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Lean Body Burn Review – Is It A Scam? Must Read Before Buying!

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to stay at home to decrease the risks of being infected. As a result, many people gain more fat due to the lack of exercise and want to get rid of it. This leads to many weight loss products being advertised to be number one in the market. However, whether they are trustable and effective is still a big question. Because of that, we are going to do a review on Lean Body Burn today.

Most of the diets we have been trying focus on modifying our metabolism. As such, they require us to undergo a strict diet that cuts back on your calories, go on low carb diets, and such. However, Lean Body Burn promises to offer a solution that targets the roots of the issue. According to it, the problem is with our microbiome metabolism. By targeting this issue, it claims to help us burn fat fast and effectively, even without changing our diets or exercising.  

Despite the flowery promises, this formula has received a lot of negative feedback. Many customers had reported that this product was a scam. In this Lean Body Burn review, we will give you the most comprehensive and unbiased review on the Lean Body Burn and whether it is worth your trying.

What Is Lean Body Burn Supplement?

On the official website, Lean Body Burn claims to be an all-natural detox cleansing formula. It is a combination of various herbs in a “golden ratio”, including aloe vera, black walnut, and flaxseed. By utilizing this ratio, it promises to help your stomach burn fat effectively. 

lean body burn review

This product comes in the form of 60 capsules per bottle, enough for 30 days of use. The official website advises you should have two tablets with enough water every day for the best results. And that is all you need to do. There is no exercise or strict diet involved. The formula also claims to contain nothing other than herbs, is vegetarian and non-GMO. 

Benefits Of Lean Body Burn Formula:

These are some benefits that Lean Body Burn promises. Those sound good, but a little bit too good to be true in my opinion:

– Help the body maintain healthy bacteria so it can burn fat effectively.

– Dissolve fat and maintain healthy levels of digestive enzymes.

– Support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level.

– Ensure that you still lose weight even if you are eating what you like and do not exercise.

Those are all the benefits that the creator of Lean Body Burn claimed. Sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it? However, we should look further into this product and see if it is that good.

Lean Body Burn Review – About The Creators 

From the official website, the creator is Randy Walker, a retired United States Marine Sniper. After his sister almost died because she had been starving herself to lose weight, he tried to find a solution. He then came in contact with Mike Zhang, a nutrition scientist, who helped him come up with this formula.

lean body burn review

Aside from the photo above and on the official website, I cannot find anything else about him. Randy Walker does not seem to use any social media. It is quite odd because the post about his sister’s transformation had been shared 11,273 times and seen by 931,400 people on Facebook.

However, I managed to find the information about the person Randy Walker co-operated to launch the Lean Body Burn. He is Mike Zhang, a nutrition scientist who graduated from the University of Toronto. I found that he has his own website. The information about him there matches the one on the Lean Body Burn website. Yet, I did not see Lean Body Burn being mentioned anywhere on Mike Zhang’s website.

lean body burn review

And I was able to find another strange thing. Randy Walker and Mike Zhang had advertised an almost identical product to Lean Body Burn, called Lean Body Hacks. On its official website, Randy Walker was Randy “Smith”, and instead of his sister Lisa almost dying, his mother almost died. Yet, both instances led him to connect with Mike Zhang and got inspired to create a “unique blend of herbs and spices” that boost metabolism and gut bacteria. Both instances involve a “golden ratio”.

The product Lean Body Hacks had been called out as a scam by some reviewers and customers. I also found out that Randy Walker reused feedback photos from Lean Body Hacks for Lean Body Burn, changing customers’ names. I will elaborate this in the feedback section below, but the fact that he was willing to do that kind of thing made me wonder about the creator’s credibility.

Lean Body Burn Review – About The Manufacturer:

Unfortunately, I cannot find information about the manufacturer. Neither the official website nor the label mentioned it.

The creator claimed that Lean Body Burn was FDI and GMP-certified. This term is for labs that create pharmaceutical products at a consistently high standard. The FDA inspects labs for GMP compliance once every couple of years, so this product might be of acceptable quality if it indeed met the criteria. But because the lab which produced this product is not identified, I cannot confirm for sure if Lean Body Burn was truly GMP-certified.

