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Vert Shock Review – 15 Inches In 8 Weeks, Possible Or Not?

Hi, it’s Our today’s post would be a review of the Vert Shock by Adam Folker. 

Basketball has become an increasingly popular sport under the development of the VBA professional basketball tournament. Basketball is not only an entertaining sport but also a tool to help players develop physical conditions.

You have to master many skills in playing basketball, namely shooting, rebounding, dribbling, etc. One of the fundamental yet essential skills that many players often take for granted is dunking. 

Many people may think that people over 6 ft tall will find no difficulty in dunking while those under 6 ft struggle to dunk. In fact, for both tall and shorter people, dunking always requires proper techniques and practice as well. 

So if you are a basketball enthusiast and want to dunk more professionally with the program, this Vert Shock review is going to figure out if it can help you out or not. 

What Is Vert Shock?vert shock review

Vert Shock PDF

Vert Shock is an online vertical jump video tutorial created by Adam Folker, a professional basketball player.  It is an 8-week program boldly claiming to increase your vertical jump by 9-15 inches with its Russian training techniques. 

Vert Shock is designed for those who desire to push the limits. It shocks your body into jumping higher than you ever thought that it is possible. 

It contains a series of exercises and movement patterns that you can take at home to boost your vertical in a short time gradually. Vert Shock aims at improving your jumping skills without hurting your joints and your wallet with intense weight lifting and fancy equipment. You’d better work smart than work hard, right?.

The program is clearly divided into 3 steps. Each step will take you 1 week, 6 weeks, and week, respectively. After a total of 8 weeks, you will supposedly feel much lighter and springier on your feet. 

Vert Shock Review – How Does It Work?

Vert Shock makes use of the elastic fibers. It targets activating the nervous system in your legs with a special focus on your body’s plyometric strength. 

More specifically, jumping is the act of going against your body’s weight. To be able to jump high, you have to optimize two factors, which are strength and quickness. For that, you need to possess strong elastic fibers, speed, and agility at the same time. High velocity and strong fibers together will surely help you jump much more elevated. 

As your speed can be directly increased by improving your elastic fibers’ strength, the focus will therefore be on those fibers. That is also Vert Shock’s mechanism.

From my point of view, this is a scientifically proven system. The approach of this program has a solid bond with scientific evidence. In fact, many experts and specialists working in this field, the power of the elastic muscle fibers, is very crucial in getting better jump height. 

As it is backed by scientific knowledge, we can temporarily put our trust in the program. However, I am not coming to any conclusion yet. For sure, we will need to look through other criteria to conduct a thorough assessment of the product. 

Who Is Behind Vert Shock?

vert shock review

Adam Folker & Justin Darlington

Adam Folker

The first brain behind the Vert Shock Program is Adam Folker, who used to be an ex-UC Irvine NCAA player. He is now a professional Basketball player in Europe. 

Adam admits that his vert jump used to be only 14 inches when he first started. But with an appropriate tactic, he could then boost his jump to 32 inches. Folker is a two-time Big West Scholar-Athlete and was nominated to the Big West Academic All-Conference team for 2009-2010.

Besides being a basketball player, he also finds passion in venturing new eating protocols that help his teammates’ health. He has been a stay-at-home boss since he was still a college student. What a versatile man! 

Adam owns a website where he shares everything related to basketball, from the training programs to nutrition resources. But the latest post was in 2013, so I think he is not so active on the page. Apart from his personal page, you can also have social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by clicking the menu right in the head of the page.

vert shock review

Justin Darlington

Adam didn’t create Vert Shock alone, though. He teamed up with Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington – one of the world’s greatest dunkers. You can never stop being amazed after seeing him dunk. 

Justin Darlington is a basketball player, having made his career with over 50 verts. His name especially drew a lot of attention after he won the Nike World Basketball Festive Dunk Contest. He made a 49.9’’ dunk, which is not even his highest record. 

Justin Darlington is a familiar face on many famous sports magazines. He is a master of amazing feats like hanging reverse jam over a very tall person or a cartwheel jump. 

Adam and Justin have in common that they couldn’t dunk until they were 17. Justin had to watch the videos of NBA players dunking over and over again until he knew the technique. That is also what Adam and Justin want to share with us in their product, Vert Shock. 

Jus “Fly” seems to be most active on Instagram, where he shares adorable moments of him, his family, and information about his matches. Also, he is a Twitter user with over a thousand followers. Or if you are a Facebook addict, he has a Facebook account, too. Generally, you can easily find him everywhere on the Internet. He is a public figure!

