easy power plan review

Easy Power Plan Review – Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for a review of Easy Power Plan right now? If so, this one is for you. 

Electric bills relentlessly come every month. They are the least expected guest of many families. And even when you pay your electricity bill in full every month, power outages will happen as usual. 

Think about the unfortunate circumstances or emergencies when a sudden blackout happens; you don’t know what to do because you cannot see anything. That is catastrophic.

So it is a smart plan to start to find an alternative energy source for your family right now when you still have the light and a stable power grid. Because you do not know when the network would go off, right?

Concerning the alternative power solution, I have heard so much of the Easy Power Plan. Today, Linkingo.com will give distinguished readers the fullest perspective on this product.

What is Easy Power Plan?

easy power plan review

Easy Power Plan PDF

Easy Power Plan is an ultimate guide to creating your own family energy source, that is strong enough to meet the whole family’s demand. 

The guide is in both E-book and video format, which means more options for you to choose from.

According to the official website, Easy Power Plan shows you how to build a device that is very simple yet generates an insane amount of electricity. 

The program promises to help you reduce up to 60% of the electric bill each month. 

Easy Power Plan Review – How Does It Work?

It is not a complicated and expensive solar energy system. The device makes use of a fundamental principle in physics called the spinning principle. 

Accordingly, this principle is still widely used in the electric car industry. Hypothetically, vehicles use the spinning of the motor to generate electricity to feedback into the battery. It is called regenerative braking. It feels like applying the brakes because there is a magnetic resistance against the motor’s spinning while it acts as a generator. 

You will only have to set up a group of diodes that generate a magnetic field using a control board. This Magnetic field will set rotor in motion, and then this motion will work as a source for an alternator that will multiply small current by up to 6 times. 

Simply, the plan is to create a generator that produces energy and then multiplies the small current through rotating magnets to produce electricity. 

All of the definition stuff sound so sophisticated. You don’t need to worry because you are not going to read or listen to any of them. 

The Easy Power Plan has broken down the hard-to-digest principles into simple steps for you to follow. 

Easy Power Plan Review – Who Is The Creator?

I was surprised to know that the author of Easy Power Plan is a just 45-year-old geography teacher in Memphis, Tennessee. He is not even a physics teacher.

Ryan and his family suffered from a terrible winter flood in a blackout night. The whole family was so cold and hungry, but everything he could do back then was staying still and crying. That night, Ryan was determined to create an energy alternative to end all of his family’s sufferings. And so the Easy Power Plan was born not so long after that.

Ryan created an official website for his product in which he tells the story of that horrible winter night. Besides, every information about Easy Power Plan plus the bonuses and purchase details are included.

I tried to find more information about him on the internet and other prevalent social networking sites. However, I couldn’t find anything else. The only thing that gives me the faintest idea about what he looks like is the video on the official website.

easy power plan review

This might be a minus point, as we can not verify the reliability of the product. But we still have other assessing criteria ahead rather than just the author. Keep reading, guys!

What does the Easy Power Plan promise to do?

Ryan Taylor created this guide for people with almost zero knowledge about electronics. The Easy power plan is claimed to be:

  •  A simple and easy to build generator.

 With an emphasis on the beginners or people with no experience in building up an electric plant before, this program promises to bring about the simplicity you expect. 

Ryan has broken down the process into smaller steps, making it easier to follow. Even when you do not have any prior experience, you can still handle it. 

  •  An efficient power plant

Simple as it is, it can bring about no less efficiency. The power plan can generate a great deal of energy and take you away from the electric companies. Independence is in your hand.

  • A mobile and easy to move power station

You may found a thousand-dollar solar energy system very inconvenient sometimes. Why? Because it is fixed and you cannot move it when you want to. What if you needed to move the system to another place? It would definitely take a lot of time and effort and even money to do it. 

The Easy Power Plan understands that. It provides you with a small, movable, and efficient design. 

