Peak Bioboost Review

Peak Bioboost Review [UPDATED]: Can It Really Help Improve Your Digestive System?

Welcome back to Linkingo team. Today, our topic is about the Peak Bioboost review. 

Before getting started, let’s find out some facts about our stool. I know this is such an uncomfortable and smelly topic that most of us always try to avoid discussing. But believe me. It turns out to be pretty necessary when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Have you known that we can do a quick health check-up just by spending a glance at that “wasted part”? Or do you only flush the toilet, go straight to the bathroom sink, wash your hands, and just walk away?

Please note that your stool can tell you about your current health. Healthy stools should be soft and in brownish colour. Stools that are in solid form or liquid ones can be a sign of an unhealthy body. Moreover, when doing your business in the bathroom, if a person feels pain after finishing it, or the stinky smell still lingers around the area after flushing the toilet, that will be a sign alerting about bad bowels.

Why should I tell you to spend a glance at them? Let’s think about what you have eaten. Likely, they are the culprit of something wrong in your stomach. One of the root causes of this problem may be dangerous food combinations. Obviously, you only want to eat what you are thinking in your mind and are unmindful how harmful they are to your health. As a result, symptoms of constipation and diarrhea come up and make you miserable for days.

So, what pops up in your mind is some natural remedies. But they have a strong flavour that the bitter taste is still in your mouth after finishing drinking them. Then, you start to think about digestive medicines. To me, I don’t particularly appreciate taking these medicines because they make me lose my appetite. Plus, its usage also has limitations to deal with some types of food. Hmm, I also think about laxatives, but I don’t think it is a right solution either. They have side effects and make the situation worse somehow. 

I’m not a fan of an instant healthy solution. I want to look for a product that provides health benefits in the long-term. Plus, they should have other ingredients that boost up the overall health of the body. More importantly, they must be listed in prebiotic foods. These types of food can satisfy what I have mentioned.

As this is a top priority issue to the lives of people, including me also, I spent time researching a lot to find the most appropriate product. I encountered a potential young company that created a prebiotic dietary fiber and improved many people’s bowel movements.  I saw it claimed to be “the most advanced and effective solution for enjoying perfect daily poop”.

Based on my requirements for the ideal prebiotic, I decided to go through this product. Now, let’s get ready and deep dive into the most detailed Peak BioBoost review with me!

What is Peak BioBoost?  

Peak Bioboost Review

Every time I make a product review, the first thing that I have always done is to check on its official website. It took a few minutes to go through to the very last parts. But I really want to give the manufacturer a hand of applause thanks for their effort. The website is well-designed and catchy. They break it into many parts ranging from their approach, their experiment, and to their product detailed thoroughly. 

On the website, Peak Bioboost introduces it as an “innovative, science-backed, plant-based breakthrough”, that maintains healthy digestion with regular bowel movements, and helps you poop more easily and healthily.

If you look at those figures below, you will be surprised by the confidence of the manufacturer putting into the product. And you might be slightly convinced. Scientifically, one person produces 1 oz of poop of each 12 pounds of their weight. If you can keep the consistency and quickly remove backup poop, definitely you feel healthier.

Moving on to the form of the product, Peak BioBoost dietary supplements are bottle/jar-produced. It comes in the form of powder, which is a thing I love. It is easy for you to blend, mix, and stir. Plus, it weighs only 300g (10.6oz), so it won’t take up much space in your luggage. You can easily carry it to your workplace or when you are on a business trip.

It is such an inviting product that contains natural composition with nutrients. However, there are specific side effects that prebiotics can bring to our health, so you have to be careful with the dosage. Meanwhile, looking back at those figures, they sound somehow too ideal for me. Therefore, I continued to deep dive into more details of Peak Bioboost review.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

The legal name of the company is Peak Biome. Let me tell you an embarrassing moment that Jeremy, CEO of Peak Biome experienced. Jeremy said himself to be a person that endured with unusual bowel movements. He and his wife came over to a friend’s house for the New Years Eve Party. But things turned out to be so miserable as he got rid of that solid waste from his body under the attention of everybody. After that incident, he was too ashamed to show his face again. He buried himself in that pooping frustration. 

Luckily, a friend introduced Dr Michael Felly. After telling him about what happened, he listened to Dr Michael’s words about how the process of excretion works inside the human body. Under the guideline of the doctor, he figured out top 3 poop blockers and the fiber for perfect pooping.

