Steel Bite Pro Review

Steel Bite Pro Review: Read First Before Buying This Supplement!

As you already know, our readers often share their stories with Linkingo via emails or Facebook messages. Many of them have found solutions to treat their diseases, and we are so grateful to know that our advice could be useful for them. However, some are still struggling with their conditions. One of the most mentioned problems is tooth decay. That motivated me to write today’s Steel Bite Pro review. 

According to surveys, more than one in four adults in the U.S have untreated tooth decay. Interestingly, everyone heard this usual dental advice countless times: You should brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Most people will tell their dentists that they have been following this advice daily, to the point that it becomes their habit. If so, how can tooth decay still be such a prevalent condition? The fact is that, no matter how carefully you brush your teeth, at least 10% of the bacteria will remain inside the gum pockets. Your toothbrush can’t reach that part of your mouth as it only works with the surface of the teeth. Hence, it doesn’t matter how perfect your teeth look on the outside; there will always be 10% of the bacteria chewing at their root. 

Every medical method has certain disadvantages. Dental floss is capable of cleaning the dental debris, but they hurt your already inflamed gums. While mouthwash can go deeper under the gum, it can’t break the plaque. Moreover, it kills your taste buds. Dental scaling is recommended to be done at least once a week, as the most effective method of teeth cleaning. Still, this is a double-edged sword: If you do it too often, dental scaling will ruin your enamel, leaving your teeth more vulnerable. 

What in the world could be powerful enough to reach the bacteria and clear them once and for all, without harming your teeth enamel? The Steel Bite Pro supplement claims to be that ultimate solution. Still, does it really work? Let’s find out with Linkingo!

Firstly, What Is Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro Review

Steel Bite Pro Supplement.

Curious, I checked out the official website of this product, hoping to see how the manufacturer of Steel Bite Pro got such confidence. According to the page, Steel Bite Pro is a dental health supplement that works to secure oral hygiene. Though just being released not long ago, the product gained quite a lot of attention due to its being all-natural. “Steel Bite Pro contains only plant-based herbal vitamins and mineral ingredients that work to reduce the bacteria deep in the gum. It poses absolutely no risk to your body, so anyone can take the supplement without worrying about side-effects”, the website wrote. 

The product has been manufactured in the United States, and the faculty follow the GMD standard. The entire production progress went under the most strict, sterile, and precise standards. Steel Bite Pro comes in a bottle, and each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Now I see why the manufacturer is so confident about Steel Bite Pro. Compared with other dental health products on the market, the supplement’s huge advantage is that it has no side-effect at all. But does it cure the problem? We still need to examine more. 

Steel Bite Pro Review – About The Creator.

On the official website, the mastermind behind this product is Thomas Spear. Spear has spent over 30 years being a chemistry teacher until he realized how big an issue he was facing. While being asleep, he almost died choking on a tooth. It was not until that moment did Spear know he was dealing with periodontitis. He met with Dr. “S.T”, whom he kept anonymous to retain privacy. He received advice about how various herbs and plants can help to reduce bacteria and strengthen teeth. That led to the creation of Steel Bite Pro. 

Honestly, I’m skeptical about this story. Understandably, there isn’t any information about Thomas Spear on the internet since the Steel Bite Pro supplement is his first product. He was an ordinary chemistry teacher back then, not a famous dentist or scientist. Because Dr. S.T has already retired, I can empathize with the decision to protect his privacy as well. However, the lack of information makes it very hard to confirm the reliability of Steel Bite Pro.

How Does The Steel Bite Pro Work? 

Luckily, though, Thomas Spear explained the way the formula of Steel Bite Pro works comprehensively on the page. 

Thomas Spear said that there’s one thing that can reach every corner of your mouth and goes under your gums, which is your saliva. It is your teeth and gums’ natural defense since it contains antibacterial properties, and minerals and proteins. However, its power is limited. Without any help from outside, there is no way for saliva to break all the tartar or fight against countless multiplying bacteria.

As a result, the Steel Bite Pro was created, using a unique formula that contains certain herbs and plans. Thomas Spear and Dr. S.T selected these ingredients carefully, so when they mix with saliva, the combination shall turn into a potent weapon against the termite-bacteria. 

