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Ryan’s Shed Plans Review: Can It Help You To Build Your Own Shed?

I don’t usually talk about myself, but I am happy to share my story today in my Ryan’s Shed Plans review.

Many people can see my great passion for writing, but only the closest ones know that I’m a big fan of woodwork DIYs. It has always been my dream to build a shed, you know, like those you can see in old American romantic movies. I would fill my shed with books and enjoy a cup of tea after work while reading a novel. How wonderful is it! Wanting to make that dream come true, I spent many days looking up ideas and plans on the internet. There were indeed many guides to build a shed, but I always felt like something was missing. Most programs are either very cursory or including materials that are very hard to find. That wasn’t very pleasant, and I almost gave up on it. 

However, yesterday, when I was preparing dinner, my brother Liam called me. Liam and his family lived in California. Hence we haven’t seen each other for a while, so I was thrilled. After a bit of chit-chat, he suddenly asked if I was still interested in building a shed. 

Honestly, at that time, I was very busy with work and almost forgot that I once loved woodwork. Still, hearing that, my dream of having a small cozy shed came back at once. I said, yes. 

“I just came across this program called Ryan’s Shed Plans. It reminded me of you immediately”, he said, “perhaps you should check it out to see if it’s what you need. I know you are busy recently, but you should do something to relieve yourself from stress.” 

Needless to say, I was very touched by his words. That night, I spent a few hours searching for Ryan’s Shed Plans on the internet. I think many of you would be interested in woodwork DIYs and shed building in particular, so I publish this review on Ryan’s Shed Plans to have an unbiased, comprehensive look at it. 

Firstly, What Is Ryan’s Shed Plans?

ryan's shed plans review

Ryan’s Shed Plans PDF

When I checked out the official website, I immediately realized why my brother said this might be suitable for me. The page introduced it as a collection of 12 000 shed plans and woodworking designs. 

It seemed like my brother, just like many other people, misunderstood the description of Ryan’s Shed Plans a bit. The program was said to “contain around 12 000 blueprints for shed building” on many websites. However, the correct statement is “12 000 blueprints for shed building and small woodworking projects”. There were around 100 shed plans to choose from. Aside from those, you can find instructions to make items such as end tables, birdhouses, and rocking horses. I feel like I have to point out in my review, so none of you will get confused.

Basically, after making the purchase, you will have access to a membership site for downloading the plan you want. As mentioned above, there is much information included, so you can choose between them instead of downloading everything at once. According to the creator, all plans come with illustrations, so even those with zero woodworking experience can start working at ease. 

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – About The Creator.

Ryan Henderson is the creator of Ryan’s Shed Plans. He claimed to be an experienced woodworker who spent many years building projects. According to him, woodworking was not only his way of making a living but also his passion. Aside from receiving customers’ orders, he also made household items for his own family. Therefore, Henderson understood what those who were trying to learn crafting skills had to go through. 

To explain why woodworking plans on the internet don’t work, Ryan Henderson said they were mostly created by those who never touched a  lumber piece in their life. He could see from the guides, as they were either too complicated or too dumbed down and could not address all the problems people can face while working with woods. Henderson realized that only someone with experience would have a clue of what a plan needs to contain. Therefore, he created Ryan’s Shed Plans, hoping to share his passion with everyone who loves wood-crafting but doesn’t know where to start. 

As someone who tried to build a shed using the instructions on the internet several times, I could understand Ryan Henderson’s point. It all happened the same way: I got the plan, started to follow it, got the materials and tools, and processed cutting to size … Ultimately, I got stuck. I couldn’t understand how they could get from this step in the plan to this part. If you have tried woodworking before, I bet you can empathize with this too. 

That being said, if Ryan Henderson is an experienced woodworker, then he must address all the problems at ease. That would be one of the reasons to consider buying Ryan’s Shed Plans. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information related to Ryan Henderson on the internet. Everything I could find about him was on the product’s page. He didn’t have any social media pages or personal websites, so there was no way to confirm whether Henderson was really an expert in woodworking or not. To evaluate Ryan’s Shed Plans, I would have to look at other aspects. 

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – What Makes This Program Work?

The creator of Ryan’s Shed Plans seemed to be very confident with the product. Ryan’s Shed Plans is easy for everyone to follow, even those who have zero experience because they include these six things: 

1. Views Of All Angles & Details. 

In Ryan’s Shed Plans, each project will come with illustrations. It helps you see all angles of every piece before and after you build them. If you have tried wood-crafting before, you shall know that sometimes you might create a part that looks exactly like the drawing, but it doesn’t fit in the next step. I encountered that problem too. The reason is that the drawing doesn’t show us each angle. Personally, showing all the angles and details will help us save a lot of time and effort. 

