smart solar box review

Smart Solar Box Review – Does It Really Help Cut Down High Electric Bills?

Dear distinguished readers. I guess most of you who are reading this review of Smart Solar Box is looking for an alternative energy solution for your family. Is that right?

It is relatable to me. The pandemic is spreading all over the world, plunging most countries into recession. According to the World Bank report, the per capita income in countries witnessed the sharpest fall since 1870, due to the virus. 

But even when your income has been cut by one-third or up to a half, the electric price is to stay still, which is as high as usual. That is when you get to find a backup plan. And a second power source sounds like a perfect option for your present financial status. 

Today, is going to give you an unbiased, detailed assessment of this product. So let’s dive right in.

What Is Smart Solar Box? 

smart solar box review

Smart Solar Box PDF

Smart Solar Box (also called Smart Power 4 All) is an online program created by Ryan Tanner with both video and electronic formats. More specifically, it is a tutorial showing you how to build a solar energy generator by yourself. The design is for harnessing solar power even on cloudy days, and a single charge can last you up to 20 hours.

Ryan Tanner invented this e-module to hope that everyone can have their own power bank as a backup for emergencies. 

Taking inspiration from his father’s solar box, Ryan has brought that fantastic idea to the public to free people from the expensive electricity. With comprehensive and down to earth instructions, the guide promises to grant you an alternative power station you have always been dreaming of.

Smart Solar Box Review – Who is Ryan Tanner?

smart solar box review

Ryan Tanner

The inventor of this product, Ryan Tanner, is a 52-year-old mechanic from Milwaukee. According to the story he shares on the product’s official website, he and his family once got stuck in his father’s house where blackouts and white storms could happen. And they did occur during 3 days his family stayed there. 

However, the whole family did not have any idea of the electricity cut back then as their house was still powered by a mysterious technology. That secret turned out to be a little box that uses sunlight to generate power. After the 3-day blizzard, he started to dig deeper into the box structure to realize it was very low-cost yet extremely efficient. 

The more exciting the product is, the more I want to know about the author. So I try to look for every single piece of his personal information all over the Internet. Sadly enough, everything I gain remains nothing more than a portrait of him on the official website and one profile picture on Goodreads

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, I found the line “Ryan Tanner is a pen name”. Yeah, the author gave us a pseudonym, not his real name. That is the reason why no Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube accounts were found. 

Very little information of the author emerges my doubt. And with a skeptical mind, I am continuing to assess this program on other possible criteria.

What can you gain from Smart Solar Box?

Here are the promises from the producer of Smart Solar Box:

A stable, efficient power bank: 

This design can generate a considerable amount of electricity to run any electronic appliances in the household. All including the TV screens, refrigerators or washing machines can be powered. According to the site, the box can help reduce 68% of your electric bills, which is a fantastic thing. With it, you will have to take care of the rest 32% of the high electricity cost.

Charge time cut by half.

There is a secret in the way Tanner’s father adjusted his power bank. He amazingly halved the charge time required, yet the machine could still generate almost twice as much power. It sounds like a magical thing. But who can tell magic doesn’t exist, right?. 

A low-cost energy generator

Compared to the conventional thousand-dollar solar systems, this little box will just cost you  around $200 to build. Especially, Ryan Tanner has revealed a piece of the secret, the old car batteries. Those batteries are super easy to find. They are almost everywhere with simple maintenance and can be recycled as well. Such a budget-friendly option, don’t you think?.

Smart Solar Box Review – What is included?

The entire program is cleverly broken down into 5 chapters, helping readers follow the steps more easily. 

smart solar box review

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Chapter 1: Introduction

This part is just to give you an overview of solar power’s principles and technical knowledge you have to know before getting started. Although it is only the opening, it is totally no less important than the other parts of the program. So remember to go through it, guys.

Chapter 2: Tools and components

The second chapter prepares you for the building process. Here you will find the needed tools and components for the generator. Gather them all and step into the next section. 

Chapter 3: Building Smart Solar Box

The emphasis of the book is on this one. The heart of this program will unveil the hidden keys behind the machine. In this part, you will go through 4 more sub-steps, including assembly of solar panels, the box building, the wiring, and a brief recap to review the whole process. Every single thing you do in this chapter may decide whether you succeed or not. So take it carefully!

Chapter 4: Testing device

No device should be put into practice without being tested first. So is the Smart Solar Box. With the assembly process being done comes this very end step. Device testing helps ensure the safety and efficiency of the machine.

Chapter 5: Lists of places where you can find the components

You will probably feel so confused in chapter 2 about where to buy the components. Don’t worry because we have this very last chapter. This part is all about the locations of the required components. Everything you need to do now is to follow the instructions. Good luck!

Pros and cons of Smart Solar Box


Let’s begin this section by looking at the advantages of this program:

Easy to follow and meticulous.

The target readers of this online tutorial are not specialists or experts in electric science. On the contrary, it really concentrates on people with little knowledge about power systems. So please don’t be afraid to try if you are not specialized in this field. It is a beginner-based program. 

As you can see in the previous part, the table of contents speaks volumes about the meticulousness of the product. It even shows us where to buy the essential stuff. Detailed as it is, it does  not give me the feeling of a dull, lengthy book. I quite like the layout of this book’s sections. They are clearly divided, which eases my eyes. 

