GoDaily Prebiotic Review

GoDaily Prebiotic Review: The Real Constipation Killer?

Welcome to Linkingo.com. Recently, I have noticed that many of my beloved readers are very interested in constipation issues and asked me to find some solutions that can help them. Last month, a reader named John emailed me and shared his story, which motivated me to do this GoDaily Prebiotic review.

Ever since he was a kid, he has always struggled with constipation and bowel movements. Pills, laxatives, and enemas have always been a terrible obsession of his childhood. 

Until now, this problem greatly affected his life, even his job. One time, when he was constipated for 5 days in a row, despite drinking a lot of water and eating plenty of veggies and fruits, nothing worked. Finally, he had to take a very high-dose laxative.

As you may know, many studies show that laxatives should be used in the precise dose and for a specific period of time. Otherwise they will cause several side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and low blood pressure.

And as soon as he took that high-dose laxative, he knew he had overdosed and suffered a ton of side effects. He had diarrhea several times throughout the day, and his stomach pained every time he ate. He felt sick all day and had to leave work that day.

I am sure there are a lot of folks out there who may experience the same conditions as him. Constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can cause sufferers a great deal of difficulty in their daily lives.

While surfing the web finding a solution for him, I accidentally saw an ad for GoDaily Prebiotic. GoDaily Prebiotic claims to help solve the real and root cause of constipation and IBS. You will no longer need laxatives, pills, medicines or doctor’s visits.

I was skeptical and curious about the effects that this product can help users. After hours of research, I would like to bring you the most thorough and prestigious GoDaily Prebiotic Review you have ever read. Let’s begin!

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – What Is GoDaily? 

GoDaily Prebiotic Review

According to its official website, GoDaily Prebiotic is a new nutritional supplement that boosts gut health. It’s made up of six solid and rare natural components that help you maintain a normal stool and have a consistent daily bowel movement. The manufacturer created this product with utilizing cutting-edge technology and is a modernized version of an ancient Japanese recipe. 

GoDaily Prebiotic comes in the form of a flavorless powder, which makes it really easy to drink. 

How GoDaily Prebiotic Works?

GoDaily Prebiotic claims to help solve the root cause of constipation and IBS. So, what is the root cause?

After you eat, the food moves through your digestive tract. The intestines take water and nutrients from the food. Usually, the process continues until it form a stool. Electrical muscle contractions in the intestine then pass the stool out of your body.

The technical term for the movement of poop through your digestive system is myoelectrical activity. That means your body generates electrical signals that make your muscles push poop through your system.

Today’s life is becoming more and more modern, and people have to face a lot of stress, which makes their intestines inflamed.

So now your colon and stomach are swollen as it tries to move food through your 4 to 6 feet of the colon so you can poop it out. And this swelling slows down and almost freezes your myoelectrical activity.

Since your myoelectrical activity has slowed down to the speed of a snail, your intestinal muscles are struggling to move your poop through your system and into the toilet.

In addition, this also makes it take way too long for food to move through your digestive system.

As a result, you can’t poop regularly, and when you do, it is difficult, and your poops are hard.

After determining the real cause of constipation and IBS, GoDaily developed a prebiotic mix to tackle the real issues. GoDaily Prebiotic works by minimizing the stress and strain placed on the liver, intestines, and muscles, allowing the digestive system to function well and the colon to discharge wastes.

Who Created GoDaily Prebiotic?

Regina Oswald was the creator of GoDaily Prebiotic. She partnered with a Japanese chiropractor to launch the supplement. 

Regina had significant digestive problems before she started using GoDaily. Regina felt motivated to make a change after her humiliating bowel movement incident. She developed the supplement based on a “natural Japanese secret” traditionally used to support gut health. Regina was inspired to share her journey with the rest of the world, so she now offers her GoDaily Prebiotic supplement online to anyone seeking comparable relief.

There’s limited information online about the manufacturer of GoDaily. The product is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. However, the manufacturer does not disclose the ingredient sources or manufacturing location for GoDaily. I will contact the manufacturer to find out details and continue to update this article.

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – Benefits of GoDaily?

Here are some of the benefits that the product brings to users:

  • The GoDaily Prebiotic supplement helps you stop constipation and relieves you from related issues.
  • It puts an end to IBS symptoms and doesn’t trigger diarrhea.
  • It improves healthy bowel movements and supports digestion.
  • Prevents you from inflammation.
  • The solution makes you poop easily and nourishes your abdominal region.
  • It can also help you lose excess weight.
  • The solution gives you more energy and makes you active throughout the day.
  • You may not include any restrictive diets or other workouts.
  • Help you flush out the harmful toxins from the body and detoxify your stomach.

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – Ingredients 

According to the creators, all six ingredients in the GoDaily Prebiotic supplement have been thoroughly investigated and subjected to quality tests. In addition to a healthy bowel movement, they each have their own set of advantages. Below are the keys ingredients:

GoDaily Prebiotic Review

Jerusalem Artichoke – This main key ingredient of GoDaily Prebiotic contains the nutrient Inulin (a fructooligosaccharide) that acts as a prebiotic. It helps in producing healthy intestinal bacteria, probiotics and supports a faster breakdown of food and your overall intestinal health. Jerusalem artichoke helps speed up food movement in your digestive tract, so you are more likely to have a good and regular bowel movement.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) FOS is a non-digestible fiber similar to the inulin in Jerusalem artichoke. It boosts the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract and helps smoothly allow the stool to travel out of the body. According to the makers of GoDaily, the FOS in their formula can change the appearance of your stool, helping it become softer and easier to pass.

