The Amazing You Review

The Amazing You Review 2020- The Most Comprehensive Look

Being a big fan of movies, when I first saw The Amazing You program, I was curious because the product’s name is exactly a movie title

Such a dramatic name, isn’t it? 

Think about this for a moment: 

  • How many times you wake up and determine to be better than you were yesterday? 
  • Perhaps you just want to lose weight and achieve the perfect waistline you always dream about. 
  • Perhaps you want to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, laziness, postponement, etc. 
  • Even more, you might wish to change yourself and start your plans to become a successful, wealthy one. 

At that moment, you truly feel like you are full of energy and totally ready to achieve your goals. You might even move the earth. How excited you are to make changes and completely transform your life! Imagining the bright future ahead, you can even scream out of enthusiasm. 

However, after a few days, your excitement started to fade. You could not wake up for a run. “I will do it tomorrow”, you thought. You smoked again, because “just a cigarette doesn’t harm, it will be my last”. Instead of working hard or adopting good habits to succeed, you’d rather lie on your couch and watch Netflix. The bright future you once pictured disappears right in front of your eyes. You do see, but it doesn’t matter anymore when you already give in to those small pleasures.

You always let the little voice to control you. It is the same when you continuously have negative autosuggestion like “no”, “can’t do”, “I am not good enough”, “ I don’t feel worthy”. According to Psychology Today, when scientists scanned the brain of someone who was saying “no”, dozens of hormones were released to increase the level of stress. Therefore, you can imagine the consequence of repeating negative thoughts about yourself every day. They can destroy your mind, kill off your confidence, and prevents you from achieving the best version of yourself. 

Did that happen to you? Gosh, I experienced that countless times.

The Amazing You program claims to solve this psychological once and for all. According to the author, with this product as your guide, you will be able to get the mindset of the most successful people in the world. By changing your way of thinking and unleash all your brain power, you shall be able to achieve your dreams within two months.  

All you have to do is accept the challenge, transform yourself, overcome both inner and outer obstacles, and go straight to success. 

But in reality, DOES IT ACTUALLY WORK? 

Let’s see with me in this The Amazing You review.

As you can see, some The Amazing You reviews on the internet might refer to the first version published in 2016.  In this article, I’m taking a look at the newest version that has just been launched on 24 April 2020. The author added her advanced studies and practices to this new update of The Amazing You, making it the best version available so far. 

What Is The Amazing You Program? 

Just like all the products I’ve checked out, the very first step is to take a look at the official website. According to it, The Amazing You is a self-motivating personality development program. As you know, the number of self-help products on the online market is insane, and as a result, it is hard to find a qualified one, the one that really possesses the power to improve yourself and change your life. 

The Amazing You Review

However, I still carried on with my research, hoping that The Amazing You could be the hidden gem. “This program shall guide you through the four neuro-mapping techniques. Once you apply them to your daily life, they will have an excellent result in unleashing the power of your brain and creating a happy, fulfilled life”, the author wrote. 

So judging from that, The Amazing You is to help you become the master of your mind. It is the thing that sets this product apart from its counterparts. Still, this is just what the developer wants us to see. I still need to gather more information to provide my readers with a detailed The Amazing You review.

I decided to learn more about the author of this program. And what I found was surprising. 

More Information About The Author, Marion Neubronner.

I typed Marion’s name to the Google search bar with little hope because from my experience, almost authors of these online programs usually don’t reveal their personal information. After a click, guess what, there were plenty of articles and interviews! 

It turned out that Marion Neubronner is a notable face in the field of emotional intelligence. After graduated from Harvard University, she began her career as a learning specialist and psychologist. So far, Marion has gotten for herself almost twenty years of experience and helped around 2500 adult learners across the globe.

Though she didn’t have many published works, this female author gained a certain amount of loyal readers. Take a look at her page on Goodreads, and you will see that Marion received a rating of 4.28/5, with many positive comments. 

==> Click Here To Learn More About Marion Neubronner <==

I said to myself, “If that’s not a good enough reason for me to try out The Amazing You, then what is?”. The work of a professional psychologist who graduated from Harvard sounds indeed inviting. As a result, I processed to purchase the product. In the next part of my The Amazing You review, let’s look at the actual program.

The Amazing You Review

The Amazing You Review

The Amazing You Review – A More Comprehensive Look. 

Right after making the purchase, I received the full package of this program. There are more things included in this package than I thought. The main program consists of:

Jumpstart Guide

Sonic Remapping Soundscape Series.

The Amazing You 21-day Remapping Protocol eBook.

