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Children Learning Reading Review: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Welcome to Linkingo’s Children Learning Reading review! Being parents means we have to face countless challenges. From trying to sleep train your child to teaching him/her how to speak, it is a full-time job. But your hard work will pay off, as the great feeling when the kid takes the first step or the first time he/she calls out to you shall be something you remember for the rest of your life. It encourages us to keep giving our children a better upbringing and a bright future.

Still, many parents have to admit that after teaching their children how to speak, the next thing is to teach him how to read. It is a much longer path. According to research, reading is a skill that needs to be developed at a young age. It will be perfect for your kid’s development if he or she is taught to read the right way, at the right time. Sadly, though, many parents struggle at this step and don’t know where to begin. 

The Children Learning Reading program by Jim Yang claims to lighten the load. According to the author, this program teaches not only two or three-year-old toddlers to read quickly, but it is also for older grade school students who have reading problems. Today, Linkingo will take an unbiased look at this product and see if it is right for your child or not. 

Firstly, What Is The Children Learning Reading Program? 

children learning reading review

Children Learning Reading Program

Children Learning Reading is a 241-page online program that features step-by-step methods that teach children how to read and increase their IQ. Its primary focus is phonics and phonemic awareness. The author of the program states that these methods don’t take long to practice: You only need to spend at least 15 minutes a day with your child, and the results are evident.

The program is beautifully presented with associated stories and color illustrations. As I checked this product’s landing page, I realized that it wasn’t only available in PDF form; but, there were also audios and videos to come. The printed text helps your kid develop phonemic awareness so he or she can read fluently quickly. At the same time, the audios and videos will feature the letter sounds and make learning more joyful for your kids with nursery songs. It is a huge plus point, as it will make it much easier for children to understand how to pronounce a word.

This guide also promotes different approaches that make the process easy and fun. It comes in digital form so that you can instruct your kid anytime and anywhere. The program promises to make reading a fun and exciting experience for both parents and children. 

Children Learning Reading Review – About The Author. 

Being a reading teacher and the father of four children, with the eldest being 11 years old and the youngest being four years old; Jim Yang has spent an enormous amount of time researching the benefits and correlations of reading and early childhood development. He combined everything he had learned, seen, and experienced to educate his dearest kids and students. After seeing the fantastic results, Jim’s wife Elena encouraged him to publish the methods he applied to help more parents worldwide. Thus, they joined hands to create the Children Learning Reading program. 

If you search for Jim Yang on the internet, you won’t find much information. That’s something I can empathize with. As stated on the official website, both Jim and his wife are teachers. They don’t intend to be famous – all they wanted was to help fellow parents raise their kids. “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; as long as you are a parent, we share the same desire, which is to give our children the best education”, he said. Hence, it is understandable if Jim Yang wants to protect his privacy. However, he does have a Youtube channel with 3600 followers, where he shares tips on teaching children and how his kids have been making use of the Children Learning Reading program. 

Linkingo finds Jim Yang a real and trustable author. He continually applies the methods he invented in the program for his children and shared them with everyone on his channel.

How Does The Program Work For Your Child?

People often think that the method we use to teach children to read should be age-appropriate, so you should have a “Method A” for small toddlers and “Method B” to teach an adult. However, according to Jim, the principles of teaching effective reading do not discriminate by age. Also, what works for a 2-year-old shall work for a 50-year-old. It distills down to teaching students the real mechanics of how English works as an alphabet-based language. Teaching children the simple concept that the squiggly symbols we see represent sound, then teaching them the ability to connect those sounds to form the words we hear. In short, the program teaches children to convert symbols to sounds through a decoding strategy without having to memory entire word shapes. 

children learning reading review

Each lesson in the Children Learning Reading is kept short, so you can just practice with your child in 10 or 15 minutes. The author understands how short the attention span of young toddlers is. Moreover, to keep your child engaged, Children Learning Reading also adds a variety of stories, color pictures, and rhymes. This way, reading shall become an exciting and enjoyable experience for all the kids.

Children Learning Reading Review – Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

Though being a program for kids, with a colorful appearance and many lovely pictures, the structure of Children Learning Reading is clear and logical. That was my first thought when I just opened the program. 

If you often skip the introduction, with Children Learning Reading, I suggest you read it. Here, Jim Yang discusses the importance of early reading and its benefits to your child. He gives a brief description of each step involved and points out the most critical parts of the program you need to prioritize if you only have little time a day.

The program contains 50 lessons and two stages.

