Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution Review – Can You Lose Weight In 28 Days?

Welcome to my Cinderella Solution Review!

In modern society, being overweight is quite familiar to us. You may see people struggling with their weight everywhere. They are maybe a member of your family, one of your friends, neighbors, or colleagues. The fact that so many diet courses and fitness centers are advertised on every social media channel shows us how much people need to lose weight.

Recently, female readers who are considering taking a digital program to lose weight have sent emails to Linkingo. They are looking for advice on a digital weight loss program called Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan.

I was pleased when my readers counted on me as well as my colleagues like that. So I spent my whole last week searching for this product. Honestly, I see that the Cinderella Solution quite popular. 

Many people are talking about it in forums, social channels, blogs. People who experienced the product also left their feedback on many review community. But the fact that there are mixed opinions on this program really can make my readers confusing.

So if you are wondering whether you should buy this digital program or not, my Cinderella Solution Review below will help you make up your mind. I am sure that this will be the most detailed and unbiased review you can find. Don’t miss it before making your decision.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution claims to be a comprehensive weight loss program in 28 days, specially designed for women. It contains a series of PDF e-books and is available for online access. 

Only 28 days to lose weight successfully? It sounds quite ridiculous because many friends told me that they took at least 3 months to half a year with a strict course. So there must be something special in this strategy. Let’s see.

The program is divided into two key phases, called Ignite and Launch. Each period lasts two weeks, includes diet plans and systems of exercises. 

It claims to focus on the correct food combinations to enhance the rate of weight loss and fat burn, instead of dropping out of entire food groups. Moreover, the exercises are not too hard or difficult and don’t give you false expectations as well. It is a low-intensity workout guide concentrating on the butt, hips, and abdominal muscles. 

Who is the author?

As usual, when discovering a product, I never skip searching for its creator. 

Cinderella Solution Review

Carly Donovan is the creator of Cinderella Solution program. This is the first time I have ever heard of the name. Maybe it’s because she is not a fitness expert or a nutritionist paying celebrities to promote the product. She is just a real person who wants to share what she experienced. 

Going straight to the website, I found her story can be related to many women. Like many other women all over the world, Carly Donovan had gone through the struggles of losing weight healthily.  Before creating the program, Donovan’s work related to the fitness field. She worked as a fitness instructor at her local gym, though she had weight problems.

However, things began to change when she realized that a failing metabolism and weight gain results from hormonal imbalances. So solving hormonal imbalances became her secret key factor in the weight loss process, as mentioned in this program. Are you curious about its working principle? Now my Cinderella Solution Review will show you what I found out.

>>> Read More About Carly Donovan Here <<<

How does the program work? 

Carly Donovan’s program targets promoting hormonal balance. It reestablish and adjust the function of three crucial hormones that regulate your metabolism, fat, and weight loss. 

What makes Cinderella different from other weight loss programs is that it does not require tough workouts or diet to lose weight. By contrast, this program includes slight fitness activities combined with food plans, which have been proven to work with women well. 

First of all, the program will help you address the insulin hormone imbalance and its unpleasant effects. The Cinderella Solution uses the ICE Dysfunction concept, teaches you how to identify the symptoms of ICE dysfunction. Then you can start the work of restoring homeostasis.

After that, this program deals with cortisol imbalance through some low-impact workouts. As far as I know, the cortisol hormone depends on stress. But there are many factors causing stress in our life. We can hardly avoid stress. So the author claims that through these exercises, you will reduce its level significantly.

Finally, Cinderella Solution assists in improving the function of the estrogen hormone by guiding you to eat specific things and not eat others. Estrogen levels improvement will help your weight to reallocate around your body. As such, your body will become fit and beautiful.

What Does The Program Commit To Bring You?

The program commits that you will lose weight SIX times faster than other popular commercial diets, only after 28 days following it. The strategy will burn the toughest fat in the female body by releasing fat cells and use them as energy on demand.

Cinderella Solution Review

Moreover, you will look younger and increase your lifespan (up to 22%) by eating healthily in the right manner and assembling carbohydrates in a way that strengthens your heart.

Additionally, the creator promises that you’ll have a chance to achieve the freedom from hunger and food-obsession using a “procrastination-method”. The Cinderella Solution also provides you information on the best beverages and foods to gain your target of weight loss quickly while you still remain energy. It also teaches you exactly the way to lose weight while drinking wine with the stopwatch on your smartphone.

What Is Inside The Program?

In my Cinderella Solution Review, I will give you an overview of this 28-day strategy so that you can understand it more. Overall, Carly divides her program into four distinct parts.

Cinderella Solution Review – Part One: The program explained

This part includes three first chapters. It first introduce the program, and the preparation to start the journey . The next section focuses on giving information about weight loss rituals. It brings easy food coupling and flavor pairing, as well as when you nourish your body. Also, you will find the two-critical-phase approach of the program that are Ignite and Launch in this part.

Part Two: Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

The second part of the program will show you Cinderella Tools within 14-days with detailed daily meal plans, and bonus recipes. You will find a comprehensive diet plan for you to eat well to lose weight here. 

In addition to diet plans and recipes, this part also mentions macro nutrition and food pairings. The program will advise you about different food groups and the best relevant food items so that you can choose. This information may give you a hand in planning a meal full of flavor yet useful for weight loss.

Part Three: DIY Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing

If you’re looking for more detailed information, you should never skip this third part. It will be useful in creating meals that are nutrient-dense, yet low-calorie. 

