bulletproof home review

The Bulletproof Home Review: Non-Conventional But Effective House Defense Tips?

The current COVID-19 pandemic, and any type of crisis in general, is a great chance for looters to attack your house. Some of our readers had concerns about this, so they requested us to do a review on Bulletproof Home program.

When it comes to home defense, you might have heard of these common tips: stockpile food and drink in one particular place, build high walls so intruders can’t get in, or build an alarm system and security cameras. However, according to The Bulletproof Home, these tactics are not effective in a real crisis. Rather, because they are so common, intruders will know about them and have a higher chance of penetrating your defense.

The Bulletproof Home claims to give us more useful and practical self-defense tactics. These are apparently used by people who had survived through countless civil wars and live to tell their stories. And these methods won’t take much time and money to follow. I’m sure you’re getting skeptical, and so am I, because this sounds too perfect. Therefore, in this Bulletproof Home Review, I will examine if it works as it claims.

What Is “The Bulletproof Home”?

bulletproof home review

The Bulletproof Home PDF

The Bulletproof Home is a digital survival book. It focuses on defending your home against looters and intruders, especially during a crisis. Of course, it can also be applied in our daily life. And unlike other survival books, this book focuses explicitly on non-conventional defense tactics. It claims that what we usually see as “defense tactics” couldn’t protect us in a real dire situation. The Bulletproof Home program aims to introduce methods that are less usual, but apparently more realistic.

In the program, you will learn the true ways to keep intruders away from your house. Additionally, it provides other skills such as persuading others to take up prepping with you or keeping your children under control so they won’t give away your location by being noisy.

All of these skills are practical and realistic because they are taken from actual 21st-century warzones, from lawless states with frequent social chaos. In those places, people lack the time and money to set up high walls or security cameras. However, they still manage to develop an impenetrable defense for their families. If you follow their tips, you may also succeed in setting up good protection for your family.

Bulletproof Home Review – What Benefits It Brings?

The Bulletproof Home program intends to show you less conventional but more effective home defense strategies. Because of this, it can be useful for you in these ways:

  • Explain why mainstream strategies don’t work: Many home defense tactics sound good on papers, but actually end up very awful in the real world. This program tells you why those are bad and why you shouldn’t use them. This will give you a better look on what you should consider to defend your house.
  • Give you effective tactics for the least time and money: The author stresses that the strategies used in this book don’t take much time and money to prepare. This is because the people who practiced these barely have money to get by, and most of their time was spent on being cautious of intruders. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about paying a lot for complex and expensive mainstream defense methods.
  • Give you a sense of peace: Because it tells you what you should do and how you should prepare your house for a crisis, you won’t have to worry too much for the future. In an actual crisis, your family will be in peace of mind knowing that rioting mobs can’t get into your house.
  • Have other skills that can benefit your daily life: Even if you might never have to face a crisis, a lot of skills in this program can help with defending yourself in general. For instance, there is advice for sharpening your senses and making you more alert. This can make you feel safer walking alone on the streets at night.

Who Is The Author?

According to the official website, the author’s name is Steve Walker. He decided to create this program after having been a part of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. He was with his sister at the time and they stayed with a neighbor called Amir who had prepared food, water, and ammo. Yet, one careless moment of cooking outside had attracted the rioting mobs and killed Amir who hid in the basement. Ashamed that he couldn’t do anything to save his friend’s life, Steve Walker was determined to discover better survival tactics.

Steve Walker decided to research by traveling to Syria, Sudan, and the Congo for two years. He wanted to find out how people in poor, war-stricken countries managed to keep their families and their stockpiles secure. Then he gathered what he learned into “The Bulletproof Home” program.

Unfortunately, this information is the only information I could find about him. There wasn’t even a photo of him. I couldn’t find his social media or YouTube channel either. I personally think that if he was more active on the internet, it would make him more trustworthy. However, The Bulletproof Home actually got a lot of positive reviews, so I suppose he had truly made a legitimate product.

The Bulletproof Home Review – What Is Inside The Book?

With 149 pages, the book has plenty of advice of all kinds for defending your home. However, before elaborating on those, the author wants us to remember 3 important lessons:

#1: The real key to prevent invaders from getting into your home is not fences, walls, or protective barriers.

#2: Pay close attention to the footprint you are leaving behind. Don’t let it be known that you have food while others are hungry.

#3: Never hide your stockpile in your basement. That’s the first place looters and government officials will search and see whether you’re hiding something important.

