the smoothie diet review

The Smoothie Diet Review – Latest Update [2020] – Must Check Before Buying!

Having a slim body is always the desire of every woman. However, how to control weight has never been a simple deal when you do not have much time to practice and not enough “energy” to follow the strict diets for a long time. Recently, Linkingo has received some requests for our review on The Smoothie Diet. Below is an email from Mary:

“Hi Linkingo,

I am Mary from New York.  I would like to share with you my problem and hope you can help.

When I was young, I had a good physique with a height of 5 feet, 7 inches and a weight of 117 pounds. However, a nightmare called “Obesity” came to me after having the baby. My weight changed a lots. During pregnancy, I gained 40 pounds. After giving birth, I had to eat a lot to milk for my baby, so I could not control my weight and it was always over 155 pounds. I really couldn’t recognize myself anymore.

My husband no longer looked at me like he used to. I seem to be 10 years older than him so I am very afraid of going out with him and meet our friends.

After my child was 12 months old, I decided to find myself again. I bought weight loss pills, creams to remove the belly fat, and signed up for a fitness class. The first time after I took the medicine, I had diarrhea for a few days but I still tried to maintain it. After 1 month, I lost 6.6 pounds. I was so excited but in the 2nd month, I had diarrhea again. Being unable to bear it, I stopped taking the medicine and my weight increased again.

When I was too depressed, I met a friend from college. It was unbelievable, even though she had two children, her body was still very sexy and her skin was smooth and stretch too. I told her about my problem. She shared that she used to be in my situation and tried different weight loss methods. But it didn’t work. She realized that eating and drinking plays a role in 70% of weight loss. She has consistently persisted in the Smoothies Diet method, which uses vegetables and fruits to turn into a smoothie instead of meals to lose weight quickly after 21 days and maintain a regular diet according to expert’s instructions to keep physique then.

I am not sure if it really works for me as I have already tried several methods but all failed. I am writing to ask if you can confirm and give a review of The Smoothie Diet

Thank you very much



Thank you, Mary for your email and concerns. Since we have also received many questions about this program, today, let’s find out together in The Smoothie Diet review to see if it is worth your trying.

What Is Smoothie Diet?

the smoothie diet review

Most diets only allow you to eat a small piece of food that makes you hungry all day long. Moreover, it also requires you to do some math work to calculate the calories of each kind of food that you eat in every meal. Also, there are tons of information on the internet that tell you what to eat, what not to, how many calories should you absorb. And the truth is it is hard for you to figure out whether that information was correct or not.

However, the smoothie diet is different. It is quite simple, easy to follow.

In simple words, The Smoothie Diet is an e-book designed by Drew Sgoutas, a health coach and nutrition expert. It includes smoothies’ recipes to replace your everyday meals, preferably breakfast and lunch. It allows you to eat some low-calorie food in the third meal. The book also recommends a few “cheat meals” a week so that you can relax and don’t feel too unexciting with smoothies. And the most important thing for me is that the smoothies are delicious. To be honest, food doesn’t fit your taste is a huge barrier in your weight loss journey. However, The Smoothies Diet can fix this problem. All the recipes taste well, can say delicious. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the small piece of food that will make you hungry all day long, because a cup of smoothie at breakfast can make you full whole morning, either with lunch.

A secret of The Smoothies Diet so effective is a schedule called “21-day program” with more than 36 smoothies’ recipes.  It also includes weekly shopping lists to help you go to a supermarket and buy whatever you need without difficulty.

Moreover, to help you spend as little time as possible, this e-book added many tips and guides so that you can make smoothies correctly for the first time. You don’t have to try several times to make a correct cup of smoothies. Everything has been researched and all you have to do is follow precisely as the recipes wrote.

Besides, the nutrient and ingredient ratios such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will be updated weekly to make sure you keep losing weight rapidly and won’t gain the weight back. The unique thing is that you can keep following the “21-day program” after the first triple weeks so that you can lose as much weight as you want.

The Smoothie Diet Review – How Does It Work?