  • A generator able to use a constant source of power to create energy

If solar power needs the sun to generate electricity, what would happen if there were no sun? Then there would be no energy at all. So is wind energy. Easy Power Plan will rid your fear of no wind or no sun. It does not need any wind and sunlight. 

  • An affordable power plant

Cheapness is probably the most critical factor in the list. The new energy source has to be affordable. Let’s have a look at a large heavy-duty electric generator first. A thousand-dollar machine consumes about 90 gallons of gas per month. Obviously, it is not a budget-friendly option at all. Although it undoubtedly generates a substantial amount of power, it does not meet the price criterion. Its price is not reasonable enough. 

But Easy Power Plan promises you an economical power alternative. It frees your mind from financial burdens. So that is the commitments of the producer. 

Easy Power Plan Review – What are there in Easy Power Plan?

The plan comes with both PDF and video tutorials format. Here is how the main parts look like:

easy power plan review

easy power plan review

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On the whole, we can divide all the above steps into 3 main sections:

  • Pre-assembly

This part is a short introduction about the generator, the applications, and its benefits. We also have a list of tools and materials need in this pre-assembly section. 

  • While-assembly

It is the heart of the guide. While-assembly will decide your final result. In this part, you will know how to build boils, coils, rotors, connect them, and board control. When having done with the components, you will come to the final assembly where the pieces are connected.

  • Post- assembly

Testing is an inevitable part of every assembly process. After fully setting up the generator, this step is to examine the efficiency and safety level of your machine. Remember to do the testing before use!

Easy Power Plan Review – Pros And Cons?

Here are the advantages of the products I found:

  • Science-based research

The mechanism of the design directly derives from a fundamental physics principle. Spinning is a principle commonly used in the electric car industry. And it is still so popular in the modern days. Without the utility of wind, water, oil, coal, or natural resources, this principle fills the batteries by making use of the magnetic resistance. 

It is always a good thing to know the product we are to buy is scientifically proven. 

  • Safe and environmentally friendly

As mentioned above, this design is not going to consume any fuels. Correspondingly, you will not have to worry about the power plant accidentally exploding. It guarantees your safety.

And also, because it does not use fuel, it will not create emissions or harmful gasses. It will not hurt our Mother Nature. Cool, kill two birds with one stone. It can be safe and eco-friendly at the same time!

  • Easy to find and low-cost materials

You can buy the tools and materials needed for the construction in almost every hardware store. They are not expensive at all. On the contrary, they are extremely and popular.  According to Ryan Taylor, it cost him $104 for all the essential stuff. And you can totally manage it, right?

  • No maintenance cost. 

Suppose a solar energy station needs costly annual maintenance. In that case, this hand-made power plant can save you a considerable amount of money. Because the structure is not complicated at all, which means you can entirely conduct the maintenance check on your own. No money is lost. And that sounds so ear-pleasing. 

  • Easy access and detailed instructions.

The program is online. As soon as you complete the payment, you can immediately get access to the plan. You just need a stable internet connection and then enjoy the guide.

The video tutorials accompany the guidebook. Although the book is already really detailed, you can still watch the videos for better understanding.

In the defense, the Easy power plan also has some disadvantages:

  • Only available online 

Online availability turns out to be a demerit at the same time. Your device has to stay connected at all times. No Internet means no instruction. But it is not a big deal, right? The Internet is everywhere nowadays. Or, if you want, take a printout of the book.

  • Requiring concentration

Lightweight as this design is, specific details of the construction require high precision such as the coil. You will have to be very careful and meticulous. However, good things take time. Just invest your time and effort into it; your hard work will always pay you off.

  • Expenses for the materials

You still have to pay for all the necessary components. But keep calm. It will only be the story at the beginning. A complete construction will save you thousands of dollars for over a hundred you lost in the process. 

Who should buy the Easy Power Plan? 

