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Yoga Burn Review: The Most Comprehensive Update In 2021

Starting my routine like normal days, I logged in my account to check whether someone has inquiries to solve their problems. I received a letter asking for a Yoga Burn review, which is one of the workout challenges that I have been looking into recently. Let’s listen to her story and join me to find the answer to her question. Here is the content of the letter.


My name is Lisa, 25 years old. I have been a loyal reader who spends at least 30 minutes a day to check up high-quality posts on your blog. Your friendly writing styles and detailed explanations for every content help me a lot whenever I have to deal with some difficulties.

The reason why I decided to write to you is because of my sister. She is a single mom. Even though she always tries to act normally or happily, I can sense that she has endured a lot and got no one to share with. We don’t get along well with each other, which makes me even worry more about her. To prevent something worse from happening, I looked for some yoga practice since I knew this would be a perfect method for her. I ended up watching a video of Zoey – the creator of the Yoga Burn challenge. I found out that everything would be better again with this.

However, I don’t know much about yoga and also about this challenge. As far as I have known, this is a home workout designed only for women. I want her practice these yoga moves with me because I want her to relax her mind. Plus, this will be a good way to increase our affection for each other since we don’t talk much to each other.

That is the reason why I decided to write to you. I want to read a thorough Yoga Burn review from you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you so much!


Thanks for writing to the Linkingo team, Lisa. I understand your concern and promise to help you out. As usual, I continue to keep my unbiased review on Yoga Burn. Let’s scroll your mouse and be patient until the last words to read with me; then, you can make the right decision.

What is Yoga Burn?

yoga burn review

12-week Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga Burn or 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge is a comprehensive yoga program for women that does not require much time and intensity.

It includes a series of videos helping you do yoga to lose weight and relax your mind. Each video runs in 45 minutes with repetition, so, every practitioner gets used to the flow.

It goes from the very basic levels to more complex yoga moves gradually aiming to help yogis easily see the mental and physical progression during and after their practice. Here is the website of Yoga Burn.

After purchasing, the package of Yoga Burn includes a digital download that is easily accessible for phones, computers, laptops, and tablets that will be sent right away to you. They will deliver the DVDs to your house after a few more days.

You don’t have to wait until the DVDs delivered to your then start to practice yoga. Instead of doing that, you can look closer into the program and make some warm-up moves at home with the digital version.

Yoga Burn Review – Who Is The Author?

The creator of Yoga Burn is Zoe Bray Cotton. She introduces herself as a certified yoga instructor, a personal trainer, and also a female body transformation specialist in the video. She claims that she truly understands the worry of women about their shape as well as their mental health. That is the reason why she ended up creating the Yoga Burn challenge so that every woman could chase after the lives that they have always dream of. 

I did some research about her, and I have to applaud her enthusiastic activities on her social media. She has a Twitter account, which is Yoga Burn, with a few followers. Due to the low number of followers to her account, she has stopped updating new posts since 2017.

yoga burn review

But when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, you will be surprised by her daily update to interact with the yogis community. She always tries to update new videos showing her yoga moves or some posts relating to health aspects to keep a close connection with her community. 

Moreover, you can check on her daily story to check what she shares or even joins a live stream to ask her more about the healthy facts of Yoga Burn. Some posts are similar to the content on her Facebook, so you can choose either of them to read and to talk to her.

yoga burn review

She even has a Youtube channel, which also is Yoga Burn with 60K subscribers. I’m sure that you can hit the subscribe button to work out at home with her. She produces her videos frequently so you can have a wide range of choices to decide which is the best suitable workout for you.

yoga burn review

These accounts can be indeed proofs proving that Zoey is a real person, followed by thousands of people on social media. Looking at the numbers and the quality of her video content, I can say that Zoey puts many efforts into building her reputation, and she is a trustworthy person. 

How Does It Work?

Once entering the Yoga Burn challenge, you will go through Dynamic sequencing together with three different phases (Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, Mastery Flow). Each phase has 3 videos lasting for 15 minutes with 3 times of repetition, so you have to work out for 45 minutes in total. 

