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Old School New Body Review – Does It Work? The Truth Behind The Method!

Many people, especially middle-aged ones, are getting increasingly insecure about their bodies. They worry that they are becoming fatter and getting older and will not look as attractive as before anymore. Some of our readers had found the Old School New Body program, which promises to help with that problem, and asked us to analyze it. Therefore, we will be doing an Old School New Body Review today. 

As we grow older and hit 40 years old, our bodies will start aging faster than usual. In addition to the numerous diseases we will get, we will gradually look much older than we should be. Adding to that is the excess fat that builds up over time and makes us very undesirable-looking.

The Old School New Body program says that it has the solution to this problem. It claims to have an “old school” workout program consisting of training methods from around the 1970s. According to Old School New Body, if you follow its “old school” way, you will not just lose fat, but also become younger-looking thanks to the slowdown in your aging process. However, whether it is as effective as it claims? Our Old School New Body Review will analyze that.

What Is “Old School New Body”?

Old School New Body is a workout program in the form of a digital book. It aims explicitly for the “short workout” approach with The Focus4 Exercise Protocol, aka F4X.

old school new body review

Old School New Body PDF

F4X uses a unique combination of movements to create an exercise approach that anyone can do. 

The F4X protocol also has 3 separate phases that will give you what you want for your body. Some of us just want to become leaner without needing too much muscle, while others need to be as muscular as a fitness pro. The 3 phases in the program are created with those needs in mind. When you feel satisfied with your body looks, you can stop at the phase you are following. And if you want more muscles, you can always follow the next stage.

Old School New Body Review – How Does It Work?

This protocol is based on the “old school” ways back in around the 1970s used to train their bodies. 

At the time, the only types of equipment available were barbells, dumbbells, and benches. Cardio equipment like treadmills and stair masters had not been invented yet. People could only use methods like doing squats or bench presses with the equipment mentioned above. However, those methods proved to be useful for improving your health and fitness. Squats burn plenty of calories and strengthen leg muscles, while bench presses tone up upper muscles. The bodybuilders at the time only followed these traditional exercises, but still managed to be muscular and healthy without the need of more modern techniques. Therefore, the methods are reliable, having been used for a long time and brought good results to people who practiced them.

The program also stresses the importance of working hard but less. It means that the authors made the program’s exercises relatively hard, but limited the workout time to just 90 minutes a week at most. The reason is that working out hard in a short time is better than working out for too long. It is the intensity of your workout that matters, and not its length. 

Of course, Old School New Body does not sugarcoat the matter, and outright tells us that it will be hard. The F4X protocol requires that you put effort and long-time commitment into it. However, it promises that you will achieve a younger and leaner body if you dedicate yourselves to it.

Old School New Body Review – Benefits:

The Old School New Body program’s motto is to workout hard in a short time. It has phases that aim for different looks for your body. Because of this, it will be useful for you in these ways:

– Gains you a lean body with 90 minutes of workout per week: This may be the most crucial benefit. While working out is good, there is such a thing as working out too much. Exercising more than necessary causes chronic stress for your body, interferes with your metabolism, and can lead to weight gain. On the other hand, Old School New Body makes sure that you only exercise for 90 minutes a week at most, but each exercise is intense. It ensures that you are working out properly, but not to such an extent that does more harm than good for your body.

– Help shape your body into the shape you want: The 3 phases in the F4X protocol are meant to make your body look differently. If you are going to make yourself very muscular, you can go all the way to phase 3. If you just want to lose fat and do not need muscle, phase 1 would be enough. And if you want a balanced look with some muscles but still generally lean, phase 2 would be the best choice. You can choose to follow what you think will make yourself look best.

– The exercises can make you look younger: It has been proven that working out can make you younger-looking. Working out increases blood flow, which nourishes skin cells and makes your skin better. And this program does not just focus on weight loss but also dedicates itself to enhancing youth. It promises to bring you a more youthful look along with a leaner body if you follow it.

Old School New Body Review – Authors:

Steve and Becky Holman are the co-authors of this program. I was able to find their information online, as well as Steve Holman’s website. Accordingly, Steve Holman has been weight-training for more than 35 years and has been the Iron Man Magazine’s editor-in-chief for more than 25 years. I visited the IM website to confirm this, and he indeed holds a position there. He has also written hundreds of articles on IM and published other books.

old school new body review

As for his wife, Becky Holman, I did not manage to find as much information. However, I found many articles that she has written for IM Magazine.

Therefore, I believe that the authors are reliable. They have experience in the field and know what they are doing. 