Next, Jeremy started to work on making the formula of Peak BioBoost. In conclusion, Peak BioBoost was created by Jeremy – the founder under the guide and the collaboration of Dr Michael – the medical mentor. 

*Quick check on Dr Michael Felly’s background:

Following what Jeremy has said about this doctor, he plays a role as a board-certified physician and nutritional specialist. His main interest is for learning how the body human works. And the instinct of a doctor helps him see what others can’t see. 

I did some research about Dr Michael because I want to make sure that he is well-qualified enough. Dr Michael Felly has a Facebook account.

Peak Bioboost Review

He also appeared in the actual footage of American Conferences in 2018. He claimed that he had experience in creating a prototype formula for 50 products, which could be seen as an assurance that he has quite the competence of a doctor.

In terms of company background, Peak Bioboost website was created in 2019 by Jeremy. The site also partners with many scientists and researchers. It is sold and managed by Peak Biome Inc. With the real experience of Dr Michael, together with the view of a person that deals with uncontrollable bowel movements, Jeremy, I think we can expect a lot from this Peak BioBoost.

How Does It Work?

In the point of view of a patient, Jeremy looked for 3 ways to cure his health condition, but it turned out to be ineffective and harmful.

He tried dozens of fiber supplements and encountered some situations such as choking, worsening the function of the digestive system, or containing GMO.

Next, he tried laxatives but stopped it right away after reading a warning from doctors at Mayo Clinic. Laxatives cause dependency and have harmful effects on colons.

He even tried natural remedies, but they required him to combine with a restricted diet, therapy and exercises. The worst part is to pretend they taste delicious.

He spent thousands of dollars on these solutions, but nothing worked. Then he started to reorganize what Dr Michael had told him. Here is my analysis following his approach to creating this product.

The process of excretion depends mostly on the poop speed (or you can call it poop train). It is the critical factor that determines how relaxing or how frustrating your poop is. Scientifically, it is peristalsis. As you see in the picture below, that tiny stool has to go through 3 different areas to make sure that it is soft and has enough moisture to come out. 

Peak Bioboost Review

If it happens too fast, it comes out as a real sticky, stinky liquid, which is a sign of diarrhea. If too slow, it becomes super hard, and you feel pain while straining to let it out. It is called constipation.

Understanding the process of excretion, he made use of this knowledge. He figured out three main factors that are called poop blockers.

After researching, Jeremy and Michael turned their approach to prebiotic. After 1-month experimenting, they officially introduced their product to customers who have the same concern.

*Quick summary about prebiotics: 

If your digestive system is home to thousands of bacteria (both good and bad), then this prebiotic is considered to be a fiber. It helps dissolve foods for the growth of beneficial bacteria. There is also scientific evidence about the benefits of prebiotics for health maintenance and protection against disorders. So you can say prebiotic is good for gut health and overall health.

Everything that they discussed and analyzed makes sense, and I’m not going to deny any of their explanations. So, I would say this Peak BioBoost is a potential product in the dietary fiber supplement.

Benefits Of Peak BioBoost

Peak Bioboost Review

We already learn that this product is beneficial to our digestive system. But in what type of specific benefits? Now, let’s get into more details with our Peak Bioboost review:

  • Avoid embarrassing moments

You don’t need to worry about embarrassing moments with stinky smell around you.

  • No more frequent bathroom visit

When you can control what the time to visit the bathroom is, you can use these times to work on more critical in your daily routine.

  • Enjoy perfect daily poop

No more straining, grunting or pushing during your own time. Moreover, the cleaning and wiping will be painless, and you feel more comfortable.

  • Improve the digestive system and overall health

As you can quickly detox all toxins out of your kidneys, the metabolism process works well. By this way, your body feel more energetic and lighter after a long tiring day.

  • Eliminate urgent bloating 

Due to the regular bowel movements, you can do your business much more easily. On the other hand, once you get rid of bloating, you can avoid looking so fat in some situations.

  • Keep track of a healthy weight

It helps feel full, so you can lower your dishes in a meal. Don’t need to be nervous. This full-feeling with the perfect fiber balance does not make you have a binge eating.

  • Flourish healthy bacteria in your stomach

As mentioned, this prebiotic product is helpful for the beneficial bacteria living in the digestive system. If your health system is at an optimal level, gut health works well, and it has a direct impact on all areas of the body:

  • Support the immune system
  • Be always in a good mood
  • Take away allergies
  • Sleep well at night
  • Protect your heart

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What Are Its Important Ingredients?

