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Pregnancy Miracle Review: Is Lisa Olson A Scam? Must Read!

It is sad to say, but in modern days, the number of infertility-related issues is skyrocketing. It is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, toxic environment, stress, and eating habits. According to surveys from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  around 6.1 million women ages 15 – 44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant in the United States. This heartbreaking truth leads us to write today’s Pregnancy Miracle review. 

In fact, there is a wide range of infertility treatments for women available, such as stimulating ovulation with fertility drugs, intrauterine insemination, or surgery to restore fertility. However, none of them can guarantee a 100% result. Moreover, these treatments are painful and often come with side-effects, such as long-term risks of ovarian tumors. Not to mention the fact that the price of them might not be affordable for some couples. As a result, many women start seeking help online. Still, not so many online products can address infertility difficulty and offer a solution. Pregnancy Miracle claims to teach women how to get pregnant naturally fast, so we received many emails from readers asking us to review it. 

It took me a while to collect information and go through the comments on the internet to find out the truth. Prepare yourself because this is going to be the most comprehensive and critical Pregnancy Miracle review available! 

What Is The Pregnancy Miracle Program? 

pregnancy miracle review

Pregnancy Miracle PDF

Typically, the official website of a product can tell you a bit about the program. My first impression was that The Pregnancy Miracle site was professionally presented, allowing users to choose between watching the presentation video or reading text.  It indicated that the team behind this product is experienced and did put some effort into their brainchild. 

According to the page, The Pregnancy Miracle is a 5-step digital program that claims to help women get pregnant in 60 days. It first covers every knowledge about fertility. Then, it breaks down the information into 5 steps that apply both modern alternative medicine and ancient Chinese techniques to eliminate any fertility issues you might have, to restore your hormonal balance, and improve your health in general. 

What makes The Pregnancy Miracle promising is that most of the program’s tips are natural, such as magnetic therapy, heat therapy, dietary changes, body cleanse, and herbal remedies. It keeps the risk to the lowest, so you don’t have to worry much about harmful side-effects. The program is only available in digital form, so users can start healing their bodies right after purchasing. All they need to do is download Pregnancy Miracle to their electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and they can read it anywhere they go. 

Well, a natural method to cure infertility may pack a lot of potentials. If The Pregnancy Miracle is genuine, it will indeed be a miracle for many women out there struggling to get pregnant. However, in case it is a scam, then it would be the cruelest one. It is a must for me to check this out thoroughly, so I moved on to the next step.  

The Pregnancy Miracle Review – About The Creator. 

The next thing, of course, is to check out the reliability of the creator. As seen on the official website, the mastermind behind The Pregnancy Miracle is Lisa Olson. She claimed to be a recognized nutritionist and medical researcher. Olson shared her own experience of suffering from infertility, which motivated her to spend more than 14 years, discovering the best way to get pregnant. “The Pregnancy Miracle” is her most significant achievement since not only did Olson help herself, but she also managed to relieve many women across the globe. 

However, as I searched for Lisa Olson on the internet, I was confused. There wasn’t any page, article, or information that showed she was a famous nutritionist. Her name didn’t exist anywhere, except for the official page of The Pregnancy Miracle. Since Olson is now a mother, it would be understandable if she decided to use a pseudonym to protect privacy. Still, it also means that we can’t confirm the authenticity of this program yet. 

How Does The Program Work?

To explain the science behind The Pregnancy Miracle, Lisa Olson stated that when you struggle with infertility, it is a message from your body that something is very wrong inside. 

According to her, unexplained infertility issues are often the result of insulin resistance or related hormonal disorders. It warns you that your reproductive system is seriously in trouble. When this happens, many people try to shut it off by taking infertility drugs, without knowing that they can lead to ovarian cancer in the long run. It is totally possible to apply natural methods to reverse the condition, rebalance your hormone, and become pregnant with the minimum risk. That’s what The Pregnancy Miracle will help you. 

In fact, the link between infertility and hormonal imbalance has been confirmed by scientists. Many doctors also advise patients to treat this condition using natural methods, due to the side effects of infertility drugs. Therefore, Lisa Olson does have a point here regarding the scientific evidence of the program. Though there is not yet any research to confirm the best method to deal with this condition, she carefully researched the cause of infertility to figure out the solution. 

The Pregnancy Miracle Review – Inside The Program.

The full package of this program consists of a 279-page digital guide, divided into 6 chapters. Let’s take a look at the table of contents: 

pregnancy miracle review

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Below, I will give you a brief description of each chapter. 