The Amazing You Workbook. 

Initially, I was a little confused. It is rare to see such a sophisticated program, and I didn’t know where to start first. Luckily, the creator was kind enough to add a jumpstart guide, so I checked it first to get the most out of The Amazing You.

The Amazing You Review

Though being just an 8-page guide on how to use the program, I noticed that the design was beautiful. The cover was pleasant to look at as it featured a green prairie under the dawn sky. On the prairie, there are three doors, which I guessed were a metaphor of techniques to change yourself and lead you toward a brighter lifestyle. Overall, it looks very harmonious and professional, just like what you can expect of a program that was published by a reputable author. 

The guide suggests you choose between three different ways you can adopt to maximize your experience with this program. In my The Amazing You review, I will list them out:

  • Quick and easy.

If reading and writing isn’t your cup of tea, you can listen to the Sonic Remapping Soundscape for 15 minutes a day. Professionally designed according to the material, the soundscapes shall give you the most convenient avenue to bring the extraordinary effects of the program to you. 

There were three soundscapes, which means three stages to completely changing your way of thinking. The first one claims to “clear away the un-you”, the second one shall “awake the 100%-you”, and the last one is to complete “the amazing you”. I will explain these terms more later. 

Remapping your brain just by listening to music seemed like a new idea to me, so I wasn’t sure about its effect at first. Still, after giving these soundscapes a try, I decided that they were going to be my favorite pieces of music from now on. They are very calming, very tender for your ears. Sitting on the balcony after a long day with a cup of tea and listening to these soundscapes, it felt like I could totally unwind and loosen up from the daily stresses. Though I was not sure about the effect it might have on my brain (or how it could “remap” my mind in any way), but my productivity did go up thanks to those precious relaxing moments. 

  • Engaging.

 If you are more of a ‘visual’ person and you enjoy immersing yourself in the wonders of words, all you have to do is to read The Amazing You 21-Day Remapping Protocol and The Amazing You 21-Day Remapping Workbook. 

The Amazing You ReviewThe Amazing You Review










Within The Amazing You 21-Day Remapping Protocol, there are three main parts.

Door 1:

In this very first part, you are learning about what created the current “you” now. The author explains the role of social conditioning in shaping the way you think or behave. It is the barrier that prevents you from unleashing all your gifts, energy, time, and resources to the fullest of your ability. 

According to this part, you unconsciously create an un-you to protect yourself from social prejudice. That’s the reason why you sleep in the mathematics lesson instead of asking teachers a question: You are afraid of being judged. That’s also why you don’t ask your crush out for dinner and pretend you don’t like him/her in the first place. 

You then shall be revealed the full potential you own if you are not chained down by anything. End of this part, the author teaches you how to move from an unconscious social self to the harmony of yourselves. The main goal of this section is to give you a full self-awareness. 

Part one is associated with the first soundscape: “Clear The Un-You”. 

Door 2:

So you have learned about the true power lie inside you that made you sleep since you have always been trying unconsciously to please the society. How to wake your full-potential version up? This part is the call you need. In Door 2, you will get to know the shortcuts to new, dynamic thoughts. As mentioned in the first part, 90% of your thoughts that run through your mind every day are old and repetitive. It prevents you from trying new things and achieving goals that you have never reached before. In this second part, you will get a step-by-step guide to trick your mind so you can be persistent and energetic all through the achievement. 

With this guide in your hand, you will never find yourself oversleeping and skipping exercises anymore; you can maintain smart habits every day.  It removes all of your psychological barriers so you can unleash all of your potentials and go straight to your goals. 

Part two is associated with the second soundscape: “Awake The 100% You”.

Door 3:

Even after you have fully released your potentials and achieve what you want in life, there would still be times when you find yourself walking in a routine and aren’t sure about why you do what you do. What will you have to do at those moments, to restore your satisfaction and feel alive again fully? How to break the repeating circle and live beyond the social roles? It is what Door 3 will show you. If the second part of this program teaches you the shortcut to your goals and how to achieve your dream without giving up halfway, then the very last part shall let you know the way to turn it into an exciting journey. 

Part three is associated with the third soundscape “The Amazing You”. 

As you discover the program, you will find along the way tasks and works for you to learn more about your inner self and create new sides of it that you might have never thought of. You can find all the worksheets in The Amazing You 21-Day Protocol Workbook. The creator said that it is best to spend only 15 minutes a day reading, but is highly recommended that you switch to the workbook and do the tasks right after you read. 

