back pain breakthrough review

Back Pain Breakthrough Review: Can You Cure Back Pain Naturally In 30 Days?

Hello everyone. Welcome to another review of And this one is going to be a review of the Back Pain Breakthrough by Dr. Steve Young.

According to a study of the World Health Organization, the lifetime prevalence of the common low back pain is estimated at 60% to 70% in industrialized countries. The rate for children and adolescents is lower than that in adults but is rising.

Subsequent to that, a half of working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year which is equivalent to two work days for every full-time worker in the country. It is estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives.

Back pain is a resistantly annoying guest that you’d never want to keep. But sometimes things just do not work the way you want. You have tried so many methods for years now to get rid of the pain, yet none of them really helped you. And now you are wondering whether this Back pain Breakthrough is going to work or is it another scam. 

This review on the Back Pain Breakthrough is going to elucidate your vagueness. Read it until the end and see if this product can be your true love!

What is Back Pain Breakthrough?

back pain breakthrough review

Back Pain Breakthrough is an online comprehensive guide for back pain sufferers. It is a collection of movements that help reduce or even shed your back pain in a short time. The program comes in video format, and all of the movements are presented by Steve Young – the system’s inventor. 

The promotion on the official website says it can provide you an instant relief from pain without using any kind of chiropractors, physical therapy, invasive medical procedures, addictive pain pills or bogus supplements. 

Not only that, it also helps to treat bulging, herniated or slipped discs as well as sciatic pain. The special thing is that all the magic mentioned above can take place in only 30 days or less according to the seller. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – How Does It Work?

This online system includes a series of therapeutic movements named the Target Spinal Release. It is specifically designed to realign your spine by releasing the three major pressure points in your back.

Specifically, our spines are made up of vertebrates, spinal discs and the spinal nerves.

But many of us  have the vertebrae pushing onto the spinal nerves. When the nerves are touched, they cause a great agony in your back. This phenomenon is called “nerve impingement”, and is the root of back pain. More pressure on the spinal nerve means more pain in the low back. 

So the mission is to keep the vertebrae from touching the spinal nerve. But how? That’s when we adjust the iliacus (or the Iliopsoas) muscle.Due to the modern lifestyle in which we have to sit more, the iliacus muscles get tight, and it pulls the vertebrates onto the nerves.

And Back Pain Breakthrough’s work is to release the tight iliacus muscles. By doing so, you can supposedly gain significant relief in at least 7 days, and even eliminate your back pain thoroughly in 30 days.

The program is 100% natural and safe. You do not even need to go to the gyms or buy any extra equipment to embark on it. Those movements are extremely simple and gentle yet can still get rid of the burden on three major points in your back. The method is backed by hard scientific evidence, which makes me partly relieved. But to win my total trust, this product may have to be through a few more assessments. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – Who is Steve Young?

back pain breakthrough review

Steve Young

Steve Young is a doctor cum a back pain expert in Philadelphia. He has a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University. Having accomplished the Clinical Doctorate in physical therapy from Drexel, he opened his own clinic named Body Solutions located in Philadelphia. He and the Body Solutions have taken on the most difficult back pain cases for over 20 years. 

back pain breakthrough review

Throughout over 20 years being a doctor, he had worked with many professional athletes, including NFL footballers, NBA players and MMA fighters. Steve has many works published in over 50 medical journals. And he even assisted Hollywood actors like Zachary Quinto.

At the present, Steve Young is still a hot and active name. He owns a Youtube channel with over 1.26k subscribers. He regularly posts and updates the videos about physical therapy, personal training, true transformation classes, massage and so on. In this channel, he has approximately 180 videos, and he is still updating the workout videos every week. All are done by himself. Amazing! 

back pain breakthrough review

Plus, you can also have his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin on this Youtube channel as in the picture. That is in case you want to investigate more about this author. Just click the symbols, and they will bring you to the pages you want.  

That may be enough for me to make a small temporary conclusion here. Steve Young is a real person. He does exist, live, and work. He has a good reputation, education and career as well. At the moment, I suppose he is a trust-worthy seller. But what about the product, is it the same? Well, we will find out. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – What Can It Give You? 

  • A low-priced back pain treatment

Truth be told, many doctors and hospitals out there are profiting from your pain right now. The indirect costs for back pain were estimated at 19.8 billion and even higher than those of headache (19.6 billion). 

Probably for some, the expenses are quite low as they just need rest, pain relievers or an appointment with the doctor. But for many, the numbers are unimaginable, comprising long-term use of prescription painkillers and even surgery. 

