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Infatuation Scripts Review: Make Him Sure You Are The One? Latest Update.

I decided to write this Infatuation Scripts review after a phone call. 

It was around 10 PM.  I was just chilling and reading a novel on my bed when I heard the phone rang. 

“What’s up, Amy?”, I said. It was my little sister. Since she moved to Chicago, we hadn’t seen each other for a while, but we still talked to each other through the phone a few times every week. 

However, she rarely called me so late. 

“Sis, I have to tell you…”, Amy tried to keep her voice down. I stayed quiet to listen, “I think Harry is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.” 

I knew my sister so well. Ever since high school, she had spent time with countless guys. Amy was the passionate and hopelessly romantic kind of girl. She said it was not wrong to give herself many chances to find true love. 

Still, I had never heard her say something like this. Not even once, until that day. There was something that made me know she was so damn serious. 

“But it seems he doesn’t feel the same”, Amy sighed sadly. All of a sudden, her voice went trembling, as if she was trying to hold back tears, “the more serious I am, the more I feel like he is getting far away. I can feel it, sis., and I swear I’m not over-thinking. Recently when we spend time with each other, he’s so … off. He doesn’t listen to what I say like he used to. He would just stick to the phone, being all bored and distracted…” 

“As if… “, she stopped for a moment, “as if he is not interested in me anymore.” 

My heart sagged as I heard Amy breaking down in tears. I tried to comfort her, but couldn’t help thinking that was how most men did in their relationships. 

There are countless women like my sister out there. It doesn’t matter how many relationships they’ve been through. Once they decided that a certain man was “the one”, they would desire a commitment. They would hope that their men will lay eyes on them, and them only. Ultimately, when they meet the ideal ones, they would dream about him treating them as his queen.

Men are not the same. They look for excitement and adventure. After a couple of months, they would quickly get bored and fall out of love. Nothing scares them more than being completely in control. After hearing many stories from my customers, I finally got that conclusion. 

That way, Amy and many women will have to suffer more and more. Finding the one that is willing to commit to them seems like an endless path. 

I didn’t want my sister to be in pain, so I was up all night searching for a solution. Is there any way to make a man want to commit? How can a woman make a man swear loyalty to her? 

Then, I discovered the Infatuation Scripts, a program that promises to make him go crazy all over you. 

But First, What’s The Infatuation Scripts? 

infatuation scripts review

Infatuation Scripts PDF

However, I was skeptical of this promise, so I decided to take a look at this program to see if it is trustworthy or not. The first thing I did, of course, was checking out the official website.

Accordingly, Infatuation Scripts is an online program designed for women to make men fall in love with them again and again by magical phrases called “infatuation scripts”. 

“Infatuation is the feeling someone has toward their partner in the early stage of a relationship”, the creator of this program wrote. “In this phase, you are hopelessly drawn to your partner, and you feel that they are better than anyone else. All you see are positive traits. You will be emotionally dependent on them, and experience  longing for an emotional connection with them.”

Anyone who experienced love would know the feeling of infatuation. Unfortunately, this stage doesn’t last long for men. Based on psychology, this program will tickle a man’s brain and create this infatuation mode over and over again. That way, the man of your dream will never get bored of you. He will be blind to all the women around and pay his attention to you only, just like when you two first love each other. 

The Infatuation Scripts Review – Who Is The Author?

After getting a brief description of The Infatuation Scripts program, I checked out is the mastermind behind it. 

The official website introduced Clayton Max as the one who wrote The Infatuation Scripts. After he graduated and obtained a degree in applied psychology, he began his career as a relationship and dating coach. So far, Clayton has got more than 10 years of experience in this field. As he said, many women who came to him for advice shared the same problem: When they started getting serious in a relationship, their men suddenly turned all cold and distant. He spent months just researching this matter alone. He met with many famous psychologists and professors in the field, trying to utilize his knowledge about the psychology of love, attraction, and attachment. “I wanted to solve this problem once and for all”, Clayton stated. Finally, he formulated The Infatuation Scripts as a result – the program that will surely help women create a strong bond with the one they love. 

Still, when I searched for Clayton Max on Google search engine, I couldn’t find any information regarding him. I felt this quite strange, especially for a relationship and dating coach. Of course, it is understandable if the author of The Infatuation Scripts used a pseudonym to protect his privacy. Still, it would be much better if he got a personal website or social media page. What if users want to book a coaching session with him after reading the program? Therefore, I would take this lack of information as a downfall. 

It is not enough to tell about the quality of the program, though. I will continue my Infatuation Scripts review by taking a more in-depth look inside its content.

The Infatuation Scripts Review – Let’s Take A Closer Look. 

The next day after receiving Amy’s phone call, I searched and read many articles about The Infatuation Scripts. I even collected reviews from those who previously purchased the program. However, I decided to buy the program to see what exactly it contains. 

infatuation scripts review

Infatuation Scripts Download Page

One thing I like about The Infatuation Scripts is that it doesn’t only come in PDF form, but also audio and video form. There are an audio file and video for each chapter, so you can choose between reading, listening, and watching. That makes the experience very comfortable. 