2. Step By Step Lego Instructions.

The program provides readers with step-by-step guides for each project. Once again, he managed to point out another problem amateur woodworkers like me have to face while building our own sheds. As mentioned, many guides were dumbed down that I didn’t know how to get from one point to another. Other plans include very complicated technical jargon as if the one who wrote these guides assumed that we were all experts. Henderson claims that the instructions in his plans are as effortless as putting Lego blocks together. 

3. Complete And Precise Materials And Cutting Lists.

Ryan’s Shed Plans contains complete material and cutting lists. By “complete”, it means that you will know how to buy the exact amount. No more, no less. I find it interesting that the plans even show you what you don’t have to buy, and what those who are new to wood-crafting often think that they need but are actually not necessary. It can help to save a lot of money. 

I find it very annoying that most shed plans don’t mention the exact measurement to cut my lumber, and it is surprising to see that Henderson includes this part in the plans. He seems to understand what his readers need. 

4. Three Dimensional Drawings.

Of course, this is the thing many shed plans include, and they have to do that because a one-sided view is not enough. We will never know if we put a joint or a frame together correctly if we don’t see it in 3D. 

5. CAD-Designed Drawings. 

With CAD-designed drawings, you will learn the exact proportions. I’ve checked a preview of these drawings and find them much more understandable than flat hand-drawings.

6. “Used For” Labels. 

According to the author, these “used for” tables will show you each material used for each part of the shed. This way, you will know what you need to prioritize and what you can buy later. With that, you can save your precious working space, making the process less complicated.  

For these factors, I have decided to give Ryan’s Shed Plans a try. It seems that Ryan does know what he is doing here because he manages to address all the problems newbies like me can have while doing a woodcraft project. 

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – Benefits Of Using The Program.

After going through the program, I conclude that it will help users to:

  • Finish their woodworking projects as fast and efficiently as possible. With detailed plans that break down everything, users can go to the store once, get all the materials and finish their work without wasting any time and effort. 
  • Assist users with every step so they can finish your woodwork at ease, even if they have zero experience. 
  • It contains all the shed kinds people ever want. It provides customers with choices, and all of the plans are easy to follow.
  • Provide not only shed plans but also plans to create many exciting things, from children’s toys to convenient household items. 

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – Pros And Cons. 

Here are the things I would like to compliment Ryan’s Shed Plans: 

  • Access to a lot of plans. It is a paradise if you are so into wood crafting. You will get many plans for various projects.
  • Useful bonuses. The bonuses are not only free, but they contain too precious information. 
  • Great for your creativity. Not only does the program help you to start working, but it also shows you how to adjust things to your choices. 
  • Come with illustrations. It would be easier for you to imagine each step and the final product.

But also, there are things I hate about the program: 

  • The statement is not clear. The title makes us misunderstand that it contains only shed plans, while there are only 100 shed plans, and the rest are other wood projects. 
  • There is no contact info of the creator available. 
  • Some of the projects only contain illustrations without step-by-step guides. 
  • You cannot download everything at once. You can only download each plan, and it is quite frustrating to go through all the projects to find out what you like the most.

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – Who Should Use The Program?

The program is specifically for: 

  • Those who want to start with wood-crafting but don’t know how to begin. 
  • Those who want to make their shed or other wood projects, but want to save time and money. Everything is laid out, so you don’t have to try over and over. 
  • Experienced woodworkers can use this product to the fullest because while a part of Ryan’s Shed Plans is so comprehensive, some other projects contain only illustrations that those who never worked with woods before cannot follow. 

Who Should Not Use It? 

  • Ryan’s Shed Plans is not for children to follow without parents’ guidance because the process requires sharp and blunt objects. 
  • If you have never done any wood-crafting projects before, please note that some of the projects inside Ryan’s Shed Plans don’t have detailed instructions to come. Therefore, it will be hard for you to work with them.

Ryan’s Shed Plans Customer Reviews And Feedback. 

When you search for Ryan’s Shed Plans on the internet, you will find many positive reviews. People said that the product hands down everything they need, making their experience much more enjoyable and comfortable. 

ryan's shed plans review

Some even said that they could complete a woodworking project with their kids, indicating that the product might inspire a fun family activity for customers to try out during weekends: 

ryan's shed plans review

However, there are also negative comments available. Some people were disappointed with the product, saying it is nowhere near the advertisement: 

ryan's shed plans review

As I stated in the first part of this Ryan’s Shed Plans review, the product can create misunderstanding. While it claims to be a “Shed Plans”, the product, in fact, only contains around 100 shed plans. The rest are instructions for other wood projects. Therefore, if you expect it to have 12 0000 shed plans, you will be disappointed with the product. 