Tears of Chios Masticum – This is a resin derived from the mastic tree from the island of Chios. It has been known as a constipation ender ingredient and cited by many references for its healing powers. Several studies have also backed that this ingredient contains antioxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

Nopal Powder – is an ingredient from ground nopal fruit, rich in bio-active compounds that help end constipation, bloating, IBS and cramping. It can also speed the processing of your digestion and digestive tract.

Oat Fiber and Psyllium Husk – These 2 ingredients combined play a significant role in regulating your bowel movements and allowing you to poop quickly and pain-free. These two are familiar sources of fiber found in many fibers and prebiotic supplements in the market.

A total of 6 key ingredients contribute so much to the formula that GoDaily Prebiotic uses. The GoDaily Prebiotic formula contains no artificial flavors, additives, or potentially harmful stimulants. It is simply a natural alternative to medicine, laxatives, purgatives, and other medications.

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How to use GoDaily

GoDaily Prebiotic is a tasteless powder mix that you can add to water, coffee, juice, smoothie, protein shake, or other drinks.

It is easy and hassle-free to drink this supplement just by adding it to your regular drink before starting a new day. It will work wonders for your digestion and bowel movements.

You should take 1 GoDaily Prebiotic scoop every day. Each container of this supplement can last last a month. Without a doctor’s permission, you shouldn’t increase the dose.

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – Pros and Cons

Below are the things I like about GoDaily Prebiotic supplement:

  • GoDaily Prebiotic is a non-GMO product that was made from a GMP-certified facility in the USA. 
  • It is very easy to drink because it is a tasteless and odorless powder blend. You can mix it with any beverage you prefer to drink and use daily.
  • The product comes with a 180-day return policy. That’s a very long time for you to try the product 100% risk-free.

However, the product also has its cons:

  • There is insufficient information regarding the manufacturer. 
  • You can only order the GoDaily Prebiotic solution through the official website.

Who Should Use It?

The GoDaily Prebiotic supplement is specifically for: 

  • Those who are sick of chronic constipation.
  • Those who want to stop having constipation without filling their bodies with synthetic ingredients.
  • It works for men and women, regardless of the foods they currently consume or the medications they’ve already tried.
  • People who suffer from stress, which causes a weakened digestive system.

Who Should Not Use It?

  • Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, and under 18.
  • If you suspect that you may have a medical condition, consult your physician before using it or any dietary supplements. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children or pets.
  • You shouldn’t overdose to bring about weight loss effects.
  • If you are not suffering from chronic constipation and want an immediate bowel movement, this product is not for you.

Pricing And Purchasing GoDaily 

Now let me ask you a question. How much have you been spending on pills, laxatives and doctor’s visits over the previous years? $200? $300? $500? Thousands? Well, many digestive supplements in the market are very expensive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you think GoDaily Prebiotic will cost a fortune as well.

However, the price of this product is surprisingly reasonable. The manufacturer provides their customers with three purchasing offers:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.97 + $7.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $119.91 + $7.95 Shipping
  • 5 Bottles: $174.85 + Free US Shipping

GoDaily Prebiotic Review

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As you see, the more you purchase, the lower the cost will be. According to the manufacturer, it’s essential to take GoDaily for at least 3 to 5 months. The longer you use GoDaily, the more the nutrients build up in your body,  making it even more effective. 

It’s for all of these reasons that the maker personally recommends choosing at least 3 bottles of GoDaily (that’s a 3 month supply)… or 5 bottles ( that’s a 5 month supply) for even more considerable savings.

One bottle of GoDaily Prebiotic is a good supply for 30 days. So with the purchase of 5 bottles, you can use GoDaily in 5 months, which means you only have to spend $34.97 per month and save $225. In my opinion, this is such a reasonable price, especially in comparison with other constipation-free methods. 

According to surveys, the price for the treatment of constipation was nearly $70 a month. As you purchase GoDaily Prebiotic, you will have a chance to solve your constipation, lose some extra weight and live a happy and healthier life. 

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – Refund Policy

If you are still skeptical, let me tell you, you don’t have to. The manufacturer protects its customers with a 180-day unconditional money-back guarantee. It means if GoDaily doesn’t show any effect after six months, you can call GoDaily Prebiotic hotline: 866-410-2217, M-F: 9 am – 5 pm EST to get all of your money back. Their customer service will process the refund as fast as your order, without any questions asked!

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Is GoDaily Prebiotic a drug?

No. GoDaily Prebiotic is a nutritional supplement for anyone who wishes to improve their gut health.

Is It Safe To Use GoDaily? GoDaily Side Effects?

The GoDaily formula is 100% natural with a proven list of ingredients. It is made under strict safety standards by following the FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility guidelines, ensuring that you will get the proper dosage with no harmful components included.

What if my constipation continue after adding GoDaily to my daily routine?

The creators understand that every person is different, so they provide up to 180 days to return the product for a full refund. You will get a full and automatic refund on every penny you have paid for it, as you get a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee that will be detailed further whenever you purchase any supply of the supplement.

GoDaily Prebiotic Review – Final Verdict

Overall, GoDaily provides the natural way to eliminate one of the most uncomfortable issues that the gut and intestines can go through. Most of the ingredients are used to help with either the softness of the stool or to reduce inflammation and irritation.

In addition, with the 180-day refund policy, you don’t have to risk anything. And you still get to experience a product that has safe ingredients and helps you have a healthy gut. 

Up to this point, John has been using GoDaily for 3 weeks. He said that he had got positive results, such as no longer having difficulty in having a bowel movement. And most importantly, he feels so much happier in life. 

It comes to the end of our GoDaily reviews. I hope it can help John and all of my readers with the same issue.

Would you please share this post if you find it helpful? If you have any further questions or want me to review another product, please leave a comment. Thank you for taking the time to read and support.

GoDaily Prebiotic Review

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