Lean Body Burn Review – The Science Behind Lean Body Burn:

To explain the scientific evidence behind his product, the creator said that the real factor in reducing weight is microbiome metabolism. The microbiome is a combination of healthy bacteria in your body and concentrated in your gut. According to him, if you could maintain the good gut bacteria, said bacteria would “literally eat the fat of your body”. 

There is some truth behind this. Microbiome does play a role in influencing our weight. It can affect what nutrients you absorb and how your body stores energy. A study also showed that those with more fiber-digesting bacteria lost 5 pounds more body fat while eating the same diet than those who did not. Therefore, the science behind Lean Body Burn is not entirely baseless.

However, the creator also promised that you would lose weight VERY fast. It was so effective that his sister lost 2 pounds in just a day after consuming the formula. There is a problem here. Research showed that even with a high amount of fat-digesting Phascolarctobacterium bacteria, people can only lose 17.4 pounds after 3 months. There is just no way the creator’s sister could lose 2 pounds in just a day. And it has been proven that losing more than 8 pounds a month is not healthy and can badly affect your health.

Another crucial thing to note is that the creator assured us that we could eat anything without worrying about weight. This product will boost your gut microbiome to “eat fat”. However, you need to avoid food like those with artificial sweeteners so your gut bacteria will not be affected negatively. If you carelessly consume artificial sweeteners while using this formula, you might be unknowingly decreasing the formula’s effectiveness.

Even though this product does have some scientific backups, whether it works as it claims or not shall remain to be seen through the rest of the review.

Lean Body Burn Review – Ingredients:

These are some of the ingredients that the Lean Body Burn supplement consists of:

Black Walnuts:

lean body burn review

After the English walnuts, black walnuts are the second most common walnut in the US. They are high in protein (75% higher than English walnuts) and low in carbs. Most of their carbs come from fiber, which may support weight control and give a full feeling. However, people with any nut or tree nut allergy should never eat or use supplements with black walnuts. 


lean body burn review

Flaxseed is very rich in potassium. This element negates sodium (which can increase your blood pressure levels) and protects the layer of cells lining the blood vessel, keeping your blood pressure in check. And similar to black walnuts, flaxseed is also an abundant source of fiber. Fiber makes you feel full longer after eating.

Aloe Vera:

lean body burn review

While more commonly thought of as a cure for bad skin, aloe vera can help reduce weight. It does this by boosting metabolism. Research showed that aloe vera affected fat and sugar metabolism in the body, which prevented belly fat from forming. It may also control the cholesterol in your body, reduces the bad ones (LDL cholesterol), and increases the good ones (HDL cholesterol).


lean body burn review

Psyllium is a fiber widely used as a dietary supplement. It is because it aids weight management by improving smooth bowel movements, which is vital for losing weight. And like aloe vera, psyllium also helps regulate cholesterol.

These ingredients all assist weight loss in one way or another. However, while all the ingredients are natural, there are some possible side-effects of almost all ingredients causing us concern. 

People with any nut or tree nut allergy should never eat or use supplements with black walnuts. And the tannins in them may interact with certain medications, so you should check with your doctor to see if you can take the supplement with other medicines.

Next, flaxseed has side effects like allergic reactions, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, bloating, and constipation. 

Moreover, aloe vera leaves contain latex, which may cause allergy to some people. Latex allergy can cause stomach issues like irritation, stomach cramps, and low potassium levels. Additionally, aloe vera’s laxative effects can lead to dehydration. And the bio-active compounds in aloe vera might get in the liver’s detoxification process, causing health complications.

Last but not least, using psyllium can result in side effects like abdominal or stomach cramping, constipation, gas (flatulence), and impaction.

Another thing is the “golden ratio”. The creator kept repeating about a unique “golden ratio” that supercharges the herb’s effects and speeds up the fat-burning process.  Yet, he never specifies how specifically the ratio is. He kept repeating that claim but failed to give the scientific evidence behind it. 

