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Water Freedom System Review 2020 – Help Or Hype? Must Read!

As the COVID-19 pandemic is damaging our lives, the lack of clean water has become an even bigger problem than it used to be. Because of this, some readers have asked us to do a review on Water Freedom System.

A lot of us might have been taking water for granted the whole time. I am also such a person. Ever since I was young, water has come to me quickly by just turning on a tap. However, there are so many people out there who can’t afford water the easy way. They live in drought areas, where clean water is extremely lacking.

And as the current pandemic is going on, this problem only gets worse in some places. The financial impact has made it difficult for many families to pay for their water bills. Naturally, people would want to create their own water supply. It would be so much better to have clean drinking water always ready for you and your family. And Water Freedom System promises to make that possible. The system claims to help you build a free, easy-to-make water generating system that can create water from thin air.

However, I have doubts about this system. The method mentioned in the program is indeed possible. Still, the way the author talks about it makes it quite unbelievable. He says that it only costs you $270 to build, and your family will have clean water for the rest of your lives. It sounds too good to be true. This Water Freedom System Review will examine if it really works and whether it can help people in a water crisis.

What Is Water Freedom System?

Water Freedom System is a digital program in the form of an ebook. It has 154 pages in total. After you purchase, a PDF version of the book will be sent to your e-mail. You will need an Internet connection to download the program.

The author teaches us how to create our water supply by showing an easy-to-build and affordable water system. The system promises to help you gain gallons of water daily for an unlimited time. There is also a step-by-step guide with pictures to help you understand better. The program also provides a lot of information about the international and national water crisis or how to treat water properly.

water freedom system review

Water Freedom System PDF

Water Freedom System Review – How Does It Work?

This system uses a method similar to water condensation. Water condensation is a process that changes water vapor in the air into liquid water. For instance, you know that the water boiling point is 100°C, and it turns into water vapor after reaching the point. By reversing this process, as in cooling the air down, water vapor will cool down to below 100°C. It then turns back into liquid water.

You can see examples of water condensation around you all the time. For example, you place a cup of iced water on the table and then leave for a while. When you come back, droplets of water have formed on the outside of the cup. It is because the water vapor in the air comes in contact with the cold temperature of the cup, cools down, and condenses into liquid water.

Usually, a water condensation system consists of a solar cell, a temperature controller, and a water condenser. Sciencedirect offers an example of this:

water freedom system review

Source: Sciencedirect

This method is not new. There is a device called “Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)” that creates water from air just like this. Many companies such as Genaq and Drinkable Air have already utilized this and make their products based on AWG. What the Water Freedom System offers is simply a simpler and more affordable version. From what I’ve seen, the system is powered just by electricity:

water freedom system review

Above is a picture from the guide, which shows a switch that seems to be the power generator. The author promises that it consumes very little electricity to work so that power bills won’t be a problem. And because there is always water in the air due to the process of evaporation, you will indeed have access to limitless water.

About The Author

From what we know about the official website, the author is Chris Burns. He is a 57-year-old farmer who lives with his family in Fresno, California. According to him, this area has had to deal with water shortages for years. He finally became fed up with the situation when his water supply was stolen in 2014 and got his uncle’s help to create Water Freedom System. His uncle Phillip thought of the water condensation method in the military then used it as the basis for the program.

water freedom system review

Chris Burns

However, the official website states at the end of the page that he uses a pen name to protect his anonymity . Which means that “Chris Burns” is not his real name, and makes it difficult for me to find out more information about him. I can’t find any of his social media like Facebook or YouTube and get no more information from anywhere else.

I suppose this is understandable since he is just a farmer at an elderly age. So, he might not want to appear or share his information on the Internet. I think this is why some people said that the system was a scam.

However, I believe that the quality of the system is the most important thing here. If the man could create a handy system, who he is wouldn’t really matter. Therefore, I decided to see the program for myself and make my judgment.

If you have any information about the author, please do not hesitate to share it with Linkingo. Your contribution will help us bring out the best review of the Water Freedom System.

What Benefits The Water Freedom System Can Bring To You?