Smoothies Diet uses mainly green vegetables, fresh fruits and ground nuts directly into smoothies for 3 meals, raw materials vary from day to day (2-3 bottles per day 300-400ml)

Smoothie Diet consists of two stages:

The first one – “The 5-day Detox plan”, where you replace all your three main meals with healthy smoothies which keep you feel fullness all day long.

The next step includes the 21-day plan which you replace two meals with a smoothie and have one solid food with a few snacking. You can change genre of smoothies because there are over 36 delicious meal-replacement smoothie recipes available in this program.

Review On The Smoothie Diet – Who Is The Creator?

This program is created by Drew Sgoutas, who introduces himself as a health coach and a certified health profession. After spending a few months in the kitchen, he eventually came up with an affordable diet program that is suitable for everyone.

the smoothie diet review

Drew Sgoutas

He claims that his program is not a gimmick or just any miracle weight loss supplements. It is a real product that provides real experience to everyone.

I did some research about Drew. Unfortunately, he has very few activities on the internet. He has a Facebook page, which is “The Smoothie diet”, with over 30K followers but it has no update since November 2019.

He has two online groups for the dieter community. Likely, they have also stopped updating new information among the people.

He also has another website to share his tips about healthy diet, home workout, or new smoothie recipes to people. It links with his Facebook page. Whenever he writes a new post, his page will instantly share the same one connecting back to his blog.

It seems that he is a real person with the goal of helping people to achieve their ideal body. But he has very few activities on his social media which leads to disappointment somehow. If he were more active to build his community, many people would acknowledge his reputation.

>> Learn More About Drew Sqoutas <<

What Will Be Provided To You?

The package of the program includes:

  • 36 smoothie recipes
  • Shopping lists for each week
  • Step-by-guide for meal-prep and losing weight

He also attaches a 3-day detox plan with instructions and meal replacement with smoothie recipes for regular meals. There is also a “Quick-start guide” which is similar to “to-do list” for easily daily tracking.

The Smoothie Diet Review – What’s Inside The Guide?

the smoothie diet review

>>> Grab A Copy Of The Smoothie Diet => Click Here <<<

After going through the content of the program, I have to say that it is very well designed. It breaks into many sections ranging from diet program to smoothie schedule for dieters.

Below is the summary of the program

Start here

You will find instructions about how to use this program in this part.

Chapter 1: Fat burning 101

This is a small version of Wikipedia providing you the basic knowledge about diet things. There is a highlight in this chapter, which is the comparison among smoothie diets, other smoothie types of diets, and normal diets. You will have a closer look at what you are going to experience in the next 21 days.

Chapter 2: Smoothie basis

If you are a beginner who knows nothing about smoothie basis, then you should not skip this chapter. It gives you clear instructions about how to and where to buy a blender to make smoothies.

Understanding the stress of busy people desperate to lose weight, Drew came up with shopping lists providing ingredients for smoothie recipes. As soon as you download this ebook, turn to this section and be ready to go to the nearby grocery.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to smoothie drinks is the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Everything has to be fresh and organic so your body can absorb all the necessary nutrients. Luckily, Drew came up with tips for buying fresh ingredients, secrets to make a delicious smoothie bowl, and even how to store it without losing its original taste.

There is a part of finding substitutes on page 49. If you can’t buy any fruits in the recipes, this section will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to read the last part, which is about the side effects.

Chapter 3: What to eat

You will find some recommendations for an everyday solid meal, some low-sugar, and high-fiber snacks if the feeling of starving strikes you out. This program is not just about smoothie recipes, it contains various nutritious food and healthy snacks in case you are starving.

Experiencing mental fatigue while dieting, Drew designed the cheat day that aims to create a better mood for dieters. Thanks for this day, you can enjoy a refresh and keep up with the weight loss journey.

Chapter 4: The smoothie diet program

This chapter provides you with detailed information about the program and how it changes you after the next 5 weeks. Drew divided it into 5 weeks separately so you can easily track what will happen to your body.

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting (FAQ)

If you have any questions, turn to page 80 and your answers

Chapter 6: Conclusion

This chapter shall give the final thoughts of Drew about the program.