Point 2 seems understandable enough, but how about point 1 and point 3? You would usually expect that having high walls will stop invaders from climbing into your house, right? And the basement tends to be hard to access if you are not familiar with the house, so it might not be that strange to hide your stockpile inside there? And yet, the author is certain that those methods won’t work, because he has seen firsthand what would be the right thing to do.

Once you have taken the 3 lessons to heart, the program starts to unveil the tips it has inside:

– On page 12, you learn how to persuade your spouse to take up prepping. It also tells you how to prepare your home so that it’s ready for a disaster, without disrupting our everyday life.

– On page 16, you will find out what you must do to drive away a hungry mob, even when your family is out of ammo. This is a real case study from the Argentina collapse. In that incident, one bullet threw away a gang of 16 people.

– On page 35, you’ll learn a protocol developed by an Israeli on how to make other people think that you’re out of food, even though you have a 10 years stockpile in your home!

– On page 37, you will know the skills to get even the rowdiest kids to maintain Operation Security. This is important because kids often misbehave and can push your family in danger by alerting them to your presence.

– Page 42 will give you the secret to hiding your water storage tank. Most people think that it’s impossible to high hundreds of gallons of water, but this page will prove to you that it can be done cheaply and easily.

– Page 44 tells you why security alarms are almost useless in keeping looters out in a crisis. You will then learn about a $0.50 ‘silent’ alarm that works without electricity and doesn’t alert the intruder.

– Page 45 shows you a strange psychological trick used commonly by the FBI that controls the mind of any intruder and gets them far away from your family. This underground technique is apparently so powerful, several countries have banned it.

– On page 59, you will discover 3 ‘quick fixes’ to strengthen any structure like your doors. These fixes can be more effective in keeping out intruders than a solid steel door.

– Page 68 tells you why you should never have a safe room. In movies, they might sound good to have, but they are proven to be deadly in a crisis situation. The author will also show you something safer and more effective than a safe room.

– On page 105, you will learn how to magically install ‘situational awareness’ of a veteran soldier inside you and sharpen your sight, smells, and hearing almost instantly. No intruder will ever surprise you.

And yet, those tips above are still just a part of what this book can offer! The author really researched a lot and put all good house defense advice in the program. After finishing the program, you will get the most practical possible knowledge of house defense. Not only that, though, but some skills would also be usable even for daily life. For instance, the tip to get your children on their best behavior can be great for anyone who has to deal with disobedient kids. And the $0.50 ‘silent’ alarm might be a gift for those who feel like they need a security alarm.

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The Bulletproof Home Review – Pros and Cons:


  • Comprehensive: This is one of the most easy-to-digest survival books. The author explains his points in an understandable manner.
  • Practical and realistic tips: As explained above, some tips we might assume to be common house defense knowledge wouldn’t work in a real crisis. However, the methods of this program are taken from people who had survived through true crisis and horror. They will be more realistic and effective against a real horde of insane intruders.
  • Time and money-saving: When a sudden crisis comes, you won’t usually have enough time and budget to prepare for defending your house. The tips will provide you with methods that you can follow in a short time, with a tight budget, and still manage a solid defense for your house.
  • For everyone: Thanks to being comprehensively written, this book would be a good read for anyone. No matter who you are, you can pick it up and understand what it is trying to tell you.
  • Include a lot of bonuses and a 60-day refund policy: The book has 5 bonuses along with it. These bonuses offer other useful advice to help with staying alive in a crisis. And the 60-day refund policy is there to make sure that you won’t lose anything even if you end up disliking the book after purchasing.


  • No physical version: The Bulletproof Home is only available in digital format, and so are its bonuses. You may print the book out for more convenient reading, though.
  • A lot of information to take in: There are lots of advice and tips, so you might feel a bit overwhelmed and wonder if you can remember them all. While the information is easy to understand, it might take a while before you can truly master everything the program contains.

Who Will Need The Bulletproof Home?

  • In general, The Bulletproof Home would be great for those who want to prepare for a rioting crisis. The 2011 Egyptian Revolution that the author had experienced was a prime example of a sudden uproar that could throw you off guard. Improving your house defense and stockpiling food and water right away with this program will give you more of an advantage. If a crisis does come, you won’t have anything to worry about because you have prepared.
  • Even without a crisis, this information and knowledge are still necessary for anyone who wants to improve their home security. Many might be living in unsafe neighborhoods with frequent burglars and robbers, but can’t move yet for work, a tight budget, or other reasons. This program will help with making you feel more secure in your home. You and your family can sleep in peace and won’t have to be always alert of burglars at night.