The formula works in six steps: 

  1. As you take the supplement, your body shall absorb it. Immediately, Steel Bite Pro will break the existing plaque and tartar that have been loosening your gums. It then creates a comfortable environment for the termite-bacteria. 
  2. In the second phase, the ingredients will track down the bacteria and destroy them. You will notice your teeth and gums stop bleeding. There is no more inflammatory. 
  3. As a result, it tightens your gums, heals the wounds in the tooth root. 
  4. This step is to strengthen your teeth crowns. The supplement does this by providing the necessary minerals and vitamins. Moreover, it repairs your cracks. 
  5. It is the phase where your mouth shall be detoxified and purified from the bacteria. You will notice your body gets lighter and healthier because the bacteria in your mouth can affect your overall health
  6. Now, the supplement has completed the process. The ingredients will play the role of a shield to protect you from further oral problems. 

As I did some research, I found out that the creator of Steel Bite Pro is right about the importance of saliva in protecting your teeth and gum. It is capable of cleansing your teeth and gum, as well as speed up wound healing. However, saliva is not capable of killing all the germs. It is reasonable if Steel Bite Pro claims to “mix” with our saliva to create a stronger defense against oral bacteria.

Of course, we can not confirm this effect if we don’t analyze the Steel Bite Pro ingredients.

Steel Bite Pro Review – Ingredients. 

  • Berberine.

The creator of the Steel Bite Pro supplement cited research, indicating that Berberine is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. Scientists confirmed its ability to fight against harmful microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites). Therefore, it works in step 1 to break the plaque and destroy the bacteria in your gums.

  • Turmeric and Milk Thistle.

To further assist the Berberine herbs, Thomas Spear also added Turmeric and Milk Thistle. According to a research, Turmeric is an antimicrobial herb with the ability to remove plaque, bacteria, and inflammation. Meanwhile, Milk Thistle can help treat the liver’s damage caused by heavy metals, like mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. They act in cleaning up and detoxifying your mouth and body from the toxins. 

  • Artichoke and Red Rasberry.

Both of these plants, especially artichoke, are shown to be loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, vitamin C, phosphorus, and magnesium. Their roles begin in step 2 where the supplement kills the bacteria and treats mouth infection. 

  • Yarrow.

According to researchers from King’s College London, the Yarrow plant is very useful in increasing fibroblasts. It is the cells responsible for regenerating connective tissues, assisting your body to recover from injury. It helps to tighten the gums and heal the wound the bacteria caused. 

  • Grape Seeds Extract.

Thomas Spear cited research in 2017, showing the ability of grape seeds in preventing the growth of common foodborne bacteria. This ingredient will help protect your teeth even when the progress of the supplement is completed. 

What Will You Get After Using This Supplement?

After using Steel Bite from 14 – 20 days, the manufacturer commits that it will benefit you:

  • The supplement can stop your gums from bleeding and receding. 
  • It stops the pain and treats the infection.
  • You will be free from plaque and cavity problems.
  • Moreover, you no longer suffer from gingivitis and periodontal diseases. 
  • Your breath will get better. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by smelly breath anymore.
  • Your teeth will become whiter now, without the help of any chemical products. 
  • As a result, you will be more confident. 
  • It saves you from expensive dental implants. You also won’t suffer from nerve damage or paralysis as your infection has been treated. 
  • The supplement improves your overall health as oral bacteria can affect your body in general. 

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Steel Bite Pro Review – How Should You Take It?

You should take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water whenever you feel comfortable. It works best if you take them after meals, though, since it is the time when the bacteria are most active. 

The results are visible after 2 – 3 weeks of using the Steel Bite Pro supplement. You should take it for at least 90 days to thoroughly treat your oral problems.

Despite being 100% natural, anything overdosed can create harmful impacts on your body. Therefore, you should stick to the recommended dosage and do not try to exceed it.

Steel Bite Pro Customer Reviews And Feedback.

Just being launched not so long, there are few reviews regarding the Steel Bite Pro supplement on the internet. However, some customers who used the product shared their positive experiences with the product. They said the supplement healed their tooth pain and treated their cavities in a short time.

Steel Bite Pro Review

Steel Bite Pro Review

Linkingo will keep track of customers’ feedback and constantly update the article. You can follow us to get the newest information about the Steel Bite Pro supplement. If you see any negative feedback or want to share your personal experience, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know! 

Steel Bite Pro Review – Who Is This Product For?

After researching, Linkingo supposes this product is most suitable for:

  • Anyone above 18 years old faces oral problems, such as tooth decay, cavities, swollen gums, and bad breath.
  • Those who want to stop their tooth pain but don’t want to go through a painful and expensive treatment. 
  • If your teeth show no problem at the moment, but you want to keep them clean and free from bacteria, this supplement is for you.
  • As the product is 100% natural and consists of only herbs and plants, vegetarians can also consume the Steel Bite Pro without any problem. 

