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My Back Pain Coach Review: DON’T BUY THE PROGRAM Before Reading This!

Hello, and welcome to Linkingo’s My Back Pain Coach review! Back pain has become a common thing in modern days, so common that many people assume it is inevitable as we age. You can read about the causes of back pain everywhere: It might be due to an injury at work or an accident while playing sport. The condition can result from sitting for a prolonged period, which like 70% of us do to make a living. In most cases, it might just be old age getting to us. However, it would be hard for you to find a holistic cure for back pain. 

That’s the reason why when it first released, the My Back Pain Coach program has received a tremendous amount of attention. Some of our followers also sent us emails expressing their concern that perhaps it was just a scam. Today, we will do a comprehensive analysis of this product to see whether it is trustworthy. Sit back, relax, and leave the rest to Linkingo!

Firstly, What Is My Back Pain Coach?

my back pain coach review

On the website, My Back Pain Coach is introduced as a video coach program that shows you how to get rid of your back pain using exercises. The creator stated that all movements were tried and tested on hundreds of volunteers before being released, guaranteeing the effectiveness of My Back Pain Coach. It only takes users about 16 minutes to practice every day. Moreover, the program also promises to have no side-effect at all.

That alone is not enough to make the My Back Pain Coach program outstanding. The good thing about this program is that it includes one-on-one coaching. The creator of My Back Pain Coach is aware that each person with back pain has a different problem. Therefore, he added personal coaching as a part of the product so everyone can address their issue and cure back pain effectively. That’s why it has gained massive attention, and the Facebook page of the program quickly received more than 13 000 followers:

Promising as it is, this service is only worth it if the creator is a trustable one. Hence, I decided to do a bit of research about him.

My Back Pain Coach Review – About The Creator. 

my back pain coach review

Ian Hart

The My Back Pain Coach program is the brainchild of Ian Hart. The official website did not mention much about him. After reading the page, I only found that Ian was a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He owns a personal training company with multiple agencies across the United States. 

When I searched for him on Google search engine, I discovered many other things about him. Ian Hart was featured in some popular publications such as Men’s Health Magazine and recognized as one of the best health coaches on the New York 1 News. 

Aside from a Facebook page for the My Back Pain Coach program, Ian has a personal Facebook profile to update his daily life and a website called earthfittraining where he shares his useful advice regarding health and fitness. 

With this background, it is safe to place trust in Ian Hart. Neither is he a ghost author or a scammer since people in the health and fitness field acknowledge his contribution. According to him, he spent more than 10 years discovering the set of exercises that actually works to relieve back pain. 

My Back Pain Coach Review – The Science Behind This Program.

To explain the cause of back pain, Ian Hart said that it resulted from “muscle imbalance”. According to him, when one side of your body is overworked while the other side is under-worked, this condition occurs. As a result, it builds up stress in the back, especially the lower back. The longer your body maintains this imbalance, the more pressure your back has to take. It gradually grows to issues, such as the lack of blood flow and oxygen in your back spine, severe neuromuscular disconnect, and the shutting down of standard motor control. If you don’t fix the muscle imbalance, you can’t get rid of back pain. All exercises in the program are for this issue alone, enabling blood flow to your lower back, filling it with healing nutrients, and strengthening your backbone. 

First, Linkingo has to compliment the My Back Pain Coach team. They explain how the program works very detailed and easy to understand, which I don’t often see on a health product’s website. It shows how confident the creator is about his research and knowledge. In fact, scientists have confirmed the idea that the cause of back pain, especially chronic pain, is body imbalance. Research about this has been conducted since 2008, but as people begin to sit more due to work requirements, it has become a more serious cause for back pain. It is because as you sit at a desk for hours, the muscles in the front of your body will become stiff. Therefore, the muscles on your back that assist your spin will become weak. It also adds more stress on the joints, ligaments, and tendons around your hip and spine. Back pain is an inevitable result of this case. 

