fall”.

alive after the fall review

Preparing  mental stability is also a crucial element. When you get access to “Alive After The Fall” you will also receive “Survival Mindset: Keeping Calm and Assertive After the Fall”.

A sharp mind may be the most potent weapon in any tragic situation.This book is dedicated to showing you the tips to get over the trivial emotions.

#1: Survival strategy

In chapter 1, you will discover the simple blueprint to coping with the emotional stress that can ruin even the most carefully put together survival plan (chi khong hieu cau nay, em xem co sai ngu phap khong: Anticipate, Identify, and Manage.

#2: Dealing with the Fallout

You will have the simple remedies for the most harmful emotional states: Isolation, Anxiety, Hopelessness, and many, many others. It will keep you and members of your group confident and steadfast. That will considerably increase your chances of survival.

#3: Finding a will to survive

Always keep your morale up and maintain a positive attitude with the third chapter. Finding a will to survive is a thing you can never forget. 

Stay away from becoming a fallout. A dreadful mind will kill you even before the disaster does so. 

#4: Overcoming the stress of survival

Stress is inevitable in adverse circumstances. Remember, you are not alone. This guide book has got your back!

Secrets To Sanitization

alive after the fall review

And of course, you can not overlook how to keep basic hygiene and sanitary conditions. The truth is that bacteria and microbes form many common diseases. This guide book shows you how to keep your whole body clean with limited hygiene supplies but still to maximize the effectiveness. Valuable resources must always be kept for high priority sanitization needs instead of being wasted. 

All of the information above is designed to take you through all the immediate effects of an EMP and help you put together the best survival plan of the biblical disaster. And all are only for $37. It is a good deal. 

alive after the fall review

alive after the fall review


If you care about safety and want to prepare for any future disaster, Alive After The Fall is absolutely a risk-free worth-a-try option. You can learn how to keep you and your family secure with this comprehensive guide. 

Thank you for your time and attention. Should there be any further inquiries about the product, you can have my response by commenting down below. 

Do you feel this review on Alive After The Fall helpful? If no, let Linkingo know right away. Your contribution is our motivation. 

See you next time!



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