Honestly, when I first opened the PDF file, I was a bit disappointed. The design was a bit too simple, considering this was a program about love and relationship. On the other hand, it made The Infatuation Scripts easy to follow, so readers will understand the methods it taught and how to follow it by taking a look at the table of contents. 

Below, I will break down all the main parts of The Infatuation Scripts for my readers: 


The author begins The Infatuation Scripts by explaining the psychological evidence of the method offered in this program. He first tells us what infatuation is, from the scientific point of view. Then, he lets readers know the factors to trigger infatuation again and again. To end the introduction, Clayton Max points out how to make use of The Infatuation Scripts to the fullest. 

According to him, The Infatuation Scripts program is not to read or listen passively. If you want real lasting change in the way men respond to you, you should take note of things you want to remember, questions you have, or techniques you want to try out. That way, once you go through the program, you will have a good idea of what has been missing in your relationship. 

To me, this is a smart approach. While love and relationship are generally known as the heart’s matter, it is a psychological thing. Making it clear and straightforward from the beginning will let readers see what they are going to do, making the program trustworthy and easy to follow. 

Ingredient #1: Uncertainty. 

The first thing that triggers infatuation is uncertainty. When a man is uncertain about whether he ultimately “has you”, he will do everything for you as if you are his queen. But what creates uncertainty in a relationship? How much uncertainty is enough to keep him interested? Here, you will find the answers to all of those questions. 

Three factors create the kind of attractive uncertainty, which are independence, qualification, and a barrier.  This chapter shall walk you through each element, making you a charming mystery, and keeping his excitement burning. 

Ingredient #2: Investment. 

Investment is the amount of time, energy, effort, or thoughts a man put into you in your relationship. The more he “invests”, the more his brain switches into infatuation mode. But how do you get him to invest more? There are three “investment keys” provided in this chapter: Setting his expectations, reciprocity, and “shaping” his behaviors by giving him little “rewards”. The program shall guide you through each of these, and you will ultimately get your man under control.

Ingredient #3: Curiosity. 

Curiosity is what great authors use to keep you turning the pages until 3 AM. It is what great directors use to keep you on the edge of the seat for 2 hours. It creates mental investment, making him keep thinking about you. Most importantly, it makes his brain release dopamine – the same neurotransmitter released by drugs like cocaine.

This chapter introduces you to three curiosity hooks: Contrasting qualities, intrigue loops, and teasers.  After you go through these, you will make him hopelessly addicted to you. 

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The Infatuation Scripts Review – How Does The Program Work? 

As mentioned above, infatuation is a crucial phase of falling in love that both people must go through. According to psychology, during this phase, the brain will release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These chemistries make him shake with excitement whenever he sees you, overwhelms his emotions, pushes all other women out of his sign, and makes him sure you are the one for him. 

Sadly, for men, this phase won’t last forever. Once the chemistries’ effect dies out, he will slowly lose his interest toward you and move to the next target. Since you managed to trigger it once, you can make the chemical reactions happen again and again. The program shows you the exact ingredients to tap into a man’s instinct to make him desire you again and again. As long as you manage to do that, the man of your dream will always be certain you are the only woman he wants to devote his whole life to. 

According To Users, What Will You Get After Using The Program?

Based on customers’ reviews, after using The Infatuation Scripts, here are what the program will give you: 

  • You shall get a firm knowledge of love and relationship psychology, which will be useful for any relationship. 
  • Many women can’t understand what’s going on inside a man’s head. With the Infatuation Scripts as your guide, they will no longer be a strange creature anymore. You will have a deep understanding of your man and how he behaves that way. No more staying up the whole night trying to guess what he means by specific phrases anymore, he is now entirely in your hand. 
  • You will obtain the secret words and phrases to tap into his man’s instinct and make him desire you more than ever.
  • From there, you can make him consider you his whole world. The man of your dream will now do everything to please you. 
  • You get his complete devotion and commitment. He will stick to you both emotionally and physically, without seeing any other woman. 
  • For those who are longing for a proposal, The Infatuation Scripts will make him kneel and ask to spend the rest of his life with you. 

The Infatuation Script Review – Who Should Use The Program? 

After reading The Infatuation Scripts, and collecting feedback, I’ve concluded that the program is for: 

  • Women in general. According to the author, the program is based on male psychology and meant for women only. 
  • The program claims to help any lady who wants the man they love to fall in love with them, whether it is a stranger, boyfriend, or husband. However, in my opinion, it would be most useful if you apply the methods on men you’ve known for a while. The methods require you to spend time with him to a certain extent to show the best result. 
  • Women who look for a satisfying and healthy relationship. 
  • Those who have trouble in their current relationships and want to figure out the problems, as well as fix them. 
  • Those who already broke up with their boyfriends but hope to get their ex back can also try out The Infatuation Scripts to make him feel the desire again. 
  • Ladies who are waiting for a proposal from their boyfriends should use The Infatuation Scripts to make him want to commit his life to yours. 

Who Is This Program Not For? 

