brain training for dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs Review [2020]: An Expert’s Complete Analysis.

To tell the truth, before writing this Brain Training For Dogs review, I was VERY skeptical about this program. 

Being someone who owns 3 French bulldogs and 2 cats and an experienced dog owner, I often receive many questions regarding how to fix dogs’ bad behaviors. I always recommend hiring a professional pet trainer. However, it might be very costly, because I know how hard it is for an inexperienced dog owner to teach their pets new habits. You could understand how much I struggled with my first few dogs, couldn’t you? 

That’s why when my friend asked me about the Brain Training For Dogs program, a question immediately pops up in my mind: “How is it possible to train your dog by yourself, using just online modules and videos?”. Usually, when I seek help from dog trainers, they first have to take a look at him or her, get to know the dog’s habits, then figure out the activities and training methods that are most suitable. Therefore, I am very unsure about the program and its effectiveness. Is there any way of training that will fit all the dogs?

Still, the more skeptical I am, the more curious I get. Today, I decided to take a look at the program and see what it offers. Let’s find out with me. 

Firstly, Let’s Take A Brief Look At The Program. 

brain training for dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is an online dog-training program. So what makes this program stand out? Firstly, it does not focus on improving the dog’s physical strength, but also brainpower. If you own a pet, you probably know that some of the most popular games to train a dog are Fetch or Tug-Of-War. They work well to keep your dog active and strengthen the bond with the owner, but on the downside, they don’t require any intelligence. Brain Training For Dogs does not only offer exercises, but it also provides puzzles. By improving your dog’s intelligence, you will get yourself a loyal friend for real. 

What’s more, mental stimulation is crucial for his or her well-being. “If you let a dog’s mind become lazy, his body will become lazy, too. A bored dog can become destructive, unhappy, and begins to misbehave,” the author explained. 

Another thing that will attract many users is it uses a method called “Force Free Training”. Some owners and trainers deal with the dogs by showing dominance. They teach a new habit by punishing the dog when he or she does not obey. However, this guide suggests you not to force or hurt your pet in any way. It uses positive reinforcement instead. I will further explain this method in the next part of this review, but one thing for sure is you won’t have to hurt your beloved pet in any way. That’s the reason why it received much attention from dog owners.

The program comes in PDF and video form. You shall find two PDF files. One shows you the brain training games and the other shows behavior training methods. For each activity, there will be a video example. That being said, it is quite easy to see how they all work. 

However, after reading all the introduction, I still found it not convincing, as I believed each dog needs to have a specialized training method. Therefore, I searched for the author of this program on the internet to see if she had any knowledge about pet training. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review – About The Author. 

Surprisingly, the mastermind behind the Brain Training For Dogs program is pretty famous as a pet trainer. Her name is Adrienne Farricelli, and she has got more than a decade working in this field. In 2006, Farricelli began her career in an animal hospital. One year later, she volunteered in a local shelter, where she fostered and trained pets in need of temporary homes. 

brain training for dogs review

Adrienne Farricelli

By now, Andrienne Farricelli is a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. She holds dual certification in dog training. In 2010, after undergoing more than 200 hours of apprenticeship under a master dog trainer, she became certified by the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants. 

As I searched for her on Google, I found out that she publishes a dog blog on HubPages, where she has been actively posting tips about pet training for over 12 years. Her work has appeared in such online publications as USA Today, Daily Puppy, Nest Pets, Paw Nation, E-how, and several print publications such as Every Dog magazine and the APDT Chronicle of the Dog. Farricelli said that she spent over 10 years just to write the Brain Training For Dogs because she wanted to use all her knowledge to create something that works for all the dogs. 

Looking at this author’s background, I am sure that she is a professional dog trainer, and most importantly, the love and passion for dogs and dog training. From being skeptical, I’m now excited to see what she will teach us in Brain Training For Dogs. 

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Behind This Program? 

Before taking a comprehensive look at the program, I have to tell you how this program works. 

According to research from Harvard’s Department of Psychology, our brain is more flexible than we thought. It works like soft plastic – you can always mold and change it to absorb new habits and behaviors. 

What’s more surprising? A dog’s brain works the same way. With proper mental stimulation and training, you can make your dog’s mind more flexible and ready to learn new things. The positive reinforcement method used in Brain Training For Dogs is what we are talking about. By rewarding the pet when he or she performs the action, his or her brain shall automatically connect the action to the reward, making it very effective at establishing new habits and behaviors. 