To make it clear, apart from teaching practitioners how to perform poses precisely, when entering Dynamic sequencing, you will encounter a more difficult yoga level to increase your flexibility, burn more calories and also make your mind feel at ease.

From my point of view, this is a good method to help you work out both mentally and physically. Each stretch flattens your body lines, tightens those areas that have lots of fat. With the stable slow flow when practicing yoga, it makes you organize your mind and chase away negative thoughts.

Yoga Burn Review – What is in this program?

Let’s look closer to what is in 3 different phases that Zoey mentioned. 

Phase one: Foundational flow

In this beginning phase, yogis will know how to build up a solid fundamental. Zoey believes the four-week course is suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

You will also be trained on how to pose accurately. Zoey mentions in her video that this phase is ideal for metabolism-boosting as it helps to maximize your flexibility along with a stable breathing pace.

You can feel the strong connection between your mind and your body. This initial progression requires you to move slowly and safely and minimize the chance of getting injured.

Phase two: Transitional Flow

You will continue to repeat making some moves in Phase one to combine them with new poses in the second phase. As you get used to posing yoga moves, you feel a hot, smooth flow that allows you to get your heart rate up during the practicing time. 

The phase includes 3 different videos that are specialized in large muscle groups of the upper body, lower body, and core workout. You will learn how to link poses from poses and have time to meditate yourself.

Phase three: Master Flow

The heat in your room is going to rise more and more as you are now entering the final phase of yoga burn. There will be more repetition, so you have to concentrate on your pose to ensure each rep is performed correctly.

Zoey described this phase as a place where the magic happens. More calories are burnt, and you start to realize the change of your fatty body into an hourglass shape.

There is a Quickstart class session that aims to get you the right pace of yoga practice in an exciting easy way. Even though there is a set duration for each phase, it is your choice to keep moving forward or repeating these moves again.

What I like about Yoga Burn


  • No need much space.

You can do yoga at home or even in an office room just with a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes. Plus, the digital version is accessible to cell phones or laptops so you can easily play the video for practice.

  • Convenient for everyone

If you are too shy to let everyone know that you are working on yoga, the bonus audio classes can save you from this embarrassment. In addition to that, You would love to join the “Immersion community” where you can meet up and discuss with yogis fellows.  This is a supportive way to help fellows among the community keep up with yoga classes.

  • For women only

In my view, I don’t like attending generic classes where you have to practice yoga with different genders and receive little instructions from teachers. Since the Yoga Burn challenge sets its target customers from the beginning, most of the videos will provide suitable poses for flattening specific problem areas of a female body.

  • Dynamic sequencing

Thanks to the yoga approach, the levels of each movement are going to be more advanced and more difficult. In this way, you are more desirable to adapt to new poses and figure out how to manage them.

  • Chronic pain easing

Elderly women have to deal with some chronic pain in their joints. Some don’t like to take a painkiller as they can treat the pain in an amount of time. If you take them too much, it is harmful to your health. Some choose to jog around their house or stay at home and practice slow pace exercises such as yoga to relieve their pain instead.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

To ensure customer trust and loyalty, Yoga Burn offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the program after two months of testing.

Review On Yoga Burn – What I Don’t Like About It


  • It’s not what advanced yogis look for

This program is designed for practitioners ranging from beginning levels to advanced ones. It requires the second group to start over again instead of bringing them to the next level. It will be perfect if you haven’t done yoga for a long time, then you want to go back to it again.

  • No offer for a restricted diet

Yoga is not similar to other workout exercises. You don’t have to spend time exercising intensively to lose some calories. Instead, you only concentrate on making precise movements and build up the connection of your body and your mind. 

Some poses are helpful to burn fat, but you have to combine it with a diet if you want to lose weight as soon as possible. Unluckily, there is no offer for a restricted diet, so it takes a long time to reshape your body.

  • Hard to build up a daily routine yoga practicing

You can practice yoga alone at home, but it’s hard to keep up with the pace every day. If you feel like you don’t want to do yoga one day and just turn off the video for relaxing, you might end up seeing no progression.