Who Should Not Use It?

  • Please note that the Steel Bite Pro supplement is not for children under 18. 
  • Pregnant and nursing women should consult a doctor or physician before taking any supplement. 
  • Do check out the ingredient list carefully to see if you are allergic to any of them. If you do, it is necessary to ask your doctor before consuming the Steel Bite Pro. 
  • The supplement consists of natural ingredients; therefore, it might not work as fast as medical methods. As mentioned above, it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks for you to see the results. If you want something that can be effective immediately, the Steel Bite Pro is not for you.
  • Thomas Spear advises you to use the Steel Bite Pro supplement only if your problem is limited to dental hygiene alone. If you experience fever, headache, and confusion, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Supplement. 

Below, Linkingo lists out all the things we would like to compliment this product:

  • The manufacturer explained how it works clearly and comprehensively, with a detailed ingredient list.  It shows their confidence toward the Steel Bite Pro supplement. Moreover, customers can quickly check if there is any ingredient they can’t consume or not before buying. 
  • It is 100% natural, vegan-friendly and poses no side-effects. 
  • It takes you less than 2 seconds a day to clean your teeth and gums deeply from inside. 
  • The supplement is capable of dealing with various dental problems, from tooth decay to gums disease. 
  • Results are visible after 2 – 3 weeks, which is a short time because this is an all-natural product. 

However, the product is not perfect: 

  • There is not much information regarding the creator and the manufacturer.
  • So far, Steel Bite Pro is only available for purchase on its official website. It means you can only purchase it online, making it harder for the elders who are not tech-savvy. 
  • You will have to wait a few days before the supplement is delivered to your place.
  • Shipping is limited to the U.S and Canada. If you live outside these regions, the product is not yet available for purchase.

Steel Bite Pro Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

Before writing this Steel Bite Pro review, I did some research. In most cases, tooth decay will lead to periodontitis. To treat it, you shall have to go through the progress of: 

  • Gum grafts: This costs around $600 per gum. The price can go up if your gums are severely damaged. 
  • Filling and root canals: If your teeth are not damaged too severely, you can perform this to save them. However, you will have to go through a lot of pain. The prices range from $500 – $2,000, depending on the damage and the position of the teeth. 
  • Pocket elimination surgery: This is a surgery to strengthen the gums. It costs approximately $6,000. 
  • Implants: In the worst case, doctors cannot treat your teeth with the filling and root canals method. Therefore, you will need to replace your teeth with a dental implant, which costs around $4,500. If you have periodontitis, you often have to replace more than one. 

All of that will cost a fortune. The list doesn’t end here, though. Once you apply any, you shall have to come back for maintenance once every few months, which will cost around $100 each. 

Then, how much does the Steel Bite Pro cost? It can save you from tooth decay and gum disease. It can deeply clean your mouth and whiten your teeth. Does it cost a fortune, too? Unfortunately, this product doesn’t. As mentioned above, the only place you can purchase the Steel Bite Pro supplement is the official website. Once you get there, you will have 3 choices: 

  • One month supply: You will receive 1 bottle for $69.
  • Three-month supply: You will receive 3 bottles for $177. It means each bottle only costs $59. 
  • Six-month supply: You will receive 6 bottles for $294. It is the combo with the best price, as it means each bottle only costs $49. 

Steel Bite Pro Review

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So you can see, the price is much lower than applying medical methods. For me, I’d say this is a bargain. By purchasing the Steel Bite Pro, you are protecting your teeth from further harm. Imagine getting healthy teeth and enjoying any delicious foods you like, at such a reasonable price. A chance like this is rare to find. 

Shipping is completely free if you live in the U.S. For customers from Canada, the shipping & handling fee is $15.95. Shipping will take approximately 10 – 15 working days. 

In case you don’t see any improvement within 60 days, the manufacturer protects you with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means you have 2 whole months to see if the supplement is for you or not. If you are not happy with how fast your teeth recover, you can contact the customer service at and ask for a full refund. 

Our Final Verdict. 

Though it is not yet perfect, the Steel Bite Pro supplement is still worth trying if you want to find a solution for your dental problems. It consists of all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects. Most importantly, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee policy, making the product risk-free to try. Why don’t you go ahead and grab a bottle, then? Perhaps it is your chance to strengthen your teeth and stop all the tooth pain forever. 

Steel Bite Pro Review

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