One thing I really like is that it is very convenient. Marion added colored pictures to explain her ideas, and there are plenty of actual examples for you to understand the psychological concept fully. 

  • Comprehensive.

To bring the experience a step further, you can try combining the above two methods. As you listen to the soundscapes, you will enter a state of mental clarity and emotional stability. Your focus will be more intense, you have clearer thoughts, and you will be able to absorb the theories better. 

Personally, this is best to apply this method. You should listen to the soundscape according to its corresponding section in the eBook. 

The Amazing You Review – How Does It Work? 

After spending a week experiencing The Amazing You, I did research and discovered that it applied a method called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies of the most outstanding individuals and using them in daily life to reach personal goals. It includes opening your mind to thoughts, perspectives, and patterns of specific behaviors.

Marion has spent years learning about the life of the most successful person. She then found out similar patterns, which she referred to in the program as keys to Masterful Performance. These key factors help boost your life with only powerful vibes. 

The Amazing You Review – What Will You Get From Using This Program?

From what I see, here are a few of the things you will get after reading The Amazing You:

You will learn to accept yourself. You have the potential to succeed, and you just don’t know how to unleash it yet. Moreover, you will know how to get rid of guilt, shame, and self-doubt. After finishing The Amazing You, you shall become a bolder, more confident version of yourself. 

The Identity Redesign theory shows you how to develop new, unique thoughts and transfer them to your subconscious mind. You will know how to achieve success in your unique way.

You are going to learn addiction dissolving techniques that help you get rid of bad habits through mind remapping. 

This program helps you to view love and happiness in a different way. In no time, you shall be able to achieve everything in your love life that people can only dream about. 

You shall know how to clean up the negative expectations and beliefs that were passed to you by your ancestors. 

Here, you shall adopt the mindset of those successful CEO. It turns you into a master money manifestor.

Briefly, the program will help you control your subconscious mind by being aware, and in sync with your conscious mind, you can take back to balance, control your life, and achieve any goals you want


The Amazing You Review.

The Amazing You Review – Who Should Use It?

  • There is no age restriction for this program. Regardless of your age, nation, and sex, you can apply the methods mentioned in the program to your life. 

The author of the product said that she wrote it especially for:

  • Those who wish to transform their lives but don’t know how to start. 
  • Those who tried many methods, but they all did not work or worked for a short time, they wore off.  
  • Anyone who has fixed beliefs that are holding them back.
  • Those who are having problems connecting with people but still want to find a beautiful, loving relationship. 
  • Most of all, it is for you if you wish to be wealthy, successful, and the best version of yourself.

Who Should Not Use This Product?

  • As mentioned above, The Amazing You involves remapping your brain. It helps you by resetting your own set of beliefs so you can use your potential to the fullest without having any psychological obstacles. Should you have any problem with Neuro-Linguistic Programming method, this program is not for you to try. If you are not willing to change your way of thinking, it would be a waste to purchase The Amazing You. 
  • Moreover, to get the best result, the program requires you to be persistent and keep working on it in 21 days. It only takes you fifteen minutes a day and not even a month to change your life once and for all. If you can’t keep up with that, The Amazing You is not for you as well. 
  • While driving or operating machinery, DO NOT listen to the Sonic Remapping Soundscape Series, because you may experience a calm state of relaxation or even sleepiness.

The Amazing You Review – Customers’ Feedback.

The Amazing You program received a rating of 4.29 on Goodreads. Many users have given positive comments regarding this program, showing how effective it can be: 

Personally, after finishing this program, I feel that it does work in improving my life. I’m able to keep up with my gym without any trouble (laziness, actually). I enjoy the progress instead of feeling like I have to, thanks to the Yes Wheel Method I learned in Door 2. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Product. 

There are always two sides to a coin. In my The Amazing You review, I will list out some pros of this program:

  • Trustable author: Marion Neubronner is a well-known psychologist and learning specialist who graduated from Harvard University. If you search for her name on the internet, you will find many pieces of information about her research works. Therefore, The Amazing You is guaranteed to contain only tried and tested theories. 
  • There are both text and audio contents: You can only listen to the soundscapes if you are not into reading, but I highly recommend you to combine them both so you will get the most out of The Amazing You.
  • You are not only reading or listening but also interacting: The author prepares a separate workbook for you to interact with the program. You shall get the chance to review and apply the techniques you’ve learned in the protocol. Moreover, these worksheets will provide a more in-depth look at yourself. Along the way, you will see what is truly the power you possess and what you need to fix.
  • The program is easy to understand. Even though it contains the most advanced psychological research, Marion is very considerate. She wanted all of her readers to understand and make use of the program to its fullest. Therefore, Marion tried to explain the theories in the simplest way possible. 
  • Proven to work: Many positive comments on the internet prove that The Amazing You is actually effective and will help you transform your life. 