Peak Bioboost Review

Peak Bioboost Ingredients

I think most people are curious about the ingredients of Peak BioBoost. It is also one of the highlight parts of the review, the core content that helps customers to decide whether to buy it or not. Here is the quick Peak BioBoost review about its unique combination of ingredients:

  • 7g of prebiotic ghost fiber

This type of fiber can maintain frequent bowel movements that are good for the digestive system. It can prevent you from accidental farting and save you from embarrassment

  • XOS – Xylo-oligosaccharide

Chemically, XOS is the polymers of sugar xylose that are produced by extracting xylan in plant fiber. Its features act as a prebiotic containing many health benefits. It includes a positive change in the immune, blood sugar, and digestive improvements.

What’s best about XOS in Peak BioBoost? The manufacturer claims that this is “the ghost fiber king that has been shown to relieve constipation with a 93% success rate”. It also works for diarrhea to stop moderate movements.

This type of ingredient is suitable for pregnant mothers to prevent constipation without adverse effects. For older people that are over 60 years old, it helps soften stools, bring an enjoyable pooping time, and keep safe for them.

  • Acacia gum

Acacia can be considered as a type of medicine or a baking ingredient. There is some evidence showing that acacia gum is good for our health in specific ways.

Firstly, it is helpful for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms relieving. A study has shown that if people eat yogurt enriched with Acacia gum and Bifidobacterium lactis daily, it can help treat IBS symptoms more effectively rather than taking any other products.

Secondly, it can control your body fat and lower cholesterol. This sticky texture is one of the dietary fibers that manage diabetes and regulates blood sugar.

*Quick note of IBS: IBS is a chronic condition that affects the large intestine. The most common symptom of this disorder includes gas, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.

  • Inulin

Same as Acacia gum, Inulin is also a type of ingredient that can be used for baking and cooking. You can find this fiber in some common vegetables in daily meals. There is a reason why many manufacturers want to add it to their products. For instance, to boost the prebiotic content, improve health benefits (gut-health), etc. 

So, what are the health benefits of it? Indeed, it is beneficial to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. With the positive balance of bacteria, your body has better metabolism. Just like Acacia gum, it can relieve constipation. Consuming 15g of Inulin each day will be ideal for less constipation. 

  • FOS – Fructooligosaccharides

FOS is typically in the list of dietary fiber. It can be found in many types of vegetables. Together with Inulin, FOS also helps stimulate the growth of good bacteria. It is a shield protecting our digestive system from unhealthy ones. 

  • Magnesium Citrate

This crucial mineral is a nutrient that keeps the body healthy. If you don’t have enough magnesium, internal organs will slow down their performance as well as bring an impact to your metabolism. As a result, you have a tightened feeling in your stomach which makes it harder for you to poop.

Seeing the connection of these ingredients, Peak Biome company decided to make a combination of them and turned them into Peak BioBoost. Here is a photo of supple facts that shows exact quantities about how much of each ingredient they use for the product.

How To Use Peak Bioboost?

Peak Bioboost Review

Jeremy recommends you use the prebiotic in the morning as a kickstart for our bowel movements. Just add a scoop (for one serving) in your coffee or tea. Then wait for a few seconds to let it dissolve and drink.

It is flavourless and usable in many other foods. So, it is up to your choice to decide what type of food to use with it. The manufacturer also recommends that you should take it at least 1 month straight to see the results. Once you get used to drinking it, you can slowly increase 2 servings per day.


  • Comes with 100% natural ingredients
  • Can mix with different types of food
  • Safe for dieters and vegetarian 
  • Seven free: dairy-free, filler-free, artificial flavouring free, sweetener free, additive-free, soy-free, and gluten-free
  • Stimulates the growth of good bacteria
  • Help enjoy perfect daily poop
  • Relieves IBS and improve bowel movements
  • Useful for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Supports overall health
  • Has 1-year guarantee 100% money-back
  • No need any restrictions for diet or exercises
  • Positive reviews from customers are available on the site


  • High price among supplement product market
  • Only for online shopping
  • No hotline for customer service, only email:

Who Should Use Peak Bioboost?