This program is for:

  • Those who are searching for a more economical energy type. 
  • People who want to use eco-friendly power and save the environment
  • People who want to go independent from the national grid. 
  • Or the “curious cats” who are concerned and just want to try an experiment on this new idea. Whether an electrical engineer or a scientist, all are okay.

And who should not buy?

You don’t have to buy this if you find no difficulty in paying the electric bills. Or you are okay with the regular grid, just stick with it.

In case you change your mind and want to go for an environmentally friendly alternative energy source, try Easy Power Plan.

What do customers say about Easy Power Plan?

Among many comments on Easy Power Plan, there are both positive and negative comments. 

Firstly, some customers complement the real effect of the product and say it can genuinely reduce their electric bills by 60%. So, on the one hand, it is claimed to generate the expected result.

easy power plan review

On the other side, I was taken aback to find numerous complaints about the Easy Power Plan. In particular, the efficiency of the construction may vary depending on the setup and measurement process. Everything has to be precise to get a successful final product.

The product has even been called a scam as it is not complete. Accordingly, the wiring diagram is insufficient, causing inconvenience for customers. However, the seller provides you with lifetime support via email. So feel free to ask if you find anything vague in the process of assembly.

easy power plan review

easy power plan review


(Source: Regionvavid.org & YouTube)

The feedback from customers varies considerably. However, negative reviews seem to outweigh their counterparts.

I am quite confused at this point. To make things more transparent, maybe I have to contact the producer for more information. Stay tuned if you also want to hear the explanation from the author like me!

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Easy Power Plan Review – How much is it?

The whole package is originally offered at $49. But it is discounted to $27 at the moment. You will get instant access to the book and the video tutorials right after you finish the payment. 

But if you click on the pop-up gift box advertisement on the screen, you will only have to pay $19.79 for all.easy power plan review

easy power plan review

$19 is not a large sum of money, especially when you will receive many other bonuses. Besides the main books and video tutorials, you will also get five more gifts I will list in the next part.

Additionally, you will receive unlimited lifetime support from the seller. A 100% money-back guarantee will as well cover you for a 60-day trial. If you find the program useless in the first two months, you can always request a refund. So it is a good deal. Take a try!

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Easy Power Plan Review – What are the bonuses?

On the purchase, you will also obtain an abundance of free bonuses, such as:

Bonus 1: Saving power, saving the world 

It is a handy 34-page guide you should read before building your own power generator. Its ten chapters talk about renewable power sources and how you can benefit from them.

Bonus 2: Money-saving tips for families 

Here is an excellent 15-page book that offers useful directions in a clearly laid out format. You will get plenty of tips on how to save the expenses and your electricity bills

Bonus 3: 15 top ways to save money 

It is a 67-page book on how to save cash on car loans, mortgage, and insurance. It seems irrelevant to the Easy Power Plan. However, it is still a valuable resource, as many useful tips are compiled in the book.

Bonus 4: Go green save green at the same time

There are nearly 125 different strategies you can use to supplement the small power plant. 61 pages of this book are filled with the down-to-earth approach used to save plenty of cash when using their own power plant.

Bonus 5: How to be environmentally friendly? 

Here is a 23-page digital book that offers practical insight into energy-reducing tips that you can use at home. Plus, you will also learn about organic gardening and other natural therapies.

The money-saving package is estimated to be a $79 worth. But the creator is giving it away for free. With the package, you will know how to use green energy, save money, and protect the environment concurrently.

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Final verdict

The Easy Power Plan is a comprehensive instruction for a power alternative solution. Although it still has certain shortcomings, the great benefits and a reasonable price it offers make it worth a try. Also, this product has received significant concerns from many customers. So why don’t we give it a try?

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And this is the end of the Easy Power Plan review today. Should there be any further inquiries, please contact us or leave a comment below. Your comments would be a motivation for us for future improvements.

Stay tuned because we will come back with more updated and informative reviews. Thank you for your valuable time. See you later!




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