However, there are still some cons that I want to mention in my The Amazing You review: 

  • It is quite complicated: Since it contains three audio and two text contents, you must check out the jumpstart guide before processing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know where to start. 
  • It takes time: You will need to apply the methods for at least 21 days to get the result. If you wish to change your life immediately, the program is not for you. It will only take you 15 minutes a day, though. 
  • Only available in digital format: There is no physical version of The Amazing You. The only way you can obtain is to purchase the digital product on the official website. 

The Amazing You Review – Price & Purchase Policy. 

When I first checked the price of this product, it was $362. However, when I came back to it the second time to make the purchase, my eyes were wide-opening in shock. 

The price has reduced to $39. 

Imagine getting a chance to transform your life completely with just $39. Imagine being able to adopt good habits so effortlessly to achieve any goals in your life

“Wow, you are so gorgeous in that outfit. I wish I were in shape just like you.” Imagine all of your companions would say that when you have a stunning figure.

And think about the massive rise in your income. About all the luxury vacations you can go on. 

When you think about it, $39 is incredibly cheap. It’s like half the cost of a grocery run. 

I don’t know if the developer team is crazy to give out such a discount, or it was just a bug. But one thing I know for sure is the discount won’t be there for long. 

But do you know what is more shocking? The program is fully refundable. If, for any reason at all, you are not happy with the result, just send them an email, and you will receive all your money back. 

And you can still keep the program, just in case you need it in the future!

The Amazing You Review

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It Surprised Me To Know That There Are Still More!

With $39, you are not getting the main program alone. The Amazing You comes with three bonuses. 

The first one is Minimal Effort, Maximum Gain. This bonus features the celebrity performance coach Michael McNeils. Yes, I heard about him before, so I was excited to see this bonus. McNeils has coached CEOs and movie stars, and now he is here to share with you the mysterious power that will surely bring luck and success in life. 

Success Multiplier: In this second bonus, you meet with Yanik Silver. This guy is the one who created more internet millionaires than anybody in this world. His story and businesses were spread on FORBES, TIME, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. In this audio, he will share with you the methods to yield positive results in everything you do. 

Ultimate Restoration Secret: Matt Rieman will share with you about Genetic Switch, the method to switch off your DNA when you suffer from health problems. 

The Amazing You Review

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The Amazing You Review – My Advice To You.

If you are new to this kind of self-motivating, psychology-based programs, perhaps you are still in doubt. It is common to think that it works for other people doesn’t mean it would work for you since each person has a different mindset and set of beliefs. Understanding the matter, Marion and her team created a free gift, especially for you. 

“Creating Your Miracle Mind” is a 32-page eBook. There are two main chapters focus on analyzing the mindset of wealthy, successful people, explain the root cause of negativity, and how it changes one’s life. At the end of chapter two, Marion will reveal the method to get rid of your pessimistic thoughts completely. Then, you will get five self-reflection techniques to fully understand who you are, adopt the right attitude to thrive in adversity, and strengthen your strong stance. 

The Amazing You Review

It, to me, is very considerate. Though being a small eBook, Creating Your Miracle Mind is beautifully designed just like the main program The Amazing You, indicating how professional Marion and her team are. Moreover, it is practical with not only theories but also worksheet and question table. Reading this free eBook, I realize that the author puts users’ experience on top priority. Within 32 pages, she still wants her readers to get the most useful advice to improve their selves. 

I highly recommend you download and try it out if you still hesitate to purchase the main program. It is entirely FREE. Just access this link, leave your email, and the gift will be sent to you via email immediately.

The Amazing You Review

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The Amazing You Review – Final Verdict.

To end this The Amazing You review, I conclude that this is a one-of-a-kind program that assures to help remap your brain positively, create a new version of you with joy, love, hope, prosperity, and happiness.  

Everyone wishes to achieve love, success, and happiness. However, most of us didn’t find the right path to go. We blame fate for not letting us live a perfect life like those lucky ones. 

But if you are going through something that can help you transform your life, it means that fate also chooses you. Taking the chance or not, it’s your decision now. From my point of view, The Amazing You is something like that. 

Not to mention the 60-day money-back guarantee. There is no risk at all, so you should grab the chance right now!

The Amazing You Review

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