Scientists also point out that you will need more than one exercise to restore balance, and strengthen the muscles. So far, there is no proof of what can be the most suitable exercise. That’s the reason why Ian Hart had to test his method on various volunteers to see if it really worked or not.

My Back Pain Coach Review – What’s Inside?

Overall, the program consists of three main parts. 

1. Back Pain For Life Core Training Video. 

This part is the center of the program. In here, users will find 8 exclusive movements explicitly designed to relieve back pain: 

The first movement will warm up imbalanced muscles and prepare them for relief. 

Moving to the second movement, users shall work with dormant hip muscles while activating imbalanced muscles. 

In the third movement, the whole body should be prepared. Movement #3’s role is to release your pain, so users should experience the very first wave of relief. 

Movement #4 makes blood, oxygen, and nutrients flow to the back more comfortable. 

The fifth movement decompresses the lower back. This way, it releases all the pent up tension. 

During movement #6, the whole body shall be aligned. As a result, muscle balance along the entire spine is restored. 

As users perform movement #7, they have finished stabilizing the spine, back, and hips. 

To end the process, movement #8 shall gently compress the spine to flush old blood out of the disc. New blood will have room to be pulled in, bringing a sense of healing, pain relief, and recovery. 

The program covers all of these in a 28-minute online video. The creator explains and illustrates them in a slow and detailed way that anyone can follow at ease. Along with the video, users shall find diagrams that describe the moves and the sequences. 

2. Targeted Video Coaching Session.

Some people might not be satisfied with practicing alone. They also want to know more details about the program, like how the set of exercises work, what changes it could create inside their bodies to relieve back pain, etc. Therefore, Ian Hart added the targeted video coaching session as a part of the My Back Pain Coach program. Here, you will find 9 short coaching videos that reveal more information about the way the method works and tips about how to get the most out of each movement. 

3. One-On-One Coaching Session. 

This part is the most outstanding of the program. As customers purchase the My Back Pain Coach package, they will also receive unlimited email support. During the private consult session, Ian Hart will answer all the questions, address any reason that leads to back pain, and help users adjust the movements.

Personally, this service is very great. Ian Hart is not a ghost creator but a famous health coach. You have a chance to talk to him privately and let him help you with your back pain, so it is understandable that My Back Pain Coach has gained such popularity. I also like the fact that he provides email coaching. That way, customers from all over the world can get help from an expert and relieve their back pain. 

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What Benefits Does This Program Claim To Bring?

My Back Pain Coach promises to help you: 

  • Relieve from back pain. According to the creator, users will feel a sense of relief right after the first session. It takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks of practicing to eliminate back pain, depending on each person’s body. 
  • Save money. As mentioned above, there is currently no medicine on the market that can address the cause of back pain. Therefore, people can only rely on pain relievers, such as aspirin, NSAIDs, or even antidepressant. They can only provide temporary effects, so users will have to purchase medications over and over again. My Back Pain Coach assures that people can get rid of the pain for good, so users don’t have to pay for medicines or doctor visits anymore. 
  • Improve working efficiency. As users relieve their back pain, they will be able to work without any discomfort. 
  • Restore the body’s strength and flexibility. 
  • Improve overall health as the back is flooded with healing nutrients. 

My Back Pain Coach Review – Who Should Use This Program?

After collecting information regarding My Back Pain Coach, I conclude that this program is most suitable for: 

  • Those who have been dealing with back pain and would like to find a cure.
  • The creator states that he created this program specifically for those who suffer from the problem for a long time. 
  • Anyone who can’t stand the pain but is afraid of the side-effects caused by pain relievers. 
  • Those who want to fix body imbalance and strengthen the muscles around the spine.
  • Linkingo thinks that My Back Pain Coach will be a brilliant gift for officers or those who have to sit a lot due to work. 

Who Is It Not For?