Water Freedom System offers you the chance to set up your own supply at home compared to being dependent on water sources or water companies. Because of this, this system will be useful for you in these ways:

  • Help you gather gallons of water daily: It collects water from water vapor in the air, which is abundant. Therefore, you will have more than enough water to use every day.
  • An easy-to-make system that doesn’t require any technical skills: The author designed it to be very simple. You would be able to build by yourself even without any technical skills.
  • Light and portable: In addition to being easy to build, this system is light and portable. You won’t need water storage with it, and you can bring it anywhere. This makes it a good emergency water supply.
  • Aid you effectively in a water crisis: In this dire COVID-19 pandemic, clean water is a lot less accessible now. The system allows you the chance to have your water supply. You wouldn’t need to worry about not having enough water.
  • Produce clean water: This system has a water purifier in it, so the water gathered will be filtered and cleaned. You can rest assure that the water will be very safe to consume.
  • Cut down your water bills: This is your very own supply that you have already paid for. There won’t be a need for water bills anymore.

What’s Inside The Water Freedom System?

water freedom system review

Grab A Copy Of Water Freedom System >> Click Here

The book has 154 pages in total, which can be divided into three main parts:

The first part, from page 1 to 43:

This part covers the general water situation in America and the factors that potentially harm the water sources. For instance, NASA has recently detected an oncoming problem that can result in extreme floods and droughts. It won’t just affect the US, but the world, in general, will be at risk of a terrible lack of water. The current pandemic in 2020 makes it even harder to get access to clean water. Having a clear understanding of the current problem will help us value what little water we have even more.

Furthermore, the book mentions problems such as Fukushima fallout, drought, chemtrails, etc. The Fukushima fallout might have poisoned the water with leaked radiation. Drought doesn’t just kill trees and crops, but it also forces people to pay more for clean water. Chemtrails poison rainfall, which would also poison rivers and oceans when rain falls down. And these are just the tip of the iceberg; the program will explain these problems and others in much greater detail. You should not miss out on this part and be aware of these before it is too late.

The second part, from page 42 to 81:

This part gives us advice on storing and treating water properly. For example, you should choose the right type of container and clean it thoroughly before filling it with water. You may also need to replace stored water once a year or less so the water won’t be affected by the container’s material. As for treating water, you may boil it, use chlorine drops, use a water filter, or even use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. You will get your answers and find many tips that help you survive a water crisis in this part.

The last part, from page 90 to 154:

This part covers the system itself. This may be the most critical part of the program. It talks about the system’s method, who should prepare for a water emergency, how to begin preparation, and where to find the parts. A quick online buy guide is included, so you won’t waste much time finding where to buy the parts and tools. Moreover, there is also a step-by-step guide with pictures to make sure that you don’t get confused throughout the process.

Water Freedom System Review – Pros And Cons


  • Easy to understand and build: The author has repeatedly stressed that being simple is his top priority. The process is easy enough that even older people could make it. 
  • Relatively cheap: The cost of $270 is quite affordable compared to paying water bills every month. You only need to spend that amount once to build the system, and you won’t have to pay for water again.
  • Give you control over your water supply: Because you make water with your system, you don’t need to depend on water companies anymore. You also have control over how clean the water is.
  • Very informative: Aside from the system, information on finding water sources and treating water are also included. They would be useful when you want to know how to manage the water you’ve just gained from the system.


  • Expensive to pay at once: Even though $270 is not much, it would be a considerable stretch to pay at once to build the system. For families with a tight budget, they have schools, foods, power bills, and other important stuff to consider each month. It might not be beneficial for them to spend this much money right away for the system.
  • Only available online: You must have an Internet connection to access the program. However, you may print it out for more convenient reading.
  • Unknown author and information source: The author only has “Chris Burns” as a pen name. He credited his “uncle” as the primary information source. It is hard for us to verify the credibility of what he claims.

Water Freedom System Review – Who Need & Don’t Need It?

Who need it?

