The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review

Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review – Does Blue Heron’s Program Work?

As a freelance designer, every day, my working time begins from 9 am. Though I am always busy, I have a great passion for the job. Until a few months ago, I don’t remember the exact date, but I do remember the awful feeling. It was a night like any other. I just finished my work, stood up from the chair, and was ready to have some rest. 

Suddenly, the room began to spin. 

The whole world turned blurry, and I could hear the buzzing sound in my ears. 

Needless to say, how panic I was at that moment. I had never experienced anything like this before. 

I fell and my head hit the floor. 

The next day, I immediately rushed to my doctor. It was such a terrifying incident to me, so I wanted to find the root cause of it. I desperately wanted to know what happened with my body, because if dizziness like this occurred for a few more times, who knows, perhaps it would break my bones or injury my head. 

But the doctor’s response was so vague … She told me that it might just be low blood pressure, or maybe I was too stressed at work. There was not a particular solution; all I received was “relax and rest well”. 

That was not the only time I had dizziness. It came for the second time, then the third time. While I was working, I couldn’t fully concentrate. I feared that the dizziness might happen anytime. My productivity decreased, and as day by day passed, I gradually lost my passion for my job. The thing I used to love doing a lot became a burden since I started to blame it for causing me vertigo.”

That was from Emily, who is a regular reader of Linkingo. It broke my heart to know how vertigo slowly destroys her career. It is always one of my big concerns that people never take this symptom seriously, while it can create a considerable impact and turn someone’s life upside down.

Therefore, as the next day came, I spent the whole day researching about vertigo and dizziness. I bumped into a program that claimed to treat dizziness once and for all, using only natural methods. 

That is the product I am going to bring out in The Vertigo and Dizziness Program review today.  

What Is The Vertigo and Dizziness Program, You Might Ask?

When researching a particular product, the first thing I always do is to check out its official website. The Vertigo And Dizziness Program is a 21-page online program that contains 19 exercises to help you get rid of vertigo and dizziness for good”. According to the author, the source of dizziness is the tension in the neck and your face’s muscles. Therefore, the program focuses only on tension removal exercises. 

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review

As I read the description, a question popped up in my mind: How could an eBook teach you how to exercise? The author explained that all of the exercises are broken down in small steps and come with illustrations to make it easy for users to follow. Still, being someone familiar with some yoga experts and gym coaches, I believe that it would be hard for you to work out with only text and illustrations. “At least there should have been some video contents”, I thought and almost decided to skip it. However, after I saw the creator of The Vertigo And Dizziness Program, I decided to give it a chance. 

Who Is The Creator Of This Program?

It was a surprise to know that the mastermind behind The Vertigo And Dizziness is Christian Goodman. He is a natural health expert who has many years of experience in the health industry. What’s more important is, Christian is not a strange name to me. I’ve read some of his programs before, such as Overthrowing Anxiety, The Migraine And Headache Program, The Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Program, or The Blood Pressure Program. All of them received positive comments from users for being practical and useful. He earned for himself a high rating on Goodreads. 

All of Christian Goodman’s works share a similarity: They are very simple and straightforward. He once stated in his program that he didn’t want his readers to feel like they are treating a disease. “Instead, it should feel like you are adopting a healthier lifestyle. You should take it lightly and be positive”, Christian wrote. Therefore, he tried to explain all the terms and definitions in the simplest, most friendly way possible. From my point of view, reading Christian Goodman’s works is like having a personal coach. Although based heavily on scientific research, they are comprehensive, understandable, and accessible for anyone to follow through. This fact cleared my concern, and I gave The Vertigo And Dizziness Program a try. 

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review – A Closer Look.

As mentioned, I purchased The Vertigo And Dizziness from the official website. I don’t have any comment regarding the design of this program. If you purchased products from The Blue Heron Health News, you probably are used to their minimal appearance. The publisher focuses on making it as clear and straightforward as possible for the readers to follow, instead of offering a fancy look. The cover is a mix of orange and purple, with The Blue Heron Health logo on the bottom left.

I’m not going to waste your time with a wall of texts in this The Vertigo And Dizziness Program review. If you are just like me when I first found out this product, you are probably anxious to get rid of your pain. I will get straight to the point.

The program contains four parts:

  1. Neck Release Exercises.
  2. Head Exercises.
  3. Neck And Shoulder Exercises. 
  4. Tension Removal Exercises. 

As written in The Vertigo And Dizziness Program, the core of this program are part 1: Neck Release Exercises and part 2: Head Exercises. They focus on releasing the tension from the muscles around the neck and ears. It increases the blood flow up to the head, releases any squeezed nerves, and frees the balance system in the ears. 

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review

The author assures you that the exercises will not put any strain on your neck. Therefore, as I tried, I feel that they were pleasurable. Even if a neck accident caused your vertigo and dizziness, you could still apply these exercises without any danger. 

The neck and shoulders exercises (part 3) are supposed to pump fresh oxygen into the neck and shoulders and up to the head. In my opinion, they require a bit more works than the first two parts, but once you’ve completed, you shall feel very refreshing. However, if you’ve had a neck accident, you should not practice this part. 

Instead of physical exercises, part 4 focuses on getting rid of emotional tension, which is a prevalent cause of vertigo and dizziness. In this part, you will learn to relax and control your breath to calm your mind. These exercises are not compulsory, as the author said, but I highly recommend you to practice them along. They will make you feel better every day and lift your mood, so the other exercises work better too. 