  • All About You And Your Partner’s Anatomy And How It Affects Your Fertility. 

In this chapter, the first thing you will learn about is male and female anatomy and its role in helping you get pregnant. The chapter also introduces you to terms like personal genes and their roles in determining fertility. Secondly, you shall discover the best time of the month for you two to get into sexual intercourse. It is mainly related to your menstrual cycle. 

  • Understanding Infertility Better. 

Chapter 2 lists all the information surrounding infertility: What causes it, what happens in your body, and how to perform an infertility test at home. It acts as an encyclopedia about infertility, so you know exactly what’s going on. 

  • Taking A New Look At Infertility. 

The most precious thing in this chapter is a list of modern medications for infertile women. Not only the author lists them out, but she also analyzes the success rates and points out the pros and cons of each method. In this chapter, you shall also get to know the Eastern medical perspective on fertility, compared to traditional medical practitioners’ opinions. 

Finally, Lisa Olson gives you an in-deep look at traditional Chinese methods to rebalance your hormone and treat infertility. She also explains why she thinks this is the best way for every woman. 

  • The 5-Step Plan For Getting Pregnant And Having A Baby.

Chapter four is the core of The Pregnancy Miracle program. Here, you will discover 5 steps you need to heal your body and get pregnant naturally. 

Step one is to achieve balance, harmony, and congruency for conceiving your baby. You will begin by making some adjustments to your surrounding so you can have the perfect environment to get pregnant. 

The second step shall work with your diet. It provides you with food plans and the necessary nutrients you need to consume, and toxic ingredients you need to eliminate. 

Step three introduces you to herbs that can help you cleanse and balance your energy. Lisa Olson learns these herb mixtures from Chinese people; for ages, they have been using these mixtures to promote fertility. You shall also know about heat therapy, light therapy, and magnetic therapy.

During step four, you will learn about internal cleansing and liver detoxification. What you shall know here are the reasons why detoxification is associated with fertility, and juice mixtures to detox your gut.

The final step is all about nurturing your organs and rebalancing your hormones through Qi exercises

  • What To Do During The Program?

While following the five steps mentioned in chapter 4, many things that can assist you in the journey to get pregnant. Chapter 5 will show you how to read your body’s signals and signs, so you know if you are healing the right way or if there is something you need to adjust in your diet. Moreover, it shall provide you with a fertility chart, and things to promote ovulation better. 

  • Special Conditions and Other Infertility Related Disorders.

In the final chapter, the author lists out other factors that can lead to infertility, other than hormonal imbalance. These factors include immune system problems, advancing age, infections, and many more. 

The Pregnancy Miracle Review – Benefits It Claim To Bring.

The Pregnancy Miracle promises to: 

  • Reverse infertility safely within at least eight weeks.
  • Optimize your reproductive system’s efficiency. 
  • Lower the risk of miscarriage.
  • Save you from spending a lot of money on drugs, side-effects, and painful surgeries. 
  • Help you get rid of hormonal disorders.

The Pregnancy Miracle Review – Who Should Use The Program?

  • The Pregnancy Miracle was created specifically for women with unexplained infertility. 
  • It works for women in their 30’s or even late 40’s. 
  • The program is ideal for those who want to treat infertility naturally, but afraid of side effects from conventional methods.  
  • The Pregnancy Miracle can solve the following problems that lead to infertility: Blocked tubes, high levels of FHS, PCOs or Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, or Fibroids. 
  • Women with a history of miscarriage. 

Who Should Not Use It?

  • Please note that The Pregnancy Miracle is not for those who want to find an easy fix. The process of making the plan to balance your body hormone requires dedication, time, and effort. 
  • If you are skeptical about Chinese herbal medicines and naturopathy, you should research this method before purchasing The Pregnancy Miracle. 

The Pregnancy Miracle Review – Advantages & Disadvantages. 

Here is the list of things I find very appealing about The Pregnancy Miracle: 

  • The program uses a step-by-step method that is easy for any woman to understand and follow. 
  • Tips provided in The Pregnancy Miracle are mostly natural, so you don’t have to worry much about unwanted side-effects. 
  • Though it mainly focuses on women, the method in The Pregnancy Miracle supports the efficiency of both female and male reproductive systems. 
  • It takes a short time for you to see the result. 

pregnancy miracle review

  • The program covers a wide range of problems women with infertility have to deal with and offer solutions with utmost efficiency. 