Old School New Body Review – What Is Inside The Program?

old school new body review

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As mentioned above, what this program mainly consists of is The Focus4 Exercise Protocol, aka F4X. First, the authors tell us about the core four exercises that gave F4X its name:

  • Squats: This is one of the most muscles-challenging exercises for your body. It mainly targets the lower body muscles, but you also need to use muscles above your waist to do squats correctly. Doing squats has several benefits, like strengthening your cores and reducing the risks of injury. Squats also burn calories and boost your overall strength.

old school new body review

(Photo source: Runtastic)

  • Incline bench presses: This exercise mainly develops the upper pectoral muscles, such as shoulders, chest, and arms. It makes your chest and shoulders more muscular and keeps the shoulder joint strong and stable. You will also become much stronger when you need to push a heavy door or lift heavy stuff. 

old school new body review

(Photo source: Myupchar)

  • Bent over row: This one places great emphasis on training your back. When your back muscles increase in strength, your posture also improves. You will not have to worry about back pain at a later age if you train it right now.

old school new body review

(Photo source: Coachmag UK)

  • Upright row: This one is one of the best exercises for building back and shoulder muscles. It also trains the trapezius, rhomboids, and bicep muscles. However, the upright row also poses a potential risk for your shoulders if you do it the wrong way. It needs to be done with a perfect form to both achieve the best results and avoid injury. Therefore, upright rows are reserved for the more advanced Phase 3, when you want to build your body like a bodybuilder.

old school new body review

(Photo source: Weighttraining)

All the core four exercises help with training your body, but their difficulty varies. For instance, the squat is extremely basic, and anyone can do it, yet an upright row is only for experts. Therefore, the protocol divides them into 3 main phases for different looks for your body:

1/ The F4X Lean Workout:

This is the first phase and is perhaps the easiest of the routines. It makes your body leaner first and gets it used to the next two phases’ intense workout. The exercises should not take more than 30 minutes, three times a week. It makes the phase ideal for those who do not have much free time. Additionally, there are slight variations to lifting styles and nutrition that you should follow for the best results. Many people only go through Phase 1 and stop there because they are satisfied with how their bodies look after the phase. However, if you do not wish to stop here, you can go to the two more advanced stages.

2/ The F4X Shape Workout:

Phase 2 has an intermediate difficulty. In this phase, you also need to change your lifting styles and nutrition plans slightly. As the name indicates, you will shape up your body and add more muscles to it, though not as much as phase 3. A good thing about this phase is that it proceeds from what you have learned from Phase 1. If you have already made good progress with phase 1, transferring to the slightly more difficult phase 2 will be easy. The exercises in this phase would also not take more than 45 minutes, three times a week. 

3/ The F4X Build Workout:

This final Phase 3 is the most intense and the longest, requiring 60 hours a week. All of the exercises will become a lot harder, and you will have to work a lot more. It also requires more equipment, with dumbbells, incline benches, and gym machines. However, after following it correctly, you shall gain a very muscular and incredibly strong body.

These are the three main phases of the F4X protocol. There is also an additional phase called “The F4X All-Dumbbell Workout”, which, as the name suggests, is all about dumbbells. However, it is similar to Phase 1 and 2. The authors also explained diet principles and recommended a type of diet. It is a high-protein diet with dairy, meat, some fruit/vegetables, and protein powder. However, a vegetarian or vegan might need to look for a different diet.

Aside from those, there are also cardio exercise recommendations (but this is not required for the program). There is also a section teaching how to deal with joint pain after exercising.

Old School New Body Review – Pros And Cons:


– Have separated phases for different purposes: Personally, this is one of the program’s biggest pros. Its various stages make it convenient to consider how you want to look and train based on the appropriate phase. And if sometime later, you think that you want a more muscular look, another more advanced stage is already there for you to follow. You can choose where to stop, but also where to continue if you want.

– Suitable for every one of all ages: Even though the program’s primary target is people above 40 years old, the authors make it clear that anyone can use it. If you are at a younger age, you can prepare for your body right away to not have a hard time dealing with old age. If you are old, you can still use it to get more fit and less groggy. 

– You can follow the program indefinitely: The program does not limit how long you have to train. You may stop when your body seems perfect and maintain it according to the maintaining section. However, you can also choose to follow it for years. It is up to your preference.

– Can exercise at home and save time: Old School New Body does not require going to the gym. All you need are a few types of equipment such as dumbbells and adjustable workout benches, and you are good to go. Some more advanced variations might need a gym for better results, but if you just want to stop at Phase 2, you do not have to go to the gym. And 90 minutes a week at most is suitable for those who have little free time.

– The nutrition plan is solid and well laid-out: Although you will have to change your diet with this program, it is useful. With this high-protein diet, you will feel full for a longer time, therefore eat less in general. Such a diet also boosts metabolism, which is necessary for weight loss. Anyone can follow this diet, as long as they are not vegetarians or vegans.

– A 100% money-back guarantee: You can get a refund within 60 days of purchasing if it did not satisfy you. 


– The diet plan is not for vegetarians: The authors recommend a high-protein diet with meat and dairy. The program will not suit vegans and vegetarians, and they might need to look for another diet plan.

