the venus factor review

The Venus Factor Review – Is It Reliable? A Careful Look!

Hi, how’s it going? Recently I have received many requests from the readers saying I write a review of the Venus Factor. Some even sent me very long, pressing emails about how much they long for a post on this product from

I understand the urgent need for a losing weight method among a large part of the population nowadays as everyone wants nice bodies and good health conditions on top of all. But among thousands of weight loss programs, many of you feel so confused. Moreover, there are plenty of fraudulent claims made by the brands to help them sell their products. 

Those things above and the request from you guys create a synergy for me to write this review. And it is going to walk you through each of your inquiries. Let’s go!

The Venus Factor Review  – What Is the Venus Factor?

the venus factor review

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program exclusively designed for women. According to the seller, it is a digital program giving instructions on how to lose weight in just 12 weeks. The complete program comes in both DVD and E-book formats.

According to the author of the Venus Factor – John Barban, women usually find it much harder to lose weight than men. The explanation is that women’s bodies are manipulated by many types of hormones compared to men with mostly testosterone. As a result, balancing a variety of hormones at the same time slows the fat burning process of women’s metabolism. 

Noticing the great difficulty in losing weight of the fair sex, Venus Factor really focuses on improving the functions of women’s metabolism. 

The Venus Factor Review  – How Does It Work?

The program has its concentration on the leptin level of the body. Theoretically, leptin is a kind of hormone that the fat cells produce. It works as an appetite controller of your digestive system.

Leptin signals the brain that you have enough stored fat thus curbs your appetite, and tells the body to burn calories. Therefore, it prevents you from excessive eating.  To simplify, if your leptin level rises, your appetite decreases. On the contrary, your appetite goes up as the leptin level declines. 

The Venus Factor makes use of this mechanism to develop their program. When your cravings for foods no longer annoy you, you will see significant progress in your weight loss process. It really makes the difference. 

But this mechanism has a flaw. Leptin does not always work as it is supposed to. That is because of the existence of the leptin resistance. It is the condition in which the brain can not receive the signal from the leptin. This kind of resistance is usually found in obese people as their leptin can no longer control their appetite, encouraging them to eat more and their bodies to burn very little fat. 

So, be aware that leptin level manipulating is not always effective, and that the leptin does not directly lead to weight loss. You need to well understand yourself first before trying any types of weight loss methods. 

The Venus Factor Review  – Who Is The Creator?

the venus factor review

John Barban

His name is John Barban. He has been working in the dietary and sports supplement industry for over 8 years. His work is primarily researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements Also, he works as a consultant for supplement companies on formula and product development.

About Barban’s education, he got a degree in human biology and nutrition from  the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada) then a Masters In Human Biology and nutrition also from the same university. After that, he took his further graduate research and taught exercise physiology at the University of Florida, America.

Besides, he has a personal website that is all about sharing his experience related to human biology such as fitness, nutrition, and things that affect human’s well being. 

the venus factor review

The latest post of this website is on 26 June 2020, which means it is taken care of pretty often. Barban updates plenty of blogs containing helpful information and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. 

Further searching also helps me find a Youtube channel under the name John Barban. This channel has 83 subscribers and 14 videos in total. Those videos are all about workouts, diets, and fitness in general. 

the venus factor review

Through his career path, John Barban has published quite a few books about nutrition and fitness. Besides the Venus Factor, there are many other guidebooks namely the VFX Fat Loss System or Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement. In general, all of his books revolve around nutrition in relation with human’s health.

the venus factor review

From what I have found so far, I am pretty sure John Barban does exist in real life. By that I mean he is a real person, a real author. But hardly could I find him in any articles or newspapers, and those videos were posted 5 years ago. So I am just like 50% believing in this man, and we probably have to go through more than one criterion. 

The Venus Factor Review  – What Is Its Commitment?

Through what the creator says, these are what the Venus Factor can bring you:

  • Helping you lose weight quickly and safely. 

We can notice right in the name of the product, which is the 12 Week Fat Loss System. It would only take you a month to say goodbye to the stubborn fat you have been putting up with for so long. It also promises to protect you from the risks in the process of losing weight. The program is promoted to be 100% nature-based. 

  • Inducing weight loss without supplements.

The weight loss supplement market has gone through quite a few controversies about its safety level as well as its reliability. Firstly, it is usually so expensive. And secondly, you cannot know what kinds of things you are going to take. Fake and authentic supplements look so alike, making the risks higher than ever. So better, no supplements and all nature. That is what the Venus Factor guarantees you, my gals!

  • ​​​​Shedding fat without the need for any exercise

You can totally lose weight without exercise if you get a proper diet. I know sometimes you guys feel exercising so dull and exhausting, the Venus Factor can help you with that. However, that does not mean you can rid exercising from your routine. The Venus Factor still really encourages you to do exercise. It’s good for yourself.

  • A well-organised, healthy lifestyle besides weight loss

You are not going through strict diets. You won’t have to do fasting. No skipping meals, no hunger. It forms a healthy lifestyle for you instead of scaring you with harsh meals. A lifestyle is something that goes with you in the long run. And that’s going to be much more beneficial, I believe.

The Venus Factor Review  – What Is Inside The Program?

the venus factor review

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Above is the content list of the manual. It must be the longest table of contents of a product I’ve ever seen. The whole main program is clearly divided into two parts: 

Part 1: 12 Week Weight Loss Nutrition Program

The first part prepares you for essential background knowledge to start the weight loss journey. There are so many things to go through. It covers everything from the difference in the metabolism of genders, the leptin, how to eat properly to the calorie intake.  There are many, many more, but you may instead want to discover it yourself.