Chapter 7: Smoothie recipes

These recipes are not just blended green smoothie with some veggies such as broccoli and spinach. There is a wide range of choices for ingredients of smoothie recipes, however, this e-book mainly focuses on fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats and protein to provide sufficient calories for your body.

The Smoothie Diet Review – Pros and Cons


  • Created by a nutrition expert and a professional health coach.

Therefore, this program has been put into experiments to optimize the effectiveness throughout meticulous research on specific ingredients and nutrient properties.

  • Rich of phytonutrients

Most of the recipes have fruits and vegetables, which provide daily phytonutrients and have low calories. Phytonutrients are defined as a substance found in certain plants and believed to contain beneficial nutrients that prevent the human body from being sick.

  • No need for calories counting

Busy working people don’t have much time for calculating how many calories they would consume for a meal. Since the recipes are mainly from fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories, everyone can have a healthy beverage after spending 5 minutes in the kitchen

  • Save time with shopping lists

The plan already includes shopping lists for each week so you don’t need to spend much time the grocery store looking for dieting ingredients.

  • Variety of smoothie recipes

You can never get bored with 36 recipes in this book. Moreover, it also suggests some substitute ingredients if you are not a fan of some types of vegetables. This will make things easier since you don’t have to think about any replacements for the meal

  • Useful cheat day

To prevent frustration and yo-yo diet, you can make use of this “cheat day” to create a better mood for dieting. Suggestions are also included in the program so you don’t need to look for any other recipes

  • Start with detox

Starting with a 3-day detox can help dieters understand the process of elimination toxins from the body and adapt to the 21-day smoothie much more easily

  • Step-by-step guide

With tips and guidance from the coach, you can comfortably go through the diet plan. Moreover, you can access to your smoothie diet planner and ask them to organize it for you

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

To ensure customer trust and loyalty, Drew offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program after two months of testing.


  • High sugar level

Many recipes from the 21-day smoothie diet have a lot of fruits. Fruits are good for our health but it also contains natural sugar. On the other hand, it is suggested that you put honey or more sugar in some recipes, which leads to a health issue for diabetes people. Even if you are a normal person who has not had any disease before, sugar is always recommended to be minimized because of its negative effects on your health. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the menus you can apply depending on your current health status.

  • Nutritious restrictions

You need to eat at least 50 grams of protein a day to maintain a healthy living. Since the diet only recommends making some snacks to get this type of nutrient. Make sure to go through thoroughly before following this plan or you may pass out all of the sudden

  • Not thick enough

Some of the smoothie recipes are mainly made up of juice, which may cause you a starving feeling. In this case, you should add some more water, ice, or some protein sources from seeds and nuts to keep the thickness for muscle building and metabolism maintaining

  • Time-consuming

You need to buy a handy blender and prepare all necessary ingredients for these recipes to make a whole day smoothie

  • Easy to give up

You may likely fail in the long run for this diet journey. As you replace your daily deals with smoothie recipes, you can lose weight for sure. Please note that a person can’t constantly do that for a long due to health concerns. When you come back a regular eating routine, it may cause the yo-yo effecting and make you gain back all of the lost pounds. That is the reason why this program only lasts for 21 days and dieters can start over again when needed

  • Side effects

Most smoothies start up with cold/frozen vegetables. If you have a weak stomach, having a cup of smoothie in the morning may cause pain and uncomfortable feelings. On the other hand, you may also experience exhaustion, mental changes, etc. The best solution is to prevent your body from dehydration and drink enough amount of water for a day

Who Should Use The Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is suitable for

  • Anyone who wishes to lose weight and detoxes your body
  • Those who want to lose weight but do not have time to do exercises.
  • If you are a budget-minded dieter and unlikely to know where to start and look for an appropriate way to lose weight, you can try considering it.

Who Should Not Use The Smoothie Diet?

There are four groups of people that should consider carefully before trying this smoothie diet.