– Not very clearly explained: While the exercises are in great detail, they are not very clear. The authors seemed to expect us to be familiar with basic gym techniques already, so beginners might find it hard to understand at first. There are a few photos and no videos to show the exercising forms better. You might need to look for instruction videos by yourself.

– Include some unnecessary details: The program has quite a lot of interviews and background stories. They do not add much to the training experience. It can be a hassle and even irritating to skip these parts.

Who Will Need The Old School New Body?

In general, this program is useful for anyone who needs to lose weight and potentially gain more muscles. Whether you are a man or woman, old or young, you can benefit from the program and its F4X protocol. 

Old School New Body is especially suitable for busy people. Some of the exercises, like the squat and its variations, do not require any equipment. You can do this practically everywhere without having to go to the gym. And all of the phases only need 90 minutes a week at most, which will not take much of your time.

And while anyone can follow this program, the elderly might benefit the most from it. As the muscles and general health deteriorate, training with this program can help them regain some strength. You will not have to spend your old time feeling groggy and irritated due to a weak body.

Who Will Not Need It?

The training protocol that Old School New Body offers is simple but requires hard work. The authors told us that we must put in a lot of effort to succeed with this program. Therefore, if you do not enjoy heavy exercising, this program may not be the right choice.

Those who cannot make changes to their diet for various reasons should not use this program either. There are simple and basic but vital dietary changes that you need to make so the results can come faster. As the authors put it, “you will not be eating burgers and fries every day and wake up with the body of your dreams”.

Old School New Body Reviews – Customers Feedback:

The feedback I have gathered for this program is mostly positive. Many people said that they put in the work needed for this program, which rewarded them with a leaner, healthier body. A few customers are over 40 years old and also reported that this program worked for them. They said that the program understood what they needed and made sure that older people could follow it effectively.

old school new body review

old school new body review

(Photo source: Goodreads)

old school new body review

old school new body review

old school new body review

(Taken from: Pissedconsumer)

old school new body review

old school new body review

old school new body review

(Source: Weightrater)

However, there is some negative feedback, as well. Most of the complaints are about the purchasing issue. Some reported that even though they had paid for the product, they had to watch lots of ads for add-on products that could not be skipped. By the time they reached the download page, the link turned out to be expired, then they had to contact customer support to fix it. 

old school new body review

old school new body review

(Image source: Pissedconsumer)

old school new body review

old school new body review

(Photo from: Weightrater)

However, they are just troubles with purchasing rather than the product’s quality itself, so I believe this product is still worth a try. And there are lots of people that managed to buy and try the program, which seems that the hiccups with purchasing were just unfortunate incidents rather than genuinely lousy customer service. If you had trouble with purchasing, you might contact ClickBank directly. They will quickly process your request and help you. But if you order successfully without an incident, congratulations!

Old School New Body Review – Price & Bonus:

You can buy this program through the official website. I like that despite actually costing at least $200, the authors had decided to lower the price to $50. And if you purchase within 15 minutes of visiting the website, you will get a special $30 discount. It means that you have a chance to have this program for just $20.

old school new body review

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But there is something even better than that. Yes, there is still more. You will also get all the bonuses that come with it. Those bonuses include: 

1/ F4X Quick Start Workout Guide

old school new body review

This bonus covers all 3 phases (Lean, Shape, and Build) but strips down everything to the bare essentials. It allows you to understand everything much faster and can get to training right away.

2/ Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets

old school new body review

As the name indicates, this bonus gives you other tips to burn fat. It also recommends nutrition and foods specific for burning fat and gaining muscles.

3/ Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics

old school new body review

This bonus mainly shows you the types of food you can consume that benefit your muscles best. There are also nutrient and even mineral recommendations.

4/ Ultimate Sex And Anti-Aging Secrets:

old school new body review

In this bonus, you will learn a lot about keeping it intimate even at an older age, and tips to look more attractive to your partner. It includes a list of recommendations about aphrodisiac foods, wrinkle-reduction nutrients, and more.

5/ Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets:

old school new body review

Finally, this bonus shows you how to live happier than usual. It reveals 6 keys to new happiness, a mood-improving scent, depression-relieving nutrients and foods, and how to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

With these bonuses, the program should have cost at least $227, but you can get them all for just $20. And in the end, even if you end up disliking this program, the 60-day refund guarantee is there to make sure you will not lose anything.

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Old School New Body Review – Conclusion:

It comes to the end of my Old School New Body Review. My final verdict is that this is a good weight loss program. It provides an old-school training protocol that does not require gym access and much time. Along with appropriate nutrient and diet plans, the program ensures that you can get good results if you dedicate yourself to it.

You may make your purchase on the official website. Remember that you can have the program and all bonuses for just $20. And the 60-day refund policy is always there to back you up if you end up unsatisfied with this program.

old school new body review old school new body review

old school new body review

Thank you for reading my Old School New Body Review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time!


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