Who Will Not Need It?

  • If you are feeling safe with your current home defense, and don’t believe that a riot or crisis may happen in the future, this program won’t be necessary.
  • People who live in a more peaceful neighborhood might not need it either.

Bulletproof Home Customer Reviews And Feedback

The feedback that I managed to find is mostly positive. Many customers reported that they feel safer after following the advice in the program. They also said that the book was indeed very easy to understand and follow. In general, most agreed that The Bulletproof Home indeed works and isn’t a waste of money.

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

So far, there hasn’t been a negative review that I could find. While this is a good thing because it means the book is reliable, I hoped that negative feedback would give me a more objective view on the book. If you have experienced The Bulletproof Home or know someone who did, please leave a comment below.

Bulletproof Home Review – Is It Affordable?

You can purchase it on the official website. According to the author, the regular price for the methods in The Bulletproof Home is $497. However, he has reduced the price to $67 so it can reach more people in need. And if you order soon, the price will be only $37.

And that $37 price includes all 5 bonus books that you will get along with the main program. They may be essential to your survival during a social and economic breakdown.

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Bonus 1: “Crash Proof: How to Survive an Economic Collapse”.

bulletproof home review

It will be your bible in the coming mass economic breakdown. Financial crisis happen all the time and many people see their life savings wiped out in a matter of days. Yet there are others who still live normally in economic crisis despite simply being normal people. If you’re wondering what are the first things you should do in an economic collapse, it might be good to read this.

Bonus 2: “Doctor in a Box”.

bulletproof home review

It shows you how to stay alive when there’s no doctor in sight. This will come in handy when hospitals are closed, or when there’s severe damage to the grid and you can only rely on yourself. This can NOT replace actual medical training but does show you how to legally stockpile prescription antibiotics, even when your pharmacist won’t let you buy more than a month’s supply. It teaches you how to defend yourself against cholera and dysentery that have killed many in a crisis. It also shows how to deal with fractures and respiratory infections, and what natural remedies work when the health system is down.

Bonus 3: “Boomer’s Guide to Prepping”.

bulletproof home review

If you’re over 60 years old or have any illness that affects your mobility, this is for you. While the elderly are usually the most vulnerable in a disaster, this book is determined to prove that it’s wrong. You will learn what you should say when you are face-to-face with a criminal. And it also gives you the advice to get help for setting up your home defense plan without spending money. Another is a strange method that allows you to grow your own food in your garden without any kind of work.

Bonus 4: “Unlimited Power”

bulletproof home review

Electricity is not only expensive, but it is also vulnerable to a targeted grid attack or an EMP. This bonus not only helps you save money and become more self-sufficient, but it also shows you how to keep your freezer and AC running even when the grid is down. You won’t need to spend money on generators, solar panels, or wind turbine systems. Instead, this book uses alternative power sources that are affordable and sometimes even free.

Bonus 5: “Ultimate Prepping Coach”.

bulletproof home review

It shows you tips that take less than 30 minutes a day and guide you on the way of prepping.

If that still can’t convince you, the author has included a 60-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with what the program offers, you can send an email to support@bulletproofhome.com within 60 days after buying. This is the official support email. You should write the words “Return Question” in the subject line so they can address your problem more quickly. And then you will get your money back. You won’t have to worry about losing money or risking anything.

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The Bulletproof Home Review – Conclusion:

It comes to the end of my Bulletproof Home Review. I shall conclude that this is a ideal home defense book. It has been used by many people who all feel more secure with their home after following its advice. With the program, you won’t be taken aback by any sudden rioting crisis and can stay inside your home, perfectly safe and sound.

And even if a rioting crisis never comes, The Bulletproof Home can still be useful for other daily life needs. For instance, the current COVID-19 pandemic is dealing with a massive blow to the economy. One of the bonus books above can show you what to do in this economic collapse. And the cheap alternative power sources can help with reducing your power bills. This program can be considered as one of the essential items in the bookshelf of every family.

Remember that by purchasing through the official website, you will get The Bulletproof Home and all of its bonuses for just $37. The 60-day refund policy will also be there to ensure that you can get refund if you don’t like it.

bulletproof home review

bulletproof home review

Thank you for reading my The Bulletproof Home Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time!



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