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The Lean Body Burn Review – Price & Bonus:

The regular price for a bottle with 60 capsules is $99. However, the official website offers three options:

  • $59 for one bottle
  • $147 for 3 bottles ($49 per bottle, help you save $150)
  • $270 for 6 bottles ($45 per bottle, help you save $270)

lean body burn review

Lean Body Burn’s price is relatively high compared to other weight loss supplements available on the market. Even with the 6-bottle option, that is still $45 for each bottle that you must pay for. And considering that the ingredient list does not have any rare herb or plant, not to mention their scientific evidence in weight loss were exaggerated, Linkingo does not think that Lean Body Burn is worth the price.

Lean Body Burn Review – Customer Feedback:

Most of Lean Body Burn’s positive feedback is from the official website. The site shows pictures of incredible transformations of people who lost more than 21 pounds within the first 3 weeks. But, as I have explained, losing that much weight in 3 weeks is unhealthy. And I have also mentioned that Randy Walker reused feedback photos from Lean Body Hacks for Lean Body Burn. You can see the similarity here:

lean body burn review

“Vanessa” in Lean Body Burn

lean body burn review

And “Vanessa” in Lean Body Hacks

lean body burn review

“Emma” in Lean Body Burn

lean body burn review

And “Emma” in Lean Body Hacks

The feedback from Lean Body Burn had been edited to sound more believable: “Emma” lost 2 pounds in the first week, rather than every 48 hours. And “Vanessa” lost 87 pounds in an unspecified amount of time rather than in 12 weeks. However, it still does not change the fact that the creator was willing to exaggerate results just to attract more customers.

The ridiculous case has to be “Olivia”, though.

lean body burn review

“Olivia” looked like this in the feedback of Lean Body Hacks, but she somehow magically changed into a completely different person in Lean Body Burn. You may think that there are probably two Olivias. However, the photo used for “Olivia” in Lean Body Burn was supposed to represent Mike Zhang’s mother in Lean Body Hacks. Due to these photos, I do not think the feedback on the official website can be trusted.

lean body burn review

“Olivia” in Lean Body Burn

lean body burn review

And Mike Zhang’s mother in Lean Body Hacks.

And when I looked up this product on other review sites, I felt surprised because it had so much negative feedback. 

Most customers expressed extreme dissatisfaction over poor customer service and unannounced fraudulent transactions. It seemed that back in 2010 when this formula first premiered, the creator used to give out product samples. Many had reported that after the trial process, they ordered the official product but only received the samples. Some people even said that they did not receive anything. 

Many said they were charged an additional fee of $87.47 that the company did not inform, and the money was taken from their bank account. I am not sure about this point, because no one can take money away from your bank account if you do not authorize it. However, given that most feedback was reported about being charged $87.47, I believe that the company gave false information about finishing the trial period and shipping the product to the customers. These comments are from 2010, and at the time of this review, I did not see the company offering a trial period anymore. However, it is clear that customer service is not good at all. Not only that, but a handful of customers also reported that the product did not even work.

lean body burn review

(Photo source: Complaintsboard)

lean body burn review

lean body burn review

lean body burn review

lean body burn review

lean body burn review

(Taken from: Pissedconsumer)

lean body burn review

(Source: Canada-complaints)

Between fake positive feedback, high additional charges, and poor customer service, you should not buy Lean Body Burn. However, if you had already purchased it, I suggest that you contact ClickBank directly to return it. You may send an email to support@clickbank.com, or call 1-800-390-6035 (for people in the US) or1-208-345-4245 (outside the US). They will process your request quickly.

Lean Body Burn Review – Conclusion 

It comes to the end of my Lean Body Burn Review. My final verdict is: you should not buy it. The creator reused feedback photos and contents between two different products to make money from two separate sources. The scientific evidence behind the product is there, but the author exaggerated it to the point of being unrealistic, not to mention the side effects it may cause. And most customers are very unhappy with the additional charges and poor support despite having taken money from them already.

Losing weight is a common struggle for many of us, and we at Linkingo understand that. However, your health is still the most important. 

It is where NutraVesta ProVen supplement comes in, as a powerful natural detoxifier and anti-inflammatory that can help lose weight safely. For further information about the product, you can check out the ProVen supplement review here. ProVen has been tested by over 74,820 people with unbridled hunger and weight gain. After 90 days, the results are incredible and confirmed.

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Thank you for reading my Lean Body Burn Review. I hope you find it helpful. Until next time!


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