Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You After Break Up: 7 Secret Clues


We all know how hard it is to see the signs your ex still loves you after break up. Some people, well most of them in fact, give up even before searching just because it feels impossible.

Here is some good news for you: If you find yourself wondering whether or not your ex still loves you, it doesn’t at all mean that you are weak and miserable. After all, you two shared a good time being bound together, so this kind of curiosity is totally natural. Another good piece of news is, you’ve come to the right place.

After working with countless clients from all over the world, our experts have discovered 7 most solid signs your ex still loves you and care about you. If you see him or her while going through this article, then there is no doubt your ex still can’t get over you.

Check it out! 


1. Try to have deep conversations with you?

You might find your ex trying to bring up memories you two have shared together. Whether they actively talk about the happy things between you two or take the responsibility for all the mistakes in your past relationship, that’s a sign your ex still loves you after the break-up. They are “testing” whether you have the same feeling or not, and wanna see whether you can still give them – and this relationship – another chance. 


2. Try to talk to you, without any specific reasons?

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You


You and your ex just broke up, but you keep receiving calls from them for no reason? Among the signs your ex still love you, this one is quite a strong one. It could mean that he or she misses you and still cares for you a lot. It could also indicate that he or she can’t stand not talking to you every day. 

If they text or call you while they are drunk, you should as well take it into consideration. The fact that you are the first person comes across his or her mind while they are drinking proves that you hold an important place. 


3. Try to make you jealous? 

Another one of the signs your ex still loves you is they are being crazily aggressive on social media. If he or she keeps trying to show off their “perfect life” too much, chances are your ex still can’t get you off his or her mind. But be very careful with this sign, though. If he or she just post a random photo of a friend or colleague, maybe it doesn’t mean to impress you.


4. Your ex turns nasty toward you? 

While it is pretty obvious in most cases, this is the most frequently overlooked signs your ex still loves you after break up. The thing is, apathy is the opposite of love, NOT ANGER. When your ex suddenly turns nasty toward you, it means that you still hold a place in his or her mind. 

Would you be surprised if I say this sign actually will increase your chance of winning your ex back? When an ex still gets angry at you, it could be that they still have feelings for you, and expect more of this relationship. In some ways, they are giving you a chance to fix all your mistakes. 


5. Talk about you with your friends and family 

Have you ever thought about searching for the signs your ex still love you from your friends and family? Well, if you haven’t, then I have to tell you it is a smart thing to try. If your ex keeps talking with your friends and family about you, it is a huge clue you are still in their heart. 


6. Reach out to you when they are in need

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You


This sounds weird when your ex comes to you when they are in trouble. You probably will question their motive, but the fact that they feel better when they come to you definitely means something. Pay attention to it. 

7. Block you, then unblock you all of a sudden

Most people would assume that it is the end when their ex blocked them for no reason. Provided that you have been so desperate and cross the line, well, it is the end. But for no reason? It can’t be that bad. Instead, your ex is the one who is struggling to deal with the break-up. They are trying to stop themselves from stalking your Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media platform it is. That strongly means the break up is hard for them. 


As we have provided you the most trusted signs your ex still love you after breaking up, what you should do now is… to sit down and take a deep break. Ask yourself, do you really want your ex back, for an appropriate reason? Do you still love your ex or you are just too scared to be alone?

If the answer is yes, then I hope you grab your chance of getting back together at the right time. As unbelievable as it sounds, you can find out the magic that makes your ex goes crazy all over you again, even though you two just broke up.

We would love to connect with you and hear from you. If you have any recommendation or any story to share, comment below. And don’t forget to share this article for people who are in need. Sharing is caring!



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