Each of these exercises only takes you a few minutes to practice. I found it very pleasant because, as you already know, I’m also busy with works. They don’t require any extra equipment, so you can practice them anytime and anywhere, even when you are at the office! Moreover, Christian Goodman is very understanding by focusing not only on physical problems but also mental issues such as stress. It is a huge plus point because, in modern society, everyone is dealing with emotional tension. It is a factor that affects our health condition and causes vertigo without us knowing it. 

Benefits Of Using This Program. 

As I checked out the program, I suggested Emily try it and tell me the result. After four weeks, here are some of the benefits I concluded after talking to her.

  • You will be able to get rid of dizziness immediately, even during a severe attack of vertigo. Thanks to the Calf Drop and Relaxed Frog exercises, she wasn’t afraid of it anymore. All she needed to do was trying to stay calm, take a deep breath, and apply these movements. The dizziness would go away after a few seconds. 
  • It is not just a temporary solution. Four weeks after using The Vertigo And Dizziness Program, she had her last vertigo. In the long run, the exercises shall help you loosen the muscles and balance your breath. They cure the root cause of dizziness. Therefore, if you apply them persistently, you will be able to get rid of them once and for all. 
  • Dizziness is known as a sign of a future stroke. If you can get rid of it, you are saving yourself. 
  • You will learn here how to relax your muscles and joints. It helps you prevent joint pain and have a better sleep. 
  • After a long day at work, you will be able to relax and refresh both your body and mind. 

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review

Who Should Use The Vertigo And Dizziness Program?

The Vertigo And Dizziness program is for anyone who is dealing with this symptom. So far, there is not any particular method to treat vertigo for good. Doctors might give you some medicines to reduce the symptoms, but if you have a sincere and educated doctor, he or she may warn you about the horrible side-effects.

Therefore, if you wish to cure vertigo permanently and are open to other solutions, aside from medical ones, this program is definitely for you.

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The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review – Who Should Not Use It?

As you know, the program uses 100% natural methods. If you are not into naturopathy and still skeptical about the effect of it, you have to consider carefully before purchasing. 

The exercises in this program only take you a few minutes each. However, they require you to be persistent and apply every day to get the best result. If you can’t do that, it will be a waste to purchase The Vertigo And Dizziness program.

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review – Customers’ Feedback.

As I searched for customers’ feedback while writing my The Vertigo And Dizziness Program, I found no negative feedback. It is just as expected because Christian Goodman is an experienced writer who published several programs before. The program proves its effect with a rating of 4.25 on Goodreads, as well as positive comments from actual users: 

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Program.

To sum up my The Vertigo And Dizziness Program review, here are the pros of this program:

  • It is useful: I advised Emily to have a note and keep track of her progress while using The Vertigo And Dizziness Program. In the first three days, she could already see positive changes in my body. She woke up healthier and more refreshed. Between the tenth and thirteenth day, the frequency of dizziness reduced significantly. After four weeks, Emily felt like she got rid of it completely. According to her own experience, this program really works. 
  • The program is not time-consuming: Each exercise will only take you a couple of minutes. You can apply them no matter how busy you are. 
  • It is natural and risk-free: Therefore, you don’t have to worry about side-effects. 
  • Written by a trusted author: Christian Goodman is a famous health expert. All of his works are tested and verified by many users across the globe. You can make sure that he is not a random scammer. 
  • The program is apparent, easy to follow through with comprehensive explanations and illustrations. 

However, there are still some points that need improvement: 

  • Plain design: If you are more into a fancy look, the design of The Vertigo And Dizziness is not very eye-captivating. All of the products from The Blue Heron Health News are similar in terms of the designs. Perhaps they want to focus more on the quality, instead of the appearance.
  • If you had a neck accident before, it is not suitable for you to follow part 3 of the program

The Vertigo And Dizziness Review – Price & Purchase Policy.

The one-time price of The Vertigo And Dizziness Program is $48.89. It is a reasonable price, considering what you will get from it. According to surveys, vertigo is the number one cause of fractures. It might lead to deadly head injuries and brain injuries. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a way to cure it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before it can cause any serious harm. This price is much less than a doctor’s visit. Once you get rid of vertigo and dizziness, you will enjoy a brand new source of energy. Soon, you shall see your life changes as you become more lively and productive.

Moreover, the program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means if your symptoms do not go away within two months, you can get all your money back while still keeping the product. What are you losing in this deal? Nothing, if you ask me. 

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Final Verdict. 

A few days ago, Emily just informed me that she could come back to work with a high energy level. She thanked us for helping her stop vertigo and dizziness that had been haunting her for almost a year. 

“If it wasn’t for the program, I could not have continued my favorite job”, Emily said. She was persistent enough to follow the program and fight back her condition. She deserved to have a happy ending. 

To end my The Vertigo And Dizziness Program review, I highly recommend it to my readers and everyone who is dealing with these symptoms out there. There are still some minor cons, but so far, this is the most effective program to get rid of dizziness, as it can show the result after just a few days. 

You also have the 60-day money-back policy as your shield, so you should not hesitate. You can get rid of vertigo and dizziness holistically starting today!

The Vertigo And Dizziness Program ReviewThe Vertigo And Dizziness Program Review


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