And the bills keep swelling every year. You do not want to spend money too often like that. You do not want to take an operation, either. The Back Pain Breakthrough understands that. And they promise to bring you an as affordable back pain treatment as possible.  We always look at the price first. That’s the truth!

  • A back pain eliminator 

The “formula” that doctor Young created is going to help you through your back pain very fast. It aims to release and straighten tight iliacus muscles which in turn moves the vertebrae away from your spinal nerve. The mechanism turns out to be very short and simple. But it promises you a high level of efficiency. 

  • A speedy back pain reliever

You are perhaps too tired with the relentless back pain that you think would never go. Don’t worry because this product pledges itself to give instant back pain relief without any support from equipment. But that immediate effect is not all. You could also say goodbye to back pain forever after 30 days or less if you used it daily. No more prolonged sufferings, so appealing..

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – What Is Included? 

Here is a sneak peek of the Back Pain Breakthrough you might want to take a look at: 

6-Video Series Masterclass

back pain breakthrough review

back pain breakthrough review

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It is an extremely long list that the sections can not even fit in one frame. Despite the name 6-video series masterclass, there are 7 parts of this.

#1: The Real Cause of Your Back Pain

This is like a warm up section for you. It provides you with some welcome words, a basic for the Targeted Spinal Release Method, the benefits you will get, and the success stories as a motivation. But please don’t overlook the role of the introduction. You might feel so confused after that if you did not have enough information in the first place. 

#2: The Target Spinal Relief

Stepping into one of the focal sections of the program, the second part helps you take out the Targeted Spinal Relief method. Besides, this video has covered everything from the causes, side effects of your back pain to how to fix it instantly. This part is going to be a prominent one. 

#3: How to Fix the Pain Instantly

The third part is a video about healing in general. Just like the previous part, this one has a lot to show. You will get to know how your healing process is inefficient, how to fix it, and a little bit about the warrior method.

#4: The Warrior Method

The name of this fourth video sounds like a pose in yoga. It is actually a list of simple stretches you can use every morning to realign your spine, and instantly eliminate back pain. This will become a key part of your morning routine in no time.

#5: Life hacks for a Pain Free Life

Life hacks are always important to have a better, time-saving life. The fifth video is to point out the should and shouldn’t in ridding back pain. There are good habits you should take on, the proper ways of lifting, the new protocol for your disc, and so on. 

#6: Muscular Imbalances, Easy Solutions

Next, muscular imbalances can lead to back pain. That is why part 6 shows you how to address the muscular issues, thus, removes back pain permanently and comprehensively. You will have much knowledge about the piriformis, and the hamstring as well. For more interesting things please discover by yourself!

#7: Your Action Steps for Success

And the very last part will provide you with a proper mindset or attitude you should have towards the back pain eliminating process. If you have a positive perception, you have already won 50%. So always keep your morale up, guys!

What Are The Pros & Cons?


  • Detailed instructions

Firstly, Just looking at the table of contents is enough to know how meticulous this program is. The Back Pain Breakthrough shows you exactly how to use Targeted Spinal Release, completed with detailed and step-by-step instructions. You’ll learn how to perform each movement, what time of day you should use the movements, and how long you should hold each movement for.  All are clearly explained so you have zero guesswork.

  • No equipment needed

The next advantage is that this is a physical therapy. Conventionally, physical therapies would require one or more of the expensive electronic assistants. But no worry because the Back Pain Breakthrough is not going to cost you a penny on those machines. Just you yourself are enough.

  • No surgery

If you are so terrified of  a disc or spinal surgery, come to the Back Pain Breakthrough. With it, you will not have to face the surgeons in a cold operation room. Moreover, the Back Pain Breakthrough will also save you a lot since a back surgery costs no less than $10 thousand

  • Eminent author

In addition, Steve Young is a doctor specializing in back pain treatment. He has many years dealing with many difficult back pain cases. He has a reputation and specialized education in this field. This program is what he has drawn from all the years being a doctor of himself. Moreover, he seems very hospitable and enthusiastic in sharing the useful information about back pain curbing, and health improving. He makes his presence everywhere on the social networking sites, which is a good thing as we do not have to fret about a fake name that does not exist and a scam product. 


  • Not for all kinds of back pain

When it comes to the cons, you really should not blindly believe in the divine effects of the products on advertisements. In fact, many types of back pain can not simply be treated by physical methods namely the degenerative spinal condition or a tumor of your spinal cord. The serious back pain requires invasive methods like surgeries or at least a professional medical interference. You have to really know yourself first and what it needs before going for any kind of treatment. But if you have tried all yet feel no difference, give Back Pain Breakthrough a chance as you have nothing to lose then. 