Besides, in this third part, you’ll get information on portion options and portion blocks as well. It will help you have the right and simple diet. 

Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

Last but not least, the fourth part of the program is all about how to combine foods with highly flavorful ingredients. They help speed up your weight loss process. By this point, I believe that you might get enough information and are ready to get started taking on your weight loss challenge.

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What are the Pros?

Here are what I like the most in this program:

  • Easy, low-impact workouts.

The fact that we are always afraid of challenging exercises that can make us tired and exhausted. Also, many women cannot commit to the gym or pre-organized workouts due to their working time. 

Therefore, to me, it is a perfect point because Cinderella Solution workouts do not demand too much either in terms of equipment or intensity.

  • Practical tools

This program gives you many facts and advice with the latest approach that scientifically proven to burn even the most stubborn fat effectively. The 98-page manual makes sure that you will surely reach your target.

From the functions of some hormones in your body to nutrition, food combinations, and other informative topics, Carly shares with you a lot of scientifically-proven information to help you lose all the extra weight for good.

  • Money-back guarantee

Noticeably, the manufacturer gives you a chance to try this product 100% FREE with the refund policy. If you find Cinderella Solution useless or even you just feel that this program doesn’t bring you adequate benefits as committed, you can ask for a full refund. No question asked. I like this 60-day refund policy very much because it’s fair to my readers.

What are the Cons?

However, there are still some disadvantages of this program that I want to show you in my Cinderella Solution review:

  • It takes time and requires commitment.

Though this is a 28-day program, the effect time may differ from person to person, since each of us has distinct host factors. You may not lose weight magically. In some cases, you may see see results only after completing the plan. 

Moreover, you must commit to have the program work for you. You need to be patient and stick to every step to gain your target weight loss and maintain it for the long-term result.

However, there is no success without struggles. I think it is still much more comfortable than other complicated  workout programs. All you need to do is only apply meal plans and stick to some low-impact workouts as described. 

  • Only available in digital format. 

Since this program is an e-book, you only can access it via your phone or laptop. For those who love paperback, I suppose that this can be a disadvantage.

Who Should Use This Product? 

This system works perfectly for any woman over 25 years old who wish to lose weight or even belly fat.

It is also suitable for women who are overweight for over 10 pounds.

Moreover, since the approach of the method is very straightforward,  every woman who wishes to have a perfect body can use it for a healthy lifestyle.

Who Should Not Use?

I want to emphasize here that the Cinderella Solution has not been created for men, as it has explicitly formulated for women. That’s easy to understand because the body of men and woman are different.

Additionally, you should be persistent in working with it in 28 days for the best results. So it is not for you if you cannot follow it strictly.

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What are the comments on the product?

When searching for the Cinderella Solution, I found many positive comments on this product. Most users who experienced the program are thankful to the author for changing their lives. 

Cinderella Solution Review Cinderella Solution Review

In contrast, there was also negative feedback with low rating as follows:

Cinderella Solution Review

She complains about the printed version. Interestingly, I found a link to order a paperback of this program on Amazon. However, the price for the book is even lower than the digital program provided on the official website. So I don’t think they are genuine copies. I suggest that you guys shouldn’t order the paperback at this time. Also, I will contact the vendor so they can review this matter. Then I will update you guys soon.

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How much does it cost? 

You can purchase the Cinderella Solution on the official website at $37. 

Honestly, it may not be difficult to find a weight loss solution today. So what makes this program special? 

It is a strategy created by a woman who has overcome her overweight condition. Every food plan and exercise in her solution are from her real experience. Therefore, she understands what you are suffering more than anyone. So she will give you everything you need, simple but useful. 

Perhaps you have ever looked at the seductive bodies of slender and somewhat jealous. You know that when you have a slim body, you will be much more attractive, you get more love and even more opportunities in your life.

So don’t just look at these women and hesitate anymore. Let’s give yourself a chance to change your fate with Cinderella Solution. Beauty, confidence, attraction, and success are right in your hand with only $37. Believe me. This program is pretty incredible when you factor in everything you are getting. 

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Is there any bonus?

It is really a good deal. When you buy this program, you will receive a bonus called the Brand New Cinderella Accelerator Package.

Cinderella Solution Review

>>> Download The Bonus Here <<<

The package includes Accelerator 21-Day Kick start and the Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book. According to the official website, Carly intended to sell this combo for $150 on Amazon. But now, she wants to encourage more women like her to access a better life without being overweight. She decides to bring us an incredible offer. You can have the Accelerator Package without paying any extra fee as you order Cinderella Solution.

Not only can you save your money but also get slim after nearly a month. It’s amazing. Don’t miss this offer. Grab your Cinderella Solution and take its advantage right now without any further delay.

Cinderella Solution Review – Final thoughts

Lastly, I would like to tell my readers that the Cinderella Solution is not a scam at all. It is a very informative and valuable program compared with the price of $37.

I believe that every woman is beautiful and unique. So you should never let yourself suffer from obesity, which can take your confidence away. If you want to lose weight, to look younger, to live longer, you should have this program as a friend in your life. I bet that this will be one of your smartest choices ever.

If you find my review on the Cinderella Solution useful, don’t hesitate to like and share it with your friends and relatives. Also, don’t forget that we always love to hear from you. Leave a comment to tell us about your opinions or any other products you are considering.

Cinderella Solution Review



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