On the whole, the two creators of the program give me a reassuring feeling. They are both professional basketball players and had a tough time with their careers in the past. Now they have a reputation and are still advancing in their career. That is a good sign for a beginning. 

Vert Shock Review – What Does It Promise?

Right in the name of this product, this 60-day ELITE vertical trainer will give you a Vert Shock. It promises to boost your vertical jump by 9 – 5 inches in less than 8 weeks. 

The great point is that you do not have to stretch your shoulders so hard just to swipe the net. You can now say goodbye to hardcore, intense exercises, and sitting on the bench, leaving your legs exhausted. 

Vert Shock guarantees you an improvement in your dunking skills after 8 weeks with the expensive gyms or dangerous workouts. For ordinary dunking practice, weight lifting is a common choice. However, it may not be suitable and beneficial for teenagers or those with physical health or joints. Noticing this, Vert Shock aims to create a safe, user-friendly workout program that does not require those heavy exercises. 

What Is Inside The Program?

Basically, this is how it looks like inside the Vert Shock Program:

vert shock review

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There are three main parts that you should pay attention to:

#1: Pre-Shock Phase

In the first 7 days of VERT SHOCK, you will be preparing your body with the unique movement patterns and exercises. It will not put any pressure on your joints. It may be as easy as a regular basketball match you have tried. Everything this stage will introduce you centers around unique jumping exercises combined with acute sets and reps.

This first step is called ‘The Pre-Shock’ phase and it is designed to get your body ready to fly. In this very first week, you will train 4 days for 30 minutes per session.

#2: The Shock Phase

Step 2 of VERT SHOCK training is designed to push the limits. This step is where the real leaps happen. It will ‘shock’ your body into jumping higher than you ever thought possible. You will train 3 days per week on average for a total of 40 minutes per session. Each of your movements will carefully target those neglected elastic fibers.

A recommendation from the seller is that you explode on every jump during this phase of the program. I can say that this phase is probably the critical phase-out of the 3 stages. It would be where you could reach your max vertical jump speed and strengthen your elastic fibers. 

After 6 weeks straight with this phase, you supposedly will jump higher than your friends have ever thought possible. 

#3: The Post-Shock Phase

And the last but not least part of this program is The Post Shock Phase. This part is like a revision of everything your body has learnt from the two previous phases. It makes the technique and power sit consistently in every one of your muscles. You will then be ready to throw down massive rim-rocking dunks on command.

In this phase, You will train 4 days this week for approximately  30 minutes per session. After the 6 week training in the second phase, this phase will help you release the boosted vertical jump. And it is the most exciting time of the program.  Your strengthened elastic fibers will create a feeling of enormous weight having been off your shoulders.

Besides the 3 main parts, there are also many other interesting sections. For example, the Vert Tracker is to keep you up with your practicing process. The maintenance program will preserve your jump height. And there are also some special training techniques if you want to go a bit more advanced.

What Are The Pros & Cons?


  • Author with professionalism

As I have mentioned above, Vert Shock is the invention of two famous and professional basketball players. Being the players means they have gone through many ups and downs in their career. They know what is essential for a player’s health and how to improve the necessary skills. So not only do they give you their blood-and-tear experience with words, but they also do it with actions. 

  • Not costly

The exciting thing about this regimen is that it does not require you any equipment. You need not go to the gym or pay a large sum of money for a 3-month course with an uncertain result. 

Additionally, you will need no personal coach or trainer. Why? Because you have Adam Folker and Justin Darlington with you. Everything you will need to do is to follow their instructions in the videos. Very economical! Extremely convenient!

  • Not damaging joints and health.

A conventional way of dunking training is weight lifting. But weight lifting can sometimes be too overwhelming for practitioners. 

In fact, lifting heavy things in a long period of time can lead to many negative consequences with your muscles and joints. 


  • Requiring patience and consistency

You may say 8 weeks is not a long period of time. But that is what you say when you have not embarked on the training. In fact, every training program requires you a perfect concentrating ability and a serious attitude. Though the Vert Shock program will not force you to do the heavy weight lifting, its training approach would be rather intense. Of course, there would be a certain amount of time for you to rest during the process; you will still have to set up your attitude right in the first place. Or else, whether it was an 8-week or even a 3-week program, you would not be able to complete. 

Vert Shock Review – Who Is It For?