  • As mentioned above, this program is not useful for those who want to attract a guy they don’t know, as it doesn’t show you how to create first-sight impressions. 
  • The program is based on male psychology. In some ways, you control his brain and plant some thoughts and desires in his head by using words and phrases. Some women might find this hard to accept
  • Infatuation Scripts program requires your commitment and time-investment. You will have to practice a bit before mastering the methods. If you are not willing to do that, the program is not for you. 

The Infatuation Scripts Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here are the things I really like about The Infatuation Scripts program:

  • Infatuation Scripts book is available in both PDF, audio, and video forms. You can choose to read, listen, or watch according to your will. 
  • The program is clear and straightforward. You will have no problem following it. 
  • As to highlight it, the creator includes a guide on how to use the program so that you can process it at ease. 
  • The scientific evidence of the program is mentioned from the beginning, making it precise for readers. You will know exactly what you are doing to win his heart. 
  • Though containing a large amount of psychological knowledge, the program is written in a friendly tone, so anyone can understand it. 
  • The techniques can be tried on almost any man. Personalities might vary, but basic male psychology is right for all of them. 
  • Words and phrases in the program are flexible. You don’t have to plan a specific occasion to use them. Instead, you can apply them in a casual conversation to get him hooked. 
  • The program protects you with a money-back guarantee.

However, there are still some downfalls: 

  • Not much information regarding the author is available, which is strange for a relationship coach. 
  • The methods can be a bit controlling. 
  • You have to know the man before processing it. 
  • It is based on male psychology only, so men cannot use it to attract their women. 
  • Some users might find it troublesome as there is no physical form available. You can only get access to the digital form of The Infatuation Scripts. If you prefer the traditional way of reading, you can print it out for a better experience.

The Infatuation Scripts Customer Reviews & Feedback. 

Skimming through the internet, I could find many positive comments regarding The Infatuation Scripts. Many women said that since the program used a friendly way of writing, it felt like they had a direct conversation with the author, hear him speak to them, and project their thoughts and fears. It is said to be useful as it helped many women with their relationship: 

infatuation scripts review

infatuation scripts review


>> More Comments From Real Users <<<

So far, there haven’t yet any negative comments regarding The Infatuation Scripts on the internet. It might indicate the program’s reliability in helping women to get their men to commit. If you see any negative comments or want to share your experience with Linkingo, don’t hesitate to comment below. Your feedback will help us complete the review. 

The Infatuation Scripts Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

You can get the entire package from the official website. The one-time charge for the Infatuation Scripts program is $49.95. When you purchase, you will get the PDF file, audio, and video files, along with three bonuses: 

Bonus 1: Commitment Calculator.

In this small eBook, relationship expert Cavallo shares his life-changing experience. It explains the reason behind a man’s endless fear of commitment. You will know what to avoid in order not to freak your man out. 

Bonus 2: Make Any Man Yours For Life. 

Amy North is famous for being one of the best relationship coaches. In this bonus, she will talk about the importance of preventing cheating. You will learn what you need to do to become the irreplaceable woman in his heart. If he cheated, you should also know what to do with this bonus.

Bonus 3: Why Men Shut Women Out? 

This eBook provides a set of questions on many male behaviors and explains all of them in detail. You can consider it a mini-encyclopedia about men in general. 

With the amount of knowledge and bonuses it contains, I’d say that it is a bargain. Imagine having the chance to win the man of your dream for life, with only $49.95. Who would place that opportunity in front of you again with such a price? None, I think. Moreover, you are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means you can try out the program in 60 days without any risk. After that, if you are not happy with the result, you can request to have your full money back. No question asked! 60 days are more than enough to create magic in your relationship. 

Right after purchasing, you will be directed to a page where you can download your full package immediately. Moreover, you shall get the offer to try out the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series for free within a month. If you select this option, you will discover life-changing tips and strategies. They help you keep the man of your dream, healthy lifestyle tips, relationship maintenance, interviews with famous dating experts, and so much more. After the one-month trial period, you can choose to stay on as an Ultimate Attraction Transformation member. The membership fee is $37 per month, and you can cancel anytime. 

infatuation scripts review

infatuation scripts review

The Infatuation Scripts Review – My Final Verdict. 

After doing comprehensive research on The Infatuation Scripts, I sent the program to Amy. I told her to try out the program, as it might be the solution to the problem she was facing. “Only use this if you are deadly certain Harry is the one you want to spend your life with”, I said. 

She hesitated but agreed to give it a try. 

A week later, she sent me a message:

“ THE PROGRAM TOTALLY TRANSFORMED MY LOVE! He said that he couldn’t bear staying away from me for even just a minute! Can u even believe it? The way he looks at me completely changed when I used the phrases learned from your program! Thx u so much, u r my savior xxoo “ 

And that’s what motivated me to write this The Infatuation Scripts review. There are still some downfalls, of course. Again, you definitely should consider this program if you want to get your man to commit. You will surely become the one and only woman he gives his attention to. It is scientifically-based, comprehensive, and, most importantly, you get to try it for free in 60 days! What do you lose? Nothing, so go ahead and grab this chance now!

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Lastly, thank you so much for your time reading our review on The Infatuation Scripts. Until next time!


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