Stage 1.

children learning reading review

The Children Learning Reading Stage 1

The first stage consists of 28 lessons. Firstly, it introduces the concept of phonetics to children. Then, the program processes to teach the basic building blocks, like each letter of the alphabet, for example, how they sound, and the technique of combining them. Moreover, during this stage, your child will learn simple words and advance slowly as he or she processes. 

This part breaks down words and shows children how to blend different elements, so they can read words at ease after a few times practicing. Exercises will not be a problem as they can learn from rhymes, stories, and other small yet exciting activities that will keep them interested at the end of each chapter. The activities will slowly become more complex, but your child shall have enough time to master a technique before moving onto the next one. 

Stage 2. 

children learning reading review

Children Learning Reading Stage 2

The second stage consists of 22 lessons. From here, the program works with more advanced techniques. 

Its priority is to utilize the skills your children already learned in the first stage. After that, it helps them to read more fluently using a crucial reading concept, called the topic of digraphs

So what is it? A single sound can contain two different letters. For example, we have the /ch/ in “watch” or /kn/ in “knife”. The stories, rhymes, and sentences your child has to work with are more complicated than those in the first part. Still, they will overcome them, as the progression similarly occurs intuitively. 

One thing Linkingo likes about the program is every lesson is very understandable and easy to follow. No matter who you are, you can use the program to teach your kid without any problem. All you have to do is consistently practice with your child every day for 15 minutes, and you will witness the results right before your very eyes. This guide does not force your children to memorize words and pronounce them – I think that’s why it works so effectively. 

Children Learning Reading Review – What Can It Do? 

I spent a day going through all the lessons in the program. After considering carefully, I conclude that the Children Learning Reading can help your child with the following topics: 

  • It utilizes phonics – which is the connection between a letter and how it sounds. 
  • It shows how to apply the technique of blending sounds properly.
  • Children Learning Reading gives the introduction to the use of phonics and phonemes. Not all children know about this, as they mostly learn how to read by memorizing the sound of words. 
  • By using a logical and straightforward method, the program can improve reading fluency in a short time. 
  • It introduces simple words and advanced words. 
  • The guide also includes simple and fun activities, making learning become an enjoyable experience. 
  • As it uses a step-by-step method, the program shall improve your child’s learning ability. 

How Will Your Child Benefit From This Program? 

The program not only teaches your child how to read but also pays attention to their developmental stage. During this stage, it is very crucial to aid your kid’s brain in proper development. From there, you can effectively and efficiently improve their linguistic skills.

What’s more? Scientists have proven that letting your child develop learning skills early will boost their confidence and IQ. They will also have a higher chance of extending their attention span and increasing the concentration levels. It gives a child proper preparation for their academic years. They will know how to enjoy learning new skills instead of taking the process of learning and studying as a burden.

Children Learning Reading Review – Who Should Use It?

  • The program is an ideal choice for children between 2 to 7 years old. It is the developmental stage when your child can learn new skills most effectively and benefit so much from learning. 

children learning reading review

  • However, if your kid has reading problems and is above 7 years old, you can use Children Learning Reading to help them catch up. 
  • The teaching method in this program can even help illiterate adults learn to read. As the author has stated, “teaching the real mechanics of how English works as an alphabetical language is a technique that will work for everyone”. 
  • Any parent can use the Children Learning Reading to guide their kids. You don’t have to work in the educational field or have specialized training to use this program. The truth is, no one in this world knows your child better than you. When the teacher knows the student, only good things will come out of it. 

Who Is This Program Not For? 

  • Please note that your kid should be at least 18 months – 2 years to benefit from the program. By this age, they can already string a few words to short phrases, which makes it easier to practice the reading lessons in the Children Learning Reading. 
  • Children Learning Reading is explicitly designed for parents to teach their kids. It is not a program where you just let your child sit in front of the screen and watch the videos. You have to spend quality time walking your child through step-by-step. If you don’t have time for that, this program is not for you. 

Children Learning Reading Review – Customers’ Feedback. 

Many people find this program reliable. On his Youtube channel, Jim Yang often upload videos of his kids practicing with the Children Learning Reading program. The incredible results, as shown on Jim’s children, quickly gain the trust of customers. 

It seems that the program doesn’t fall short on everyone’s expectations. As I looked for customers’ reviews on the internet, all I saw were positive comments. Most of the parents said that their kids could read freely after just a few weeks of practicing. The program is useful even for children who previously have reading difficulties: 

children learning reading review

children learning reading review

So far, there is no negative feedback regarding this program on the internet. If you find any, please leave a comment below and let us know. We always appreciate feedback from our readers!