Another thing people complain about Ryan’s Shed Plans is that not every project comes with step-by-step guides. On the Zacsgarden site, customers reported that while some plans have clear instructions, some only contain illustrations. Therefore, not every plan included in this product is for inexperienced woodworkers:

ryan's shed plans review


For me, this is a huge minus point. The 12,000 projects are indeed a large amount of information, and it would take a lot of work to include detailed instructions for all of them. Still, Ryan Henderson could have mentioned that only specific plans come with instructions on the official website, instead of making users believe that they have step-by-step guides.  

More Customer Feedback One The Ryan’s Shed Plan Program 

Price & Purchase Policy. 

So far, Ryan’s Shed Plans program is only available on the official website. The original price is $97. However, there is a promotion going on, so the full package price, including bonuses, is only $37. Compared to other woodworking programs, this is not a high price. Not to mention the fact that Ryan’s Shed Plans program contains more projects than most of them and offers more bonuses. Personally, the program is worth more than it costs.

For most people, if they want to have a shed in the garden, they can choose between these options:

  1. Buy one from the garden center: Normally, the price of a standard garden shed would range from $400 –  $625. It can even go up to $3210, depends on the size. Your choice is limited, as you can only choose from available models in the shop. With Ryan’s Shed Plan, you are free to choose the model you want, customize its size, and build your own shed with less than $40!
  2.  Hire a reputable contractor: Provided that you want to hire a contractor to build a shed, the price would range from $1500 to $3500, which is very high. Instead of having a stranger in your house, building a shed by yourself can be a fun activity for the whole family in the free time. Moreover, you all can get creative and personalize the shed with things each family member loves.
  3. Buy a premade shed from lumbermills: As mentioned above, the price of buying a shed can get quite high. Moreover, the feeling of completing your own shed is much more amazing.

Therefore, it is much better than do the crafting by yourself. With Ryan’s Shed Plans program as your companion, you shall be able to save much more money. Though the program is not entirely about sheds, you can still choose between over 100 models, with a price less than a pair of shoes!

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Is There Any Bonus? 

Along with the main program, you would receive 4 bonuses for free.

ryan's shed plans review

Bonus 1: Advanced Woodworking Tips. 

According to Ryan Henderson, he includes all of his experience in this bonus. It shows you special techniques and teaches you how to create small adjustments to pieces to make your work easier. 

Bonus 2: Magic Modifications. 

This bonus is for those who want to get a bit more creative. It is a worksheet that provides precise measurements to be free to customize any of them according to your likings. 

Bonus 3: Directory Of Suppliers. 

Some people have trouble finding the materials, and I’m one of those. This bonus promises to contain all woodworking suppliers available across America. It can be comprehensive to the point that you will know which one is available in your area. Some reviews on the internet say that it even includes small places they couldn’t find online. If so, it would be an exciting bonus. 

Unfortunately, all the suppliers mentioned in this bonus are limited to the U.S, so it would not be useful for customers from oversea. 

Bonus 4: 400 More Woodworking Plans.

I was a bit surprised to see this bonus. I mean, 12 000 projects are like more than enough, and they even include 400 more. As mentioned on the website, these also come with comprehensive instructions so you will know how to start from scratch. 

Since everything is digital, you don’t have to pay a shipping fee. Moreover, the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means if you are not happy with the product, you can request to have a full refund. However, regarding this policy, some customers complain about the lack of contact info. After reading some reviews, I tried to look for a way to contact the creator and realized there was none on the official website. Provided that you want to ask for a refund, you can contact ClickBank using the phone number 00 1 208-345-4245, your request will be processed right away.

ryan's shed plans review

My Advice To You.

If you are still not ready to get Ryan’s Shed Plans, I suggest you try out this Free 12 x 8 Shed Plan eBook.

Here, you will find a complete guide to build a basic 12 x 8 shed by Ryan Henderson. The plan is laid out with all the details he presented in Ryan’s Shed Plans, so you will have an understanding of how the main program will be. Click Here To Download The Free Ebook

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review – Worth Trying Or Not?

The creator of Ryan’s Shed Plans did exaggerate this product, that’s something I can confirm. Will that make the product disappointing? To some extent, yes. No one likes to have false expectations, and the advertisement on the official websites, and many review pages, mislead many customers. 

However, if you manage to recover from the shock and give this product a chance, you will see that it does make your journey with woodworking a lot easier. Every material is laid down, and you will receive tips and tricks to craft more easily. If you have zero experience, you can’t create everything the product contains, but you also don’t have to waste your time and material once you start. 

Provided that you are not happy with Ryan’s Shed Plans, you can contact them to get a full refund. Customers have confirmed that you will definitely get all your money back if you contact the retail directly, so it doesn’t hurt at all to try out. I’m using the program to finish the shed of my dream in a few days. How about you?


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