baby sleep miracle review

Baby Sleep Miracle Review [2020]: The Secret Behind Baby-Sleep Training

Last week, Linkingo received an email from Vicky Olsen, a young mother from California. It is the reason why I wrote this Baby Sleep Miracle review:

“Hi Linkingo, 

Firstly, I would like to say thank you. My husband introduced me to your site a few weeks ago; your tips and advice regarding health and relationship have been a godsend to my daily life. I enjoyed reading your articles and have been an active follower ever since. 

Today, I’m sending this email because I really need your advice. You know, our little Mary is just 3 months old. This is my first time giving birth to a child, and to be very honest with you, I’m completely in shock. As much as I love my girl, I feel like she turns my life upside down. The biggest change is my sleeping routine. Every day, I spent at least 8 hours rocking Mary to sleep. No matter how hard I try, she would wake up and cry in the middle of the night. As a result, I also face with sleep deprivation. Right now, when I’m writing this email, I’m so sleep-deprived. Pardon me if I make any spelling mistakes! 

As I talked to some of my friends, I found out that this is not only my problem. Many young moms also have trouble getting their babies falling asleep. It sucks out our energy, and could even lead us to the slippery slope of depression. I just want to ask you if there is any solution to this matter? Is there any way for us mothers to sleep train our babies? 

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for all the useful tips!”

Hello, Vicky, and thank you so much for placing your trust in Linkingo. We are fully aware that the lack of sleep is not something to be taken lightly. According to research, for each child you have in your household, your chance of getting sufficient sleep is reduced by 50%. Sleep deprivation does not only ruin your physical health, but it also damages your mental health. It would be hard for you to be the loving parent you want to be. In the long run, this condition might put your family’s happiness at risk. 

Right after receiving your email, I started to look for a solution that can improve your child’s sleep and, from there, reduce the stress you have to bear. After a few hours of searching, I discovered an online program that claimed to be the ultimate key to this matter. In today’s Baby Sleep Miracle review, let’s take a comprehensive look at this product and see if this is what you need or not! 

What Is Baby Sleep Miracle?

baby sleep miracle review

Baby Sleep Miracle PDF

Baby Sleep Miracle is an online program that shows you safe, natural, and effective methods to sleep train your baby. According to the author, the entire program is based on sleep and developmental psychology from Harvard University and Stanford University. 

“There is a thing many young parents are misunderstanding,” the author of Baby Sleep Miracle explained the way this program works; “they think that every baby’s need for sleep is the same. As a result, they try to apply methods that they hear from other people to sleep train their babies. However, it should be based on their age. In other words, a strategy for an infant to have a good night’s sleep is different from a strategy for a 5-year-old child. In Baby Sleep Miracle, I provide different methods for children from infancy to 5-year-old. Parents can now make sure to get their kids to bed effectively and efficiently and relieve their stress.” 

As a woman, I was impressed with this description. If the methods it provides are useful, Baby Sleep Miracle can be the savior of many moms. 

How Does The Program Work?

According to science, a newborn can easily be overstimulated. When that happens, he or she doesn’t know the accurate way to handle it. That’s the reason why your child often wakes up once every few hours of the night.

That’s when the parents must calm their child down. But what’s more, they also have to teach the kid to calm themselves, without the help of outsiders. Only when the infant learns this skill could he or she get a peaceful sleep. Unfortunately, that’s the thing most parents haven’t done. In the Baby Sleep Miracle, the author will begin by showing you the exact way to do that. 

Furthermore, the program also highlights the importance of both “routine” and “consistency.” Not only will you learn how to put your kid to sleep on time, but you shall also know how to keep it a habit throughout the infancy to 5 years old. After that, your child will be able to sleep healthily without any help.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review – About The Author. 

The author of Baby Sleep Miracle is Mary-Ann Schuler. On the official website, she claimed to be a trained child psychologist. As you can guess, she has an excellent medical background, as well as professional expertise. Having more than 20 years of experience in the psychology field, she knows exactly what it needs to raise a happy and healthy child.

“But I didn’t only write Baby Sleep Miracle from a psychologist’s point of view,” Schuler said, “aside from that, I’m also a mother. I have two kids of my own, and I understand what our dear mothers have to go through, especially when your kids don’t want to sleep and wake up every two hours crying. Not only do I care about the healthy, efficient sleep of our children, but I also want to help parents to adjust to the changes of having a baby.” 