You can find a friend or join the Immersion community to look for an online partner and practice together. If you have someone accompanied throughout the program, it is more worthy of trying.

  • Payment system

As I did research about customer complaints, I encountered some comments about the payment system. This system is likely to be linked with its monthly subscription. If you accidentally hit the “Yes” button, you have to pay a monthly fee to Yoga Burn. That’s the reason why many customers claimed that they were charged with a certain amount of money, even for a trial version. 

On the other hand, Yoga Burn has no hotline number for customer service. Everything that keeps contact with the provider is just by email. If your purchase is pending for many days, it takes us even longer to talk to the representative and solve this problem. 

But don’t worry about that. Stick with me until the next parts to find out what other customers say about this payment and how to deal with it. I also figured out an email of a person who introduced herself as a customer Service Manager at Yoga Burn. Make sure to scroll your mouse to my FAQ and read it.

Who is Yoga Burn for? 

The program is designed exclusively for women. It is also suitable for beginners with no flexibility, or even intermediate/advanced yogis. 

According to Zoey, if you take part in the program, there is no need for a restrictive diet, cardio, or gym to lose weight. In an amount of time (but you cannot define exactly when it will be), you get healthier with a vibrant looking and sexy body.

If you love intensive workouts that make you sweat heavily, then this is not the right choice for you. Moreover, if your plan is to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, Yoga Burn cannot fulfill your wish. Remember, you have to concentrate on repetition and precise movements at a slow pace to hit the core of the workout, not to rush and finish it.

Who is Yoga Burn not for?

Children should not take part in Yoga Burn because of their inappropriate age. Since their bones are still soft and not hard enough, it can cause harm or even lead to bad posture while doing some yoga movements. 

Women with severe injuries need to ask for their instructor in advance. Or you can even go to Yoga Burn Facebook and write down your comments. I’m sure Zoey can answer them for you.

Let’s find out what type of exercises you want to work out at home. However, whether it is Yoga Burn or not, you need to build up a strong discipline to get your ideal shape.

What Do Other Customers Say About Yoga Burn?

As I came across Yoga Burn feedback, they both had some good comments and complaints about this program. To me, every workout exercise is beneficial to our health, so it can be wrong to say whether they are good or bad. As I came across Yoga Burn feedback, many opinions were shared for this challenging review.

As far as I researched, most of the people are happy with the fast download and transaction.

This customer emailed the customer service asking for an explanation about the subscription, and she got her answer right away. She is very satisfied with the instant confirmation that prevents her from being charged more money.

yoga burn review

One of them is even thankful for Zoey’s private group helping her to keep the daily practice on track.  

yoga burn review

The purchasing process seems quite easy to some people. However, few customers complain about the clickbait and spam emails from the program. After going through all the complaints, here is my final conclusion about this issue. 

The whole package of Yoga Burn includes many sections, and each of them has its own policy. For example, if you want to have a free subscription within 30 days and bonuses, then you have to click on the agree button with its terms. Possibly, after a month ends, the system will have an automatic deduction in your online wallet. 

Some customers also complained about being charged too much money. Take a look at my analysis. After adding products in your cart, the system may suggests and ask whether you want to upgrade or buy another items. If you don’t read carefully, then you have to pay for that high charge. 

yoga burn review


yoga burn review

I don’t say this is a hidden charge but a clickbait, actually. To avoid this issue, one customer shared as below capture that you should go through your cart before paying, make sure to hit “No, thanks” at the extra offer and you can purchase the program at the exact discount price. 

yoga burn review

All of the comments have shown that Yoga Burn receives both Like/Dislike thoughts. Customers question their transparency for online transactions, so you have to be more careful about this. If you are charged for a large amount of money and have no support from customer service, please share it with Linkingo, so that we can update in this review. 

Yoga Burn Review – How Much Does It Cost?

Before straightforwardly discussing the cost of the program, let’s check out the average price of other yoga sessions. There are a few factors that you should consider before choosing to attend a yoga class. 