  • People having food allergies should not follow recipes in the e-book. If you cannot find substitute ingredients for recipes, there is no point of dieting and it may be harmful to your health
  • Eating disorders should not change their meals into smoothie recipes. They have to be treated with special nutritious diet so it is not safe for them to follow Drew’s instructions
  • Type 2 diabetes people should not have smoothie drinks for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As most of the recipes contain only vegetables and fruits, they also have natural sugar that may harm your health
  • Not for the gym-goers :If you are a person who just needs to lose fat, this plan is a good suggestion for you. But if you are someone who wants to have a good physique like bodybuilders, this method is not for you.Let me explain, there is one concept you need to know: macronutrients, which are the ratio of starches, protein, and fat in your daily menu. If ordinary people need 1g protein/ 1kg of body weight, bodybuilders need 1.6-2g of protein / 1 kg of body weight to meet their muscle needs.Therefore, the amount of protein they need to consume occupies a higher proportion than ordinary people need, while The Smoothie Diet has main ingredients from vegetables and fruits, most of them are starch, so the amount of carbs in meals will be much higher than protein, which is not ideal for muscle gain. To put it in the nutshell, this menu is not applicable for gym-goers.

These groups of people should have a medical check-up before dieting. More importantly, you are allowed to do so when you have permission from the doctor.

The Smoothie Diet Review – My Advice To You

  • This method should be used in free and inactive time, I mean not to do hard work, otherwise, it will be unbearable. For those who are working, it is advisable to start the method with just one meal replaced per day (breakfast or dinner)
  • You should start breakfast at 9 am after drinking 1 full glasses of water (equivalent to roughly 300 ml water). And end the smoothie before 7 pm.
  • You had better practice gentle exercises to make your body toned, such as yoga, meditation, jogging in 30 minutes a day
  • If you are too hungry, you can eat a few nutritious seeds (like cashews, almonds, walnuts, …), or a boiled egg, noodles and chicken breast, fruit (but just a little bit), drink water and so on.
  • Because we only eat green smoothies, so choose the delicious, quality, ripe, and non-spoiled fruits and vegetables to make it.

The Smoothie Diet Customer Reviews? What Other Customer Say?

As I wrote in “Cons”, there is a lack of evidence for this smoothie diet program so many customers do not fulfill their satisfaction when looking for “Before-After” results.


Series of photos below are the real people sharing their real results. You can see some small words at the bottom of the photo, which are “Your results may vary”. To tell the truth, you will lose weight based on the shape of your body. Most of the women in these photos lose their fat in some large muscle areas such as stomach, thighs, and arms. But if you want to tighten those areas, you have to combine with fitness bodybuilding exercises.

>> More Feedback From Customers <<

The Smoothie Diet Review – How much does it cost?

Currently, Drew offers a discount of $10 that you only have to pay for $37 when purchasing this program. This is a good deal and it is comfortable for everyone.

Considering the cost of the program, let’s check out the average price of other diet programs.

Many people choose to go to the gym and hire a private trainer assisting them in exercising. You have to spend at least 3 times a week working out with him/her and it is not that cheap. It can cost you $80-$125 just for one-hour training session.

Some may stick with KETO plan for a healthy and nutritious diet lasting for 12 weeks. And you have to pay for less than $200, according to Quick Weight loss.

If you are budget-minded and have a tight work schedule to even spend time on dieting, then you should try out the smoothie diet. This is a good deal and it is comfortable for everyone.

Since this is a downloadable product, you can easily instant store it in your electronic devices.

the smoothie diet review


Drew claims that he also offers 2 bonuses for people that click to buy his book. They include:

+ Bonus 1: The 3-day detox smoothie

the smoothie diet review

Drew claims that this is the part that is worth the price of the program and I’m totally convinced. After getting off track with the usual daily meal, this 3-day detox smoothie is likely to be a quick restart to help your body detox toxins out of kidneys. My sister loves this bonus very much since it helps her get into the flow of dieting without creating any side effects on her health.