  • Requiring consistency

You will have to do it on a daily basis to see the expected results. But I think it will just be a small and easy challenge for you. This is nothing compared to the nagging pain in the back you have been suffering. Hard work always pays off, believe me!

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – Who Is It For?

  • Chronic back pain sufferers for years 
  • People having tried heaps of back pain treatments yet have not found the improvement.
  • Young people who want to take out the prevention of back pain soon in life
  • Experts or specialists who want to examine the effectiveness of the protocol
  • Reading enthusiasts wanting to obtain more knowledge

Who Is It Not For?

  • For people with severe bone conditions, my advice is that you should have permission from your physician or doctor before taking any medication or physical treatments. It is necessary for your health and safety as well.
  • People who do not want to spend money on Back Pain Breakthrough. You know you are free

What Do The Customers Say?

back pain breakthrough review

The customer feedback is amazing. I can hardly find any negative comments. People keep complimenting on the quality of the program. Some say it is interesting and effective. Some others notice that all the details in the program are backed by solid scientific evidence.

Additionally, the Back Pain Breakthrough has received many 4, 5-star ratings from customers. That really shows how much the users love it.

back pain breakthrough review

On the whole, it is a good sign from the valuable experiencers. Feedback from real shoppers means a lot, especially for people who are still hesitating. 

From what I have studied so far about the Back Pain Breakthrough, I think it is a quite trustworthy product. Customers are always the most fair and honest. And their opinions help us tremendously in accessing a product. The Back Pain Breakthrough has won many customer’s hearts. So if you are now hesitant, give it a shot. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Review – How Much Is It?

At the present, they are selling the Back Pain Breakthrough at $37. This price has been lowered a lot compared to the previous one which was $67. You can save a lot of money by claiming this offer on the official website of the product.

back pain breakthrough review

But if you see this window pops out on your screen, click it and you will get a $10 discounted deal. Then you just have to pay $27 for everything including the bonuses. Remember this offer is only available to new customers until you fill up your information in the order form. 

back pain breakthrough review

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Back Pain Breakthrough Review – Are There Bonuses?

There are two big bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual

back pain breakthrough review

You might prefer to read than watch a video. Correspondingly, Dr. Steve created a special bonus ebook called Targeted Spinal Release. Here is where you’ll discover the world’s most effective method for eliminating back pain.

This manual contains the same information as the video masterclass. However, it also includes a number of extra strategies to help you get pain-free even faster. For example, they give you an additional stretch in the morning, a top-notch technique to extend your spine before sleep, a “bracing strategy to protect your spine from sudden position changes with lots of cool illustrations. 

Bonus #2: Accelerated Healing Techniques

back pain breakthrough review

Second bonus from the seller is this PDF guidebook. In this cutting-edge guide, you will find how to customize the strategy  to your body. And that customized strategy can do even faster results. Steve Young will provide you with additional guidance to keep your back pain from coming back. Furthermore, the instructions are simple, and everyone can quickly understand.

Inside the Accelerated Healing Techniques, you’ll also discover the ways to get over the consequences from taking back pain medication. In addition to that, you will receive the One Inch Fix – the small tweaks to your posture to turn on inactive muscles and align your lumbar spine. And finally, you will get the secret anti-aging and anti-inflammation drink recipes from Dr. Steve Young. 

Bonus #3: Access to Dr. Steve’s email hotline

back pain breakthrough review

We have not done yet because you have this very last gift. This is where you can get Dr. Steve’s personal email address. You can ask him anything or tell him problems you got with you back, and he will reply personally. It is an invaluable bonus you can get  but only when you sign up today.

However, it does have a downside. In order for Dr. Steve to be able to answer everyone’s questions, they limit the number of people who join Back Pain Breakthrough. Quickly before the seats are up!

Now, are you still hesitating? Well you do not have to because they have the money back policy. You can totally require an unconditional refund after a 60-day trial. You are protected, dear! 

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Our Final Verdict

To sum up, I appreciate this product for its quality and the benefits it brings to the customers. From a critical and skeptical viewpoint, I personally think this is a reliable protocol. Those who are desperately looking for a solution for your back agony, you can have a look at the Back Pain Breakthrough.  I believe the live,vivid demonstration of this method will help you through all sufferings.

We have come to the end of the Back Pain Breakthrough review today. Thank you for your precious time. I hope this review will be of some help to you. And feel free to drop a comment if you find any problems. It is our pleasure to support you. See you in our next writings. So long!

back pain breakthrough review

back pain breakthrough review



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