That way, your dog’s brain will eliminate bad behaviors and replace them with desirable ones. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review – What’s Inside? 

Let’s look inside the Brain Training For Dogs program. As mentioned above, the program contains 2 PDF files. 

Brain Training For Dogs.

brain training for dogs review

Brain Training For Dogs PDF

This eBook is all about games and activities that focus on improving your beloved pet’s brainpower. In the beginning, Adrienne Farricelli gives you a brief introduction to Brain Training For Dogs and how to use it. Therefore, you can understand the structure of the program and how you can process it. She also lists out all the items you need to perform the activities, such as food rewards, clicker, and target stick. You can also make use of some household items to play with your pet without spending too much on pet toys. 

Next, you are moving to the Obedience 101. Some brain games in this program will require fundamental obedience skills, so this small chapter shows you how to teach your dog these skills quickly in the most effective way possible. If you have a new dog or a dog who has never been trained before, you should not skip it. 

After this, you will get to the central part of the eBook. The games and puzzles in Brain Training For Dogs are divided into a school structure with seven stages. 

  1. Preschool. 

Just like its name, this stage is fundamental as it works as a navigation for your dog training journey. It focuses heavily on how to keep your dog’s attention. This stage is most suitable for puppies, but it can still work for bigger dogs if they have problems with paying attention. 

Therefore, the most significant thing you are going to do is to teach your dog to maintain eye contact and focus on the things you want them to focus on. 

This stage consists of 3 lessons: “Target Training,” “Eye Contact,” and “The Airplane Game.”

2. Elementary.

When your dog already gets the basics, it’s time to go to elementary school! In this stage, they will learn to follow commands and follow along to what you want. 

Again, you are going to achieve the result by playing games with your pet. The games include “Treasure Hunt,” “The Muffin Game,” and “The Airplane Game” on a higher level. These games also repeat fundamental things your dog has learned in the previous stage, keep him or her interested in a routine, and stimulate their brain. 

The Airplane Game >> Click Here To Download

3. High School. 

I consider this the most exciting part of the program. When your dog gets to this part, it is reaching the final stage of learning the basics. This stage focuses on teaching your pet mental endurance and self-control. Once finished high school, the dog will learn to be excitable only when it is appropriate. 

There are three games: “Jazz Up & Settle Down”, “The Bottle Game”, and “Bobbing For Treats”. Their primary focus is on letting your dog know that they will receive rewards for good behaviors and encourage them to do so again. 

4. College. 

This stage is getting more advanced. Here, your dog shall learn how to react to orders and stay calm. You will also be able to boost their mental capacity. 

It consists of three games “The Shell Game”, The Open Sesame Game”, and “The Magic Carpet Game”. After completing them, you will be surprised at how calm your dog can be when they should have been very excited. 

5. University.

During this section, you are going to push your dog’s boundaries even more. It teaches your dog to control their impulses and emotions. The games “Hide & Seek”, “The Look Game”, “The Hot & Cold Game” will show the dog how to react appropriately in different situations.  For example, seeing other dogs or when being left alone. 

6. Graduation.

Here is the stage where your dog will become the most obedient dog you’ve ever known, as it listens to all of your commands without any problem. 

The games you will find in this stage are “Leg Weaving”, “Serpentine & Spiral”, and “Name Recognition”. They will teach your dog to realize objects by their names, stay by your side, and weave through your legs. 

7. Einstein.

This stage is extremely advanced, and according to the author, you can skip it. After completing the six previous sections, your dog is already extremely obedient. However, if you desire more, the Einstein section is suitable for you. 

Here, you will find “Tidy Up”, “Ring Stacker”, and even “Play The Piano”. It is going to take a long time to practice, but the results will surely satisfy you. 

Behavior Training For Dogs.

brain training for dogs review

Behavior Training For Dogs PDF

The second one is a short eBook as a bonus of the main program. In this second eBook, the author covers the most common behavior problems and how to reduce them. She includes advice for dealing with different situations because bad behaviors often have more than one cause. 

There are five types of behaviors mentioned in this PDF file, which are: Whining, Digging, Barking, Chewing, Jumping. 

For each one,  Adrienne Farricelli will first analyze the most common causes of the behavior. Is your dog whining to get your attention or is it whining from excitement? Why is it barking at nothing? How to stop it from barking at the doorbells? You will find for each situation the solution to solve all of them. 