Children Learning Reading Review – Pros And Cons. 

As I finished reading the program, I would like to compliment these points: 

  • Design with colored pictures to keep children interested. 
  • Understanding that the kids will get bored easily with just a wall of text, the author also adds audios and videos to make the lessons more exciting. 
  • Children Learning Reading uses a straightforward and practical approach.
  • Therefore, it is effortless to follow. The program is broken down into small step-by-step lessons. 
  • Handy introduction as it explains the scientific evidence behind the program and gives you a hint of how to make use of the Children Learning Reading to the fullest.
  • Both adults and children can learn from the program. Phonics is something I’ve never had a chance to learn academically, so I also benefited from the lessons. 
  • Each lesson is short and straightforward to match the attention span of small children. 
  • Your child will not only learn by reading out loud. There are also rhymes and stories to make the learning experience joyful.
  • The methods are proven to work, as seen on Jim Yang’s four children and many customers’ feedback. 

However, there is still some minus points:

  • Children Learning Reading is only valid for kids who can already speak short words, from 18 months to 2 years old. 
  • It is only available online, so you will need an internet connection to download the program. 

Is The Program Affordable? 

So far, you can only get the Children Learning Reading on its official website. The creator of this program offers you two packages.

The Standard Package: $69. 

If you choose this package, you will get: 

  • Children Learning Reading – Stage 1 Phonics Foundation. 
  • Children Learning Reading – Stage 2 Advanced Phonics. 
  • 1st Bonus: Lesson Stories For Stage 1. 
  • 2nd Bonus: Lesson Stories For Stage 2. 
  • 3rd Letter Sounds MP3 Clips. 
  • 4th Bonus: Most Common Sight Words.
  • 5th Bonus: Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes.
  • 6th Bonus: Lifetime Program Upgrades. 

children learning reading review

children learning reading review

The Premium package: $89. 

If you choose this package, you will get everything in the Standard Package above, plus: 

  • Premium Package #1: Children Learning Reading Lesson Videos. 

According to Jim Yang, this set of videos is worth the price of the entire package itself. Here, you will find a series of videos that record Jim Yang and Elena’s progress with their second child, Ethan. It demonstrates precisely how they use the program to teach 2.5 years old toddlers to read effectively and efficiently. 

You shall learn how they teach and help their kids from not knowing alphabet letters to reading words and sentences fluently, understanding stories at ease. In the videos, there are workshop sessions where the couple highlights tips and key points on how to apply the methods with your child. 

  • Premium Package #2: Pre-set Printouts For Stage 1 Lessons. 

It is the complete book with printouts of all the lessons in Stage 1 of the program. 

  • Premium Package #3: Pre-set Printouts For Stage 2 Lessons.

This is the complete book with printouts of all the lessons in Stage 2 of the program. 

  • Premium Package #4: Stage 2 Rhymes. 

You will get a beautiful hard-covered book containing all the rhymes for Stage 2 lessons. Compared to other reading programs for children, the price of the program might be a bit high. However, considering all the bonuses you get and its proven benefits, I think the price is reasonable. It is better to make a one-time investment in teaching your child reading skill and arm them with a proper learning skill that will still benefit them in the future, rather than trying many random methods without knowing what shall work. 

children learning reading reviewchildren learning reading review


Jim Yang is very confident with his program, to the point that he even offers customers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result after 60 days, you can request to have a full refund. 60 days is more than enough to see whether the Children Learning Reading is suitable for your child or not, so you take absolutely no risk in this deal. 

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My Advice To You. 

If you are still unsure whether Children Learning Reading is the right choice for your kids or not, you can try out the program risk-free for only $9.00. Within the trial period of 14 days, you will get access to the full program, including all the bonuses.

After 14 days, if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a full refund of the $9.00 you paid. Otherwise, if you find the program useful, the remaining amount of the pack you select will be automatically billed. It is a one-time charge, so you don’t have to pay for anything else after that.

children learning reading review

Children Learning Reading Review – Our Final Verdict. 

Though there are still some cons, the Children Learning Reading is worth trying. Teaching your child to read and witness his improvement in such a short time is every parent’s happiness. This program can make it happen. 

So should you purchase the program? We will leave the decision for yourself! If you want to make learning a joyful and inspiring journey for your child, go ahead and grab a copy HERE! It might be the most meaningful investment you can make in the path of raising your dearest kid.


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