eat sleep burn review

Eat Sleep Burn Review: Who Should Not Use? Must Read Before Buying

Today, as requested by many readers, we will make a review on Eat Sleep Burn by Dan Garner

To many, one thing that continually appears on and stays on their New Year resolution is weight loss. People want to lose weight for various reasons. They have an illness directly tied to their number on the scale like obesity or diabetes, want a perfect figure, or generally improve their health.

The sheer number of weight-loss methods available is astounding, as they tackle just about every problematic aspect of your lifestyle. For instance, the food you eat, your workouts, even your habits. The latest trend in changing your lifestyle for the better is improving your sleep quality to burn more fat.

One such program that seems to be on the frontier of “sleep correction” for weight loss and managing to stand out is Eat Sleep Burn. And in this review, we are investigating to see whether this program has earned its fame.

What Is Eat Sleep Burn?

eat sleep burn review

Eat Sleep Burn PDF

Eat Sleep Burn is an ebook written by Dan Garner on the method of weight loss through sleep correction in 28 days. Available immediately after purchase in PDF format, it’s a portable guide that you can carry everywhere.

The story of how this program came to be was that the profound relationship between sound sleep to body weight was discovered by two cops, Tara and Todd, a couple struggling with weight issues, on their journey to weight loss. The couple shares their experiences and secret to weight loss that they achieved with the guidance of their friend, Dan Garner, in a weight loss program called Eat Sleep Burn.

Eat Sleep Burn Review – How Does It Work?

The principle of Eat Sleep Burn is mostly repairing the body, regulating Leptin and Ghrelin by correcting your sleep pattern. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain whether the stomach is full, while Ghrelin speaks your mind when you are hungry. Also, poor sleep can disrupt the function of these hormones, which can make you eat more and feel hungry all the time. The program guides you by improving the quantity and quality of sleep, thus restoring hormonal balance and even helping your body burn fat more effectively in your sleep. 

The science behind Eat Sleep Burn

After getting to know what Eat Sleep Burn is all about, let’s take a look at the mechanism and benefits of sleep. Sleep takes up about one-third of our lives and corresponding to that amount of time, and rest has a profound effect on our health. A good night’s sleep is basically a reset button, and it prepares you for a busy day ahead, helping to reduce stress, build energy, and repair your body. However, few are aware that the quality of your sleep is correlated to why you can’t seem to lose those fats. Researchers found that when dieters sleepless over 14 days, the weight they lost dropped by 55%. They often felt hungry and less satisfied after meals, and their energy was low, which led to more late-night snacking, and more likely to choose high-carb snacks.

Who Is The Author

On the official website, Dan Garner claims to be a Lab Analyst, an Elite Programming Supervisor at New Wave Fitness, a head strength coach and nutritionist, a best-selling author, and the founder of Team Garner Inc. He also has 12 training and nutrition certifications and formal education in functional medicine and health science. He has worked with hundreds of different clients, including celebrities and athletes.

eat sleep burn review

Dan Garner

Dan Garner is very active in other fields besides book writing and nutrient consultation for celebrities. Frequently appearing on podcasts and videos collaborating with other fitness experts to share about fitness and health, it is safe to say that Coach Garner has a very credible reputation among those interested and yet-to-be -interested in improving their health.


eat sleep burn review


While unfortunately, Coach Garner has announced his departure from social media last February for his personal reasons. He has a Facebook page with over 12 thousand likes

What Does Eat Sleep Burn Do Exactly?

The Eat Sleep Burn program comes with two secret weapons: An exceptional tea recipe and several methods for an instant, sound sleep. The mechanism behind this unique tea is to improve your metabolism from within. When the body is in a state of deep rest, the tea ingredients start taking effect and burn off all that stored up fat, making the belly area and thighs that are hard to target with exercises alone. 

On the other hand, the sleeping methods introduced in Eat Sleep Burn are how you can influence your body from the outside for a night of better sleep. With instructions and guidelines, sleep protocols to integrate into your nightly schedule, 10 rules for proper rest, mind-body connection techniques to increase relaxation, exercises, different ways to come down after a stressful day, and more, you will learn how to unwind and relax your body, and further hurry along with the weight loss. 

Eat Sleep Burn Review – What’s Inside The Program?

To give you a better understanding of the values you might get from this program, let’s take a look at some of the topics:

Chapters 1 and 2 are going to cover the necessary scientific evidence of this method. Following an introduction to what Eat Sleep Burn is, the connection between body and mind will be thoroughly explained to help you understand more about your body and how to get the best out of the program. Meanwhile, chapter 2 describes the benefits of good night sleep on our body, specifically our weight.

Chapter 3 lets you know the secrets of successful weight loss: The ten rules of good-night sleep. Written concisely and easy to follow, I personally think it should not be too much of a challenge to adhere to these rules.

Chapter 4 is all about maintaining routines for success. As veterans of weight loss, you have known that no matter how much of a breakthrough a method is, it just never works if you give up overnight.

Chapter 5 introduces you to the Sequential Shutdown Method – a method that allows you to fall asleep instantly. Even though it may sound a bit far-fetch, this method will be proven effective in this chapter.

The program basically concluded in chapter 6 by helping you discover protocols for a good night’s sleep. This chapter will find the nightly routine and lifestyle changes you need to make by helping you understand the importance of supplements and provide you with exclusive recipes to provide those nourishments to your body.

eat sleep burn review

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Eat Sleep Burn Review – Pros And Cons?