Firstly, you must know the time length for each yoga class, ranging from 45 -120 minutes, and expect to pay about $30 – 70$ per person. Secondly, if you are going to join a yoga group class, you should pay at least $15 for each additional student.

Don’t forget about travel fees. If you expect the teacher to come to your house, then the total price may include these fees. It requires you to pay for at least $10. 

Back to Yoga Burn, Zoey is now offering two types of versions for customers. The first package will cost you $37, including a digital download and a physical collection. On the other hand, you have to pay $57 for the second package. You will receive 2 complete collections for this package.

yoga burn review

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Plus, the cost is already inclusive of the shipping and handling fees. After purchasing the program, you can instantly connect to digital access. The DVD comes in shortly after that.


Zoey claims that there are 4 bonuses for people buying her product. They include:

  • Bonus 1: Following-along audio classes

yoga burn review

These audio classes are conveniently ideal for working women with a tight schedule. Just plug in your earphone, and you are ready to practice yoga.

  • Bonus 2: Tranquility flow

yoga burn review

Zoey compared this phase to a reset button, an absolute lifesaver that could help relieve stress resulting from work or family stuff.

  • Bonus 3: Immersion 

yoga burn review

This is where a female fitness community is founded. You can find the real answer, workout experience, or ongoing support from fellows in the community. 

  • Bonus 4: Yoga Burn Monthly 

yoga burn review


DVD series is designed for mastering restorative yoga styles as well as Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa, Kundalini.

Zoey even has a 60-day money-back guarantee policy. If you are not happy with the program, or the “Before-After” results are not similar to what you expect. This is a brilliant way to ensure trust and loyalty from customers, especially for online shopping.

Yoga Burn Review – FAQs

Is it safe to use my credit card for online payment?

I suggest that you should make a payment using a computer. Remember to read everything carefully and click the right button only. If the cart suggests you buy something that comes in handy, consider and decide what to buy.

Can I try Yoga Burn when I’m pregnant?

Zoey recommends pregnant mothers to follow the beginner flow and tranquility flow. If you feel that you cannot perform this pose, stop and don’t keep on trying. I don’t want any single pregnant woman to get injured while doing this yoga.

In addition to that, postpartum mothers can also do this Yoga Burn to control her feelings, bring her mind to ease, and lose weight in the long run. I think this question is also what Lisa is looking for. It is not easy to be a single mom because her sister has to deal with family stress and work exhaustion at the same time. Let’s her walk through Yoga Burn is a good idea to calm her emotions down and destress. She will have more time to listen to her inner soul and refresh herself again.

What if there is no mental or physical makeover for me?

If you are not happy with Yoga Burn or there are no better results within 60 days, you will receive a full refund.

Does Yoga Burn have a hotline for customer service?

Sadly, they don’t have a hotline number for customer service. Due to this problem, many customers find it hard to contact a specific person for their purchase information. All you can get is an email on the website of Yoga Burn. I have two emails from Yoga Burn that you can consider to use it if needed.

Or you can contact Zoey by sending her a direct message to her social media accounts.

Yoga Burn Review – Conclusion

Thank you so much for keeping your patient to read the very last words of my Yoga Burn review. I am gonna sum up my conclusion for this home workout challenge.

There is a big disadvantage since Yoga Burn has no hotline number with some complaints from customers about clickbait. Plus, its customer service doesn’t offer instant support, so it may annoy you a lot.

But look on the bright side, it is quite beneficial both mentally and physically. The 60-day money-back policy guarantee helps you feel safe when deciding to buy Yoga Burn. Moreover, you can contact customer service via the  2 emails if you receive no update about your purchase.

To me, this program is a great not only good for physical shaping, but also for mental treatment exercising. I think this method can solve Lisa’s concern about her sister’s health. 

I’m sure that if you are reading the last paragraph, you already get all my points for this Yoga Burn review. When you are ready, don’t be hesitant to try it. 

Feel free to comment and share your experience with me. Remember, my inbox is always ready to receive readers’ concerns. If you want Linkingo to do any reviews, please shoot us an email.


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