Vert Shock is created for:

  • Everyone who desires to play basketball and dunk more professionally. 
  • Those who think that being under 6 feet means no dunking. But in fact, it is for all kinds of people at every height. Don’t be insecure if you are not as high as the others. It is not a disadvantage at all. 
  • The specialists, experts, or basketball coaches who want to examine this program. You can testify to this program to see whether it works or not. 
  • Last but not least, the supporters, lovers, and fans of the two authors. People who are crazily into basketball and love Justin and Adam can have one of their brainchildren. I mean, fans always support their idols in every aspect of life, right?

Vert Shock Review – Who is it not for?

If you are confident in your ability and find no need to buy a training program like this, it is totally up to you. We believe that a strong will and determination is better than every training method in the world. 

However, if you change your mind any time, Vert Shock is still there for you!

Vert Shock Customer Reviews – What Do Customers Say? 

vert shock review

vert shock reviewvert shock review

(Source: Goodreads & Youtube)

The feedback is how users from a large community react to Vert Shock. As you can see, there is a lot of 4-star or 5-star ratings. The reviews are also compliments. Most of the customers admit that Vert Shock is helpful for their training process. Moreover, it really generates the results that the practitioners expect. 

However, there is a flaw in this program reported by some users. Specifically, it is a tad one-sided as it focuses too much on one area, leaving the other vital elements in vertical jump improvement neglected. 

vert shock review

Personally, this comment is quite right. But I really think an 8-week program should concentrate on one focal point only, which will maximize the training benefits. The course for 8 weeks is not so long. Correspondingly, if you had to spread practicing evenly into several aspects, I think it would not be sufficient. The truth is you can not do so many things in 8 weeks. Focusing on one point and making it to the maximum may be a more feasible method. 

There will absolutely be people that are doubting the product. But I bet they have not got any idea of what Vert Shock is like.  Anyhow, many real experiencers have given their honest thoughts on this program. You can find them anywhere in the reading communities or the review video on Youtube. A clean hand wants no washing!

Vert Shock Review – How Much Is It?

vert shock review

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Normally, the complete Vert Shock program costs $134. But now you can get Vert Shock for the one-time price of $67, meaning you can save $67. That is a reasonable price for what you will receive from the producer. Over 35 high-dimension videos and a lot of bonuses for only $67. That’s a good deal!

Vert Shock Review – What Are The Bonuses?

BONUS #1: The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

vert shock review

There are 4 ‘Jump Killers’ which will keep you from success and prevent you from jumping higher. And you are probably committing one of those mistakes. 

This FREE bonus will help you discover the things that get the vertical jump power from you. Besides, not only will this bonus point out your mistake, but it will also show you how to fix it and how to avoid the common misconceptions in training vertical jump. Therefore, you will be able to keep clear of pitfalls and frustrations.

BONUS #2: The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher

vert shock review

Apart from the training techniques, you sometimes need a few quick and dirty ‘hacks’ an extra couple of inches.

In this free bonus, you will have 5 of Justin’s dirty secrets to getting up there by any means necessary. You can never imagine how simple those cheats are.

BONUS #4: The Jumper’s Diet Checklist

vert shock review

Here is where you find the ideal meals and foods to increase your body’s ‘springiness’ and maximize jump potential?

Adam has invested so much time and effort into this bonus with the hope of increasing your vertical jump height. 

BONUS #4: NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

vert shock review

It is another bonus module. 

They will spill the secret of how to increase your vertical jump by altering your approach velocity instantly.  It is a time-saving and efficient approach that is believed to boost your speed by 10 times. It would surge the explosiveness of every single of your jumps. 

BONUS #5: Weekly Check-Ins

vert shock review

And just in case your willpower is not strong enough, they have included a simple weekly email check-in system. It is to make sure that you are consistent with the program. Keep your mind solid!

Don’t worry if you are not contented with the program. Vert Shock is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund from the provider via email.   You will have 2 months from the purchase date to ask for your money back. You can take out everything online without caring about how to send back the book. It is 100% digital. 

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Vert Shock is a comprehensive dunk training regimen with a focus on the power of your jump. The program is said to create a positive change after 8 weeks of practicing. 

The tutorial system does not limit the height, weight, or age of the users. So, if you are looking for a short-term, effective, and reasonably-priced dunking method, look at it.

vert shock review

vert shock review


We have reached the end of the Vert Shock review today. Linkingo hopes it would be of some help to you. If there are any further inquiries, feel free to ask us. Thank you for your precious time! 


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