+ Bonus 2: Quick start guide

the smoothie diet review

It is very hard if you don’t have a list tracking on your daily meal-prep and meals. This guide is printable. My sister sticks this guide in front of our refrigerator’s door for daily tracking so she knows what the next steps are. In case she is in a hurry or something urgent, this to-do list reminds her what to do and prevents her from missing any steps in the diet challenge.

Money-Back Guarantee

Drew even has a 60-day money-back guarantee policy that aims to return money to customers if you are not completely satisfied with the program or the “Before-After” results are not similar to what you expect. This is a brilliant way to ensure trust and loyalty from customers, especially for online shopping. Therefore, you have nothing to lose in this deal.

>>> Click Here To Try The Smoothie Diet With 100% Risk-Free <<<

The Smoothie Diet Review – FAQs 

What if I am tired of drinking these dieting smoothies?

The e-book contains a menu for cheat day and some recipes for solid meals and snacks. Try that if you want to.

Smoothie Diet Side Effects Recorded?

Up to now, there are no serious side effects that were recorded because the smoothies will be made by yourself with your ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, so it’s 100% natural and won’t harm your body.

However, please note that when starts to diet, your body has to endure some symptoms which is considered a normal routine such as headache, long-lasting hunger. Don’t worry about that too much because Drew also comes up with solutions for dealing with these symptoms. You should also provide enough water to your body so you won’t experience constant exhaustion.

Can I replace spinach with different veggies-?

If you are not a fan of spinach, then you can put other types of vegetables in the recipes. Luckily, the e-book includes some substitute greens which you can decide and add on your meal.

Will it work for Type-2 diabetes people?

Even though the plan contains a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients, it also has a high sugar level due to the natural sweetness from veggies. It is a wise choice if you should check up your health condition and consult with your doctor before making any changes in regular meals.

Why can’t I lose my weight fast?

Depending on what shape your body is, the process of losing may take a shorter or longer time. You should never forget that one adult person generally loses from 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Don’t have high expectations of losing around 50 pounds in just a few weeks. Keep repeating the program after completing it. You can do some exercises for a better result.

What if you want to lose more weight after 21 days?

After 21-day process, if you want to lose more weight, you can reuse the recipes because they can reuse so that you can lose as much weight as you want.

What if the program does not work with you?

According to the author, if the program does not work with you even though you have followed the recipes correctly, they will give you a refund. In this case, write them an email, they will give you a 100% money back.

The Smoothie Diet Customer Support?

Sadly, they don’t have a hotline number for customer service. Due to this problem, many customers find it hard to contact a specific person for their purchase information. All you can get is an email on the website of 21-day smoothie diet. I have an email that you can consider to use it if needed.

The Smoothie Diet Review – Our Final Verdict

Thank you so much for keeping your patient to read the very last words of The Smoothie Diet review. I am going to sum up my conclusion for this home diet challenge.

There is a big disadvantage since the smoothie diet has a few “Before-After” evidence. Plus, its customer service doesn’t offer instant hotline support so it may annoy you a lot.

But look on the bright side, this smoothie diet is quite beneficial both mentally and physically. The 60-day money-back policy guarantee helps you feel safe when deciding to buy the program. Moreover, this is a downloadable product that is instantly accessible so you can have your drinks whenever you want.

To me, this 21-day smoothie diet is a great book since it offers a variety of green recipes which helps to lose weight and make your body absorb nutrients from veggies quicker. In case of looking for a way to change meals, you can try using the cheat day to strike fatigue out.

My sister is really happy that I bought this book for her. She took a “Before” photo and would compare it with the “After” result after 21 days. I also saw some changes in her body, especially in some large muscle areas.

Some recipes work for some people on the very first days, some don’t. You should find out the best recipes suitable for the body to lose weight more easily. If you want to quickly lose weight, you have to combine with home workout just like my sister, for flattening muscles.

I’m sure that, Mary who emailed Linkingo asking for our review of The Smoothie Diet and all our readers, if you are reading the last paragraph, you already get all my points for the program. When you are ready, don’t be hesitant to try it. Feel free to comment and share your experience with me.

the smoothie diet review

the smoothie diet review


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