– Organic: All of the recipe’s ingredients in the formula are organic and obtainable, involving zero self-starvation or minimalist diets. 

– Simplicity: It also does not require much special processing or techniques that you can’t do in the kitchen, perfectly fit for busy office workers or stay-at-home parents with young children. 

– The scientific solution from a certified expert: Dan has 12 training and nutrition certifications, plus a formal education in functional medicine and health science, and you can entrust your health and sleep in his capable hands. 


– Commitment is required: Since this is not only changing one aspect of your lifestyle but multiple routines at the same time, it requires persistence for the program to really show effect.

– Unappetizing: Some customers have claimed that the recipe is a little on the side of non-palatable, despite its good effects.  

Who Should Use Eat Sleep Burn?

Eat Sleep Burn guarantees that all of the ingredients used in its recipes are organic and minimizes the risk of allergy. Furthermore, none of the strenuous sleeping methods introduced in the program has a very low risk of inducing health-related incidents or discomfort, no matter how fit you are. So it is safe to say that Eat Sleep Burn is suitable for most anyone looking for a way to lose weight. 

This program is also an excellent choice if you cannot afford a personal trainer, as it mostly acts in the same way.

And who should not? 

– People with an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients listed in the program. Since half of the program involves taking in natural ingredients, it is advisable to take precautions before starting by checking in with your physician for potential allergies. If you do have an allergy, please get in touch with your doctor for counseling, whether to move on with the program or not.

– People with severe weight disorder or other illnesses connected to weight: Again, please make an appointment with your physician before deciding to go with the program. The lack of information can lead to a potentially lethal decision.

– People with the severe sleeping disorder: As good as this program is for weight loss, it is not 100% guaranteed to remedy your sleeping disorder. So you should not expect to be cured of insomnia, and weight loss is just a pleasant side effect.  

Eat Sleep Burn Customer Reviews

Eat Sleep Burn has received numerous praise for its new and scientific approach to weight loss. Sleep adjustment has proved to be effective by researchers in not only improving your health overall but your weight as well. Besides, the program has adopted a practical approach to that theory by enhancing the quality of sleep. 

eat sleep burn review

Many customers also complement the program on its simplicity by committing to helping customers burn fat as they sleep with just a few simple, thoroughly-researched adjustments and habits to add to their nightly routine. With easy, non-strenuous steps, anyone can stay committed to the program and achieve their desired weight.

And of course, the imperfections

eat sleep burn review

Obviously, there is no such thing as a flawless program, no matter how wonderful it is. One customer praised Eat Sleep Burn for its “interesting concept”, but left some comments on the special tea recipe about its ingredients being not easy to find and that it can be time-consuming. The same review also stated that the taste of the tea isn’t too appealing either, and a lot of effort had to go in to modify the recipe into a more palatable one.

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Is Eat Sleep Burn Affordable? Any Discount?

You can purchase the Eat Sleep Burn online from the official website for a fabulous discounted price of 37 USD only. Plus, you may be just in time for a 10$ discount voucher if you purchase now.

Just for 37$, you will get not only 1 but 3 guides on how to change your lifestyle for the better. Packed with tips on nutrients and exercise, combined with easy to understand methods on sleeping, Eat Sleep Burn is a complete guide to losing weight in a safe and transformative way.

eat sleep burn review

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Bonuses And Cash-Back Policies

Upon your purchase of Eat Sleep Burn, you will receive three bonus gifts :

28-Day Metabolic Reset by Dan Garner: 

“The 28-day metabolic reset” helps you to understand and work on your problems with workouts. And the second book – “The Limitless Potential System,” is a guide to reduce stress, hypertension, and body pollution.

Limitless Potential System by Dan Garner:

This eBook contains a few simple ‘hacks’ that you can make in your daily life. It will help your body recover from the strain of everyday life, work-life, exercise, and more.

21 days of free access to Dan Garner’s online coaching program:

Although the Eat Sleep Burn program is simple to understand and easy to follow, some people will still have doubts about the techniques covered in this program. For this reason, Dan has included this bonus in which he will be providing FREE personal coaching and his staff. For the first 21 days, you will be getting emails from Dan, and after 21 days, you will get a link to a secret Facebook group where you will join Dan and other users.

Additionally, the author offers a 60-day cash back policy, so, if the program does not work for you, you can contact the customer care service to get a full refund.

eat sleep burn review

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Some Advice For Beginners

Persistence and patience is the key, as long as you get consensus from your physician on pursuing this program, and your body agrees to that verdict. However, bear in mind that persistent habits are the core of any weight loss program. It is advisable to give Eat Sleep Burn a chance for at least 28 days before deciding that it just does not work for you, so try building a routine of practicing these guidelines every day and measure the difference it brings.

Eat Sleep Burn Review – Conclusion

From a neutral standpoint, the idea behind Eat Sleep Burn and its workings is new but scientific. It may not be the magic solution you have been looking for, but it is, or could be, amazing and beneficial to your sleep and health in general, if not your weight. With a fantastic price and cash-back policy, I do believe it is worth a shot for better sleep and a healthier body.

eat sleep burn review

Lastly, thank you very much for your time reading my review on Eat Sleep Burn. If you find it helpful, kindly like and share it.


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