Some customers requested Mary-Ann Schuler to create a website or social media page so that they can receive more of her advice in parenting. Sadly, so far,  you can only find her information on the official website of the Baby Sleep Miracle. As a mother with two kids, it is understandable if she wants to hide her personal information to protect her privacy. 

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Baby Sleep Miracle Review – A More Detailed Look.

As I look at the Baby Sleep Miracle program, my first impression is that the design is not a strong point of this product. The program is quite plain, so if you expect to see a more fancy look, you might not be satisfied. However, the simple layout makes it easy for readers to follow the program, which, I think, is helpful for sleepy parents. 

Baby Sleep Miracle consists of four chapters: 

Chapter 1: The Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation. 

The National Institute Of Health states that “sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.” But that’s not the end of it. In the first chapter, the author breaks down the devastating consequences of sleep deprivation in every aspect. How does it affect your health and your marriage? Most importantly, did you know that sleep deprivation can happen to your infant too? What kind of consequences might it have on your child’s growth and development? You must read this chapter and be aware of it before it is too late. 

Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep. 

In the second chapter, you are going to learn about the psychological definition of sleeping. Mary-Ann Schuler uses her knowledge as a psychologist to analyze what happens in the brain during sleep, and how one’s biological clock works. She explains in great detail human’s primitive sleeping habits. She also shows you how to use up these habits to put your child to sleep adequately and efficiently

This chapter might be a bit technological for some users, as it contains mostly psychological knowledge. However, I would suggest you not skip it because it shows you the scientific evidence behind all the methods you apply. Only when you read chapter 2 will you understand how they work. 

Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules For Newborns And Infants.

From chapter 3, things are getting practical. Here, you are making the first step to sleep train your baby. You shall know the necessary moves to create a flexible sleeping and feeding routine and useful soothing and nursing techniques to get your child to sleep. The program goes as detailed as to tell you the effective way to use a pacifier and how to get your baby falling asleep without something in his/her mouth. 

After reading chapter 3, you can address the problems that keep your baby awake at night. From there, you can create a sleep-friendly environment and get your child’s brain to “slow down”, not “stay up”.

Chapter 4: Good Sleep At Every Age. 

Chapter four is the real gem in the Baby Sleep Miracle program. Here, you will discover the method to keep your child’s sleep healthy and efficient during: 

The first month. 

The second month. 

The third month. 

The fourth and fifth months. 

The sixth to eighth months. 

The ninth to twelfth months. 

The thirteenth to nineteenth months.

One and a half to two and a half years old. 

Two and a half to five years old. 

With this comprehensive guide, you will learn to create the sleeping habit that best suits your child’s development as he or she grows. At the end of this chapter, the author also reveals the benefits of laughter for all ages. Scientists prove that lots of giggles can help your baby release any stress or remaining tension for the day, thus lead to a good night’s sleep. Trust me when I say that this information will be a great help! 

The author continually highlights and mentions in the book the fact that parents need to stay calm regardless of how their infants react. Otherwise, babies will interpret negative emotions as something “normal,” and he or she will do the same. 

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Things You Will Get From This Program, According To Real Users.

According to customers, this program will provide: 

  • A complete look at your child’s sleeping patterns. 
  • Deep understanding of your kid’s irritation and the reasons he or she wakes up at night. 
  • The ability to recognize the smallest triggers that result in a tantrum.  
  • Secrets on how to create the best sleeping atmosphere. 
  • Effective methods to calm the baby when he or she wakes up, and how to put your baby back to sleep.
  • Ways to prevent your child from having nightmares. 

Therefore, as you put Baby Sleep Miracle to practical use, here are the results: 

  • Your child will not only have enough sleep but will also be able to sleep efficiently. 
  • As a result, he or she will always be cheerful and energetic. Good night’s sleep plays a vital role in a child’s growth and development. 
  • It saves you from the horrific nights of no sleep. Your mental and physical health shall improve as you are released from the stress. 
  • You shall be able to build a strong and loving relationship with your new-born child.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Who Should Use It?