However, the program is not yet perfect:

  • Lack of information regarding the creator outside of the official website. 
  • Since it covers a very wide range of infertility information, it might be overwhelming for some people. 
  • You cannot find a hard copy of this product. If you prefer a traditional way of reading, you will have to print it out. 

The Pregnancy Miracle Customer Reviews & Feedback. 

On Goodreads, The Pregnancy Miracle received 3.63 out of 5, which is relatively high:

pregnancy miracle review


Some users shared their stories, saying that the program helped them get pregnant after a few years of unexplained infertility. Not only did they get pregnant, but they also reported an improvement in general health: 

pregnancy miracle review

On the other hand, a small group of users rated The Pregnancy Miracle 1 star but didn’t mention the reason. 

pregnancy miracle review


On Amazon, the program also received a 1-star rating from a user complaining that it is not downloadable to your smartphone or tablet: 

pregnancy miracle review

This comment is from 2018, though. Recently, Lisa Olson has updated the system and makes a note on the official page, saying that The Pregnancy Miracle is now available for download to smart devices such as smartphones or tablets. 

More Customer Feedback One The Pregnancy Miracle 

Where To Purchase? Is The Program Affordable? 

The Pregnancy Miracle is available on some online markets such as Amazon. However, we always recommend purchasing from the official website for the best price, discount, and bonus. 

Originally, the price of this program was $97. However, due to high demand, Lisa Olsen is running a special offer. During a limited time, you will get the full program at only $47. 

Usually, a new visit to a reproductive endocrine fertility specialist ranges from $200 – $400, while the cost for a pelvic ultrasound to evaluate the uterus and ovaries can reach up to $500. In the worst case, the monitored Clomid cycle (blood and ultrasound testing, sperm processing, and insemination) can go up to $4000. Compared to all of these, The Pregnancy Miracle is offering you such a reasonable price. It is even nicer when you think of all the program has to offer. You won’t have to go through a painful process and many medical testimonials. You also will not take drugs that can leave severe side-effects on your body to get pregnant. The program will assist you in getting pregnant naturally while improving your general health. Briefly, you get a lot more at a much lower cost. 

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Moreover, The Pregnancy Miracle program does not come alone. During the special discount period, you will receive 6 bonuses. The price of these bonuses is $351 in total, but just for this time, all of them are FREE: 

  1. Pregnancy Week By Week.

This bonus will go through each weekly stage of pregnancy. It also lists out the biological changes you will have to go through and provides you a complete set of the developing baby. 

2. 7000 Baby Names With Meaning. 

Here in this special bonus, you will find over 7000 names with meanings and origins for both baby boy and girl. 

3. From PMS to PPD: Understanding the Phases of the Female Body.

Do you want to learn more about postpartum depression? What kind of changes menopause can create in your body? If you ever find yourself asking these questions, this bonus is for you. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the female body!

4. The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation.

If you are sick of constant stress, the forth bonus is just what you need to relieve yourself and welcome relaxation. Stress is also a huge factor that leads to hormonal imbalance, so learning to control it will surely benefit your fertility. 

5. Free Life-Time Update. 

Lisa Olson promises that she will continue research, test, and refine the methods to make The Pregnancy Miracle even better. If you make the purchase now, you shall get all the future bonuses for free. 

6. Free One-On-One Counseling With Lisa Olson For 3 Months.

Needless to say how surprised I was when I found out this bonus! Lisa Olson promises to answer any of your questions through email within 24 hours. Usually, you will have to pay over $200 for private email counseling, but now she is giving it to you for free! 

This support, in my opinion, is priceless. It means that you don’t have to struggle with your fertility alone. It shows how dedicated Lisa Olsen is by showing that she is there for her customers. However, Olson can’t reply to many emails within a day, so this bonus is limited. You can only get it if you act fast enough. 

The entire program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not getting pregnant within 2 months as Olson promises, you can request to have all your money back. There won’t be any questions asked. It is safe to say you lose nothing in this deal. 

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The Pregnancy Miracle – Our Final Verdict. 

In conclusion, I think The Pregnancy Miracle is worth your investment. There are still some disadvantages, but the systematic method of approach packs many potentials and might have you get rid of infertility. With a reasonable price and many bonuses you get from purchasing, you lose nothing in this deal. You can try out The Pregnancy Miracle right now and have a baby you dream of!

pregnancy miracle review


pregnancy miracle review


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