So what do I like about this program? After going through it, what I like the most is that the program is very comprehensive. Before each game or activity, it will first list out all the items you need to play with your dog. At the end of each section, an “exam” is available to test if your dog has mastered the skills. That way, it is easier for you to keep track of the progress. The author of this program is also very understanding to include example videos, so you can understand how you should play the games at ease. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review –  Some Benefits It Can Bring To You And Your Dogs. 

  • The program will help you train your dog excitingly and joyfully. 
  • Your dog’s brainpower will increase. 
  • As brainpower is linked directly with physical power, its health will be improved as well. 
  • It will learn to become more obedient and follow all of your commands. 
  • The program also stimulates the dog’s brain and makes its ability to learn skyrockets. 
  • It also tackles the dog’s bad behaviors and replaces them with good ones. 
  • The program will save you a lot of money as you can train your dog at home without the help of a professional trainer. 
  • Your bond with your dog will become stronger. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review – Who Should Use This Program? 

From my point of view, Brain Training For Dogs will be most suitable for:

  • Any dog owners out there. 
  • Those with a limited budget and find the price of hiring a professional dog trainer a bit too high. 
  • Those who wish to find an effective way to train your dog at home.
  • The program works well for both puppies and grown-up dogs, as it is divided into stages with modified challenging levels. You can start training your dog at a young age. 
  • It is suitable for owners with dogs that have behavioral problems or can’t pay attention to owners’ commands. 

Who Should Not Buy The Program?

  • The program is not suitable for those who don’t have much time with their dogs. It requires you to play together with your dog and repeat the activities several times to see the results. In case you can’t spend at least an hour a day, it is better to seek help from a professional pet trainer. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review – Customers’ Feedback. 

The effectiveness of Brain Training For Dogs is proven my many positive comments on the internet. Most people say that the activities work well, even though they never owned a pet before:


brain training for dogs review

brain training for dogs review


>> More Customer Comments On The Brain Training Dogs <<<

So far, there is no negative feedback about this program. If you find any, please leave a comment below and let us know. Your contribution will help us further complete the Brain Training For Dogs review! 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of This Program.

Here, I will list out the most outstanding things about the Brain Training For Dogs program:

  • The program is created by an expert in the pet training field. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its reliability. 
  • It uses a science-based approach that can work for all the dogs. 
  • The program is very comprehensive, with 7 stages. It even lists out the items you need for each activity. 
  • Anyone can use the program without any specialized training required. 
  • Many customers confirm that it is effective. 
  • You get both the PDF files and videos to make it easier to follow. 

However, there are still some minus points:

  • The program is only available online. It might be troublesome for those who prefer traditional reading. You can print out the PDF, but you still need to have a computer or smart device to watch the videos. 
  • It requires you to invest time and effort to see the results.

Brain Training For Dogs Review – About The Price & Purchase Policy. 

The full program comes at the price of $47. As far as I know, group dog training with a professional trainer often costs $30 – $50 per class. Private training ranges from $40 – $120 per hour session. On average, a 6-class package will cost $500 – $1250 per week. That’s the reason why when I saw the price of the Brain Training For Dog, I was utterly in shock. Just $47 to completely turn your dog into the smartest, most obedient dog you’ve ever seen? What a bargain!

Once you purchase the product, you will get immediate access to start training your dog. Above anything else, you can try Brain Training For Dog risk-free for 60 days. Adrienne states that your dog’s training and your happiness are what matters most to her. Suppose you are not happy with how quickly and easily you improve your dog’s behavior and obedience; within 60 days, you can ask for a full refund. That means you have two months to try the system and transform your dog’s life, free of risk.

>>> Click Here If You Want To Try Brain Training For Dogs With 100% Risk-Free <<<

Brain Training For Dogs Review – Worth Trying Or Not?

In conclusion, though there are still some flaws, Brain Training For Dogs gives more than it costs. As long as you are willing to invest your time, you will not only get a smart dog that listens to all of your commands, but you will also have a powerful bond with them. 

Next, it is up to you to decide whether you want to take the program as a shortcut to train your pet into the smartest dog. Thank you for reading this Brain Training For Dog review, my dog Scobby and I are off to play “The Open Sesame Game” now!

brain training for dogs review

brain training for dogs review



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