  • The program targets parents in general, but it would be a great help for young and inexperienced moms who are still in shock at how having an infant changes their life. It helps them deal with the crisis and solve their problem. 
  • If you are experiencing a lack of sleep due to your infant, then the Baby Sleep Miracle is for you. 
  • The program is right for you if you want your child to sleep longer and more efficiently. 
  • It would also be an ideal gift for those who are preparing to be mothers. You shall learn in great detail the sleeping basis of a child.

Who Is This Program Not For?

  • Baby Sleep Miracle requires you to commit because you might need to practice the methods a few times. If you can’t invest some time into learning the tips, it will be a waste to purchase the program. 
  • If you need general information on bringing up your baby from young, this might not be the best option. The Baby Sleep Miracle focuses only on helping your baby to sleep. 

Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Pros And Cons. 

After taking a look at the Baby Sleep Miracle, here are the advantages of the program that I’ve concluded:

    • The program is clear, concise, and straight to the point. Though containing psychological knowledge, Baby Sleep Miracle uses a reader-friendly language so that everyone can understand. 
    • There are many practical and valuable tips and tricks that are easy to put into practice.
    • Baby Sleep Miracle covers a wide range of knowledge. It goes from the psychological definition of sleep to sleep-related issues. Of course, it provides you solutions and fixes. 
    • The program is effective and shows the result quickly, according to customers. 
    • This program makes your parenting experience much more pleasant. Your path of rising the baby shall become more joyful and relaxing. 
    • Your infant will have better sleep and be happier. 
    • The author offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the result after 60 days, you can request to get all of your money back. 

However, the program still has some downfalls: 

    • You will need to practice the tips a few times before it becomes your habit. 
    • It is only available in digital format. Those who prefer a paperback might think of it as a disadvantage. In this case, I suggest you print it out for a better reading experience.
    • There is not much information regarding the author of the Baby Sleep Miracle program. 

Customers’ Feedback. 

The program received many positive comments from customers, mostly young moms who have problems putting their infants to bed. They say that after applying the routine in Baby Sleep Miracle, their kids can finally sleep through the night. It saves many parents from stress and exhaustion: 

baby sleep miracle review

baby sleep miracle review

baby sleep miracle review

So far, there is no negative comment regarding this product, so you can trust the quality of Baby Sleep Miracle.

>> More Feedback From Other Customer <<

Is The Baby Sleep Miracle Affordable? Any Discount? 

The Baby Sleep Miracle is only available on the product’s landing page. Initially, the price of this program is $97. However, after seeing many parents struggling to put their babies to sleep, the author decided to offer a limited-time discount. For now, you will get access to this sleep training material at only $37. 

I think the product delivers excellent value for its cost. The thing you are getting is not just a digital program, but also the healthy, most restful sleep for both you and your child. When you realize that, it might become the most valuable investment. 

Baby Sleep Miracle comes in digital form. So, you will receive your product right after making the purchase, along with three free bonuses

The Night Terror Stopper.

Have you ever seen your child wake up screaming from a nightmare? This problem can be avoided entirely, as nightmares represent the hidden fear he or she once went through. In this bonus, you will find simple steps that help your child get rid of this fear and get back the peaceful sleep. 

Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle.

This bonus is specifically for the sleep of twins and siblings. From 1980 to 2018, the twin birth rate in the US experienced a significant rise of 74%. Still, no one mentions the difficulty of having to put two children to bed at once. With this bonus, you will find the solution you crave for. 

Miracle Sounds. 

Last but not least, this is the sound therapy that will put your kid’s mind at ease, leaving him or her at the best resting state. 

As mentioned above, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You only need to keep your order ID safe, because you will need to provide it if you want to ask for a refund. 

baby sleep miracle review

baby sleep miracle review

Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Our Conclusion. 

To end this Baby Sleep Miracle Review, I would like to thank Vicky again for placing trust in Linkingo. This program can be the help she and many mothers out there need. Though it is not flawless, the Baby Sleep Miracle is a simple, stress-free guide that provides parents with practical methods to put their children to bed quickly and effectively. All of the strategies are assured to work, as they come from research on sleep and developmental psychology of Harvard University and Stanford University. Most importantly, the Baby Sleep Miracles covers methods for children from the age of infancy to 5 years old, so you can keep using it for a long time. You also have the 60-day money-back guarantee as to your backup, so why don’t you try it out? 

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If you have any questions or want to share your experience regarding the Baby Sleep Miracle program, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you.



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