  • Anyone who has to deal with a water scarcity problem. Those who want to cut down on water bills might want this too. Being able to create water on your own would be both money-saving and convenient.
  • Another group might be those who wish to have clean water always available. For them, water from taps or some water sources might not be trustworthy. Meanwhile, as this system creates water from the air, it will gain the cleanest possible water.
  • Farmers should also consider using this system. Many farmers have had to deal with enormous losses because they didn’t have enough water for their crops, due to droughts or other reasons. However, the system will help them gather tons of water every day, and the lack of water will be much less a problem.

Who doesn’t need it?

  • Those who don’t have water scarcity or water bills problem. Many people live in cities where water simply comes out of a tap, and the monthly prices are reasonable. For instance, the average monthly water bill in the UK in 2019-2020 is £34.58. And the average monthly water bill in the US in 2019-2020 is $72.93. If some people can afford these prices with ease, they won’t need to create their own water system. What they have would be good enough.
  • Those who live near a reliable water source, such as a river, or a place which rains often. If the natural water sources are abundant, searching for a water creation system won’t be necessary.

Water Freedom System Review – Customer Feedback

The feedback for the system is somewhat mixed. On the one hand, some reported that it was handy, and their lives had changed thanks to it. They praised its method of taking water from the air and said that it helped them and their families with water bills.

water freedom system review

water freedom system review

On the other hand, some had very harsh criticism for the system. They outright said that this system is not good and not worth the money. These reviewers claimed that the method is too simple, and buying it is a waste of money. One particular reviewer believed that this is a scam because of how the author dramatized the situation. The way the author brought up powerful “others” like FEMA and “corrupt water companies” made this reviewer skeptical.

water freedom system review

water freedom system review


=> More Reviews From Customers <=

However, I personally think that if he stressed the situation this much, it would help us understand that water scarcity is a very critical issue at this point. Maybe bringing up those powerful “others” was a bit much, but it still made us consider if we need our own water supply. Besides, most other reviews I have seen are generally positive. So I believe that this system is worth a try. And even if you aren’t satisfied with it, the author offers a 60-day refund policy which you can find in the section below.

Price & Purchasing Policy

The price of this system in total is $57.38, almost $60. However, the official website offers a $17.69 discount, reduces the cost to $39.69. If you “act fast,” that is, and that isn’t counting the $270 of actually building the system. Although you can save money until you have enough to make after buying it, I suppose.

What is more, if you buy the main system, you will get four additional books, including,

Bonus 1: The Paranoid’s Home Defense:

The author uses his experience of being robbed to write down tips for protecting our home. It would be a good read for people who don’t feel secure in their houses.

Bonus 2: The Essential Guide To Bartering: 

This one instructs us about the art of bartering in a catastrophe. He mentions that trading stuff with other victims will increase our chance of survival. That way, everyone could benefit and get what they need.

Bonus 3: Blackout – Surviving The Aftermath:

It tells us how to live our healthy life again after a drought. Which organization should we reach out to, and what are the steps to do to ensure our future? Those will be answered in this book.

Bonus 4: Build Your Own Greenhouse:

This book shows us how to build a greenhouse with transparent walls and roofs. Even in a drought, you can still plant many types of plants in this house structure. It will help you with growing and saving food!

All these 4 books have a $149 value overall. Having useful information for free, along with the system, would be quite attractive for some readers.

Finally, the system offers a 60-day refund policy. If you think that the system doesn’t work as your expectation, or is a waste of money, you can just email the author within 60 days for a refund. He claims that he will return your money immediately, even if you email him on the 23rd hour of the 59th day.

water freedom system review

water freedom system review

Conclusion – Should You Try Water Freedom System?

Water Freedom System is a helpful guide that helps us create our own water supply. Thanks to it, we will have a clean and unlimited water supply for our families. It also ensures our chance of survival in case of a water crisis. With the method of gathering water from the air, we will gain more than enough water every day by using this system. Although the author’s information is unclear, I still think that it’s worth considering. We wouldn’t know when we will suddenly face a water problem, so a little preparation is never too much. The 60-day refund policy also ensures that you wouldn’t lose anything even if you aren’t satisfied with this system.

>>> Feel Free To Try It With 100% Risk-Free <<<


Thank you very much for your time reading my Water Freedom System review. I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries or comments, we are happy to hear from you. Until next time!




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