  • Since My Back Pain Coach mainly consists of exercises, elders or those with arthritis should consult doctors to see if they can perform the exercises. 
  • In some cases, back pain can indicate serious medical problems. In case the pain causes new bowel or bladder problems or comes with a fever, you should seek immediate medical help instead of using the program.  
  • My Back Pain Coach can cure chronic back pain, which results from inside causes. If your back pain comes after a fall, blow to your back, or other injuries, you should consult doctors immediately. 
  • The program promises to cure back pain permanently after 2 – 3 weeks of applying. If you seek immediate treatment, it is not suitable for you. Please note that the result might vary, depending on how each person’s body adapts to the exercises. 

My Back Pain Coach Review – Pros & Cons. 

For me, some of the most brilliant things about My Back Pain Coach are:

  • The creator is a real expert. 
  • Clearly explained the science behind the program. Moreover, scientists confirmed the ideas behind My Back Pain Coach. 
  • The program is all about exercises, so customers can follow along without any problem. 
  • It only takes you around 15 minutes per day to practice. No matter how busy you are, you can do the exercises to relieve your back pain. 
  • You receive a one-on-one coaching session as a part of this program. It does not matter what reason that causes your back pain, it will be addressed and treated. 
  • My Back Pain Coach was tried and tested long before it was published, so it has a very high chance to be effective. 

Still, the program is not perfect:

  • Since the program consists of only exercises, elders and people with arthritis might not be able to follow.
  • It takes time to show results. 
  • You can only apply the methods if you have a laptop or computer, as it comes in videos. 

Customers’ Feedback.

On Facebook, My Back Pain Coach received a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Many customers expressed their happiness when they managed to get rid of back pain by using the program:

my back pain coach review

Some even said that their pain disappeared after just one week:

my back pain coach review

However, another group was not happy with the outcome. One of the users complained about the shipping. He selected the option to have the DVD set shipped to the house, but didn’t receive it after a few months: 

my back pain coach review


Notably, there is also an opinion the exercises are not suitable for those with neuropathy, as they give them pain and uneasiness: 

my back pain coach review

My Back Pain Coach Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

So far, My Back Pain Coach is only available for purchase on its website. Here, customers can choose between 2 options: 

1. Instant Digital Access.

With this pack, you will receive the Back Pain For Life Core Training video and Targeted Video Coaching Session under the digital form, and the One-On-One coaching session. This option costs $67. Once you make the purchase, you can start practicing immediately. 

At first, this price seems to be high, in comparison to other health programs. However, it is cheaper than the price of one doctor’s visit. The price for the first visit is around $80 – $100, and one back pain starts haunting you, you will have to revisit your doctor! Moreover, it also includes the price of unlimited email coaching from a trusted expert. I’d say that My Back Pain Coach gives you much more than it costs. 

my back pain coach review

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2. Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access.

This option contains the Back Pain For Life Core Training video in the DVD form, the Targeted Video Coaching Session, and the One-On-One Coaching Session. Not only will you receive the DVD, but once you make the purchase, you will also get access to the digital version of the program immediately. 

The creator of My Back Pain Coach provides international shipping. The shipping & handling fee is $9.99 if you live in the United States and $14.99 for other countries. As stated on the official website, shipping will take approximately 10 – 14 days.

my back pain coach review

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Our Final Verdict. 

It brings me to an end of the My Back Pain Coach review. The program still has some downfalls, and it is not suitable for the elders. Still, for young and middle-aged people who are dealing with chronic back pain, My Back Pain Coach is still a worth-trying program. It was created by a trustable author and had a strong scientific evidence to back up. Moreover, since it works to rebalance your body, the program does not only eliminate back pain but is also great for your posture.

Again, the most highlighted part about this program is the one-on-one email coaching. You can place your order on the official website, and remember that with just $67, you have a chance to consult a recognized expert and cure your back pain permanently. Why don’t you try it out, then? It is your opportunity to get rid of the pain and start living a healthy, joyful life!

my back pain coach review



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