Part 2: A New Way to Measure Progress

Here comes a very interesting section, in my opinion. I am sure every woman is always curious about their body shapes. This part is going to illuminate your inquiries. We will know the interrelation between our weight and the shape, the ratio among parts of our body, and how to take measurements. Extremely fascinating!

The Venus Factor Review  – What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • Prestigious author

John Barban, aka the inventor of this program, has a good educational background. He is a specialist in this field. Additionally, he has many years working as a coach for college students and even a world-class powerlifting team. Having experienced many types of fitness methods, he definitely knows what you need for a nice body. 

  • Detailed contents but the clever layout

Again, I have to say that it may be the longest guidebook I have ever seen so far. It provides almost every single thing you need for your weight loss adventure. Despite the amazing length, the book doesn’t annoy me because the subsections are well-organised. They are in the right order. That will keep you on the right, smooth track as you’ll go step by step. And you would not feel incomprehensible somewhere in the middle of the book. 

  • No exercise needed

Exercising can be a nightmare sometimes. Rigourous, intense workouts always take off all of your power. Most of the time, you leave the gym with a dizzy head and an empty, loud stomach. That is so bad. But don’t worry because the exercises can no longer make you tired. As long as The Venus Factor is with you, never mind the gyms. 


  • Unproven evidence

The scientists have not released any official document about the real effect of leptin on the weight. In fact, the effectiveness of the hormone-based methods remains controversial. On the one hand, the leptin does affect how the brain controls our appetite. But on the other, there is a thing called leptin resistance. It occurs when the brain stops accepting signals from this hormone. And it’s normally found in obese people. Therefore, the effect of leptin levels in the blood does not actually lead to weight loss.

  • Disappointing official website

I had to look for the text presentation of the product on the official website in every corner of the page. I ended up getting nothing. And so I had to watch a slow-motion promotion video that I cannot play forwards or backward either. That really drove me impatient. I have to say that a promotion website with only a video and some payment instructions is a big shortcoming. I hope they will improve it in the near future.

The Venus Factor Review  – What Do The Customers Say?

Numerous buyers have complimented The Venus Factor on its informativeness. Furthermore, many have claimed the effectiveness and reliability of the Venus Factor. The interesting and honest sharings from the author really help it win the reader’s heart. 

the venus factor review

the venus factor review

the venus factor review

(Source: Goodreads)

Besides those pleasant reviews, the Venus Factor also attracts a lot of high ratings from the reader. It is 4.3 stars on average at the moment. That is an impressive figure!

In the defense, there is a comment about the trustworthiness of the method. Accordingly, the official website has a vague citation list, giving a feeling of a stolen list. I have to agree with this customer on how simple the official website is. I myself find it not well taken care of, too. But this comment giver seemingly has not read the book. Correspondingly, I don’t think his comment is comprehensive and objective. 

the venus factor review

On the whole, the sign from customers is positive. Now let’s see what extra we can get from the program.  

How Much Does It Cost?

The Venus Factor is currently being offered at $37. In comparison with other weight loss programs, this price is acceptable. It is not too high for what you will receive from the author. Apart from the main manual, you have 4 more bonuses on the purchase. 

In addition, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. A 60-day no-questions-asked money-back policy will keep you away from a scam. You do not have anything to lose. Trust me! 

All the above advantages together make the $37 price never more worth it. Claim your deal soon, gals! 

the venus factor review

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The Venus Factor Review  – The Bonuses

Besides the main manual eBook, the Venus Factor also comes with many bonuses:

Bonus #1: A 12-week Workout Program

the venus factor review

You will have a detailedly organized workout plan for 12 weeks. Of course, it is optional, and you don’t have to take it. But if you do, it is more beneficial for yourself. This can be carried out at the gym or your home as per convenience. It is a step by step approach, thus is equally effective and easy to follow. Those workout videos are easy to access and watch online. But you can also download them on your smartphone or computer in case the internet connection is unstable.

Bonus #2: The Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software App

the venus factor review

This Virtual App concurrently eliminates the cost of personal trainers and provides you with a handy app to automate various processes. The virtual nutritionist helps to calculate all the calories, thus helping you to compare your actual measurements with ideal ones. It shows you the amount of effort required to reach your ultimate goal. 

Bonus #3: The Venus Index Podcast

the venus factor review

The Venus Index Podcast is where you can connect with other women struggling with weight loss. This can be a great motivation for you in the weight loss process. A lot of successful stories are told here. It is a unique tool for the users of the Venus Factor.

Bonus #4: The Venus Community

the venus factor review

This community provides support to users in various ways. You have to log into the forum where you can read and contribute your personal stories about your weight loss phase. You can also give reviews about the system. And you can find the many handy, down-to-earth beauty recipes and tips here, too.

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Who Is It For?

  • People who want to lose weight fast without doing exercise 
  • Those who do not want to go through strict fasting periods or skipping meals
  • Readers who long for more useful information and knowledge about nutrition
  • Experts or nutritionists that want to examine the effectiveness of the

Who Is It Not For?

  • People with leptin-resistance
  • People who have severe health problems. You guys should really ask for your physician’s permission before taking any weight loss methods, not just the Venus Factor. 
  • Those who do not want to spend money on the Venus Factor. That’s okay. We don’t force you.

The Venus Factor Review – Final Verdict

The Venus Factor is an online weight loss program for women with an emphasis on enhancing their metabolism. Though the mechanism still stumbles upon certain doubts, it receives a lot of positive responses from the users.  

You can make your order on the official website. Remember, it would just take you $37 for a full package of DVDs, ebooks, and four bonuses. And the money-back policy always willingly gets your back if you feel discontented. So give it a chance!

the venus factor review

If you find any inconvenience reading this review, please let Linkingo know right away. Thank you for your time, and wish you good luck with your weight loss process. See you in our next review! 


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