Before buying this product, while reading this Peak Bioboost review, please ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are your bowels clogged up?
  • Do you create embarrassing gas even when you are alone?
  • Does the heavy feeling in your stomach slow down your routine pace?
  • Do you have to grunt and push while doing your private business?
  • Do you lose control of annoying constipation/diarrhea?


Who Should Not Use It?

Please note that all supplements are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any specific disease. Make sure to go through the ingredient part of our Peak Bioboost review to have a closer look.

Even though it has shown that XOS can help pregnant mothers treat constipation, however, please do consult your doctor before taking this product. People who are under 18 years old are not allowed to use it either. Carefully go through every ingredient, so keep safe to your health. 

On the other hand, there is information about allergy concerns with this product. Make sure to check with your physician for the best way to protect your health.

Peak Bioboost Customer Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

Here are some qualified customer feeback of Peak BioBoost review. If you want to look for a review from a health profession, check out what Dr Michelle says about it.

Peak Bioboost Review

Here is a review from a woman that has problems with her bloating. She tried to use many products, but they didn’t work out for her until she decided to purchase Peak BioBoost.

Peak Bioboost Review

It is a quick review for those who are on a Keto diet. She said that she started to lose her cravings for sugary food after using this prebiotic product.

Peak Bioboost Review

A quick review from an IBS woman proves how effective this product is to her health. Plus, she is in her seventies. If you consider buying your parents this product, make sure to read her thoughts.

Peak Bioboost Review

I got another customer review posted on Quora sharing his point of view about Peak BioBoost. He felt satisfied with the product’s description that is honest as what it is described. On the other hand, he also figured out that many dietary supplements contain psyllium. This type of fiber can bring harm to health if it is used in the diet for 3 weeks. Since the equations of the Peak BioBoost formula is scientifically calculated and psyllium-free, he feels safe when using it.

Peak Bioboost Review Peak Bioboost Review

In a word, Peak BioBoost receives any positive feedback from customers. I think it is wise since Jeremy shows proofs about how its targeted customers love to use it. It is a way that creates and maintains customer trust, so you feel safe when using it.

How Much Does It Cost?

When I did some research about the average price of supplements and vitamins, I encountered a table showing the budget for each type of them. And when I turned to look back at the three packages of Peak BioBoost, it surprised me a lot. 

Peak Bioboost Review


It is quite expensive. But don’t judge a book by its cover. The price is worth it. Here is the detailed pricing list that offers discount:

  • 1 bottle of Peak BioBoost: $39 plus $4.95 shipping and handling
  • 3 bottles of Peak BioBoost: $29 each plus free shipping
  • 6 bottles of Peak BioBoost: $24 each plus free shipping

I notice that the company only offers bonuses for the 6-bottle option. But it turns out to be a package of best-valued bundles. You can get other inviting and beneficial rewards. They include:

Peak Bioboost Review

  • Perfect poops Cookbook

With more than 50 recipes delicious and good for your health, you can easily bake healthy cookies, brownies or some fantastic desserts for every generation in your family

  • 99 Bowel & Gut Healing weight loss smoothies

Together with desserts, you can also collect healthy smoothies that boosts gut-health and maintain an ideal weight.

More importantly, it provides a solid 1-year money-back guarantee. As soon as I discovered this policy, I still couldn’t keep my mouth closed. Typically, many supplement companies offer only a 2-month money-back guarantee.

But Peak BioBoost’s policy lasts for 365 DAYS. That means Jeremy has too much confidence in his product and its benefits to customers. It is such a brilliant method approaching to customers’ expectations and their trust

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Thank you so much for keeping your patient to read the very last words of my Peak BioBoost review. I am going to sum up my conclusion for this dietary fiber blend.

There is a disadvantage since the price of Peak BioBoost is quite expensive. But as you can see, it offers best-valued bundles with the 6-bottle option. More importantly, the content of these bonuses strategically relates to digestive boosting. So you can combine them to apply to your lifestyle.

Look on the bright side; it is quite beneficial both for overall health and internal organs. The solid 1-year money-back policy guarantee helps you feel safe when using Peak BioBoost. Moreover, the approach of the production process and the method of targeting their customer in a scientific way help to gain a reliable assurance hitting straight to customers’ trust.

I am sure that if you are reading the last paragraph, you already get all my points for this Peak BioBoost review. When you are ready, don’t be hesitant to try it.

Peak Bioboost Review

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Feel free to comment and share your experience with us. Remember to keep on checking our website on your daily routine. We will continue to make honest and detailed products to bring a better life to you.

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