Environmentally friendly

I love the ideas of green energies. Solar energy is among the most common types of green power. As fossil fuels are getting less and less every year, the environment is becoming more polluted. The need for an alternative eco-friendly energy source has never been that urgent. It is why Smart Solar Box maybe my recommendation to you. 


As I scan over and over on the main website, I find the seller is not trying to conceal anything. If other sellers are willing to go any lengths to advertise their products flawlessly, Ryan Tanner does not. Or at least he does not make the exaggerations. He admits the limits of the generator, which I am going to talk about later.  


Only digitally available

Many people may prefer a printed book to an online one. Having the program in digital form means that you have to have constant internet access all the time. But it is all okay because you can print it out after your purchase. Or, if you find yourself too lazy to read, the video tutorial is always ready to use. 

Over 200-dollar cost

As I have mentioned in the pros section, Ryan has informed an extra-charge beforehand. 

For big houses, you guys may need to build more boxes, which will cost more than just $200. But as long as the profit comes, the investments are worth it. 

Smart Solar Box Customer Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

It is currently a 4.08-star product on Goodreads. It has received a lot of good comments from the readers. On the whole, many readers give compliments on the usefulness of its contents. Accordingly, the book possesses well-written information with detailed illustrations. 

smart solar box review


Moving onto the complaints, I feel relieved not to find so many of them. One outstanding feedback is that the book is not simple enough for good comprehension. 

But it was that comment giver himself shared he did not mind this point. 

So I went on searching for more feedback from customers in other book review communities. And I found the below:

smart solar box review

Source: Continuum Books

There is a comment saying Smart Solar Box sounds like a scam. However, as you can see, the person seemingly has not used this before. So I think his criticism is one-sided and unconvincing. 

Another response from a real generator builder says that it will cost more than $200 for the machine. In fact, he spent over $980 on this. Well, it is partly true. This man has a 3-storey house, which means he would need a lot of power. I think $980 is the right cost. And as Ryan Tanner has foretold, big houses will need more than one solar box. 

Everything is still so good so far! 

Smart Solar Box Review – Is The Price Reasonable?

$27 is the price of this program at the moment. Compared to other alternative power solutions, it is a little bit higher. But everything happens for a reason. I believe it has some unique features to be sold at that price. Generally, $27 is not a large sum of money. Especially when this product can give you many benefits and great bonuses as well. 

But if you luckily see the below popup window, click it, and you will have a very appealing deal. A complete program is offered at only $19.79, nearly $7 saved. But remember, the discount program will not last long. Claim it before it disappears!smart solar box review

smart solar box review

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Smart Solar Box Review – Will You Get Bonuses?

You are going to receive two bonuses for free:

smart solar box review

Bonus #1: 10 Easy Steps To Build Your Solar Panels. 

smart solar box review

If you have been successful with the solar box and want to go further, this book is for you. It teaches you how to craft your own solar panels from PV. Just like the main manual, this bonus is very comprehensive. It covers everything from materials needed to each step’s instructions.

Bonus #2: Build Your Own Wind Generator.

smart solar box review

Or, if you are tired of solar energy, take a look at this wind generator guidebook. It shows how to make wind turbines to generate power and relevant knowledge. Wind energy is really an exciting idea to go. So with just nearly $20, you can have more than one type of power for yourself and your family – What a good deal.

The producer guarantees you and your money with a refund policy. You will have a 60-day trial before genuinely coming to the final decision. It is a massive advantage of the Smart Solar Box. I guess 60 days are enough for you to make up your mind on whether to buy it or not, aren’t they?

With all the positive comments above, I reckon Smart Solar Box will not let you down. So why not give it a try? 

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Smart Solar Box Review – Who is it for?

The program is not designed for any specific type of customer. That means everyone can use it. Even those who do not have the faintest idea about electricity can still well digest it. But of course, people who long for a reduced electric bill are its top priority.

Or if you do not mind paying bills but love the environment so bad, go green with this program. 

It is also a good option for reading enthusiasts. An information-rich book is always going to please you, I bet. 

Who is it not for?

As I said right in the previous part, this is a user-friendly program. But if you find no need to buy it, the decision is all up to you. Take time and carefully think about it, no pressure here!

My Advice To You

In case you don’t need 60 days to figure out that you want it or not, this junior access is for you. Pay $1 and you will be able to get access to the guide book and video. Not only that, you can also have the bonuses, suggestion for parts and tools as well as the tips in building the machine. It would definitely save you lots of time and money. Take it into consideration, my friends!

smart solar box review

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Smart Solar Box Review – Final Verdict

The Smart Solar Box is a powerful device that can run a whole house despite its petite size. Although there are still shortcomings of the product, they are acceptable, in my opinion. 

Also, the valuable feedback from the real experiencers tells a lot about its reliability. I appreciate the core quality rather than any kind of sale-off, discount, or promotion. But what if we could have both quality and bonuses? Then get yourself a blueprint of Smart Solar Box as it has all of them. 

smart solar box review

smart solar box review

With all those analyses, will you give Smart Solar Box a chance? Please leave me your answer.

If you find this review helpful, please drop a comment down below. is also very glad to know if you find any dissatisfaction. Either way, please notify us for more future improvements. Thank you for your precious time, and see you in our next reviews. 


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